February 12, 2018

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Cast Iron Tub in a white tiled bathroom.

Cleaning a Cast Iron TubKeeping your cast iron tub clean and shiny is best done by using a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft sponge. For older damaged and stained tubs, some people have had success with Bar Keepers Friend. This is a page about cleaning a cast iron tub.



Tabouli RecipeTabouli is a bulgar wheat salad that is typically made and then served cold, often the next day allowing the wheat to absorb the flavors of the additions. It is noted for the used of mint along with other seasonings and olive oil. This page contains a tabouli recipe.


Envelope sitting on pink and white flowers.

How to Make Scented EnvelopesA surprisingly easy way to scent envelopes is to store them in a drawer with scented candles. This is a page about how to make scented envelopes.


Worn Work Boots

Saving Money on Work BootsOne way to save money on work boots is to shop at factory outlet stores or ask about boots that might be discounted due to blemishes. This is a page about saving money on work boots.


Football Cake

Making a Football CakeIt is easy to make a football shaped cake if you have an oval baking pan. This is a page about making a football cake.


Bull dog looking at a broom sweeping up dog hair.

Pet Hair Broom ReviewsRubber bristle brooms with a squeegee are excellent for use on carpets and hard surfaces to clean up pet hair. They can be used for general sweeping as well. This page contains a pet hair broom review.


Couple Out Walking

Motivating Yourself to WalkWalking is great exercise. Finding what motives you to walk varies from person to person. Try walking with a friend, picking up lost coins or litter, window shopping, or use a treadmill in front of your favorite TV show. This is a page about motivating yourself to walk.


Lemon Chicken

Slow Cooker Lemonade ChickenCooking the chicken in lemonade not only adds a delicious citrus flavor but also tenderizes the meat. And because you cook it in your Crockpot it is easy to prepare. This is a page about making slow cooker lemonade chicken.


Closeup of cooked loaf of bread in a bread machine.

Replacement Parts for a Welbilt Bread Machine?Sometimes it is cost efficient to buy replacement parts for small kitchen appliances. This is a page about replacement parts for a Welbilt bread machine.


Purple Canterbury Bells (Bellflowers).

Growing Canterbury Bells (Bellflowers)While classified as an annual, these pretty flowers are best grown as a biennial. Sow seeds in summer, cut foliage back and mulch, in cold areas, for the winter and they will bloom the second season. This is a page about growing Canterbury bells (bellflowers).


Chocolate cake in a spring form pan.

Why Does My Cake Rise Higher in the Middle?One of the most common causes of the dome in the center of a cake is too high a temperature. Try reducing the temperature to 325F rather than the typical 350F. This is a page about, "Why does my cake rise higher in the middle?".


Stack of fudge squares.

Microwave Fudge Not Setting Up?One possible reason your microwave fudge did not set is that it was not heated to the proper temperature initially. You can often reheat and it will set up. This is a page about microwave fudge not setting up.


Closeup of Fridge Water Dispenser.

Cleaning Calcium Deposits Off a Fridge Water Dispenser?Hard water deposits can collect on your refrigerator's water dispenser. Saturating with vinegar might do the trick. This is a page about cleaning calcium deposits off a fridge water dispenser.


Gel Pens on white background.

New Gel Glitter Pen Not Working?General consensus seems to be that the best way to jumpstart a gel glitter pen is to bounce the tip on a hard surface. Shaking it can also get the pen working. This is a page about a new gel glitter pen not working.


Slicing Strawberries

Slicing StrawberriesIf you are looking for a quick and easy way to slice up a basket of strawberries, consider using an egg slicer. This is a page about slicing strawberries.


Electric broiler on a grey wall.

Benefits of Getting a New FurnaceThere can be a real benefit to replacing an old less efficient furnace with a new one. Make sure you do your research before making a decision. This is a page about the benefits of getting a new furnace.


Closeup of porcelain sink with running water.

Scratches on a Porcelain SinkUsing an abrasive scrubbing sponge can leave scratches on a sink. Check with your local hardware store to see if there is a product or procedure for repairing the damage. This is a page about scratches on a porcelain sink.


Close up of a Jeep with American flag flying on the hood and an American flag in the background.

"American Freedom" Float Ideas?Deciding how to decorate a Fourth of July parade float following the theme chosen is fun, but can also be challenging. This is a page about "American Freedom" float ideas.


Making A Ruffle

Making a RuffleMaking a ruffle for a sewing or craft project is easy if you use the tip found in this page. This is a page about making a ruffle.


Roasted Asparagus

Roasted Asparagus RecipesFresh asparagus can be prepared with many different flavors and is especially suited to oven roasting. This page contains roasted asparagus recipes.


7 cans of vegetables and beans.

Seven Can Soup RecipesYou can make a hearty, delicious soup by combining cans of beans, veggies, and even tomatoes. This makes for a quick and easy meal using food already in the cupboard. This page contains seven can soup recipes.


Outside an Amish Country Store on a sunny day.

Buy From Mennonite or Amish Country StoresVisiting a store in an Amish or Mennonite community is a relaxing and interesting experience. You can find a variety of items that are not readily available in typical grocery chains. This is a page about buying from Mennonite or Amish country stores.


Electric tabletop grill with fish and veggies.

How to Contact the George Foreman Grill ManufacturerGeorge Foreman grills are very popular consumer products. When you need to find a replacement part it can be confusing and difficult to find the best way to contact the manufacturer. This is a page about how to contact the George foreman grill manufacturer.


Worn leather bag on a area rug.

Restoring a Worn Leather Bag?If the bag or purse is valuable it may be best to have a professional take a look. Shoe repair shops are one place to start. There are also many products for sale made for cleaning and renewing leather items. Take care when doing this yourself. This is a page about restoring a worn leather bag.


Blue glue gun.

Glue Gun ReviewsChoosing the best glue gun for your projects may require a bit of research. This page contains glue gun reviews.


Traditional Moroccan Carrot Salad.

Moroccan Carrot Salad RecipeCarrot slices simmered in orange juice and then mixed with olive oil, honey, and a variety of spices makes a delicious salad that can be enjoyed warm or cold. This page contains a recipe for Moroccan carrot salad.


Tempura shrimp with Dipping Sauce.

Tempura Dipping Sauce RecipeThis easy to make dipping sauce is perfect for any type of tempura dish, from shrimp to veggies. This page contains a tempura dipping sauce recipe.


Closeup of a dashboard airbag.

How to Fix a Peeling Airbag Cover?If the cover on your airbag begins to peel a trip to the dealer is the best first step. There may be a recall, and even if not, they can assess whether the damage is cosmetic or structural. This is a page about how to fix a peeling airbag cover.


Dog and Vet Looking at X-Ray

Finding Low Cost X-rays for Dogs?Finding low cost pet care often requires some research and even calling around to different clinics. Try the ASPCA for referrals or check to see if there is a veterinary school nearby. This is a page about finding low cost X-rays for dogs.


Brined Turkey Ready to Cook

Using Large Ziploc Bags to Brine a Turkey?Depending on the size of your turkey, you may be able to substitute a large Ziploc type bag for the pricier brining bags when preparing your turkey for roasting. This is a page about using large Ziploc bags to brine a turkey.


Mosquito Larvae
in Standing Water

Killing Mosquito Larvae in Standing Water?Eliminating standing water is the best way to keep mosquitoes from laying eggs and prevent larvae from hatching. If it is impossible or too late for that there are a number of ways to destroy the larvae before they become fully developed mosquitoes. This is a page about killing mosquito larvae in standing water.



Goose Family  - two Canadian geese and two goslings

Goose FamilyThese fun geese were walking at Lake Tomahawk Park, one important park in the cute little town of Black Mountain, NC. Black Mountain is 40 minutes or so away from Asheville, NC. All sorts of birds and creatures like to hang out in this park, including early-morning joggers, fishermen, and women, and of course geese.


Heart-Shaped Stone - stone on a sandy beach

Heart-Shaped StoneIt is the month of love! The perfect time to share this photo. I took this photo during my last holiday on the beach at Gericke's Point. During that holiday, I noticed how often one sees a heart in nature. It is almost as if nature is also celebrating love.


Tiny Hearts Wall Decor - finished hearts

Tiny Hearts Wall DecorThis craft so far is the simplest craft I have made. It's so simple that you can even invite your kids to participate in this project as part of your Valentine's Day bonding.



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Removing Spilled Baby Powder from a Hardwood Floor?My boyfriend's daughter got into the bathroom where we have a wooden floor with a lot of groves in it, and emptied a full container of baby powder. I've swept and mopped, but can't get it out. Any ideas?


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Keeping Armpits and Skin Folds Clean?What do I do to get rid dirt balls that form under my arms and in other cracks and crevices on my body? I wash myself twice daily and find my myself with grayish dirt balls underneath my arms and in other cracks and crevices when I take my shower at 9am then again at 9:30 pm before I take a shower.


Finding Discontinued Wallpaper - white wallpaper with boxes containing dark pink and cream swirly designs

Finding Discontinued Wallpaper?Please help me to find this paper. I am not finding this type of wallpaper anywhere and I don't know it's number.


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Getting Rid of Tiny Black Biting Bugs?I have had these little black things that look like bugs. I have had bites and I can feel them on my feet and ankles. I know they're not bed bugs because I have had them before. I have been to every specialist there is. I know they are real, but they want to blame everything on stress.


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