February 26, 2018

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Hands wearing yellow rubber gloves cleaning a laminate tabletop.

Removing Grease from a Laminate Tabletop?Removing grease can be a stubborn cleaning job. To clean it from laminate table tops you will just need to try a variety of products until you find one the works. This is a page about removing grease from a laminate tabletop.


Shelf Brackets on a white background.

Buying Shelf BracketsOne tip for buying shelf brackets is to buy ones that will support double the expected weight you intend to have on the shelves. This is a page about buying shelf brackets.


Frozen Green Beans in a Skillet

Cooking Frozen Green Beans?Frozen green beans can be prepared in many ways. Choose the method and seasonings you like. This is a page about cooking frozen green beans.


Nail Polish Spill

Nail Polish Remover Stain On Dresser?Nail polish remover spills on furniture can damage the finish and be difficult to repair without refinishing the piece. This is a page about nail polish remover stain on dresser.


Small Brother SE400 Embroidery Machine.

Buying a Brother SE400 Embroidery Machine?When deciding to make a large purchase such as an embroidery machine, doing some research both online and at your local retailer will help you find the best price for the machine of your choice with the options you would like. This is a page about buying a Brother se400 embroidery machine.


Cajun Fried Salmon topped with lemon slices.

Cajun Fried SalmonSprinkle Cajun or creole seasoning on your salmon filet and brown it in butter. Cover and continue cooking until done. This is a page about making Cajun fried salmon.


Woman Cooking in Her Kitchen

Becoming More DIY in the KitchenBuying produce on sale and preserving it, making your own soup bases, and purchasing clearance items are just some of the ways you can save money in the kitchen. This is a page about becoming more DIY in the kitchen.


Kitten Being Held

Help With Kittens That Do Not Like to Be Picked Up?Making kittens feel safe and comfortable when they don't like to be picked up may take time and gentleness on your part. Try holding them when their are tired. This is a page about help with kittens that do not like to be picked up.


Car broken down on the side of the road with hood open.

Buying a Car vs. Repairing a CarMany consumers and experts agree that often it is more economical to repair a car than to take on the expense of a new one. There are exceptions and you may need to do some research as part of the decision making process. This is a page about buying a car vs. repairing a car.


Postit note, with words "Pay the Rent" written on it.

Charging Adult Age Children RentIt is common for older, adult aged, children to remain at home longer. Many parents charge some level of rent in such cases. Sometimes chores can be traded for a portion of this rent. This is a page about charging adult age children rent.


Livingroom with lots of houseplants.

Clean the Air in Your Home With HouseplantsMany broader leaf houseplants such as: philodendron, spider plants, schefflera, and snake plants are excellent for purifying the air in your home. They can remove a significant percentage of toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde in a relatively short time, especially in an enclosed space. This is a page about clean the air in your home with houseplants.


Large Trampoline on grass

Use Your Trampoline as a Clothes Drying RackIf you have a trampoline you can use it as a clothes drying rack, especially those items you need to dry flat. This is a page about using your trampoline as a clothes drying rack.


Dog on wooden stairs.

Getting a Dog to Use Stairs?Some dogs seem to have a fear of stairs. Trying to get them to go up or down the house stairs can be very difficult if not seemingly impossible. Persistent and patient coaxing and rewards may help. This is a page about getting a dog to use stairs.


A bowl of stir fry chicken and vegetables with sesame seeds.

Sesame Chicken Stir-Fry RecipesYou don't have to go out to eat to enjoy yummy sesame chicken stir-fry. Here are a few recipes to try. This page contains a sesame chicken stir-fry recipes.


Young Woman Studying at College

College Study Tips and TricksStudying for tests in your college courses can be made easier if you look at how you learn. One simple tip is to rewrite your lecture notes so that they are more clear. The process of rewriting them is helpful for students who learn by writing. Having a classmate quiz you can also be helpful. This is a page about college study tips and tricks.


Close-up of jeans with a patch sewn on

Patching JeansSave fabric from unrepairable jeans for future patching. This is a page about patching jeans.


A slice crabmeat pie with a side of steamed broccoli and carrots.

Crabmeat Pie RecipeMake a quiche like pie using crab, cheese, eggs, half and half, and seasonings baked in a pie shell. This page contains a crabmeat pie recipe.


Homemade strawberry sorbet in a glass bowl with a sprig of mint.

How to Make Sorbet Without an Ice Cream Maker?Even if you don't have an ice cream maker you can make a delicious batch of sorbet. You can freeze the mixture, remove, mix, and refreeze. This is a page about how to make sorbet without an ice cream maker.


Chef cleaning commercial kitchen counter top.

Can You Use Straight Ammonia in Restaurants?This is a page about cleaning with ammonia. While ammonia is a great cleaner, you need to know how to use it safely. OSHA is a good resource for proper use and current regulations.


Red and white gingham tablecloth with greenery in the background.

Keeping a Table Cloth from Bunching Up?There are a couple of popular ways used to keep a tablecloth from from sliding all over the table. You can try putting shelf lining rubberlike material under the cloth. There are also corner clips you can purchase to keep the tablecloth in place. This is a page about keeping table cloth from bunching up.


Glass Block on white background.

Painting the Inside of a Glass Block?While many crafters paint the outside of their glass blocks it is possible to paint the inside. One method is to pour a lot of paint in through the opening, swirl it around the block and then turn the block upside down to drain and dry. This is a page about painting the inside of a glass block.


Cute baby holding a baby wipe

Using Washable Baby WipesStore bought baby wipes can often be washed in the machine on gentle and reused. If you can find a good recipe you can make your own solution and store it and the wipes in a closed container. This is a page about using washable baby wipes.


serval sheets of different sandpaper

Use Sandpaper to Make Shoes Less SlipperySometimes new shoes will have very slippery soles. You can try roughing them up with sandpaper. This is a page about using sandpaper to make shoes less slippery.


Paper Airplane
A centerpiece made from paper airplanes.

Paper Airplane CenterpieceCreate a unique and fun to make centerpiece by attaching handmade paper airplanes to chopsticks or dowels and displaying them in a vase or other container. This is a page about making a paper airplane centerpiece.


Seedlings growing.

Creating a Greenhouse in a Basement?It is possible to create a small greenhouse in the basement for starting your garden seeds. Get the right lighting, planting medium, and then care for your seedlings. This is a page about creating a greenhouse in the basement.


Choke chain on white background.

The Dangers of Using a Choke Chain as a CollarChoke chains are used by many pet owners when training their dog. For safety sake it is best to remove it along with their leash and use a buckle on style if you have a collar on your pet all of the time. This is a page about the dangers of using a choke chain as a collar.


Hand scooping kitty litter.

Neighbor Dumping Dirty Cat Litter?Dealing with a neighbor who improperly disposes of used cat litter in an alley or elsewhere can be tricky. You can try speaking with them directly, but that may not go well. The other common resolution to such problems is to contact the appropriate agency in you city or county and see if they can communicate or deal with your complaint anonymously. This is a page about neighbor dumping dirty cat litter.


Little girl tying her red shoes

Putting Shoes On The Proper FeetTeaching young children to put their shoes on the right foot can be made fun. Try marking the dominant hand shoe with a permanent marker. This is a page about putting shoes on the proper feet.


Woman Buying Organic

Why Are Organic Products So Expensive?Consumers are sometimes confused by the higher cost of organic produce and other products. While there is no money spent on herbicides and pesticides there are costs involved in growing foods organically and protecting them from pests and weed invasion. Likewise, untreated products do not have the same shelf life as produce sprayed with antifungals. This is a page about, "Why are organic products so expensive?".


A scoopful of salt on a white surface.

Should I Salt Meat Before or After Cooking?There are conflicting views on whether to salt meat before or after cooking. Unfortunately you will probably need to test both methods and see which works best for you.



A recycled toddler toy with brightly colored pom poms.

Toddler Pom Pom SorterHere is a cute homemade toddler toy using a recycled sour cream container and some colorful pompoms. Learn how to make it in this short video.


A serving of peach crumble topped with ice cream.

Peach CrumblePeach crumble is a classic summertime dessert, especially if you are lucky enough to have ripe fresh peaches. Learn how to make it in this short video.



Upcycled Vase from Pepper Grinder

Upcycled Vase from Pepper GrinderLast time I had a hard time unscrewing the glass grinder so I tossed it out. This time, I was determined to open it because I knew this will make a nice up-cycled vase project and it was really easy to twist off.


Patchwork Greetings Card - finished card and envelope

Patchwork Greetings CardThis is a simple and pretty card to make for any occasion using mostly decorative sticky tape put together to look like patchwork. If you don't have any pre-printed banner greetings you can print one off yourself.



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Looking for a Crisco Icing Recipe?My mom used to make an icing with Crisco, sugar, milk and another ingredient. It was so light and fluffy and you could add a flavouring i.e., peppermint, coconut, etc. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Would anyone have the recipe they would like to share?


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Maytag Washer Not Spinning All of the Water Out?My Maytag washer, mah5500bww, won't always spin out the clothes. When it does the clothes seem still wetter than normal. I checked the codes. It always comes up 17 or 18 on the diagnostic, but the door locks OK. It's an older washer.


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Re-dyeing Hair?I colored my hair myself to a deep reddish color and I don't like it. I waited a month and tried to go back to my natural color which is a light brown, but it didn't take. I want to try again, but not sure what color to use. I'd rather not strip it or go to a salon. Any ideas?


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Selling Bamboo in New Jersey?I have a quarter acre of bamboo I want to sell. What is it worth?


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Name Ideas for a Jewelry Business?I have started a jewellery business. Kindly suggest a good catchy name for my business which consists of a word like Femina, jewel, jewellery, or creation.


Best Glue for Sticking Custom Labels on Plastic Bottles - bottle of ginger beer

Best Glue for Sticking Custom Labels on Plastic Bottles?What is the best glue to stick paper labels to some plastic bottles? I made some ginger beer and some custom labels. I need labels that I can get to stay on the bottles. Second to this, they need to have some flex in the adhesion as the bottles expand slightly as it carbonates.


Value of a Knowles Doll - boy doll wrapped in plastic

Value of a Knowles Doll?I posted 4 other dolls from Ashton-Drake and I wanted to know about this one also. I believe this one is a Knowles doll.


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?I need some extra opinions on Zeus's breed. The small pound I got him from said that he was about a year old and that he was a White German Shepherd/ Siberian Husky. But I am not sure.


Value of Ashton Drake Dolls - Red Riding Hood style doll

Value of Ashton Drake Dolls?I want to find the value of my dolls in preparation for selling them.


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Removing the Smell of Downy Unstoppables from a Leather Couch?I recently bought a new couch that is leather. It is a one piece sectional and by that I mean the cushions can't come off. My stepkid came home from her mom's and sat on my couch leaving it with the smell of Downy Unstoppables and basically super scented laundry soap and fabric softener.


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