February 28, 2018

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A pink cashmere baby blanket with satin trim, with some brown staining.

Repairing a Cashmere Baby Blanket?This is a page about repairing a cashmere baby blanket. Cashmere blankets can be quite delicate. Repairing it may not be possible but there are options for covering the damaged area.


Front double door painted blue.

Fixing a Door That Sticks After PaintingA sticking door is annoying. Try applying a thin layer of Vaseline or baby oil to the edge. This should solve the problem. This is a page about fixing a door that sticks after painting.


Cranberry Bread with fresh cranberries scattered about.

Cranberry Bread with Orange and Oats RecipeIncluding whole wheat flour and oatmeal in the popular cranberry orange quick bread gives you a delicious and more healthy alternative. This page contains a cranberry bread with orange and oats recipe.


Hand holding a small red matchbox car.

How to Remove Permanent Marker from a Hot Wheels Car?This is a page about removing permanent marker from a Hot Wheels car. Permanent marker can be difficult to remove. Here are some tips to try, if you need to remove permanent ink from a toy car.


1970 Dressmaker Sewing Machine Seized Up - vintage sewing machine

1970 Dressmaker Sewing Machine Seized Up?When a sewing machine seizes and stops working you can take it in for repairs or if you feel confident you may try to troubleshoot the problem yourself. This is a page about repairing a 1970 Dressmaker sewing machine that seized up.


Fresh cat litter in a litter box.

Dr. Elsey's Cat Litter ReviewsThis page contains a Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract litter review. This scoopable cat litter is blended with a natural herbal attractant. It is a great solution to try if you have a cat that isn't using its litter box.


Woman paying grocer with cash

How to Save Money By Paying With CashThis is a page about how to save money by paying with cash. There are numerous benefits to not purchasing items on credit. We are surrounded by constant incentives to use credit, but just avoiding interest fees help you save money.


Closeup of Hawthorn flowers

Growing HawthornThis tree is native to Europe, North Africa, the Mediterranean, and Western Asia. It produces fragrant flowers in May. The hawthorn is considered sacred in parts of the middle east because legend has it that the crown of thorns mentioned in the New Testament was fashioned from this tree. The hawthorn has known medicinal and culinary uses. This is a page about growing hawthorn.


Slices of deli ham

Freezing Deli Meats?You can save money by purchasing deli meats in bulk. Packaging and freezing it into smaller portions ensures that it won't spoil before you use it. This is a page about freezing deli meats.


Making a Woolly Monster - pair of eyes on body and one on ends of antennae

How to Make a Woolly MonsterThis is a page about making a woolly monster. These cute little monsters are an easy and fun craft for kids or adults. There are also a great way to use up leftover yarn.


The fuel tank indicator in a car, with the arrow pointing to the side with the gas cap.

Which Side of the Car Has the Gas Cap?If you drive different cars or rent one it may be difficult to remember which side the gas cap is on. In some vehicles, the icon on the dash showing a gas pump may have a triangle pointing to cap side of the car. This is a page about, "Which side of the car has the gas cap?".


Identifying a Cane Back Chair - dark wood chair with upholstered seat and narrow cane back

Identifying a Cane Back Chair?Cane back chairs have been popular at varying times. Check underneath the chair for manufacturer information. You can also do internet image searches. If all else fails you might need the help of a professional. This is a page about identifying a cane back chair.


A man watching a video through a streaming service.

Using Video Streaming Services Instead of Cable TVThis is a page about using video streaming services instead of cable tv. Cable is expensive, but there are some ways you can save money. One option is to switch to a streaming service to watch your favorite shows. Netflix and Hulu are just some of the services out there. Here is some advice if you are thinking about cancelling cable.


Bottle Propagator - plastic bottle with sage cuttings

How to Make a Plastic Bottle PropagatorThis is a page about making a plastic bottle propagator. A plastic drink bottle can easily be converted into a mini greenhouse for small plants and cuttings. Save your next empty drink bottle and give it a try.


A beige bathroom with a large mirror.

Bathroom Paint Color to Coordinate With Beige Tile?This is a page about bathroom paint color to coordinate with beige tile. If you trying to choose a paint to go with beige tile, here are some suggestions to consider.


Tri-colored sweet peppers placed in a muffin tin, ready for stuffing.

Using Muffin Tins for Stuffed PeppersKeep your stuffed bell peppers upright by placing them in muffin pans prior to baking. This is a page about using muffin tins for stuffed peppers.


1833 Farmers Exchange 10 note in poor condition.

How to Sell Old Money?Careful research will need to be done to narrow down the potential value of old currency. Type and condition are important factors. If your money does have value there are various methods you can choose to sell it. This is a page about how to sell old money.


Small purple Hyssop flowers.

Growing HyssopHyssop is a low growing evergreen shrub with a strong slightly musky odor and stalks of white, pink, or lavender flowers. It is grown as a low hedge, but also has medicinal and culinary uses. This is a page about growing hyssop.


Person applying Stucco to a wall.

Can You Stucco Over Paint?Stucco is typically an exterior home treatment that is applied over chicken wire that is affixed to the walls by tradespersons skilled in this process. The surface is actually the wire base. This is a page about, "Can you stucco over paint?".


Old wooden dresser

Removing Urine Odors from Wood FurnitureUrine odors on wood furniture can be very persistent. There are several good methods to try for this cleaning job. This is a page about removing urine odor from wood furniture.


Kitten getting it's crusty eyes wiped.

Treating a Kitten's EyesThere are several medical conditions that cause swollen, closed or crusty eyes. You can clean them with warm water and a soft cloth, however a trip to the vet will help with a diagnosis and the proper treatment. This is a page about treating a kitten's eyes.


Pile of washed clothes

Why Are My Clothes Wrinkled After Washing?This is a page about clothes that are wrinkled after washing and line drying. Using a dryer can help keep clothes from being wrinkled, but it can be hard to avoid if you line dry your clothes. Here are some tips to help keep your clothes from being wrinkled after being washed and line dried.


Some insects in the corner of a bathroom ceiling.

Getting Rid of Crawling Insects in the Bathroom?This is a page about getting rid of insects in the bathroom. Sometimes bugs can be an indicator of other issues, such as a water leak. Here is some advice if you have a bug infestation in the bathroom that you can't resolve.



finished dinner on plate

Pressure Cooker Apple and Beef Short RibsThere is nothing more comforting to me in the colder months than a hearty, sweet and savoury meat. These ribs will fall apart when you touch them with your fork. The vegetables and apple will meld with the sauces of the meat and turn into a luxurious sauce! I love being able to throw a bunch of things in the pressure cooker and come away with something super fancy. You will love these short ribs.


Anything Goes
Chicken Dinner plate

Anything Goes Chicken DinnerI'll tell you the story how this chicken dinner came about 40 years ago, when we rented a motorhome. Before the trip, I froze all the meats we were going to bring along so they'd last a few days longer in the RV's refrigerator and freezer.



A TV screen streaming free channels.

Stream Free ChannelsThere was a day that I woke to realize less was best for me. That was about 5 years ago. I have since come to learn about free channels on the Roku streaming device. There can't be anything better than that for me right now.


The view from a plane over a green city.

Recommended Times to Arrive at AirportsDifferent airports have different recommended arrival times for both domestic and international flights. I recently found this out when I arrived to a flight 60 minutes before departure time and they sticker-tagged my checked suitcase "LATE" and told me there's a chance it would not make it on the plane.


A bag of dried lettuce.

Quick Dry for Washed LettuceThis morning, washing and cutting lettuce for one of the side dishes of tonight's dinner, it hit me in wondering, does anyone else use this method for drying their just washed lettuce?


Aluminum Can Pinwheel - pinwheel in the garden

Aluminum Can PinwheelIf I'm not taking my aluminum cans to the recyclers, I'm making things with them. These pinwheels are easy to make and a delight to watch spin in the wind. There are certain spots in our garden where squirrels wreak havoc, so we place them there to keep them at bay with the bright reflections.


A crockpot of spaghetti sauce made with juiced vegetables.

Add Juiced Veggies to RecipesJuicing is great and healthy but I always try to find some way to get 'double duty' from all the processed veggies left over from my juicer afterward.


Using two pill bottle lids to support a wire shelf.

Pill Bottle Lids as Shelf SupportThe first tip I can give you is don't buy a Dollar Tree spice step shelf and think it would work for cans. Not until 8 of 9 cans fell off it and onto my feet, did I realize if this was to be useful, I had to modify it.


Retro (Bernese Mountain Dog)

Retro (Bernese Mountain Dog)I got my boy Retro from a breeder in Lithuania! He was flown all the way to Northern California and is one of the happiest and most beautiful of all my babies. Retro came to us at the age of 13 weeks.


A U-Haul rental van for moving.

Inspect Rental Vehicles CarefullyWhen you rent any vehicle, make sure to inspect the car, van, or truck and note any damage, scratches, or dings. It would be useful to even take quick photos.


Clothespin and Wood Picture Frame

Clothespin and Wood Picture FrameI have been loving the clothespin picture frames trend, so I thought this project would be perfect and a simple way to up-cycle some sample wood flooring that my sister used to select her flooring. It is the perfect picture frame to place on my mantel.


A plate of crackers in the microwave becoming crispy.

Recrisping Potato Chips, Crackers or CerealMicrowave a plateful of stale chips, crackers, cereals or other snacks in the microwave for 30-45 seconds. Then let it stand for 1 minute to crisp them back up!



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Name for On-line Handmade Earring Business?I am planning to start up a business. I make thread tassel earrings! Please suggest a name for creating a page.


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Introducing a New Kitten to the Resident Cat?I have a cat who is almost one year old and I just got a kitten who is about 10 weeks old. My cat is hissing at the kitten, but that is all she does for now. How do I get her to like the kitten?


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Bath Bomb Business Name Ideas?My sister and I have a small bath bomb and bubble bar business and are looking for a name. We would like to use our names Kim and Kristina.


Re-dyeing Hair

Re-dyeing Hair?I have brown hair with year old blond hair lights. I washed my hair then colored it with Revlon dark blond. Only the top by my roots turned a lite red, orange color. Can I recolor it? I wanted it lighter.


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Name Ideas for a Real Estate Business?My husband and I are starting a real estate company, buying homes, remodeling homes and putting them back on the market. All of our homes will be affordable to all to enhance the American dream. We also plan to finance some individuals who might have difficulty securing a home loan.


Value of Encyclopedia Britannica Books of the Year

Value of Encyclopedia Britannica Books of the Year?I have 1969, '70, '71, '72, '73, '74, and '75. They are the maroon color shown in the picture. Are these worth anything?


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Lights and Outlets Not Working in Part of the House?I have 3 rooms that run on the same circuit. A space heater was running in one of the bedrooms, the lights and everything went out in the 2 bedrooms, but not the bathroom. In one of the bedrooms the outlets work, but not the ceiling light. In the bedroom where the heater was running, none of the outlets work nor the ceiling light.


A title page from the Encyclopedia Britannica Dictionary of Arts and Sciences.

Value of Encyclopedia Britannica Dictionary of Arts and Sciences?I have a 3 volume set (and am not sure if this is the copyright or not but will attach photo), wondering value of these.


Rescue Dog Afraid of Owner

Rescue Dog Afraid of Owner?I have a Belgian Malanois-Whippet mix. My dog is still uncertain of me. He looks afraid when I go to pet him sometimes. He hates dog food and makes me give him my food or he pouts, literally. His frightened disposition when there's no threat is sad. He is is close to 12.


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Remedy for Pineapple Sheera That is Too Sweet?I have made pineapple sheera today and it is very sweet. How can I lessen the sweetness?


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Finding Free Clothing After a House Fire?How can I get men's clothes for free? I lost everything in a fire.


Value of Encyclopedia Britannica - photo of emblem near the lower front near spine

Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?I have a set that I'm wondering the value of. William Benton publisher. Copyright 1968.


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Looking for Lee Wards Knitted Poncho Pattern?I bought a kit of a knitted poncho. It was white with bulky yarn. The pattern was in black and brown like a ski pattern. It had the same junky or bulky yarn fringe. It had arm holes to. We moved and lost a box of my patterns and I don't have the poncho any more. I purchased it from Lee Wards.


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Rescued Dog Peeing in the House?I have a 2 year old Pit that I got from the shelter and she will not stop going to the bathroom in my house, no matter how much I take her outside. I have rubbed her nose in it and told her no! I have tried giving her a treat and praising when she goes outside only to have her come right back in and go again in my floor.


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