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Pink roses in bloom.

Giving Flowers the Cheaper WayI went on a spree a while back giving flowers until I saw the bill all added up. Then a friend's sibling died, and my heart broke. Then I thought, hey, what do they deliver? At Walmart, they do have live roses as well as seeds. I don't know if seeds would say what I meant, but a live shrub cost $15.17, including tax and shipping. Please do not ask me what those other jokers charged, even with "free shipping" for a year. Delivery people don't even come to the house anymore.


A woman receiving an unwelcome text.

Telling Someone to Stop Texting?If someone continues to send text messages after you have asked them to stop, blocking their number is a quick and easy remedy to this unpleasant situation.


A rake with fall leaves

Tribute to Mary JoThis is for my dear friend, Mary Jo Alley. We metafter evening services at church one Sunday when she heard some of my friends giggling when I announced that I was pregnant at age 40.


Two older friends looking at a tablet.

Finding An Old Friend?The internet can provide many tools for searching for a lost friend. Before paying money, try searching through free social media sites.


Two women who have had an argument.

Dealing with Friends Fighting?Fighting with friends or close friends who don't get along can be very stressful. We can have disagreements, but it is not always easy to make up and get along.


Boy at School

Keeping in Touch with Friends When Changing Schools?This is a page about keeping in touch with friends when changing schools. Changing schools can make it difficult to stay in touch with friends. Here are some suggestions for maintaining friendships with people at your old school.



Female friends having a heart to heart conversation

Saving or Ending a Friendship?This is a page about saving or ending a friendship. It can be a challenge to maintain a friendly relationship, when you have a difference of opinion or feel that the friendship is past its prime.


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Neighbor Visits Too Much?I am a 32 year old working female and live in a bachelor apartment in a house which is divided up into similar apartments. For the past 2 years a girl from another country has been renting an apartment in our house while working on her PhD at the local university. She has no friends and I became an emotional crutch.


Young thoughtful girl resting with chin in hand amongst moving boxes

Helping Kids Make Friends After a Move?This is a page about helping kids make friends after a move. Moving can be difficult for adults and kids alike. Once you are settled, helping your kids meet new kids and make friends is an important activity.


Two female friends looking at cell phones together.

Friend Matching Websites?This is a page about friend matching websites. There are social websites where you can expand your friendship network by meeting people with similar interests.


Officer working covering monitor as coworker tries to get a look at it.

Dealing with a Nosy CoworkerThis is a page about dealing with a nosy coworker. Maintaining a good relationship with coworkers can sometimes be difficult.


Man and woman sitting near each other with unhappy expressions

Sharing a Home With an Ex-boyfriend?This is a page about problems sharing a home with ex-boyfriend. Roommates can be difficult, but sharing a home with an ex-boyfriend can have its own unique issues.


2 women talking on couch

Saying No to a Friend?This is a page about saying no to a friend. You want to be able to help your friends when they need you, but sometimes you feel like you have given enough.


Friendship Gift Package

Making a Friendship Gift PackageThis is a page about making a friendship gift package. When you are separated from a close friend, sending a gift is a wonderful way to show you care and are thinking of them. Whether it's for a special occasion, or just because, gift care packages are always a special thing to receive.


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Nursing Home Obituary Information Board?I need to make an obituary information board for my nursing home residents and want it to look nice. Any ideas out there?


Man in Hospital With Get Well Card

Sending Get Well CardsThis page contains tips for sending get well cards. When some one you know is in the hospital or recovering from an illness, you want them to know you are thinking of them.


A vase of flowers given to someone on the anniversary of a loved one's death.

Acknowledging the Anniversary of A Loved...This page is about acknowledging the anniversary of a loved one's passing. The first year without a loved one can be very difficult, and showing the survivors you are thinking of them can give some comfort.


Caring hands

Helping a Friend with CancerFor a person with cancer, the support of family and friends can be very important to their well being. This is a page about helping a friend with cancer.


Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Locating an Old Boyfriend?This is a page about locating an old boyfriend. Many of us will someday wonder what became of an old boyfriend that we lost track of.


A young woman grieving.

Helping a Grieving Friend or RelativeThis is a page about helping a grieving friend or relative. Knowing how to help a grieving friend or relative can be perplexing. How much or how little help they want and when, can be hard to determine.


Young Man and Woman Talking Through Tin Can

Help With Long Distance Relationships?This page contains help with long distance relationships. When the person you love is far away, there are ways to keep close communication.



Photo of a red rose.

Gift Ideas for an Ailing FriendThis is a page about gift ideas for an ailing friend. When a friend or family member is ill, choosing the right gift can brighten their day and say how much you care.


Who Wrote this Poem?Who wrote this poem:


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Dividing Time Among Friends?How do you divide your time equally among your friends/family when you give a party? I gave a birthday party and a friend of mine told me I was "acting funny" towards her because I was sitting and chatting with my out of town guests mostly.


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Remembering Deceased Friends at a Reunion?I am looking for ways to pay tribute to dead friends at a school reunion.


Finding New Friends, Circle of Friends

Making New FriendsThis is a page about making friends. Whether you are finding new friends because you moved to a new area or you didn't have healthy relationships with your old friends, making new friends can be easy.


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Helping a Friend Who Is Breaking Off a Relationship?My very best friend, was in a relationship for nearly four years. They had a few problems and he seemed quite controlling. He would threaten to end the relationship if he didn't get his own way, but could also be very sweet.


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Maintaining a Friendship With an Overly Dependent Friend?How can I handle an over needy friend? We're both seniors; me more so that her. Both of us in good health. I've been single again for 20 years and have learned to take care of myself.


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Meet a Local ThriftyFun MemberThis is an unusual tip but if you have as good as luck as I have with it, it is well worth it. Try meeting up with someone you see posting a lot on here that lives in your area. I met in person a fellow ThriftyFun member yesterday just from a few messages on here and a few emails.


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Saying "No" to Someone Who Asked You Out?A guy that I am not interested in asked me out. I know I could just say "no" but he's already going through a lot of bullying. How can I say "no" without hurting his feeling too much?


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Helping Elders Run ErrandsIn these hard times, we need all the help we can get to make money, gas and food last. I live very close to my mother in law, and we also have a couple of elders that live close to us.


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Looking for an Old Friend?I want to find an old friend. Do you have any suggestions on how to do this?


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How Do We Help a Friend with Metastasized Cancer?My friend has been diagnosed with lung cancer, metastasized from the breast. She has refused all Chemo and radiation. I know this has nothing to do with being thrifty but what do we do? She is single and used to work as a Realtor. The only family she has are her friends. There are 4 of us plus the patient. We are exhausted and she had surgery on Jan 8th. She is still in hospital. Her lungs are full of tumors. I don't know what to do and/or how to help. We are supporting her as best we can but what does that mean really?


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Looking for Someone?How can I find someone?


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What to Write to Tell a Girl You Like Her?How I write to a girl that I like her with out losing our friendship?


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Send Address Labels With Your LetterA friend of mine had a stroke which affected her right side. Come Christmas time, and for the first time in years she had to rely on someone else to address her envelopes.



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Stamps: A Thoughtful Gift For Recently BereavedThis is not a money saving tip or a 'green' one. When my sister's husband, an avid grower of beautiful roses, passed away several years ago, I purchased several books of commemorative postage stamps with roses. She was able to use them for the notes one is expected to send at a time of bereavement.


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German Girl Coming To Canada?I am 14. Our neighbor is German and her 14 year old relative is coming here from Germany to see Canada and to learn English. She'll be here for 3 weeks and we don't even speak each other's languages. I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice on what to do?


A rake with fall leaves

Tribute to Mary JoThis is for my dear friend, Mary Jo Alley. We metafter evening services at church one Sunday when she heard some of my friends giggling when I announced that I was pregnant at age 40.



Celebrating KwanzaaIn keeping with the international spirit of peace and love of this season, I present to you a summary of the holiday of Kwanzaa. I researched this through the internet and found it to be a wonderful holiday and not quite what I thought it was.


A sign in front of a house welcoming friends to visit.

13 Golden Rules on Being a GuestAn amicable guest is as important as being a very gracious host. I enjoy having guests at our house. Since we live in one of the five boroughs of New York City, we have had many guests of different characters and personalities.



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Making Friends in a Small Town?I have lived in a small town, less then 300, for 10 years now. I still do not feel I fit in with the women that live here. My husband got sick almost soon as we moved here and died soon after. A few ladies did try to make friends with me at that time, out of their christian duty I suppose.


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Saying No to a Friend?I've been doing federal income taxes for a number of years for family members and friends. The relatives of the friend are a 22 year old granddaughter, a 30 year old son, and a 50+ year old son all in the same household with my friend.


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My Best Friend and I Had a Big Fight?My BFF and I had a huge fight. And she doesn't want to be my friend anymore, but I think we could still work it out, but that's not the point. Her birthday party sleepover is soon and she doesn't want me to come anymore. Now I'd have to explain to my parents that she and I aren't the same besties they'd known us to be. Explaining to my parents about this isn't even an option I'm considering.


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Saving or Ending a Friendship?I have a 10 year friendship with a former coworker. This is a friendship I've valued for all those years. She is black, I'm white. There is no way I can fully understand the injustices of people of color, but I don't understand her comments toward me.


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Finding a Lost Friend?I want find a very important person, but I am not finding her. Please help me if anybody can do it. She was captain in the Indian army in the technical corp that is EME, in 2000. She was from Jhodpur and her name is Shilpa Chohan.


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Keeping in Touch with Friends When Changing Schools?I go to school with my best friends right now, but next year I want to go to a different school for junior high. I will miss my friends very much, but I think going to the other school is better for me if I want to be a better basketball player.


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