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Decorating a Room With a Paris Theme

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Daydreaming of adventures in Paris is even more fun in a room with Paris themed decor. There are many ways to bring Paris to you home with some creative decorating. This is a guide about decorating a room with a Paris theme.


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January 26, 2011

I wanted people to feel like they were in Paris when they walked into my bedroom, so I started looking at different web sites getting ideas for my room.

I got a mini Eiffel Tower and clock, and a pillow with a city that looked like Paris. I painted my room like a city and painted my bed frame white with the Eiffel Tower and Paris written on it. I added two poodles to the back of my black chair and one to my white chair. I even have a vintage phone I got at the pawn shop that actually works.

Now when you walk in my room, it feels like Paris!

By jonlaike from Sugsta, GA

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January 26, 20110 found this helpful

I'm 15 years old and am redoing my room. I want to do a Paris themed room and paint my walls lime green at the same time. Will this work? Also, I need some good decor ideas and ideas for furniture. Thanks a bunch :D


By Alex from NJ


Decorating with a Paris Theme

My first advice is don't over do it. Just give a few hints of Paris in your room. Look in Ballards designs catalog for ideas on making a European look. I bought a magnetic board and glued a pic of the Eifel tower in black and white onto the front. I use it for picture of our friends. I think making a French bulletin board, the ones with ribbon criss-crossing would be cute. Bold fabric in lime and white and black or brown might work well for curtains and pillows. Good luck. :) (07/30/2010)

By yoder178

Decorating with a Paris Theme

Darling, don't use too much lime green. When you look in the mirror, you'll look sick! Lime green is one of those colors that bring other colors together. It's much better as an accent, like one wall (not the one with the mirror, lol) and I would use a peppermint pink and black and white combination. If you have a window, that's the wall that should be green. How about a wide black on white pinstripe, ala fifties Paris chic? You might even consider a wall mural, with a Paris scene. You could add an ice cream table and chairs in wrought iron, if you could find them. Check out a couple of fifties or sixties films that take place in Paris. Google "Paris in Films" and rent those to pick up some hints. Maybe you'd like the "starving artist in the garret on the Left Bank" look. Have fun and make it you whatever you do. It'll be easier to live in! (07/31/2010)


By Thrifty Me

Decorating with a Paris Theme

We just finished my daughter's room with the same theme. Hers was in black, white and pink. We painted 2 walls pink and left two walls white. Picked new bedspread and throw pillows to match. Purchased a 6 foot Eiffel tower peel-n-stick for the wall in black. I purchased 4 fashion art prints on ebay cheap then bought 4 matching cheap Walmart frames for under the price of one print framed at Target. A wire Eiffel Tower from Target office supplies sits on a dresser. It was cheap and easy. (08/02/2010)

By jkchap

Decorating with a Paris Theme

Thanks so much you guys your posts were really helpful! :) I will post pics of my room when its finished!

By maggie1016

Decorating with a Paris Theme

I'm 15 and I recently redid my room with a vintage France theme. I deliberately painted my walls lime green as well. My room looks amazing! Everywhere I looked people were doing the pink/black Paris theme and I wanted to be a bit different. Instead of hanging Eiffel Towers and Paris-like things, I wanted my room to be like a typical French bedroom. Lots of thrift stores sell French-style furniture. I got an awesome bed frame and chair for my desk.


If you're room is lime green, try painting your furniture black, it will look stunning and tone down the green so it doesn't overwhelm you. Hanging a canopy over your bed will be a nice focal point and, hung properly, look very French! (09/11/2010)

By poketz655

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July 25, 20100 found this helpful

I would like to get some ideas for decorating a bedroom with a Paris theme.

By jasey1 from Midland, TX


Decorating with a Paris Theme

I would find an Eiffel tower and make a lamp out of it. (02/01/2010)

By mom-from-missouri

Decorating with a Paris Theme

Here's several ideas:

On TV, I saw where they took plain pillows, pillow cases or plain fabrics or sheets, then took gray and black fabric markers and wrote French words all over the fabrics. They wrote in a slanted lines and just wrote many French words.


I think it would be nice to copy a love poem or a love letter that was written in French. First lay a yardstick or ruler on the fabric then use a special "disappearing ink" pen from the fabric store to draw your straight lines (these lines will disappear in several hours, for a longer lasting line, buy a marker that comes off when dampened with water). Keep your French words in cursive writing "free and easy" and slanted a bit, not "stuffy and stiff".

As far as colors and themes:

I think that black, gray, and a little silver would be nice with pink as your accent color. This would give the room a 1940's Art Deco look. Or you could use a tea-stained parchment color with these words done in brown to look kind of old and faded. This would be more of a late 1800s Paris.


I'm wondering what a big mural, photo, or artwork of the Eiffel Tower would look like on your closet doors? Or better yet, how about buying a big print of Paris then putting an old window over this print. This would make it look like you were looking out the window on to the streets of Paris!

Then how about hanging a little flower planter window box under that fake window-frame. Put little silk flowers in plastic or real clay pots inside the little window box with silk ivy and Spanish moss trailing down. This window box would look nice in old-looking wood or in black wrought-iron.

Also, think "Paris Cafe" and think of using a round wrought-iron table and chairs as your computer desk.

For prints, you might think of something like can-can girls or old art-print copies. But first, you need to decide the "era" you care going for. This with help you pick your colors. Do you want Old Paris, like late 1800s? Or do you want 1930 and 1940's Art-Deco Paris? Or modern "right now" Paris. Pick an era. If you chose the late 1800s (World's Fair era Paris) you could do can-can women prints along with tea-stained fabrics and lace. With the Art-Deco area: Go with silver, pink, gray, and black with W.W. II area prints.

You want a classy-looking Paris style bedroom and not a "cartoon" of Paris. I think that knowing a bit about the history of Paris and choosing a time period will help you a great deal!

A note:

I did some hand painted tiles and ceramic kitchen accessories for a French woman and French teacher who moved to the USA. She said that each area in France has their own colors and design. The area she was from was Provence and the colors aand designs were Sunflowers, yellow and blue. I don't know what county or state Paris would be or what their colors are, but I thought I'd mention this. (02/01/2010)

By Cyinda

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February 1, 20100 found this helpful

Hey all, I was wondering if you could help me with my room problems. I'm 15 years old and I want to do a Paris theme for my room. I already have a bedspread that I found at so if you have any ideas for me please reply. Thanks lots.

Bri from Bama


Decorating with a Paris Theme

What a great idea. Can you paint a version of the Eiffel tower behind your bed, so it looks like a headboard. If you are not too artistic, either use an overhead projector to project on the wall (borrow from school or church, maybe?) and perhaps some tin florist-type buckets with lots of silk flowers on or under a windowsill. Perhaps stencil some French words or phrases around the top of the walls like a border. What fun. (05/26/2004)

By Linda

Decorating with a Paris Theme

It depends what you think "Paris" is like. Left Bank arty theme? Art Nouveau - Alphonse Mucha posters - French art prints. Fine food and wine? Posters for cheeses, French bread, fine wines and champagne. Folie Bergere, can can dancers, Toulouse Lautrec, voluptuous rich silky draped throws, pillows and bed curtains. If the Eiffel Tower is on one wall everyone will get the idea.


Jo (06/11/2004)

By Jo

Decorating with a Paris Theme

Go to and go the the architecture. you'll find a small and a 6 foot Eiffel tower. There you go. (02/23/2005)

By Mom

Decorating with a Paris Theme

If you like a Paris theme then consider using a parchment paper treatment for your walls. France is famous for it's poster art especially by Toulouse. Go to and look up his name or poster art and you can find fantastic prints really cheap.

Paris is also known for the Champs-Elyse, so consider adding as much white lighting as possible. Preferably in the form of Xmas lights. Making the Xmas lights into wall art in the shape of the Eiffel Tower would be a splendid and original piece as well. Good luck to you and let me know is you were looking to go more toward the Moulin Rouge direction and I'll see if I can't help you there. Good luck. (02/23/2005)

By Suzanne S.

Decorating with a Paris Theme

Just cover your largest wall with a landscape of Paris that spreads from the top to the bottom leaving no wall left to see blank and put your bed in the centre with a bedside table at the side. With a table lamp: the base of the lamp can be of a Paris monument which can be made with papier mache which later can be painted for an artsy feel as art is associated with Paris. With the rest of the room keep to a deep red colour and add drapes flowing from and across your ceiling for the ultimate Paris feel. (08/26/2005)

By Amy

Decorating with a Paris Theme

I am also doing a Paris theme room and a good idea I think is to do three walls like a light pastel colour like pink, lilac, or even beige then have a feature like a portrait of the streets of Paris. (04/27/2007)

By Danelle

Decorating with a Paris Theme

Paint the room red. You can get some nice posters of Paris and maybe make some Chanel and Eiffel Tower throw pillows. Then add dark coloured sheets and sheer curtains.

By Ally

Decorating with a Paris Theme

I suggest you go down the craft aisle and see what you can find. If your Mom doesn't want you doing much, these ideas will help bring Paris to your room.

  1. Paint old boxes in pink, white, and black. When you're done, you can use silver gel pen to draw on them.
  2. Buy some iron-on paper. This is paper that can transfer images from your computer printer to fabric, using an iron.

    Print these images through the following links, and iron them on to old pillows.

  3. Make a collage using a Paris travel magazine. All you need is glue and a little imagination.
Oh, and wait until you move to your new house. -The Pink Poodle (11/26/2007)

By Danielle

Decorating with a Paris Theme

Well I just finished my room and it was Paris themed. I didn't do the whole little kid and poodle thing. See my mom and dad are from Paris so I had a lot of help. Now I can help you. See I did my room pink and I have a black border.

Then take some Paris posters and put them up. I had a professional paint the Eiffel tower on my wall. I also had hat boxes which are very chic. Get Paris accessories. All mine came from Paris, but it's not hard to find accessories in the states.

Good luck. (01/04/2008)

By Amanda

I found a good website!

It has tons of ideas and different beddings. (02/09/2008)

By Olivia

Decorating with a Paris Theme

I am planning on doing a Paris theme for my new bedroom in my new house. So far, what I've come up with is three walls are going to be a light pink and an accent wall (behind the bed) will be gray. Behind the bed, there will be pictures of Paris, Parisians, and of course the Eiffel Tower. As a desk, I am going to buy a flat-surfaced round bistro table and two cafe-style chairs. On the wall beside the table, I will hang a cafe sign. I am also going to find some wood letters painted black spelling "Paris" and maybe some other French words. Hope this helped. (03/14/2008)

By Hilary

Decorating with a Paris Theme

I bought my daughter a 7 foot tall Eiffel tower with lights from It is really cool. Good luck. (03/24/2008)

By Michele

Decorating with a Paris Theme cute stuff

I am doing a my bedroom with a Paris theme and I have recently bought the bedding from PBTEEN. It is white and black polka dots with a pink duvet, also I am getting an Eiffel tower clock and lamp. My walls are going 2 be painted pink, hope this helps. (04/01/2008)

By Megan

Decorating with a Paris Theme

My aunt and I went yard saleing and we found a bunch of Paris theme stuff and at Target I found tan and black flower bedding that went perfectly. Good luck. (07/20/2008)

By Hayley

Decorating with a Paris Theme

Me and my mom started decorating my room using a Paris theme and we found some great stuff at Hobby Lobby, the only thing is you really have to look around the store. (07/23/2008)

By Andrea

Decorating with a Paris Theme

How funny; I just bought bedding at for my daughter's Paris themed bedroom. Anyway, I am painting her walls a Tiffany blue, and then the bedding is the VS Pink/White with black piping. I also am throwing down a light pink rug. Instead of buying canvas prints, I used eBay to purchase the wall stencils; I got an Eiffel Tower, a girl walking a poodle, a little sign that says "Alina's Dressing Room" (and it's in the form of a dress). I also had the woman design a hall tree that I will put up and use tiny hooks and then hang a Tiffany bag, a tiny purse, a string of pearls and maybe a boa. I got a chandelier that is pink and has beads accenting it. I also just ordered a set of dress sachets and a set a purse sachets that I will hang throughout the room. (08/14/2008)

By Liz

Decorating with a Paris Theme

I have a Paris room and I have a shelf painted white with a pink feather boa glued on to the edge and all my books sit on it. For decor on it I have Parisian hat boxes, French lilies, and irises. (09/14/2008)

By Juicy cats

Decorating with a Paris Theme

My mom just redid my bedroom as a Paris theme and I love it. We painted my bedroom pink and put fat silver stripes all over the 3/4 of the walls, ordered a set of white and black "Chandelier" bedding off of eBay and matched it with a light pink quilt, and replaced my daybed with a white Flokati rug.

In the spaces where we had not painted stripes, we painted silver diamond shapes on the walls and hung two silver fleur-de-lis's we got at Ballard Designs on the wall. I was also able to find two fun wall hangings at Home Goods that say "Create" and "Inspire" and give their definitions. It is not 100% finished yet, but I am so incredibly proud of what we have accomplished so far. Good luck. (09/22/2008)

By Jane

Decorating with a Paris Theme

Here's a fun site with a variety of ideas: (11/25/2008)

By rupel

Decorating with a Paris Theme

I found great bedding called Paris Tres Chic on They also have cute throw pillows and other accessories.


By Alison

Decorating with a Paris Theme

Bonjour. My mom is an interior designer and during the summer I go along with her and help her plan things. We just did a room that was a Parisian design, with an elegant and simple look. A little "Simple Paris". Anyway, the room was all white (carpet, walls). The bed was wrought iron with white bedspread that had a black trim and pink pillows of all different shades and sizes. The furniture was all white with wrought iron handles (included a dresser, desk, bookshelf, and nightstand). On the walls were mirrors, pictures of the girl and her friends (in black and white), and black and white pictures of the famous places in France. These pictures were all placed in pink frames to match the pillows. Lastly we added white drapes with pink accents and some fresh pink flowers (no roses). The room turned out absolutely gorgeous and the girl loved it. (07/09/2009)

By j'meamour

Decorating with a Paris Theme

I am new here, but I would love to be an interior decorator. Anyways, I had a great idea for a French bedroom deep red, and black for curtains and bedding almost like a Moulin Rouge theme; old perfume bottles, pearls, rich colors, elegant furniture, shoes, hats, (with boxes) gloves. There are so many things. (01/07/2010)

By Realcamogirl

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