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Boxer Breed Information and Photos

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When looking to add a new dog to your household, it's good to know what to expect from the kind you choose. This guide contains boxer breed information and photos.


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Breed Description: Boxers are medium-sized, squarely-built and statuesque in appearance. They are strong and thickly muscled, with a short coat, and a docked tail. Their exuberant personality makes them great companions, and they do especially well with children and other family pets.

Group: Working Group

Purpose of Breed: Baiting Bulls, Guard Dogs

Country of Origin: Germany

Average Size: Dogs range from 22.5 to 25 inches and 65 to 80 pounds. Bitches range from 21 to 23.5 inches and 50 to 65 pounds

Color(s): Fawn or brindle with white markings.

Coat Type: Short, smooth coats that lie close to the body.

Grooming: The Boxer's short, smooth coat is easy to maintain and requires brushing only occasionally. This breed requires standard care for eyes, ears, pads, and nails.

Exercise Needs: The energetic Boxer requires daily mental and physical activity and is happiest in the home of an active family. Boxers are sensitive to hot and cold weather and should not be kept outdoors.

Temperament: This breed is attentive, devoted and gentle, and adores being around children. The Boxer can also be stubborn and a bit of a handful and needs an owner who utilizes purpose and patience during training. They are well-behaved with other family pets and make superb watch dogs.


Common Ailments: The Boxer is susceptible to hip dysplasia, cancer (in older dogs), allergies and heart problems.

Life Expectancy: Averages 8-10 years

Trivia: The Boxer was one of the first breeds selected in Germany for police training. They have been used as couriers during war time and as seeing-eye dogs for the blind.

More Information: American Boxer Club

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June 26, 2009

Rocky is a 3 year old Boxer. Rocky was the runt out of a litter of Boxers I had. On the 2nd day after his birth, he died for a few minutes and his mother got his lungs working again. I bottle fed all 9 puppies, but had to feed Rocky about twice as often.


I grew very attached to him as he did to me. So I had no choice but to keep him. He stole my heart. Rocky absolutely loves his toys. All of them. I can't even imagine living my life without the pure, unconditional love of Rocky.

By tambri from Herrin, IL

Rocky (Boxer)

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April 6, 2011

Dempsey is a 2 1/2 year old Boxer. I love my niece's boxer so much, that my niece and nephew purchased Dempsey as a Christmas present for me. He loves to run and chase balls. At 80 lbs. he also thinks he's a lap dog.


This picture was taken when he first came to our home. He cried constantly. We tried everything we knew of to stop the crying. Finally, my 6 year old nephew got him out of his pen and put him on his lap, and Dempsey went straight off to sleep. We realized he missed his litter mates! My niece took a stuffed animal and put it in the pen with him. Joey climbed in after Dempsey went to sleep and laid down to watch the puppy. I couldn't resist that picture.

By Anne S.

Dempsey (Boxer)


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July 9, 2010

Our Granddoggie, Sadie Belle is right at 7 years old now. We never knew her actual birth date, but we celebrate it on Nov 25, the day before our SIL's birthday. That is pretty close to being accurate.

She is a Boxer. Our oldest daughter and SIL got Sadie when she was a baby about 4 months old, we guessed.

Sadie loves to run and play with everything she can find. She loves to "help" with everything you do, and ends up in the middle of laundry, carpentry projects, and most definitely all cleaning projects.

She has a rope swing, a soccer ball (slightly deflated so that she can hold it with her teeth. She is a great Frisbee player, and the best sleeping buddy.

She loves to cuddle and go for rides to the post office and the bank. She sits in the front seat of the pick-up truck, then when the driver gets out, she moves over and sits in the driver's seat. Everyone in the tiny little town knows her and speaks to her, calling her by name, maybe asking her how her truck is running today.

She gets a doggie biscuit at the bank and post-office and of course, those are her favorite destinations. She takes her guard dog position very seriously though, and will not allow anyone in her yard until our daughter or SIL says, "OK Sadie. It's OK."

Basically a house dog, she is allowed to go out and play with supervision in their totally fenced-in yard, and considers the electric wheel chair "her own private car" which keeps her feet dry when she goes out first thing in the morning. She does not like getting her feet wet and she does not like her toe-nails trimmed. She is getting better about that though since our daughter started filing them with a small emory board just the same as she uses herself. Sadie kinda likes that. I guess it's a "girly" thing. Sadie has done so much for our daughter and SIL since they retired.

They have to have things to do all the time, and she is always there to play or run or just watch TV and cuddle with. She adds a lot to all our lives and knows every family member.

The photos are of Sadie playing with a battery-operated turtle that a friend sent to us from SC. Sadie had never seen a turtle before but she wants to "talk" to every other animal she sees and "taste" of it when she can as well. After playing with the turtle which moves its legs head and tail for quite a while (trying to coax it into running with her), the turtle lifted up its head as though to kiss her, so she kissed it. She so wanted that turtle to play chase with her though, but she also likes to give kisses.

Note how shiny and beautiful her coat is. Our kids cook everything Sadie eats so they know exactly what she needs and likes best. She can tell time as good as most people too. She knows her breakfast is at 8am, and she'll get them up at 7:30 to make sure it's on time. Again at 4:30pm, she'll tell them it's time to start cooking her dinner. It's to be ready at 5pm sharp or she's at her bowl looking into it like "where's the beef?" She is truly the smartest dog we've ever seen.

By Pookarina / Julia

Sadie Belle (Boxer)

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June 15, 2011

Gabby is a 3 1/2 month old Boxer. I got her 2 months ago, at the age of 6 weeks. She likes to play with her ball and wrestle with Madison (my other dog). She's so silly and just loves to make me laugh.

I have Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. Gabby is being trained as a service dog to alert when I have my drop attacks. At 13 weeks, she has already alerted twice on her own.

Gabby is a very smart and attentive little girl. I just love her more than I can even put into words. She's such a blessing.

By Kathie A.

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September 8, 2010

Lola is a 6 year old Boxer. We have had Lola for 4 years. Our family dog had just passed away and we heard that a friend of a friend had a dog that needed a home.

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February 18, 20081 found this helpful

Hi my name is Zues! I love TENNIS BALLS! This is my crazy ball face! When I see a ball i go crazy! When I'm good my owners will give me a ball I can play with that ball all day long (unless I accidentally lose it.) For me, a ball is like a treat. I

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October 20, 201010 found this helpful

Samantha is 18 months old and a Boxer. I found her for sale in the Walmart parking lot. She likes to jump, and chase birds. She has been the best thing ever for my sons

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December 28, 2010

Annie is 3 year old boxer. We got her by a friend around the first week in June. Annie usually plays with her chew toy that looks like a pig!

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These are my two 9 month old boxers, Kolby and Kendall. They love sitting in their own lawn chairs in the backyard while we do the yard work!

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January 26, 2010

Sadie is a 2 year old Boxer. We got her from the pound after seeing her picture in the newspaper. We've had her for 2 years. She was 10 months old when we got her.

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September 18, 2008

Goopie is a 2 year old Boxer. I got him when he was 7 months old. A couple at work couldn't keep him in their new apartment and they gave him to me.

In Memory Of Goopie (Boxer)

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May 31, 2006

Uno is my 4 month old Boxer. I bought him from a newspaper ad.

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June 22, 2015

W got her 3 weeks ago.

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May 2, 2008

Ludwig is a 1 1/2 year old Boxer. We purchased from a private breeder. We selected him at 3 weeks old and visited him weekly until he was old enough to come home.

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Tyson is a 1 1/2 year old Boxer. I got him when he was 7 weeks old. I found him in a local ad. He likes to go for walks, ride in the car, go fishing with dad, play with the kids, snuggle at anytime, play with other pets and friends dogs, do tricks for treats.

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April 12, 2009

Edy Gourmet Drummond is a 1 year old small female boxer. I got her as a present from my husband a year ago for our 22nd wedding anniversary. Edy likes to eat what ever I'm eating. She likes to take naps with me.

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August 20, 2008

Sunshine is 11 months old and is a Boxer. We saw a sign advertising Boxer puppies on our way home from warehouse club shopping last November. Sunshine was part of an unwanted litter.

Sunshine (Boxer)

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October 8, 2010

Gunner is a 3 year old Boxer. I got him Christmas 2007 from a breeder. He likes to swim, play with balls and go bye bye.

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Lola is our 4 year old Boxer. She was rescued from a single mom who could not take care of her and her two kids after the husband left her. Lola was in a kennel all day and then most of the evening because she was so "FULL OF ENERGY!" Now she is still full of energy, but she has lots of room to run and play all day and all night!

She likes to carry a shoe in her mouth and kick a wiffle ball around the house. Seriously, she does this all by herself!

She is the most wonderful dog in the world. Kind, gentle, fun-loving and full of life. She is wonderful with our 18 month old, too!

Lola - Boxer

By Carrie Nowlin from Okemos MI


Lola (Boxer)

Good for you for rescuing. That's a great photo. (07/18/2006)

By Vic

Lola (Boxer)

Boxers are so much fun, we have had four of them. They love flattened basketballs to throw around also, the first time my husband came home from work in the middle of the night and our big guy didn't meet him at the gate with his ball in his mouth we knew something was wrong. We lost him within a week vet thought most likely a brain tumor. (07/18/2006)


Lola (Boxer)

What a fabulous photo. That cute and funny face put a huge smile on my face. Hugs to Lola! :o) (07/20/2006)


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July 9, 20100 found this helpful

Sadie Belle is a full-blooded Boxer and is going on 7 years old. She is my Grand-Doggie. She belongs to our oldest daughter and her husband. Sadie was a very sad little 4 month old puppy with red mange (inherited from her mother who ended up dying with it). Pups will contract it from the mother dog as they nurse. Sadie was on the way to the pound when our daughter ran into the man who owned the dog, and talked him into giving the puppy to her.

She and our SIL spent over $2000.00 in vet bills and drove 50 miles 3 days a week to get the needed shots that saved her. The vet had to spay her immediately because of something to do with hormones during her first heat would most likely have killed her, also a result of the red mange.

Today, Sadie Belle is one of the most beautiful boxers you've ever seen. She likes to play with her rope swing, all her toys which she knows by name, and when she wants to go outside, she'll stand up on her hind legs, reach her leash that hangs on the wall behind a door, and takes it to either our daughter or our SIL. She loves to go with them everywhere and everyone in the little town knows her. She gets a Milk bone at the bank as well as at the post office. No mail delivery, so she goes to the post office with them every day. She knows where she's allowed to get out of the car, and where she has to wait for them.

She plays fetch and best of all, she loves a Frisbee. Because of her short hair (Boxer), she gets a little colder than doggies with more hair or fur, so she wears modified T-shirts all winter long. In the summer, she wouldn't think of going out without her scarf around her neck. She has a jeweled collar that she enjoys wearing for special occasions and a jaunty little hat with antlers that she plays "reindeer" at Christmas.

She knows the difference between "slippers" and "shoes." She enjoys getting her teeth brushed daily, but no toenail clipping allowed. She'll come and stand to get sprayed with the Eucalyptus spray that protects her from fleas when she goes outside.

The kids will ask her if she wants to see Grandpa and Grandma, and Bless her sweet heart, she'll wait at the front gate for half a day for us to get there and be so happy to see us. So excited as soon as she sees our car.

Sadie Belle is a member of our family just as much as the kids are, and we all love her to pieces. I can't remember ever seeing a dog with as much personality as she has or as smart as she is. If you ask her something, she'll answer you whether she knows the right answer or not, and the way she does it, you'd swear she knew what she was talking about.

She does not like to be cold though. Even in the summer time, when she gets her weekly bath, she has to get wrapped up from head to toe and looks sad enough that you could cry yourself. She has her own special chair that's covered with a nice clean fleece throw, but that's not enough. She has to be wrapped like a swaddled baby almost.

I could cry when I think of how close she came to being destroyed and what our family would have missed. She adds so much love and entertainment to all our lives. They live in north Florida and we live in south Florida, so we don't get to see her as much as we'd like to, but we do talk on the phone almost every day. She has to talk first too, then our daughter or SIL can talk to us. We all call her Princess Sadie Belle.

By Julia from Boca Raton, FL

Sadie Belle (Boxer)


Sadie Belle (Boxer)

Julia, it is SO wonderful to read stories such as yours. I love it when people consider their dogs as part of the family and love them just as much as they love the rest of their family. Sadie is so so lucky to have landed in your fabulous family. Thank you for sharing your/her story and the darling picture. And thank you for saving her life! xoxo (04/02/2010)

By Rchinaberr

Sadie Belle (Boxer)

That's the best dog story since Lassie! Thanks! (04/02/2010)

By Songwritter

Sadie Belle (Boxer)

What an adorable picture! Thanks for sharing your great story and beautiful dog with us. (04/03/2010)

By tahlula

Sadie Belle (Boxer)

Awww! Such a sweet fur baby. Hugs to Sadie


By Tucker and Sherri

Sadie Belle (Boxer)

This story is awesome. Makes my heart happy and Princess Sadie Belle is beautiful. Funny how God brought ya'll together. The best of luck and many more happy years with your Princess! (04/05/2010)

By Ladylynnk

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