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Chihuahua Yorkshire Terrier Mix

Chihuahua Yorkshire Terrier Mix PhotosThis page contains Chihuahua Yorkshire Terrier mix photos. These two small breeds when cross bred can result in cute little dogs exhibiting characteristics of both breeds.


Pit Bull

Pit Bull Breed Information and PhotosThese popular guard dogs are a sturdy, medium sized pet and great companions for many people. This page contains pit bull breed information and photos.


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Blue Heeler Breed With No Tail?What type of blue heeler breed has no tail?


Staffordshire Bull Terrier on a white background.

Is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier the Same as a Pit Bull?There is some difference of opinion on this topic. The two dogs appear to be quite similar, in fact the Staffordshire Bull Terrier may be the ancestor of the Pit Bull Terrier. Breeding the two lines for different jobs resulted in some size and temperament differences which are now becoming more alike again. This is a page about, "Is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier the same as a Pit Bull?".


Boxer Pitbull Mix

Boxer and Pit Bull Mix PhotosThis page contains Boxer Pit Bull mix photos. A Boxer Pit Bull mix is currently a popular dog to own.


Jack Russel Terrier Mix

Jack Russell Terrier Mix PhotosThis page contains Jack Russell terrier mix photos. Some of the best family pets are mixed breed dogs.


Rat Terrier

Rat Terrier Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains Rat Terrier breed information and photos. The Rat Terrier is an intelligent, feisty, loving pet.


Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Cairn Terrier breed information and photos. Originating in the Highlands of Scotland and the Isle of Skye, this hardy breed was originally a working dog used to aid farmers in getting rid of pests such as foxes and badgers.


mixed breed dog

What Breed Is My Dog?It can be difficult to determine a dog's breed without a DNA test. This is guide about "What breed is my dog?".


American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier Breed...This page contains American Staffordshire Terrier breed information and photos. The American Staffordshire Terrier is a strong, intelligent dog that is very people oriented.


Pomeranian Mix

Pomeranian Mix PhotosThis page contains pomeranian mix photos. A small dog can make a nice companion.



Dachshund/Pomeranian Mix PhotosThis page contains dachshund/pomeranian mix photos. These mixed breed dogs are small and very nice companions.



Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog - Breed Information...This page contains Portuguese water dog breed information and photos. These medium sized, non shedding dogs have an affectionate personality and make great pets.


Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains Doberman Pinscher breed information and photos. These dogs possess great speed, strength and stamina. It is a medium-sized dog that is often used in police work or to protect property.


Two different breeds of dachshunds

Differences Between Standard and Miniature Dachshunds?This is a page about differences between standard and miniature Dachshunds. Certain dog breeds have been bred to have two distinctive sizes; the larger a standard and the smaller a mini version. Other than size their appearance is basically the same.


Australian Shepherd Mix

Australian Shepherd Mix PhotosThis is a page containing Australian Shepherd mix photos. Mix breed dogs come in all shapes and sizes depending on the breed of the parents.


Miniature Pinscher Mix

Miniature Pinscher Mix Photos and InformationMixed breed dogs can make excellent companions and watchdogs. This page contains miniature pinscher mix photos and information.


small reddish brown dog

Chihuahua/Pomeranian Mix Breed PhotosThis is a page about Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix breed photos. The PomChi is a sweet small mixed breed dog that may be perfect for your family.


Beagle Mix

Beagle Mix PhotosThis is a page about Beagle mix photos. As popular as the Beagle is, it is not surprising to find it as a common mix with other dog breeds.


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Chihuahua With Skin Turning Black?Why is my chihuahua's skin turning black on her belly. It's turing black all over, what can cause this?


A Yorkshire terrier laying on a green chair.

Facts About Yorkshire TerriersThese cute little lap dogs were originally bred as vermin dogs to catch rats and mice in English textile mills. This is a page about facts about Yorkshire Terriers.


Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog Breed Information...This is a page about the Australian Cattle dog- breed information and photos. The Australian Cattle dog was bred to be a hard worker. It is agile, energetic, and clever.


West Highland Terrier Barking?We have a west highland terrier who insists on barking at anything that comes within 50 feet of our house, she even goes so far as to bark at the birds in the trees, she really loves to hear herself. Can anybody help?


German Shepherd Mix

German Shepherd Mix Breed Information and...Many larger mixed breed dogs may be part German Shepherd. This page contains photos of German Shepherd mixed breed dogs.


Brittany Spaniel

Brittany Spaniel Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains Brittany spaniel breed information and photos. These medium-sized dogs are very energetic. They have a keen ability to point and retrieve with remarkable speed and agility.


Dachshund and Schnauzer Mix

Dachshund and Schnauzer Mixed Breed Information and Photos?This page contains Dachshund and Schnauzer mix-breed information and photos. A common canine mix is of the Dachshund and Schnauzer.


Daschund Mix

Is My Dog a Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix?Dogs that are a cross between a Chihuahua and Dachshund are commonly referred to as Chiweenies. They tend to have long bodies of a Dachshund but many other characteristics can vary between the two breeds.



Chocolate and Tan Miniature Dachshund.

Miniature Dachshund PhotosThis page contains miniature Dachshund photos. These spunky, short-legged dogs are full of personality and are a favorite companion in many households. Here are some of the photos our users have shared of their miniature Dachshunds.


Blue Heeler

Blue Heeler Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains Blue Heeler breed information and photos. The Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle dog is a working dog bred for herding. They can make good pets, but need lots of exercise and activity to keep them occupied.


closeup of Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Afghan Hound breed information and photos. The Afghan's long silky coat is an adaptation to the extreme conditions found in the high elevations of its native region. This breed possesses a highly independent nature.


Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Breed Information and...This page contains Cardigan Welsh Corgi breed information and photos. These sturdy, short legged, large eared dogs make excellent companions.


Lab Mix

Lab Mix Photos and InformationThis is a page about lab mix photos and information. Mixed breed dogs make wonderful pets and often are available for adoption.


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Can Purebred Dachshunds Be White?Your site, as well as many others, say that dachshunds cannot be white. Do you mean no white what-so-ever, or just not stark white?


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Training an Aggressive Miniature Pincher?I need help training a 7 year old MinPin, she is very aggressive with "her stuff. She gathers socks, slippers anything that she can grab off the floor or around a laundry bin and makes a sort of nest in the corner, if you try to retrieve your slippers she will growl and take your hand off. It's not good, she bit my mom and my sister and a neighbors kid thus far.


Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky Breed Information and PhotosThis page is about Siberian husky breed information and photos. This intelligent breed is friendly and usually bonds more deeply with one person in the family.


German Shepherd

German Shepherd - Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains German Shepherd - breed information and photos. These popular large dogs are intelligent and known for helping mankind in many ways.


Long Haired Chihuahua

Long Haired Chihuahua PhotosThis page contains long haired Chihuahua photos. The popular Chihuahua comes in two coat varieties, the smooth and the long hair.


Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains shih tzu breed information and photos. These lively, small dogs make great companions.


Blue Heeler

Blue Heeler Mix PhotosThis is a page about Blue Heeler mix photos. Mixed breed dogs often make wonderful family members.


Poodle Breed Information and Photos

Poodle Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains poodle breed information and photos. Poodle dogs are adored the world over and are breed in a wide variety of sizes and colors. This page contains poodle breed information and photos.


Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terrier Breed InformationThis is a page about Welsh Terrier breed information. The Welsh Terrier is an old dog breed from Wales. It was originally bred to independently hunt fox. badger, and rodents.


white Schnauzer puppy

Miniature Schnauzer Breed Information...This page contains Miniature Schnauzer breed information and photos. These small dogs of German origin are one of the most popular terrier breeds.



Hand picking up a Dachshund Puppy.

Weight of Dachshund Puppy?Knowing the average weight of your puppy's breed at different growth stages will help monitor her development. This is a page about the weight of a Dachshund puppy.


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Is There A Miniature Jack Russell?Is there such a breed of dog as a Miniature Jack Russell? If not, what is the breed that looks almost identical?


Labrador Rottweiler

Labrador Rottweiler Mix Information and PhotosThis is a page about Labrador Rottweiler mix information and photos. The Labrador Rottie mix is quite a popular combination of dog breeds.


Husky Running on Grass

What Breed of Husky is My Dog?There are many breeds of Huskies, such as the Alaskan Husky, Siberian Husky, Malamute, and many more. This is a page to help you figure out what type of Husky you may have.



Cojack Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Cojack breed information and photos. These cute hybrid dogs are the result of cross breeding a Jack Russel Terrier with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.


Border Collie

Border Collie Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Border Collie breed information and photos.The Border Collie is a medium sized, athletic dog bred to herd and control livestock, particularly sheep.


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Considering an Eskimo/Shepherd Mix?Is an Eskimo/Shepherd a good breed? What are they like?


Pekingese in the grass.

Pekingese Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains Pekingese breed information and photos. These small companions, also known "lion dogs", are one of the oldest canine breeds.



Maltese Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Maltese breed information and photos. These tiny dogs are intelligent and make great pets, even for families with children.


Beagle/Basset Hound

Beagle/Basset Hound Mix PhotosThis page contains Beagle/Basset Hound mix photos. If intentionally cross breed these dogs are referred to as a Bagle Hound. Of course, many crosses are unplanned and result in dogs manifesting various traits of the two breeds.


Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) Breed Information and Photos

Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) breed information and photos. These large dogs with a Greyhound like build have silky, wavy hair, and are known for speed and endurance.


Australian Shepherd in a grassy field.

Australian Shepherd PhotosThis is a page about Australian Shepherd photos. Aussies are a high-energy breed that thrives as a working dog. They are very intelligent dogs, that enjoy being in a home that is active and can keep up with their energy level. Here are some wonderful photos that our TF members have shared.


Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Brussels Griffon breed information and photos. A toy dog breed that is a good companion and comes in a variety of colors.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breed Information and Photos

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breed...This page contains Cavalier King Charles spaniel breed information and photos. These small, affectionate dogs can make good pets, for the right family.


small white dog

Cavachon PhotosThese sweet dogs are a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise. This page contains Cavachon photos.


Chow Chow Australian Shepherd

Chow Chow Australian Shepherd Mix PhotosThis page contains chow chow Australian shepherd photos. These mixed breed dogs make wonderful family pets.



Great Pyrenees/Komondor...This is a page about Great Pyrenees/Komondor mix photos. The cross between these two large herding breeds produces a diligent working herding and guard dog.


Irish Setter

Irish Setter Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains Irish setter breed information and photos. These beautiful dogs are highly intelligent and independent in nature, and make loyal and affectionate companions.


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American Eskimo and Daschund Mix?Does anyone know or have pictures of a American Eskimo and Daschund mix?


A small dog standing on a blanket.

Chihuahua or Dachshund Trait?This is my Chiweenie. 3.9 lbs at 5 years old. He is very loveable. Tries to kiss me sneakingly creeping slowly to my face. Is that a Chihuahua or Dachshund trait?


A woman with two English Sheepdogs.

Old English Sheepdog Information and PhotosAlso called the Bobtail, Old English Sheepdogs are strong, compact, muscular dogs with an immensely shaggy coat that covers their entire body. Originally developed from drover's dogs, this breed has a loud, distinctive sounding bark, which he uses to announce any occurrences he deems peculiar.


Four bloodhound puppies.

Bloodhound Photos and InformationThese large beautiful dogs have a finely tuned sense of smell and are often used for hunting or tracking. Bloodhounds have wrinkled skin on their long faces and droopy ears.


A small chihuahua lying on the ground.

What Breed Is My Pup?I know it's a Chihuahua but a different type. Can anyone help me?


A small dog near a water dish.

Is Our Dog a Pure Bred Belgian Malinois?This my dog when she was around 5 months old, but she is 1 year old now. I don't have her picture yet so I'll leave it here. Since I know that this will not be a purebred one, so is there a chance that she has a Belgian Mal trait or Belgian Mal dna? She look so like a Belgian Mal based on her coat and color, but her height is just a little different from a purebred one, based on my own research.


A white puppy on a couch with a toy.

Is My Puppy a Pure Bred Staffordshire Terrier?I adopted this puppy and they told me she's an American Staffordshire Terrier, but I think she's maybe a mix. She's 4 months old and she has a lot of mini black spots.


A puppy smelling a flower in a field.

What Breed Is My Puppy?Puppies take a bit of growing before it they look like their parents' breeds. Here are questions and answers about all sorts of different puppies and what they might be combined with.


A Belgian Shepherd or Groenendael in a grassy field.

Groenendael Breed Information and PhotosAlso know as a Belgian Sheepdog, the Groenendael belongs to the herding group. These beautiful, intelligent, hard working dogs also love human companionship. They are highly trainable dogs and have a life expectancy of 12-14 years.


A Belgian Malinois lying on the grass.

Belgian Malinois Photos and InformationSimilar to a German shepherd, here are some pictures and information to help you learn more about the Belgian malinois breed of dog.


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog? (Boxer Mix)Determining your dog's breed mix can be fun. Different physical characteristics can help, but a DNA test will give you accurate results.


A white pitbull laying in the grass.

Razor Edge Pit Bull Terrier PhotosThis breed has a large chest and head. They are affectionate, loyalty, and good-natured in personality that endears them to most humans. This page contains a razor edge pit bull terrier photo.


New Himalayan Puppies

Himalayan Puppy PhotosThere are many distinct dog breeds that are from the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range. This page contains Himalayan puppy photos.


Pit Bull mix with big ears.

What Breed Is My Dog? (Pit Bull Mix)Mixed breed dogs can be wonderful companions. It can be interesting to see the different breeds reflected in their features. This is a page about what breed is my dog? (pit bull mix).


Great Pyrenees outside in the sun.

Great Pyrenees Mix PhotosPyrenees are large, gentle dogs that are bred to herd livestock. This is a page about Great Pyrenees mix photos.


Affenpinscher walking in the grass.

Affenpinscher PhotosThese spunky terrier like small dogs originated in Germany. They are also know as Monkey Terriers because of their simian like facial features. They make good pets and companions, but may be a challenge to house train. This page contains Affenspinscher photos.


Bernese Mountain
Dog on natural background

Bernese Mountain Dog PhotosBernese Mountain Dogs are a large breed distinguished by their black, brown, and white fur. They originated as working dogs in the Swiss Alps, and were used for herding cattle, pulling carts, and as loyal companion watch dogs. This page contains photos of Bernese Mountain Dogs.


Berger Blanc Suisse  sitting on a log with its tongue out.

Berger Blanc Suisse PhotosThese beautiful white Swiss dogs have the same origin as both the White Shepherd and the German Shepherd. This page contains photos of Berger Blanc Suisse dogs.


A smiling chihuahua/pinscher mix

How Much Does an Adult Chi Pin Weigh?This is a page about how much an adult chi pin weighs. A chi pin is a cross between a chihuahua and a miniature pinscher. Both of these are toy breeds, so when crossed, they tend to maintain a small size. They typically weigh between 5-15 lbs and stand about 8-12 inches tall.


A Greater Swiss Mountain puppy on a white background.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Breed Information and PhotosThese large dogs are known for their mountain herding, even temperament, and family orientation. They are also called Swisse or Swissy. This is a page contains Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breed information and photos.


Beagle Photos

Beagle PhotosBeagles are fun smart, adorable dogs. Here are some great beagle photos for you to enjoy.


Teddy Bear (Chihuahua)

Chihuahua PhotosChihuahuas are a fun breed of dog to photograph. This page contains Chihuahua photos.


Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees PhotosThese very large, gentle, and affectionate dogs were bred to guard livestock. Their disposition makes them good pets, as well. This page contains Great Pyrenees photos.


Kuvasz Puppy

Kuvasz Breed Information and PhotosThis breed originated in Hungary and was used as a livestock dog. This is a page about Kuvasz breed information and photos.


A Anatolian Shepherd laying on a white surface.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Breed Information and PhotosA native of Turkey, this breed is valued for its ruggedness, size, and strength. Coupled with excellent sight and hearing it has traditionally been used to protect livestock. This page contains Anatolian Shepherd Dog Breed Information and Photos.


Closeup of a cream Pomeranian

Pomeranian PhotosThis page contains Pomeranian photos. These small dogs are peppy, loyal friends, and good indoor pets.


An adult basset hound on a white background.

Feeding an Adult Basset Hound?Adult dogs need a healthy diet to prevent illness and to maintain a good weight. This is a page about feeding an adult Basset Hound.


tan puppy

Pyrador PhotosThis page contains Pyrador photos. The Pryador is a cross between two large dog breeds, the Labrador and the Great Pyrenees. They are typically bred for guarding and herding.


brown and white Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi PhotosThis page contains Pembroke Welsh Corgi photos. Originally bred to herd cattle, sheep, and horses, this intelligent breed gets along well with children and other pets.


Buff and Black Bullmastiff dog with Grass in the background.

Bullmastiff PhotosThis page contains Bullmastiff photos. The Bullmastiff was developed as a breed in the 19th century by gamekeepers to guard estates and help catch poachers. With consistent, specific training methods they can become a well behaved member of your family.


Treeing Walker Coonhound

Treeing Walker Coonhound...This is a page contains Treeing Walker Coonhound information and photos. These energetic dogs are great hunting dogs, due to their amazing treeing ability. They also make wonderful family dogs.


Miniature Pinscher puppy

Miniature Pinscher Breed Information...This is a page about Miniature Pinscher breed information and photos. These small, short haired dogs make good watch dogs. They are very energetic, with an independent spirit.


Hairless Chinese Crested Dog

Hairless Chinese Crested Breed...This is a page about hairless Chinese crested breed information and photos. These dogs are both hairless and when with hair called "powderpuffs". A family friendly breed that is good with children and other animals.


Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher Photos and InformationThis page contains miniature pinscher photos and information. These small hardy, short haired dogs are very active and loyal. They are well suited to apartment life, as long as they get their daily walks.


Samoyed sitting in grass with trees in the background

Samoyed Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains Samoyed breed information and photos. The Samoyed breed gets its name from the Samoyedic peoples of Siberia. They were originally bred as working and herding dogs, but make excellent companion dogs.


Schnoodle Breed Information and Photos

Schnoodle Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about schnoodle breed photos and information. Not a true breed, these affectionate dogs are a cross between a Poodle and a Miniature Schnauzer, and often multigenerational cross bred.


cute puppy

What Breed is My Dog?What breed is my dog? He is 3 months old and was dumped at the dog pound. The vet said he will be a small to medium sized dog. That's all I know!


Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniel PhotosThis is a page about Tibetan Spaniel photos. These small, alert companion dogs can be found depicted in Eastern artwork dating back to 1100 BC.



Vizsla Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about vizsla breed information and photos. The Vizsla is a high energy dog that is happiest when working in the fields.



Whippet Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about whippet breed information and photos. Bred to run, this dog has a streamlined body and long, straight legs. Calm and laid back indoors, the Whippet makes a loving and affectionate house pet.


Red Bone Coon Hound

Red Bone Coon Hound Breed Information and...This is a page about Red Bone Coon Hound breed information and photos. The Red Bone Coon Hound is a hunting dog bred in the southern United States from dogs brought here from Scotland and Ireland.


Black-Mouth Cur

Black Mouth Cur Photos and InformationThis is a page about Black Mouth Cur photos and information. The Black Mouth Cur was bred as a hunting and cattle dog.


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Bogart (Cairn Terrier) - silky haired Cairn lying down looking to his left

Bogart (Cairn Terrier)He was purchased as a pup. Bogart is a human trapped in a Cairn Terrier body, he is the most wonderful friend in the world, very thoughtful, he is fearless and protecting, considerate and understanding. He likes to show off that he is the boss and that he is in command. But most of all loves to be by your side and enjoys cuddles.


Bernese Mountain Dog Information

Bernese Mountain Dog Breed Information...This is a page about Bernese Mountain Dog breed information and photos. One of four varieties of Swiss Mountain dog the Bernese is notable for it tricolored, long silky coat. Originally used to pull carts to market, these sturdy dogs have a gentle easy going manner and like to be around people.


Long Haired Dachshund

Long Haired Dachshund PhotosThe soft, beautiful coat of these former badger hunters is reminiscent of that of an Irish setter. This page contains long haired Dachshund photos.


Mi-T (Xoloitzcuintli) - dog on the beach

Mi-T (Xoloitzcuintli)He was given to me by a friend. "Mi-T" is a 4.5 lbs. Xolo who loves to go on 4-mile beach walks. He is a miniature "coated" Mexican hairless.



Puggle PhotosThis page contains information and photos about the Puggle breed. This popular dog is a cross between a Pug and a Beagle and is known for its great personality and appearance.


American Bulldog

American Bulldog PhotosThis page contains American Bulldog photos. These popular sturdy dogs make wonderful companions.


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Two dogs lying on a bed.

What Breed Is My Dog?Wanting to know if anyone knows what she may be mixed with? I know she is part pit but with the chocolate color, she must be a mix. The white and tan one I had tested and he is a pit staff mix. But the chocolate one I am not sure.


A dog sitting on a chair.

Is My Dog a Bull Mastiff?My dog Cody is about three and a half months old and I can't figure out what breed he may be? All the traits say to me that he's got mastiff in him but not sure.


A small black and white dog.

What Breed Is My Dog?I got this dog 3 months ago when she was 3 months, can you please tell me if she is a pit bull.


A young dog on a carpet.

What Breed of Husky?What breed of Husky is my puppy? We recently got her from a friend. She is said to be 5 months old. We would love to know so we know what to expect.


A dog lying on a blanket.

What Type of Husky is My Girl?She came to me at 1 1/2 years old, now 2. Very active, spunky, affectionate, has an amazing nose and hunts like no other. What is type of Husky is she?


A small Husky puppy.

What Husky Breed Is My Pup?Just brought this angel home. The rescue didn't know her exactly what breed she is and thought I'd ask on here. Really appreciate any responses! My sister said Alaskan Klee Kai, but I think she looks like a Siberian.


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