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A vintage photograph of a young girl with a pretty dress.

Vintage Photograph (1950s)
I feel that my old picture of myself is vintage, it is one of a kind and cannot be duplicated to its original state as it was at the time the child was placed in the chair and the photographer used his skills to capture the personality of his subject. The photography...


Keep Dryer Lint Trap Clean - clean and dirty side of dryer lint trap

Keep Dryer Lint Trap Clean
I always clean my dryer vent lint filter after the third load of laundry, I use an old toothbrush , liquid dishwashing detergent and I scrub the screen of the lint filter gently and then clean the gasket, spray it with free Breeze fragrance allowed to dry and...


A woman wearing white nursing scrubs and a charm bracelet at her graduation from nursing school.

The Bracelet Legacy to a Florence Nightingale
My daughter Angela took her state nursing board exam today, 7-31-17, results in 48 hours, she was very confident because she subscribed to a nursing board tutorial which she studied after graduation, took assessments of her studies, she was prepared for the...


A woman wearing white nursing scrubs and a charm bracelet at her graduation from nursing school.

The Bracelet Legacy to a Florence Nightingale
I received a message from my daughter Angela last night and she passed her State nursing board exam and she said she is a real nurse now. She said it would be nice to be able to wear a blue scrub set instead of a green scrub set, the green indicated nurse extern...


Two pills that look very similar.

Do Not Mix Medication
When I go on a trip or go to a camp or any event where I have to transport my medications, I bought a small plastic Rubbermaid box and I put all my prescription bottles with a medication sheet that describes the medication, dosage, the doctors name and phone...


A razor and a bottle of body lotion, to be used for shaving.

Dry Shave with Body Lotion
I learned to use lotion to shave my legs and underarms as a teenager in the 60s. I also use shampoo or hair conditioner to shave. Works great and softens skin.


What Is This Garden Plant? large leaf plant with deep cuts in leaves

What Is This Garden Plant?
It appears to be a split leaf scheffallar plant, I had one of these plants years ago and I had to plan it and a large pot because it got very large. I kept mine in the Sun not bright Sun on my porch and during the winter time I kept it in a sunny window. I...


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Taking Care of Trumpet Plants?
I recently received a cutting of a trumpet plant, I winterized it by keeping it in my home near a window, kept the soil moist and turned the pot once daily; in the Spring time, I planted it in full sun, it was beautiful with sunny yellow trumpet flowers, I...


A bag of socks hanging in the closet.

Easy Bag Storage
A cloth hanging shoe rack can be used for socks, underwear and other items that are stored in a,chest of drawers. A rubber mid plastic bin or pladtic three drawer chest is useful. I use this method in my walk in closet to hold all my clothes that would normally...


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Uses for Frozen Raw Potatoes?
Boil the potatoes in salted water, allow to cool, peel, then mash the potatoes, add 1/4 chopped onion, one beaten egg, one love minced garlic, 1/4 cup flour, 1/4 cup cornmeal, salt and pepper to taste. Form into patties and fry in saute pan in 1/2 cup pil until...


Creatively Store Kitchen Hand Towels

Creatively Store Kitchen Hand Towels
I store my bath towels in a wicker laundry basket on the floor in my bathroom. I fold the towels and such a way that they will all stand up in the basket and the wash clothes are folded in the same manner and placed on top of the bath towels.


Shoes on a rack and in plastic shoe boxes.

Storing Shoes Without Dust
I store my accessory scarves in these plastic shoe boxes, I fold them neatly and then put them top on the plastic container and store them on a shelf in my closet I told them by color so I can find the type of accessory scarf I need for an outfit that I might...



Value of Gold Edged China Cup and Saucer

Value of Gold Edged China Cup and Saucer?
I would take the cup/saucer to a reputable jeweler...the reason...I had a tea set with gold rimmed cups, one of them got broken, I took it to a jeweler for repair. could consult with an antique appraiser in your local area.


A selection of Christmas themed notepads.

Buy Seasonal Notepads for Use Throughout the Year
When I find after holiday items such as these notepads and pencils, I will purchase them and put them away and my holiday closet and bring them out at the holiday season and distribute them to either teachers lounges, nursing homes, Hospital waiting rooms, or...


A glass vase with an Oriental lily growing in water.

Algae Growing in Water With Bulb?
Remove the plant and rocks, sanitize the container with bleach, rinse clean, was the rocks with dishwashing detergent, rinse thoroughly, soak rocks in bleach/water solution for an hour, use old toothbrush to clean each rock, replace in container, wash roots...


A bottle of mustard from the Dollar Store.

Dollar Store for Food Items
I purchase paper plates, aluminum foil sheets, cleaning products, stationery and writing pens, markers, teacher supplies, greeting cards and food items such as canned goods, condiments, baking ingredients and other snack items. I grocery shop at Aldis and purchase...


A bathtub with a pole for gripping.

Bathtub Safety
Thank you for your positive response.


A bathtub with a pole for gripping.

Bathtub Safety
The wooden pole is attached to a square base in the ceiling and a square base attached to the floor.


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Thinning Canned Chocolate Frosting?
Place the frosting in an electric mixer bowl mixing the frosting until smooth, gradually add evaporated milk until you reach the consistency you desire to glaze your cake. If the glaze is still too thick after mixing, microwave on 50% power at 15 second intervals...



Never Too Late to Continue Your Education
My daughters job of 15 years with a commercial insurance company was downsized and she was terminated from her job, in the meantime, her family lost their home in a horrific house fire with a total loss of all of their belongings. She and her husband and daughter...


Use For Inflated Plastic Packing Material

Use For Inflated Plastic Packing Material?
The bottom picture of this packing material on this post could be used as a serving Bowl for a childs tea party, paper doilies could be placed within the bowl and then small finger foods or cookies could be added, a hole could be punched in Each Side of the...


Kitchen Implements Organized - hanging from cup hooks on stove vent

Kitchen Implements Organized
I store all of my kitchen utensils on my small island on the bottom shelf; I have a containers for the wooden utensils, spatulas, plastic and non-stick utensils, my two favorite rolling pins are stored at the end of the shelf. I have a large terra cotta roasting...


Wedding rings on a wooden dresser.

Saving on Weddings and other Large Celebrations
My husband and I had a small intimate wedding in 1969; my parents were deceased and his parents were not financially stable to assist with our wedding. I did not purchase a traditional wedding gown, I wore a tea length dress, white shoes and a chapel veil. We...


Royal Relief Center for Camp Counselors

Royal Relief Center for Camp Counselors
I made an error in my stated NY Department of Human Services, I meant to type Tennessee Dept. of Human Services. Thank you.



Beautiful Red Rose - red rose

Beautiful Red Rose
The rose is a Knockout Rose


Cardboard Tube Gift Box - finished gift box

Cardboard Tube Gift Box
For Christmas we give our adult children money...for a creative idea to wrap the money, I made a Christmas cracker out of an empty toilet tissue roll; I placed the rolled up money in the toilet tissue, bent the edges together that resembled a u at each end...


Uses For Orange Zest - small dark bowl with orange zest in bottom

Uses For Orange Zest?
Use orange or lemon zest in fresh vegetables such as green beans, spinach, cabbage or any type of vegetable to give it a robust flavor and cut back on salt. I also use a small amount of citrus zest when using a cake mix for a different flavor. There are various...


What Is This Houseplant? - looks like Wandering Jew

What Is This Houseplant? (Wandering Jew)
That plant is a wandering Jew plant; I have grown them in potting soil and in water. The plant I grew in water was kept on my kitchen windowsill in a large vase filled with water and small river rocks. I changed the water daily and rinsed the vase out to keep...


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Assistance After a House Fire?
My daughter and her husband lost their home, their vehicles and all their belongings in a horrific house fire about 5 years ago; it was a miracle that they got out alive; a neighbor that lived across the street was walking his dog before reporting to work at...


A mug rack with jewelry displayed on it.

Mug Rack Hanger as Jewelry Holder
I use a upright mug holder to store jewelry on ,it is very accessible when I am dressing for the day to accessorize my outfit. The jewelry does not get tangled. I store my larger necklaces and my favorite bracelets on this mug holder.


Lighting a candle with a long match.

Lighting Candles with Matches Safely
I totally was ready with using fireplace matches to light a candle, also running water over the lit match after The Candle is lit to ensure that the match is completely extinguished. I also count the number of candles that I like and then write that number...


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Making a Paper K Cup Filter?
I use a generic K-Cup holder that I fill with coffee and put in my Keurig. It takes about one and a half teaspoons of coffee and it makes a delicious cup of coffee. After the making the coffee with the removable K-cup holder, I empty the grounds and wash the...


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SSI and Inheritance?
I would suggest that you call Social Security benefits and check on this situation.


A bag of almonds being closed by a clothespin.

Use Wooden Clothespins as Bag Clips in the Freezer
I use the black metal office clips of different sizes to close items in my freezer.


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Plastic Lids as Paint Palettes and Crafting Surfaces
When I am doing a craft project that requires painting, I used large paper plates as a pallet to put my paints


A collage of pictures of an amaryllis slowly blossoming.

Amaryllis Journey to Blossom
The blossoms will emerge soon'



Typesetting Poetry on Bronze  - Sheet - poem printed on bronze sheet

Typesetting Poetry on Sheet of Bronze?
Thank you for your response.


A collage of pictures of an amaryllis slowly blossoming.

Amaryllis Journey to Blossom
The blossom is full of color and stunning to look at.there will be four blossoms when in full bloom


A collage of pictures of an amaryllis slowly blossoming.

Amaryllis Journey to Blossom
The elegance of the amaryllis blossom


A collage of pictures of an amaryllis slowly blossoming.

Amaryllis Journey to Blossom
It has been an intriguing experience watching this amaryllis transform from bid to blossom


A collage of pictures of an amaryllis slowly blossoming.

Amaryllis Journey to Blossom
The four blossoms have emerged displaying their delicate petals, colors reflecting the sun through the window, a sight to behold''. It is the simple things of life that make me happy and to think that my husband only paid a few dollars for this creation from...


A collage of pictures of an amaryllis slowly blossoming.

Amaryllis Journey to Blossom
Thank you very much for your kind sweet comments about my amaryllis, my mother always said to give her flowers while she was here on this Earth and I have always taught my children and my husband that statement and it has come to pass. I enjoy watching flowers...


A collage of pictures of an amaryllis slowly blossoming.

Amaryllis Journey to Blossom
My husband photographed the amaryllis blossoms at different angles....the beauty of it all'''''''.''''''''''''''''''''


Dyed Hair Too Bright

Dyed Hair Too Bright?
I suggest that you contact a beauty school that teaches cosmetology. Make sure that they teach color, and the combination of chemicals on the hair. The students could learn from your situation and they may not charge you a fee for repairing your hair


Produce bags covering a blender and other small kitchen items.

Reusing Plastic Produce Bags
I have a juicer and I use a plastic produce bag from the grocery store which I put it in the pulp catcher of the juicer. The plastic produce bag enables me to clean up the juicer much quicker and the bag can be tied up and discarded easily.


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Fixing a Bad Dye Job?
I would consult with a colorist in a beauty salon 2 correct your color. They would know how to rid your hair of the color and also they are trying to know what chemicals to use to mix to achieve the color you desire and to keep your hair healthy


Sorting Construction Paper by Color - file box filled with labeled folders

Sorting Construction Paper by Color
Great idea. I was an educational assistant for kindergarten, I stored construction paper by color in upright filing slots. The teacher had the students to correlate the paper by color, then file according to color. I put a colored label folded over the slot...


A pan of bacon on a cookie sheet, ready for the oven.

Cook Bacon in the Oven
I cook a pound of bacon in my oven, I put brown sugar,and sprinkle black pepper over it, bake at 350 degrees until lightly crispt, about 10-15 minutes. Delicious!


A three wick candle with one of the wick cut short.

Cut Your Candle Wick for Cleaner Burning
I have used this tip for many years, when I receive a candle or buy a candle I always cut the wick before I light it and the candle last longer. At the time extinguish the candle I always pray that he melted candle wax out of the burnt candle and trim the wick...


A pan of bacon on a cookie sheet, ready for the oven.

Cook Bacon in the Oven
I use a pan that has a lip on it and then the oven is not set at a high temperature in order for the fat not to Splatter on the oven.


Organizing Home Instruction  Manuals - finished labeled binder with tabs

Organizing Home Instruction Manuals
I use a three-ring binder for the household manuals meaning the kitchen appliances, small appliances, and other manuals. I notate on the manual the date I sent the warranty papers by mail or through the internet. All receipts regarding these appliances or any...


Display Figurine Collection in Crystal Bowl

Display Figurine Collection in Crystal Bowl
Cute whimsical display. After I remove my Christmas tablescape, I place on my dining room table a.m. bowl that has gold trim around the edge and inside his gold snowflakes, I filled the bowl half way up with salt to resemble snow and I have a crystal snowman...


DIY Holiday Centerpieces - cedar and poinsettia decoration on hearth

DIY Holiday Centerpieces
I use my imagination in making centerpiece for Christmas, I have used different containers such as vases, wooden bowls, clear crystal bowls, natural materials. Arrangements are embellished with small Christmas decorations tucked within the arrangement. I had...


'Sharky' Goldfish Birthday Cake - finished sharky goldfish cake

'Sharky' Goldfish Birthday Cake
Creative and intricate work on the cake! A cake that will always be remembered. Good job!


A pie plate being used as a makeshift pot lid.

Pie Plate for a Pot Lid
Ingenious idea...a universal pot lid is available at Walmart. I had bought a large stock pot at a thrift store, it had no lid, while shopping at Walmart one day, I found a lid..but I like your ingenuity.


Is My Dog a Blue Heeler? - 6 weeks old

Is My Dog a Blue Heeler?
We had owned a Blue Heeler at one point, and that the dog is also called an Australian Cattle Dog.


Goldfish Party Treat Bags - aqua gift bags with orange goldfish cutouts and ribbon as decorations

Goldfish Party Treat Bags
Whimsical idea for a childs party or a daycare event. It could be a teaching tool for the letter f,. The bag could be filled with items that begin with the letter f and the children pull those items out of the bag and identify them and also spell the word if...


Bouquet made from candy

Candy Bouquet With Candy Vase
I have made Valentines candy buffet with different sizes of jars and open glass containers, decorations of flowers, roses, ceramic cherubs, topiary of candy, red, pink, white and purple table coverings, matching ribbons toed on jars and containers. A chalkboard...


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Line Wastebasket with Plastic Wrap
A circle of parchment paper can be placed in the bottom of the waste basket. I drape a fresh trash bag over the side of the water basket, then put take trash bag in the waste basket, at the time the trash bag is removed, the fresh bag is available, the circle...


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Line Wastebasket with Plastic Wrap
I also use plastic bags from grocery stores, I kept an empty bag in the bottom of the waste basket.


Thriftstore Glass Garden Tower

Thriftstore Glass Garden Tower
I would leave the top piece off of this unique creation and place a square or an odd-shaped plate at the top and have a cake stand.


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Using Frozen Zucchini in Bread?
Drain zucchini either through cheesecloth or through a couple of coffee filters, put it over a ball in a colander with a cheese cloth or the coffee filter and put a half a teaspoon of salt in it and let it drain. It may take a couple of hours to drain and then...


Curtain Rod For Hanging Christmas Stockings - several Christmas stockings hanging on a curtain rod beneath the fireplace mantel

Curtain Rod For Hanging Christmas Stockings
Ingenious idea..the rod could hold Valentine decor ,birthday decorations or any celebration decor. Ideas could be endless according to a persons creativity.


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Making Frosting from Mix?
Read the directions on the bag. If you want, you can add additions to the frosting, like vanilla flavoring or cream cheese, nuts or other flavors to enhance the frosting taste.


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Outlet Troubleshooting?
Call an electrician to troubleshoot the problem checking the electrical system in your home.


Paper cups for muffins or cupcakes on top of glass jars.

Paper Muffin Cases as Jar Covers
Muffins papers can be used on top of drinking glasses in the summer to keep insects out of the drink. Cut a small hole in middle of upside down muffin paper to hold a straw. Place upside down muffin paper on top of glass and enjoy your beverage.


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Snack Stand as Kids Money Maker
Decorate the bags if snacks with tag board labels which are stapled over the top of the bag. The label should have the name of the snack, from the snack booth of:.........................!.. (use a name)...Make small tagboard signs to put on small easels to...


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Stabilizing a Tea Light in a Blown Glass Holder?
Use a piece of crumpled aluminum foil to stabilize the tea light.


Uses For Colored Aluminum Foil - gold colored aluminum foil

Uses For Colored Aluminium Foil?
The colored aluminum foil could be used for wrapping home made bake goods for special occasions such a birthdays, visits to an elderly person, church activities. A cardboard pizza round could be covered with the foil to hold a cake or pie to take to a function...


Blessings Jar for the New Year - plastic jar filled with colorful paper slips

Blessings Jar for the New Year
This idea could be used in a church setting especially with children; the children would come into their Sunday school class and write down a blessing and placing it in the decorative jar. After collecting the Jar full of blessings from the children, a bulletin...


Laminated pieces of paper that need to have permanent marker removed from them.

Erasing Permanent Marker from Laminated Paper
Im a retired educational assistant and worked in kindergarten for many years, I had laminated items such as this and they were very useful to me and the students and I used hand sanitizer to erase the laminated sheets. I have also used the finger nail polish...


New Year Celebration Adult Coloring Page - design is two flute glasses, streamers, confetti and the words Happy New Year

New Year Celebration Adult Coloring Page
The adult coloring pages are an excellent way for adults to relax and enjoy the creativity of these pages. A person could make several copies of this coloring page have it available with coloring pencils or crayons at a party or any event. Inexpensive frames...


Shop Thrift Stores in January

Shop Thrift Stores in January
I totally agree..January is thrift store shopping spree month..I received a new set of dishes for Christmas, therefore I filled a box of my old dishes, cups and saucers. I gave them to a thrift store. Also, thrift stores have name brand items in their stores...


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Daycare Name Ideas?
Sissys kiddie care center


Paper Cup Gift Box - closed with a bow on top

Paper Cup Gift Box
I made Christmas cracker gift boxes to hold a money gift. I used empty toilet tissue rolls and folded down the opening. After insertion of the money into the toilet tissue roll, Iraq the package and tissue paper and then Twisted each end and put ribbon on each...


Veggie Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Veggies
I make my veggie tree by covering a Styrofoam cone with curly kale, arranging vegetables by size to form a Christmas tree with a slice of star fruit as the topper. I placed it on a Christmas platter filled with salt to resemble snow, put a ceramic snowman and...


Veggie Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Veggies
I also make a sliced apple tree using a styrofoam cone covered in curly kale. I slice the apples and soak them in lemon juice water to keep from browning, the apple slices are arranged on the styrafoam tree and then placed on a serving tray and serve with a...


Veggie Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Veggies
Please remind your guests that the items on the veggie tray or whatever type tree that you make for your party and that the guests are aware that there are toothpicks that attach the food to the styrofoam cone and to be cautious especially with children who...


folded melt on plate with salsa

Flatbread Hummus and Cheese Melts
I would use large to make this recipe and then cut them into triangles and use them as an appetizer, serving them with the salsa, extra cheese, avocado slices, sour cream, and other condiments that would add to this recipe


Veggie Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Veggies
Also make a donut hole Christmas tree with a styrofoam cone, I Repticon in parchment paper and then I touch mini powdered Donuts on the bottom up the cone and then work my way up the cone with different flavors of donut holes they are attached with toothpicks...


A pill keeper full of Vaseline

Vaseline for Cuticle Care in Winter
I use petroleum jelly to rub on my feet at night and wear socks to bed to insure smooth feet. It aids in the smoothing out dryness on my heels which cracker during winter months.


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Gift Idea for Someone on Medicare
Excellent idea...prescription drugs are expensive for everyone and for those persons on fixed income, it is difficult to manage the purchase of prescriptions and other expenses. This gift idea is a gift of compassion and meeting a need in ones life that holds...


A vase with a plastic bag used to support the flowers.

Perfectly Placed Flowers in a Vase
Decorative marbles from the Dollar Tree can be placed in a vase to hold flowerrs. You could also use dry beans, popcorn kernel with artificial flowers to stabilize in a vase.


A vase with a plastic bag used to support the flowers.

Perfectly Placed Flowers in a Vase
Using dried beans, coffee beans, marbles, etc would be used for artificial flowers only.


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Revive Leftover Christmas Cookies
These cookies could also be put in a food processor and processed enough to use as toppings for ice cream or sprinkle over whipped cream on top of a dessert. IAcrumble could be made also for a cobbler with you processed cookies


Poinsettia tree created using red and cream flowers in pots.

Poinsettia Tree
The poinsettia tree is exquisite it is very detailed and very symmetrical which causes it to be so beautiful. I received one point sedia several years ago at Christmas and during the course of the year I trained it to be a tree, it grew to be 6 feet tall and...


A present wrapped in comics from the paper.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips
I use brown lunch bags for wrapping baked goods, jars of homemade jelly and small gifts. To decorate the bag, I use glitter stickers. To close the bag, I fold the top of the bag over as if it were a packed lunch, I cover the top with a paper doily and staple...


fall colors through fog along lake shore

Fall Color Peeks Through the Morning Fog
The coloration of the leaves peeking through the misty fog brings mystery as the fog burns off, it reveals the boldness of the brilliance of the leaves sparkling from the fog mist.


Driftwood Christmas Tree - finished tree

Driftwood Christmas Tree
The beauty of nature captured at Christmas time by the wood that you used to construct your Christmas tree, it speaks for itself it needs no ornaments.


Two rolls of Christmas lights on paper tubes.

The Best Way to Store Christmas Tree Lights
A top of a box that is cut to size can be used to wrap Christmas lights around and then you hang them on a skirt hanger. A label or handwritten note to be put on the light box holder describing where those sets of lights are installed at Christmas time. Also...


Two rolls of Christmas lights on paper tubes.

The Best Way to Store Christmas Tree Lights
Totally agree if you find the method that works for you your decorating scheme just stick with it. Its always good to read other peoples tips and opinion


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Making a Wooden Peach Cut Out Look Realistic?
You might check with your local paint Store or a interior decorator for tips on texturing in painting or faux finishes that would resemble the velvet feel if a peach.


Decorative Top Hat

Decorative Top Hat Table Decorations
I would suggest that purchase a piece of brown craft foam which you can buy in circle foam to make the bottom of the top hat, then make a hatband from black ribbon, then add the embellishments for decorations. You could use a craft feather inserted in the black...


Decorative Top Hat

Decorative Top Hat Table Decorations
I would suggest that purchase a piece of brown craft foam which you can buy in circle foam to make the bottom of the top hat, then make a hatband from black ribbon, then add the embellishments for decorations. You could use a craft feather inserted in the black...


Jars of lemon curd, ready for an auction.

Lemon Curd for Christmas Auction
5 egg yolks, strained 3/4 cup sugar Dash of salt 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoons lemon zest 1/4 cup unsalted butter, cut in cubes. Mix all the ingredients together in a double boiler with the exception of the butter. Stir constantly until you can run...


An adult coloring page of tree branches with a heart shaped ornament and a globe with Santa's image.

Christmas Joy Adult Coloring Page
A beautiful reflection of holiday spirit and a memory for someone who might have sat in their favorite chair or at their kitchen table with their coloring page, colored pencils and a favorite steamy beverage. The coloring page could be framed and used as a...


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