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Hard Boiled Eggs
If you add eggs to boiling water you will have many that will crack due to the quick change in temp. I actually tried this method on both cold and room temp eggs and I had a lot of them crack open.


A whole turkey that has been cut in half.

Take that Free Turkey or Ham
What a great idea! I never thought of this but this is brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing this tip. My oven is broken and I plan to do a small ham in my crockpot for Thanksgiving. I have not shopped for my Thanksgiving dinner yet and always spend enough...


Cheesy Omelette Taco on plate

Cheesy Omelette Taco
This is basically a chaffle which is all the rage on YouTube right now with Keto dieters. There are even Facebook pages devoted to Chaffle recipes. Just type the word chaffle in YouTube search or Facebook search and you will find a ton of videos with different...


Pretzel Rolo Turtles (Gluten Free)

Pretzel Rolo Turtles (Gluten Free)
I make these every Christmas for my family and I love them! So easy to make and very little ingredients. I have also made them with the Hersheys Kisses in the white chocolate strip and Reeses mini cups. With the white chocolate kisses I top them with an M&M...


A coffee brewing station at home.

Budget Friendly Coffee Shop Flavors
Hmm, not sure about the Dollar Tree coffee since most of everything in Dollar Tree stores come from China or other countries where there are a lot of chemicals in them too. Your flavorings look like commercial creamers which are laden with very bad chemicals...


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Recipe for Hamburger Relish?
This is by far the best recipe for this relish! I make this during the summer months to use on our BBQ hamburgers. It is the best recipe I have found yet!


Hiding Jewelry Behind Artwork

Hiding Jewelry Behind Artwork
This is genius! I never would have thought of doing this. Great idea!!!!


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Fixing a Homemade Cake That Is Too Sweet?
Dependent on what flavor of cake you have baked, if it is a white or yellow cake you can slice it up and place the slices under a broiler for a few minutes to lightly toast the slices and top with fresh berries and a dollop of light whipped cream, or even a...


Online television streaming service on a laptop computer.

Rotate Through Streaming Services
I have Roku built in my television and a huge amount of free no fee streaming is available including many channels which specialize in a certain genre of movies or TV shows. I did add Netflix and Hulu just because I have a few shows I watch on them. I pay only...


Morning Chia Detox Drink in glass

Morning Chia Detox Drink
Please be careful when adding Chia Seeds to drinks! Chia Seeds can bulk up to double in size and actually people have put them in drinks and they were choked due to the Chia Seeds had not been allowed to set and absorb the liquid. I would let this drink set...


A bottle of mustard from the Dollar Store.

Dollar Store for Food Items
Food items just like other items in the Dollar Tree can be tempting, however make sure it is something that is made and packaged in the US. I have heard of people getting sick from items they purchased at the Dollar Tree because it was a product of another...


Cutting Canned Corned Beef

Cutting Canned Corned Beef
Do you have a recipe which you use this canned corned beef?


Becoming More DIY

Becoming More DIY
You will love the recipes and I think you may find you will never purchase those cream of something soups again. The books are a great resource for many other things you can make for a fraction of the cost of the ready made products from the grocery store. It...


Becoming More DIY

Becoming More DIY
You are so welcome! I hope you will find them not only more economical, but great tasting too! I appreciate you comments!


Becoming More DIY

Becoming More DIY
These recipes are amazing and actually taste better than the canned versions. The books are soft cover larger books and I have seen many of them in our local thrift stores here in my area so you should not have too much trouble finding them. There are several...


Becoming More DIY

Becoming More DIY
Hi Lonnie! Out here in the west they are called Grocery Outlets. I would do a search for that name on google and even if they dont have them in your area, you should come up with a few options. They are pretty common to find. I put my soup mixes in those big...


Make Rice with Half the Calories

Make Rice with Half the Calories
I always cook double and sometimes triple amounts of rice and freeze it for later use in zip lock freezer bags. It saves so much time on weeknights when I come home from work and want to get a quick dinner on the table. I get it out of the freezer in the morning...


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Paper Towel as Coffee Filter Substitute
I have done this in the past too and was told that paper towels are treated with chemical absorbents so they will pick up and absorb liquids better and these chemicals are highly toxic to humans. So even though they do work great in a pinch, really not something...


finished dish

Hula Quesadillas
I make something similar, however I add thin sliced ham or Canadian bacon to mine. Adding the meat seems to cut down on the sweet part of the recipe of the pineapple.


House Plants

Watering Plants While on Vacation
This would work for ferns and some plants but depending on what climate you live in this is not good for some plants as they develop mold and it can cause root rot in some.


Coupons for saving at the Goodwill

Extra Savings At Goodwill And Craft...
I hope this works for you because when I tried this with my Granddaughter and she took the second printed coupon in, Hobby Lobby would not accept it because I had used the same coupon which has a coupon code on it exactly the same. This does not work. The only...


Chia seeds soaking in juice

Add Chia Seeds to Drinks
Caution: this can be risky if you have too many chia seeds verses liquid and the seeds can get stuck in your throat causing choking. I would advise and use caution when giving this type of drink to children or elderly folks since they sometime they are easily...


Washing not Spinning

Washer Will Not Spin?
This sounds like there may be a belt broken. You can purchase a new belt from either the manufacturer or even sometimes local repair and parts places have them in stock. They are fairly easy to replace yourself.


Interiors Shop

Name Ideas for On-line Interiors Shop?
First I want to know the address of your shop!!! My kind of products! Definitely something French like. Such as magasin dantiquités which is French for Antique Shop. Pick a name in English you like and just translate it to French.


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Save Containers for Leftovers
I love what you are doing and my hat is off to you for your kindness. However I do want to bring up one item that a lot of people do not think of. Packing the food in those containers is thrifty and I even do it. However no one should ever heat the meal while...


A bird getting birdseed from a snowy surface.

Bird Seed to Prevent Slipping on Ice
What a great idea! And not only providing slip protection you are giving back to nature by feeding the birds who have little to eat in the cold winter months! Thank you for sharing!!!!


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Butterfinger Cappuccino Recipe?
I too love Butterfinger Cappuccino so I improvised and made up my own recipe for this. I use a dry mix recipe such as the ones listed here. I put the dry mix in my blender along with two to three full size butterfinger candy bars broken into pieces (I like...


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Buy Dry Staples in Bulk
While I understand your buying for your family, filling a half gallon mason jar is not what most people consider bulk buying. When I buy dried beans I fill a 5 gallon bucket! I realize many people do not have storage for bulk buying but you would be surprised...


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Add Sugar To Bread Stuffing
I have never thought of adding sugar to my stuffing but I bet it does enhance the flavor! I am going to try that in my stuffing for Thanksgiving tomorrow! Great tip! I use sugar in my spaghetti sauce and my red pasta sauces all the time to tone down the tomato...


painted countertops 1

Painting Formica Countertops
I would love a tutorial on this! I have been wanting to do this to my kitchen and bath, but to afraid it would peel and make things look much worse. I would love to have a step by step on this too as many others have requested. Do you have a blog which you...


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Buy Now Pay Later at
If more than one person posts a negative feedback on Fingerhut, then buyer beware because it is all true! I too decided to use Fingerhut for an item and ended up paying more than double of what I could have purchased it for if I had just saved my money and...


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Make Gravy from Canned Soup
Also really good is use Cream of Mushroom soup and add about a half a cup per can of sour cream to it. Makes a very rich cream gravy which is awesome over both meat and potatoes.


A cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream and a candy cane.

Help Out Your Grocery List
Chelle152, First off I am so sorry you had to endure going hungry in a country where this should never be the case for anyone! Your advice is very good and I too have been in this position where funds were limited and also no oven. Thank you for sharing you...


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Recipes for Hot Sausages?
Most sausage recipes use more hot pepper flakes in a spicy version of sausage. Sage is one of the ingredients, however using more will only make the sausage have a bit more robust flavor, not really adding any spice flavor to it.


Wooden bee hive

Buy Honey Locally And Other Tips
Great information, thank you for sharing!


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Mix Taco Seasoning With Sour Cream
This is a great sauce for shrimp or fish tacos too! This is one of the layers in a Mexican 7 layer dip and it is also yummy!


When Are You Being Too Frugal?

When Are You Being Too Frugal?
I have seen many frugal posts here on TF which to me goes way too far on being frugal! I think as in anything, you need to find a balance in what you reuse and keep. Dryer sheets: I dont even use them anymore due to the chemicals they contain! I use flannel...


A mouse getting through a hole in a wall.

Peppermint Oil for Mice Control
Other than your house smells like a peppermint stick, this method DOES NOT WORK! I have tried this idea several times and I have not noticed one bit of difference and to be honest I think they got worse. The sweet smell seems to attracted them!


Cranberry Sauce

Think Outside the Bird: Ideas for Cranberry...
I have a quick and easy Cranberry Chicken recipe my family loves: 1 can jellied cranberry sauce or 1 can whole cranberry sauce 1 bottle of Russian, French, or Catalina Dressing 1/2 tsp. granulated garlic 1 chicken, cut in pieces Mix together the cranberry sauce...


Canning Jar for Blending

Canning Jars for Blending
I have a Ninja blender that came with two reusable plastic individual tumblers for things such as smoothies, etc. One of the tumblers ended up getting broken. I have to try this idea! I hope this will work on my Ninja! I am trying to eliminate as much plastic...


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Crunchy Chicken Legs
My first reaction to this recipe was Yuck. But my son encouraged me to try it and it was delish! Captain Crunch Chicken: 2 cups Captain Crunch cereal 1 1/2 cup corn flakes 1 egg 1 cup milk 1 cup all purpose flour 1 teaspoon onion powder 1 teaspoon garlic powder...


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Use Vaseline for Young Looking Skin
I understand everyone wants to ward off wrinkles as much as possible, however please keep in mind that Vasaline Petroleum Jelly has that name for a reason... it is from a petroleum base. Not safe to use on your skin! For those who claim to use this product...


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German Sausage Dish
My family has never been big sauerkraut fans. So when a recipe calls for sauerkraut, I substitute shredded green cabbage for the sauerkraut. I have used this recipe in various forms for years and put it in a crockpot and it is awesome in the fall and winter...


Recycled Dinners as Easy as 1-2-3
Very good article. I have been doing this for years not only to save money but also to avoid waste! I always try to get at least two meals from one cooking session. The leftover grilled hamburger can be chopped and crumbled to make great sloppy joes and the...


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Linguica Cheese Quesadillas?
I have made Linguisa and cheese quesadillas. Slice Linguisa thin and brown in a frying pan. Drain and set aside on a paper towel to drain off more of the fat. Spray another fry pan with thin coat of cooking spray, place tortilla in bottom then layer mozzarella...


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Jiffy Potato-Onion Puffs
If you use real butter and evaporated milk when making instant mashed potatoes you will find they are going to taste more like fresh.


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Knorr Box Country Chicken Recipe?
this link did not work. However I found a site that did: Aunt Bees Recipes -


baskets of potatoes

Freezing Potatoes
Freezing fried foods can be dangerous from what I have been told. The oil or grease can turn rancid and make you sick. Mashed potatoes can be safely frozen as long as they are sealed in an airtight container.



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