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Whole uncooked Chicken  in the Instant Pot

Whole Chicken (Instant Pot)
That looks disgusting


Two tubes of toothpaste with names marked on them.

Label Each Person's Toothpaste
Use those extra coffee mugs or jars for this (unless I have little kids). If U have kids use one of the countless plastic cups they get with kids meals or even a tin can. They could make their own fun label too


A plastic lid being used as a small spoon rest for coffee.

Spoon Rest To Keep Counters Clean
I use chopsticks as coffee stirrers. I have some plastic ones I was and use over and over but even wood ones from takeout would work


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Marking Clothes for Camp
Great idea. All navy hoodies look the same


Use a Plastic Plate Instead of Flower Pot Saucers - potted plant sitting on a blue plastic plate

Use a Plastic Plate Instead of Flower Pot Saucers
Frisbees are excellent plant saucers. I often get them with advertising on them. They are just deep enough to contain any drips , last forever and are free ,


Reduce Laundry by Reducing Clothes

Reduce Laundry by Reducing Clothes
Goodwill etc sell ubsaleable clothing in bales as rags so even donating clothing not wearable is a useful donation


Teacup Candles - closeup of a teacup candle

Teacup Candles
Pieces of old crayons can be melted into the wax to color it-no need to buy a kit for coloring candles!


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Painting T-Shirts?
Buy fabric medium to add to acrylic paint  to make it permanent


A banana peel removed from the fruit.

Uses for Banana Peels
Stag horn ferns love these. Tuck them in the back shield fronds where they decompose and feed the fern


The mountain town of Hot Springs, NC

Inner Roadblocks to Financial Wellbeing
What point are u making or Whatever are u trying to say?



A wedding cake decorated in yellow and blue flowers.

Our Frugal Sustainable Wedding
Could u have rented dishes and flatware? Not sure how expensive that would be however


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Fitted Twin Sheet as Party Tablecloth
Provide fabric msrkers or sharpies so guests can draw or write a birthday message. Use the same sheet every year!


A box of watermelon for sale with an arrow marking the one that was chosen.

Choosing Great Watermelon
I buy produce at a local market and usually have them cut it in half so I can see the inside. Pale pink vs red and sometimes a mushy appearance are no-go s and I have them cut Another one


Crayon Frame - crayon frame decorated with flowers and a butterfly design

Melted Crayon Frame
SOOOOO dangerous. Paraffin in crayons can catch on fire quickly


A jar of coins spilling out on a white background.

Cashing In Pocket Change
In Walmart as well as some grocery chains if u use coin star and get a voucher from the machine u can use it as cash (no service fee)at the register


A small dog asleep on the floor.

Being Frugal Around My Home
Im sure u love ur dogs but it doesnt look like what u r feeding them is at all a healthy diet. What will u do when they get sick from malnutrition?


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Caring for a 4 Week Old Puppy?
This puppy is way too young to be away from mom. No sooner than 8 weeks is preferred. This pup needs to be on a canine milk replacer formula from vet or pet store. Baby will not get adequate nutrition from what you are feeding. No RAW food Also suggest to backyard...


New Baby Frame - finished frame

New Baby Frame
Even without the crochet booties this would be adorable I would use buttons from my stash


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?
What do other kids do at parties? Even if their activities are out of your price range perhaps you can modify. Or how about asking every friend to plan 1 activity for the party that they think everyone would enjoy. Let them plan and execute it. You do need...


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Thread Breaks When Sewing a Zig Zag Stitch?
Using old thread could be 1 problem, or you may need to change the needle. Needles get dull and threads will break


A bedsheet that is slightly too large for the bed.

Test New Sheets Before Washing
I ALWAYS return things,including food, if it doesnt perform or fit, or last as long as it should. If I buy full sheets and they dont fit my full bed they go back, if I buy something that falls apart after washing or normal use it goes back. If food goes bad...


Heineken beer bottles that have been marked down.

Saving on Alcohol
how about BYOB?



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Removing a Willow Tree?
Pls do not use herbicides. Most herbicides are responsible for bee colony collapse. We need bees as pollinators and they are dying off because of herbicide use


Containers of sorted coins.

Don't Be Shy Using Coins and Coupons
Some banks and credit unions that are free for their customers. Also some stores have coin stars that are free if you use the coin star money/voucher in that store. Read the signage on the machine. My Walmart does this


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Keeping a Puppy Outside?
A 7 week puppy shouldnt even be separated from its mom. Why have a dog if you cant care for and protect it properly


A bottle of homemade Miracle Orange Oil Cleaner.

Homemade Miracle Orange Oil Cleaner
I always have lemon peels. Will try this with them


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Curtain and Accessory Color Advice?
Dark blue curtains will block a lot of light. And How about adding a pop of color like a bright yellow or green or a deep corAl. Maybe pick a color out of a piece of art?


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Child Support and Social Security Benefits?
Did I read right that u just found out who your sons father is? You didnt know until now? How do u know definitively that this person was your sons father? All questions you will be asked by SS


Watering Hanging Baskets - hanging basket and plastic tub

Watering Hanging Baskets
Taking down or moving heavy baskets is a pain. I freeze water, sometimes with water soluble plant food, in empty water bottles, then invert the frozen bottles into the baskets right where they are. The ice melts slowly, soaking the soil and I dont have to lift...


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Cross Stitch or Needlepoint Pattern for Stetson University?
If you havent been able to find a kit it is not hard to transfer an image to your canvas. Id be glad to explain it to you. Is it possible to communicate directly?


Plant Your Tomato in a Recycled Washing Machine Tub - planted closeup

Plant Your Tomato in a Recycled Washing Machine Tub
This is very ugly and looks like the junk it is. Just because you can doesnt mean you should.


Identifying a Houseplant

Identifying a Houseplant?
cyclamen I think


DIY Temporary Ombre Hair - finished hair

DIY Temporary Ombre Hair
Maybe kid-safe pastels? Doesnt this get all over pillowcase?



Plastic Bottle for Rehydrating Indoor Plants

Plastic Bottle for Rehydrating Indoor Plants
I freeze water bottles with water, and sometimes liquid fertilizer, then remove the caps, invert in a plant and as the ice melts the water trickles into my plants rather than running out the drain hole.


Brownie Brittle

Brownie Brittle
This didnt even come close to crisp even baked longer. Chewy but not crisp at all


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Making a Wall Calendar?
What a waste of time dozens at dollar store


Bone China Candle Cups - finished tea cup candle

Bone China Candle Cups
Wax has a low flash point and can catch on fire Melt in double boiler or set can with wax into a shallower pan with a few inches on a low flame. Or in micro or in can set inside electric skillet or on wax melt warmer as suggested. If on stove or micro stay...


Homemade Panko Breadcrumbs

Homemade Panko Breadcrumbs
I always make own panko-style crumbs. I put fresh or slightly stale bread in food processor, then spread those crumbs on baking sheet and in the oven at about 200 degrees or so. I let it dry about an hr or so, stirring occassionally


Flora Or Fauna In My Garden - personal sized watermelons

Flora Or Fauna In My Garden
Really people? Are u meaning sexual orientation? Persuasion? Persuasion indicates that someones thoughts or ideas have been changed or influenced That has absolutely NOTHING to do with sexual orientation so lets grow up and use adult words and say what you...


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Bleaching Dye Out of a 100% Viscose Romper?
Extremely unlikely. Likely to wind up with a blotchy mess


Items in a home prepared for an indoor yard sale.

Planning an Indoor Yard Sale
I hope you realize that getting a dog is about more than just getting-dogs are expensive and to be a good pet parent you need to be able to afford day to day expenses, grooming and vet care. If you choose to adopt a dog be sure you can afford planned and unplanned...


A blister on a dog's skin.

Blister on Dog's Skin?
Pls tell the groomer about this. Our dog had such a cyst and the groomer nicked it, it got infected and she needed surgery


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Living Room and Entry Paint Color Advice?
Is there any COLOR in the room.seems very neutral to me!


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Getting Rid of Snakes Without Poison?
Unless the snakes are poisonous pls let them be. Snakes are an important part of the ecosystem. Some eat rodents and even baby rattlers. Find out what snakes live in your area and it is pretty easy to identify them


A candle to deter flies at a table.

Get Rid of House Flies with a Candle
When i serve food outdoors i toss a length of netting (cheap at a fabric store) over all the food. Easy for guests to see thru and they can flip it up to serve rhemselves. Toss it in the washer and use it again


What Is This Houseplant? - plant with dark green leaves in a standing planter

What Is This Houseplant?
Called a ZZ plant. Very hardy


What Is This Houseplant? - plant with dark green leaves in a standing planter

What Is This Houseplant?
Oops, Just saw the dropped leaf. It is a fiddleleaf fig. Used distilled water on it-leaf tips burn easily


Coupons and samples from writing companies.

Compliment Companies to Receive Coupons and Perks
A number of years ago a pet product company flew my dog and me from CA to NJ to make a tv commercial as a result of such a letter!


A cellphone in a car, being held by a rubber band.

Rubber Band as Car Cellphone Holder
A hair elastic would be more invisible and probably last longer than a that said, genius idea!


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Removing Grease from Laminate Tabletop?
Have u tried simple green or Krudcutter which I can get home depot


A purse attached to a shopping cart with the child straps.

Safe Purse While Shopping
This wont stop a thief but sure will slow them down. Keep an eye out anyway!


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Frigidaire Ice Maker Leaking Water?
I just had a huge water damage is due to icemaker leak. Around 50k worth of house damage. Keep an eye on it and be sure to get it fixed ASAP


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Slowing Down Morning Glory Infestation
Every time I see any post calling for Dawn I wonder if a less expensive dish soap would work are well?


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Slowing Down Morning Glory Infestation
Please no ROUNDUP. Roundup is a big cause of new colony collapse. We need bees as pollinators and bee populations are in serious danger


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Stopping Nail Biting Habit?
Plain rubbing alcohol tastes terrible, is cheap and should help. You can even get alcohol swabs, the kind used by people injecting insulin to wipe of nails after you wash ur hands


Dog Toy from Old Dish Towels  - dog pulling on towel toy

Dog Toy from Old Dish Towels
Denim strips from old jeans work really well


A sensor tag on a newly purchased clothing item.

Double Check Sensor Tags Before Leaving Stores
When I went on a cruise, I found a sensor that had been left on the hem of my cocktail dress! I made a hole in the dress to remove it and when I returned home, I returned the dress to the store


A car key and remote on a bedside table.

Leave Car Keys on Bedside Table
Quite a long time before car alarms I was awakened by an intruder in my home. Because I am a teacher i carried a whistle on my key ring which I grabbed and started making lots of noise. Scared the intruder who ran off and awoke neighbors who ran in.


A piece of embroidery thread being inserted into a knot.

Using Thread to Untie Knots
For necklaces, put knotted chain on a plate and one drop of cooking oil. Use 2 pins to tease the knot apart. Oil makes it really easy.


pudding on top of bananas and wafers in containers

Banana Pudding Wafer Surprise
Instant pudding mix will NOT thicken if made with soy milk.


Gardening By Trial And Error - canary grass

Gardening By Trial And Error
Think about what u plant and avoid non-native invasive plants. I live in southern ca and pampas grass is invasive and hard to control


Wear Gardening Gloves For The Unexpected - pampas grass

Wear Gardening Gloves For The Unexpected
Pampas grass is an extremely invasive plant, non-native in CA and a real nightmare to get rid of. It will choke out anything in the area. Not sure about how it grows in other regions but PLEASE do not cultivate it in CA.


A fast food receipt from Subway

Double Check Restaurant Receipts
In dine in restaurants I find errors at least 10% if the time. Sometimes these are significant. Always check


Chicken salad sandwich on plate

Chicken Salad Sandwiches
I use part greek yogurt in the dressing, sometimes part salad dressing like ranch or a creamy caesar. Yogurt reduces the fat from mayo and switches up flavor now and then


Donate Food Thoughtfully - Tuna Helper and other items

Donate Food Thoughtfully
What about hotel type toiletries? Have tons of these


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Childcare Name Ideas?
Love learning lollipops laugh live lively


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Container for Disposing of Kitchen Grease and Oil?
coffee cans, ice cream cartons (line w a plastic bag if necessary, milk cartons, (cut off the top w a sharp knife.


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Removing Cigarette Smoke Smell from House?
The long-term solution might be to call in professionals.. Too important to mickey-mouse it.


Help With Identifying This Plant?
I think this is a variety of wandering jew, tradescantia


Baking Pan Chalkboard

Baking Pan Chalkboard
If u use tin pans rather than aluminum u can also use as a magnet board


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17th Birthday Party Ideas?
How about attending a live play of some sort, maybe a musical, at a local venue like community theatre? These are often inexpensive, but your friends need to commit to attending as u will have to buy their tix all at once and tix are usually non-refundable...


The finished chicken rice gift bowl.

Chicken-Rice Gift Bowls
One persons trash is still trash. Why go to the trouble...


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Finding a Quilt Maker?
maybe a facebook group?


A marked roll of tape, ready for next time.

Paper Clip Tape Marker
My tape gun end continually gets messed up, this will help and I could even use a nail when I am at workbench


Organizing Plastic Bags

Organizing Plastic Bags
Folding them? Really? What a waste of time? Stuff them into a tissue box or put them into bottom of wastebaskets so u have them at hand when u pull out and discard the one u gave filled w trash.


Giant Pom Pom Monster

Giant Pom Pom Monster
Not suitable or safe for under 5 s. Eyes,chenille and stray threads can come off and be a choking hazard


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Changing the Color of Beige Drapes?
Dont think this can be done, sorry


glass yard decoration

Gluing Glass to Glass?
Use E6000, available pretty much everywhere. Get the clear kind as it does also come in black or white. I have used this to glue glass to glass, ceramic to ceramic, it works easily, cleanly and permanently. Let dry overnite to be on safe side.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?
Trampoline place or laser tag or go carts-all of these are in N County, S.D. and probably all over the county. What about a paint-your-own ceramics party. Likely you can bring own snacks and cake to latter.


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Reusing Coffee Grounds for Gardening?
any acid-loving plant will love coffee grounds-hydrangea, roses, citrus, begonia-google acid-loving plants. Starbucks will even give you their used coffee grounds for your garden


woman wearing the necklace

Magazine Swirl Necklace
Does this really stay together including the jump rings?


Paper Plates as Microwave Helper

Paper Plates as Microwave Helper
On top of bowl is a splatter guard as well


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Donating Craft Supplies?
A school or Sunday School would love to have these. Teachers spend many of their own dollars to buy craft and educational supplies from their own pockets so any donation helps. Yould be amazed how resourceful teachers can be to use any odd thing.


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Inexpensive Party Table for 4th Birthday?
Oh course you can! Make your own cake, easy with a mix. Color frosting to match theme, ie red and blue if her has a spiderman interest. A few generic colored napkins and solid plates, etc. Serve an easy and inexpensive home-made punch-a mix of sherbet and 7...


WWI Spice Cake

WWI Spice Cake
My mom used to make a sauerkraut choc cake. Anyone have recipe?


room wth beams on ceiling

Painting a Bedroom Red?
I think this will feel like you are in the stomach of a wild animal!


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Cleaning Bathroom Grout?
Scrub as much as you can with a stiff brush and spray on KABOOM with BLEACH. Walk away and just let it dry. May have to repeat this a couple of times


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Container for Liquid Coffee Creamer?
You could use a picnic style ketchup or mustard bottle(sold as a set in dollar stores) or place the bottle on a lid from a cottage cheese container.


Garden Sphere Out Of Hanging Baskets

Garden Sphere Out Of Hanging Baskets
I LOVE this idea, 99cent store has these hanging baskets


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Removing Permanent Marker from Backpack?
Usually, Permanent means permanent. Can you draw or paint or sew on a patch over it?


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Feeding 35 People at Party Inexpensively?
This is FAMILY. Ask them to help!


button hair tie in hair

Button Hair Ties
It might be hard to find button w large enough shank. I think any button would work esp one with 4 holes would work if really strong thread was used and stitched over the elastic many times and tied off tightly


button hair tie in hair

Button Hair Ties
It might be hard to find button w large enough shank. I think any button would work esp one with 4 holes would work if really strong thread was used and stitched over the elastic many times and tied off tightly


Homemade Cinnamon Rolls in One Hour

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls in One Hour
Can I use this recipe to make rolls or r loaf if bread


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Is This an Abusive Relationship?
My biggest and most immediate concern here is what the second-hand pot smoke could do to your unborn child. Ask your doctor ASAP!


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Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss?
There is a website called which is a support group/info site for gastric /bariatric surgery patients. It was enormously helpful for me. Also ask your bariatric surgeons office for any groups tht might be around. Is there a way I can send you...


Marking the Dial on a Toaster

Marking the Dial on a Toaster
I also use nail polish to mark the top of plug on every electric thing. Not a critical need but makes it easier to grab a plug right-side-up.


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Controlling Body Odor?
Definitely start with your doctor


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Planning a 60th Birthday Party?
If your guests all will drink alcohol how about pouring margaritas from the teapot. No one will expect that!


Room Color Scheme Ideas

Kitchen and Living Room Color Scheme...
warm yellow/gold or melon


plant with brown tips on leaves

What Is This Houseplant?
I dont know what this is but try watering with distilled water and only water when it is dry to touch about 1 inch into soil


kitchen sink

How To Control Ants In Your Kitchen
Vinegar works really well, too.


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Using Selective Weed Killers
We are in the midst of a severe drought and the really eco-conscious are taking out their grass longs and putting in drought resistent,low water plants.


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Save $5 a Week for College
When your child is out of diapers, stash the money you would have spent on diapers every week or month into college fund!


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Ideas for "Old Timey" Themed Birthday Party?
Patchwork type cake would be adorable, or maybe let the kids each decorate a sort of rectangle cupcake(or round would be OK) and place them all together on a platter for a patchwork effect for the pics-then eat either their own or maybe draw names and each...


Assign Each Family Member a Wrapping Paper

Assign Each Family Member a Wrapping...
Joke,right? However, not funny


Storing Hangers in the Laundry Room

Storing Hangers in the Laundry Room
I have a shower curtain rod stuck between the 2 doors leading into laundry room-I hang empty hangers or hang-dry wet things.


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Dollar Store Placemats as Drawer Liners
I use these placemats on the shelves in the fridge. If there is a small spill or something sticky I just pull out the placemat, clean it and replace it. Saves having to pull out the shelf to clean/


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Storing Silk Flowers?
Silk flowers wont be damaged by heat, but if in the sun can fade.


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Birthday Party Food for 100+ People?
Blow up balloons with just plain air, not helium. Tie with a curly ribbon like you would get if you bought helium balloons. Make a loop of tape or use 2-sided tape and tape these balloons onto the ceiling with ribbons hanging down.. Can do ahead and looks as...


Healthy Chicken Dinner Foil Packets

Healthy Chicken Dinner Foil Packets
Sounds delicious but I dont think I want to keep raw chicken, cut up especially, in fridge for a week.


different sized bag footballs

Storing Plastic Bags Using Football Fold
Lifes too short to spend time folding trash bags!


finished scarf on girl

Braided Beauty Scarf
Whenever I am braiding a craft I use a clip board to hold the top. Makes it easier to have get a clean, even braid.


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