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Remedies for Worms

Today I noticed my dog has worms. I don't get paid for 2 weeks. Is there a home remedy I can try til I get paid?

By Patty from Lebanon, MO


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Hello Patty,
I have worked for a Veterinarian for over 27 years. No, there is not a home remedy for any type of worm that your dog might have. When you get paid, please take a stool sample to your Vet's office and they can tell you which type of worm your dog has and they will dispense medication to treat it. Good luck, Sher & Tucker

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Best and natural is food grade diatomaceous earth. It is for intestinal worms.

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I have two dogs (inside pets) that need worming. Are there some home remedies that will help me since funds are short? Thanks for any advice.

By Nelwyn from Bunkie, LA


Remedies for Worms

Thankfully, it's very cheap to buy worming medication, only about $6 at most vets and the vet does not need to see your pet (if they say they do, go to another vet!). I recently bought a large bottle of worming medication for $12, but I lost it, so I went back and bought a second smaller bottle at a different vet and it only cost me $6.

There is no effective "natural" worming medication for pets besides the stuff you buy at the vet and you can't beat the price! You use 1 cc per pound of weight, so this is how you know how much to buy and usually they recommend the pet be wormed again in 2 weeks (just to make sure all the worms are out).


I am talking about round worms and pin worms, etc, NOT tape worms. Tape-worms require a different wormer. But if you use the flea medication "Revolution", it also kills tape-worms, not just the fleas! You will know if your pet has tape-worms because they will have little white things stuck under their tail that look like dried grains of rice. With the round worms, you will sometimes see them in their poop, or when they are really bad, they will throw them up and you will have a nasty mess of wiggling worms to clean up. (This happened to my daughter's pet.)

Also, the way the worming medication works is very safe (I did some research). What happens is the wormer paralyzes the worms and they lose hold of the intestines (or stomach with tape-worms), but because the pets intestines don't absorb the wormer, it comes out with hardly any of it going in to the dogs' or cats' system. (05/04/2010)


By Cyinda

Remedies for Worms

Panacur (fenbendazole) (available as a paste or liquid) is available at your agricultural supply store. It is good for most worms, although it does not treat tape worms. Tapeworms are more aesthetically displeasing than a real problem unless the population is high. They can cause anemia if the population is high and they are left untreated.

The dosage that you find on the internet is accurate (25mg/pound). It is given for three days in divided dosage to reduce toxicity. It should be repeated in three weeks because it will take that long for the immature worms to develop. If you get them at three weeks, they will not develop to sexual maturity. Deworming rather than worming is the proper term. Deworming should be performed twice a year in the spring and fall. The tapeworms can be prevented by controlling fleas. (05/05/2010)


By consulted

Remedies for Worms

Please take your babies to the vet and have them examine your pet. There are different kinds of worms that require different medications. Tapeworms must be treated by your vet. There is not an over the counter medication for this. I have been a vet tech for over 20 years. Good luck. (05/05/2010)

By K9cats

Remedies for Worms

You do not know what type of worms your animals have. Heart worms can be fatal. Any worms can be a horrid experience for your pets. Please, please take your animals to your local humane society as they are low cost and might do payments. Very cheap and will save your animals' lives and health. If you were sick you would not want someone trying a home remedy on you and if you love your pets please take the best care. (05/06/2010)



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I am looking for a home remedy to get rid of worms in my animals can anyone help? They look like little pieces of white rice.

Cherylynn from IA


Remedies for Worms

As far as I know there aren't any reliable home remedies for worming your animals. Pets are family, of which that you should treat them with the best medicine you can afford.

Visit your local pet store or Vet's and get the right treatment for all types of worms. As you would take your child(ren) to the pediatrician for their health, etc. (04/24/2006)

By Jonathon

Remedies for Worms

If you had a case of intestinal parasites wouldn't you want the most effective treatment from your doc. Take pets to vet, clean up all droppings, disinfect area, etc. Some things you have to bite the bullet as far as cost. (04/24/2006)

By Linda

Remedies for Worms

If they are housepets, sometimes there are local rescues and shelters that offer shots and worming for low cost. Keep in mind the treatment usually must be repeated in 30 days. Sometimes the medicine they use is the same quality and strength as the vet's, sometimes it's equivalent to over-the-counter, ask them. Depending upon the type of "worm" you can buy over-the-counter dewormer in pills or liquid form at discount-Mart stores or pet stores. Look up possible types of infestation on the internet or in books to identify what your pets have. If over the counter or low-cost clinic doesn't work you must take them to a vet asap. This is nothing to mess with. (04/24/2006)

By kidsNclutter

Remedies for Worms

The white rice-type worms you found are from a tape worm. They are due to the animal swallowing fleas, which carry the worm larvae. There are many over the counter type wormers, but a lot of them are harsh, and don't work as well as going to your vet, telling them what your animal weighs, and getting the right medication. Its better to do it the first time correctly, instead of spending your money buying the cheaper version and having to repeat it. (04/24/2006)

By Sharon

Remedies for Worms - Go here------

No need to see a vet for this quick fix. These worms are tape worms and can easily be killed with Tape Worm Taps. The ingredient is Praziquantel and was prescription only until a year or so ago. You can purchase it at your local Tractor Supply store or online at;

If your pet recently has these worms, don't worry. They need to be killed, but can easily wait a few weeks to do it. We learned about this from our vet when he was unable to get our cat in for an appointment.

Jim in Jax (05/17/2006)

By smartfell-r

Remedies for Worms

Epazote (a plant) is the best remedy for worms. It is used in Mexico and all the world. Use with caution on people, can cause miscarriage.
I gave to my dog (Shepherd) about 5-10 leaves for a few days, when he got worms, seems they have gone away. (07/08/2008)

By Yigal from IL

Remedies for Worms

Food grade diatomaceous earth is the organic natural "effective" worming ticket for all beings, human, livestock, and pets. For livestock, we feed it free choice and in their daily herb-grain-seed mix. Incoming rescues with gray gums, scruffy coats stick their heads into a 5 gallon bucket of food grade diatomaceous earth and eat it, as they know they need it. It doesn't take 2 weeks for their gums to turn pink and their coats to look nice. Same for puppy and kitten rescues with pot bellies, loose stools, etc., within 48 hours of feeding food grade diatomaceous earth their pot bellies are gone and their bowel movements are firm.

In my 14 years of raising and rescuing llamas, goats, chickens, guineas, peafowl, pigs, foxes, wolves, dogs, cats, reptiles, and more, food grade diatomaceous earth is the only wormer we use and it works without poisoning the animals or people.

Makes everyone's lives simple, safe, and effective.">

Try it. It really works, no ifs, ands, or buts.

PS - I've been really disappointed with fecal testing. From my research, fecals are only 20 to 25% accurate for people or pets. After taking a stool sample of a new rescue that had a worm in it I could see and another from a new rescue that was scooting across the ground, the vet found no worms. That was 15 years ago, when I quit doing fecals and just started feeding DE daily to all incoming rescues, fosters, and our own animal guardians.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind spending money on our animal friends, but I do detest "wasting" money on inaccurate results. Since DE is effective against all intestinal worms and parasites, feeding it daily just takes care of the issue and helps keep everyone healthy and worm free.


By Happy Pets

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