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Chihuahua Pooping on Carpet

I have a 3 year old chihuahua that someone gave me. She was house broken but since I have had her she has been pooping in the house and usually only in my computer room or my bedroom where there is carpet. She occasionally goes on the hardwood floors in the living room also. We have put her outside for a few minutes every couple of hours and have cut back on her food, what else can I do? I hate yelling at her, she is already so skittish all the time. Any advice will be appreciated.


Allie from Excelsior Springs, MO

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By guest (Guest Post)
August 20, 20080 found this helpful

I owned a Pet Shop for 20 yrs, and nothing works better than cage training. Put some nice cuddly material at one end for napping, because they begin to like having that cage for their private domain. Feed & water dishes at one end. Try to keep feeding time as close to the same time as possible. They walk in to get the food, close the door, and leave her there for about an hour, then take outside. They usually go within an hour after eating. They will not go in that cage, unless desperate and when taken out, stay out till they go, not "a few minutes" And believe it or not, saying the same thing each time as they go out, such as "Go potty outside." they will soon go on command of hearing those words.


The very worst thing you can do, is letting them have access to their food & water all day. When I take my little Min Pin out, I have a special place near by where I put her dishes when I take her out - out of her reach. When she wants an extra drink during the day, she will go and sit where I put her dishes. I let her drink all she wants, and then take her out about 30/45 min later. I raised Poodles also for 25 years, and each one I kept, it didn't take long to figure out how long after they eat, that they go. Some 10/15 min, anywhere up to an hour, each in that range.

If you object to a cage, at least remember to not let them have access to food other than feeding time, and when there are accidents until she gets the hang of the routine, always have a spray bottle handy with White Vinegar, and spray the spot. If no stain, just a light spray. Vinegar kills all odors and also disinfects. If you need to spray very much, absorb with paper towel. Any tiny scent left, will draw them back to that same place. Takes a little patience, but I've used the same routine with everyone I had, including breeders, and they learn very quickly, to eat & drink all they want at that time. Mine is 9 pounds and maybe asks for the exta drink 2/3 times a week.


Remember you are working with a 3 yr old, and never too late to train, but will take longer than with a new puppy. Once you have conquered, you'll love her twice as much, because you know you can trust her.. As far as yelling, when you find an accident, just pick a saying, such as "Bad Girl", you go potty outside in a stern voice. You very soon can tell by looking at them that they understand that you are very unhappy with what you found. Mine is my shadow, she goes everywhere I go, but during training, when she heard those stern words, she would hang her head and go to her cage until I'd talk to her in the regular Loving voice, then she was immediately my shadow again. Don't forget, they are much smarter then you give them credit for. Have patience and enjoy! A nice breed. Ellen

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By guest (Guest Post)
August 24, 20080 found this helpful

I was always told don't ever use puppy pads they only encourage them to potty inside. The only thing that has ever worked for me is to put their nose in not all the way but close enough that they can smell it tap them on the nose tell them NO! and take them outside.

Crates work wonders and never let them have full access to every room in your house.

Confine them to one room until you know they are house broken.

Use Natures Miracle to get out the feces or urine smell or they will keep going in the same spot.

And take them out side in the same spot to potty, the smell from when they went before will be there and this will encourage them to go.

I have a 11 year old rott mix and he has only ever gone on my floor once!
I hope this helps.

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September 11, 20080 found this helpful

Ellen the Pet Shop owner is the advice I would
follow. I also use a baby gate for my dog
to keep him out of rooms I do not want him
in and he is fine. He loves to go to his cage to nap
when he is really tired or wants alone time.

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August 20, 20080 found this helpful

My puppy pad trained 15 month old Chihuahua has recently started pooping on the carpet. She knows she is doing it. What do I do? I am frustrated!

Darla from Harrisburg, PA


Chihuahua Pooping on Carpet

I'd put a puppy pad right where she's pooping, on the carpet. Rub a little of the white part of the puppy pad where she's gone so the scent is there.


Not that you would, but never rub a puppy's nose in poop. (03/11/2008)

By luvmygingerkids

Chihuahua Pooping on Carpet

Make sure you are getting all the scent out where she went before. They make special cleaners for this purpose. You could also try a little distraction. If it's possible keep her in a different part of the house for a few days, maybe she will forget about her favorite spot. We did this with a cat we used to have and it worked well. (03/11/2008)

By boogieman

Chihuahua Pooping on Carpet

I know this works outside, but as for inside I don't see why it wouldn't work. But, I do know it really works, just am not sure why it works. You can probably use thos 1/2 gallon plastic jugs from water or milk. But, you fill completely with water and set them wherever it is you don't want you dog to poop. Since it is inside set a few around the same place I would say 2 or 3 in that area spread out enough so they don't completely takeover one single space. It works just as well outside with gallon jugs you just place them whereever you don't want them to go and for some unknown to me reason they will Not No Matter what use it in that space. I would try it just to see if it would help. Good luck! (03/11/2008)

By Blingqueen99

Chihuahua Pooping on Carpet

I would get her to the vet. Animals change their habits for a reason. She may be ill and that's what she's trying to tell you. (03/11/2008)

By Maryeileen

Chihuahua Pooping on Carpet

We had a problem like that with a Chihuahua puppy once. We tried everything to solve it then hit on the idea of newborn diapers! We placed these on the pup, cut a hole for her tail and used tape around the dog's middle to assist in keeping the diaper in place. The first time she used the diaper she was so ashamed she went and hid. After that incident she resumed going to the door and outside.

When she "slipped up" again, the diaper went back on. She had a "punishment chair" she was sent to when she had been naughty. When this diaper went on again she went to the chair, jumped up and hid her face with her paws. Needless to say she was cured after that. I had a picture of her in her diaper and chair, wish I could lay my hands on it to send. It is priceless! Don't know if it will work for you, but it sure did for us! (03/11/2008)

By Sherry

Chihuahua Pooping on Carpet

Try keeping the dog on a regular feeding and potty schedule. If you know what time it is using the carpet, make sure you take her outside before then. Keep her out until she goes. (03/12/2008)

By Danialle

Chihuahua Pooping on Carpet

I was just wondering if you leave the puppy out long enough for him/her to go poop. I have 2 boxers and a chihuahua and my chihuahua take 2 times longer to find a spot to go on. I've learned to be patient maybe that's all they need, is a little more time? (03/12/2008)

By Jo

Chihuahua Pooping on Carpet

Diapers on a puppy? My dachshund would chew it to pieces. Also, I read that at a certain age a puppy will revert back to his soiling the carpet. Be patient and start over with training. (03/12/2008)

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