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Finding Discontinued Graham & Brown Wallpaper

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Graham & Brown Wallpaper

Finding some additional wallpaper to complete a room or make repairs can be very difficult if the pattern has been discontinued. This is a guide about finding discontinued Graham and Brown wallpaper.


Here are questions related to Finding Discontinued Graham & Brown Wallpaper.

Question: Sienna Holt Pink Wallpaper - Graham and Brown

I'm trying to find 1 or 2 rolls of Sienna hot pink wallpaper by Graham and Brown. It was sold at B and Q, pattern no.20-085, paste the wall range. I would appreciate it if any one has some for sale or knows where I can buy some. Thanks in advance.

By Heather

Question: Graham and Brown Super Fresco Wallpaper

I am trying to find Super Fresco Melody No. 21004 paintable wallpaper. I just need 4 rolls to re-do one wall.
I would be ever so grateful if someone could help.

By Pat

Question: Discontinued Melody Superfresco Wallpaper

I am looking for Melody Superfresco paintable wallpaper, no. 21004, 2 rolls if possible.

By Sue

Question: Finding Graham and Brown Wallpaper

To do a repair I am desperate to find a roll (or even half a roll) of Graham and Brown super fresco chocolate nina no. 15322. Please if anyone can help, I will be forever grateful.

By Jeanette from Cambridgeshire, UK

Question: Superfresco Wallpaper Pattern #13435

Need 1 roll of superfresco colours pattern #13435 by Graham and Brown. Any suggestions?

By Lisa M

Question: Super Fresco Paintable Wallpaper

I am in desparate need of a roll of superfresco paintable; pattern no. 776. If anyone can help, I would be appreciative. Ends of rolls would do!

By Tanya T

Question: Graham and Brown Paintable Super Fresco Wallpaper #726

Roll of textured wallpaper.I have several boxes of Graham and Brown luxury textured vinyl, Super Fresco pattern #726, batch d. If anyone needs any let me know.

By Cheryl

Most Recent Answer

By agentpop11/19/2013

I am looking for that very paper, have you still got the 2 boxes? If so what would be your asking price?

Question: Graham and Brown Superfresco Wallpaper

I need two rolls of Superfresco Colours textured vinyl Fleur-Peach pattern number 18770. It is by Graham Brown and I bought the paper from B&Q, but I had 2 rolls that were a mismatch, I have searched Graham Brown website to no avail.

By Fred W

Question: Graham and Brown Wallpaper Border

I would like to buy some more Graham and Brown super fresco luxury textured vinyl # 91242 border. Does anyone know where I can find it?

By Teresa from Winslow, AZ

Question: Graham and Brown Honesty Wallpaper

Taupe wallpaper with white berries on vines.I am looking for 4 rolls of Graham and Brown's Honesty wallpaper in taupe. Does anyone know where I can get them from?

By Sharron

Question: Graham and Brown Discontinued Wallpaper: Chantilly #17783

I desperately need one (1) roll of wallpaper made by Graham and Brown "Definitive" pattern name: Chantilly/pattern #17783 - black on black (was distributed by Target). Even leftover would help.

By Margrette P.

Question: Discontinued Graham and Brown Ennis Wallpaper

I am looking for Ennis stye wallpaper by Graham and Brown. I need two rolls.

By Peter

Question: Discontinued Graham and Brown Wallpaper

I need to find 2 rolls of:
Graham and Brown wallpaper, diamond beige, 19085.
It seems to be discontinued and I would be grateful to anyone who could locate some rolls of this design, for sale.

By David C.

Question: Super Fresco Graham & Brown Ivy Border

Does anyone have a roll of Super Fresco Graham and Brown Ivy wallpaper border pattern # 99221? It is sold only at Lowe's.

contact Geri @ weigumns at eot net dot net

By Geri

Question: Discontinued Graham and Brown Wallpaper Border #94194

I'm searching for a roll of Graham and Brown, pattern 94194, border. I checked with the company but nothing.

By Debbie

Question: Discontinued Wallpaper: Super Fresco by Graham & Brown, Pattern #13435

Striped wallpaper, cream, white, and dark with a strip of leaf motif.Does anyone have or know where I can find any Super Fresco wallpaper by Graham and Brown, Pattern #13435? I need two double rolls. The original was purchased at Menard's.

By Galen S.

Most Recent Answer

By dph5411/07/2011

Does "menards" have a website? I would check there or ebay.

Question: Discontinued Wallpaper: Graham & Brown Super Fresco Pattern #14714.

I really need a roll of Graham and Brown super fresco wallpaper, pattern 14714. Does anyone have this or know where I can get some?

By Tricia C

Most Recent Answer

By marty06/11/2011

Go to Ebay and put in a wanted request. Ii have done this with success several times for other things. Also, you could contact the manufacturer.

Question: Graham and Brown Wallpaper with Greek Key Pattern

I have had a Graham and Brown wallpaper which has a middle border. The bottom paper is cream with no pattern and the top is cream with small and large Greek keys, in gold. The border matches the top paper. A friend wants this paper; where can I get it from?

By Mrs J Kelly from Liverpool

Question: Discontinued Wallpaper: Graham and Brown Super Fresco Solitude Fougere, #17821

I am desperate! I cannot finish my kitchen, I need a roll of Graham and Brown Superfresco Solitude Fougere, pattern no. 17821, batch 007. I would be grateful if someone knows where I can get it. Many thanks.

By Lyn

Question: Discontinued Wallpaper: Graham & Brown, DRP Beige Basketweave Textured SW

I am looking for Graham & Brown wallpaper, Model #12946, Item #147751. It is DRP Beige Basketweave Textured SW. I bought it on clearance at Lowes months ago and had just enough to do the room but then I messed up and ran out. I only need one roll. Thanks!

By Mary from Springfield, IL

Most Recent Answer

By kathleen williams01/26/2010

Search for- Discontinued Wallpaper -good luck.

Question: Graham and Brown's Paintable Wallpaper, #14020

I'm looking for Graham and Brown's super fresco paintable textured vinyl wallpaper, #14020, batch C. I only bought it a year ago, but can't find another roll anywhere. Can anyone help?

By legs from Kent

Question: Graham and Brown Wallpaper #19473

I am looking for one roll of Graham and Brown wallpaper #19473. Does anyone know where I can get one? Jeff

Most Recent Answer


Wallpaper and borders are usually printed for about 2 years. When they are discontinued, the remaining wallpaper and borders are sold to various wallpaper companies and retailers. The manufacturer of the wallpaper you are looking for can tell you where they sold the remaining rolls of wallpaper once it was discontinued, if they will.

Question: Discontinued Wallpaper: Super Fresco #15064

Super Fresco #15064I am trying to locate 4 rolls of out of production wallpaper. It is Super Fresco pattern number 15064 by Graham and Brown. Bar Code No: 5011655150649. Thank you.

Sheena from Carlisle, UK

Question: Discontinued Wallpaper: Graham Brown Super Fresco #10006

I'm looking for Graham Brown Super Fresco wallpaper model #10006. I need about 6 to 7 rolls.

Tonia from Oswego, NY

Most Recent Answer

By Margaret Guidry O.05/13/2013

I have 4 full roads and 1 partial.

Question: Graham & Brown Wallpaper #15017

I am looking for "Super Fresco" paintable white wallpaper by Graham and Brown, Pattern No. 15017, Batch C. Thank you.

Thomas A from Stafford

Most Recent Answer

By Maureel (Guest Post)10/13/2008

Hi, I had a similar problem last year and contacted Graham and Brown direct by e-mail. They were very helpful and I was able to obtain the same batch that I needed

Question: Graham and Brown Wall Covering Pattern #12579

Looking for Graham and Brown wall covering pattern #12579.

Rokki from North Myrtle Beach, SC

Most Recent Answer

By LuvMyGingerKids02/25/2008

Contact your local wallpaper store. They should be able to tell you where to get this product.

Question: Need Graham & Brown Super Fresco Wallpaper, Pattern #17479

I need one roll of Graham & Brown wallpaper. Super Fresco, Pattern #17479, Batch 013.

Sherri from GA

Most Recent Answer

By WandaRae (Guest Post)11/19/2008

I also am looking for this item. Please, if you find any, let me know!

Question: Graham & Brown Pattern #92178

I need 1 or 2 rolls of Wallpaper Border by Graham & Amp; Brown pattern #92178 blue flowers on a trellis.

Barbara from Killington, VT

Question: "Super Fresco" Wallpaper by Graham & Brown, Pattern #12024

Does anyone have a "super fresco" wallpaper by Graham & Brown, pattern #12024?

Mark from Eugene Oregon

Most Recent Answer

By Ed Bomke05/27/2007

I have 4 rolls

Question: Graham & Brown Wallpaper Border Pattern No. 92177

I am looking for a Graham & Brown wallpaper border pattern no 92177. I bought it at Home Depot a couple of years ago and now I can't find it anywhere; I need at least one more roll. Any ideas?


Most Recent Answer

By .angela (Guest Post)03/04/2007

I too am looking for a graham brown border pattern 94528 Chippendale

Question: Graham Brown, Super Fresco Luxury Textured Vinyl, Pattern #12550

I am looking for discontinued wallpaper by Graham Brown, Super Fresco Luxury Textured Vinyl, pattern #12550; I need 3 rolls ASAP. Today is 9/26/06.

Connie from Keystone Heights, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Wilbur M. (Guest Post)12/27/2008

I have 3 rolls of 12550 Super Fresco and need more. Either I will sell or buy.

Question: Graham & Brown # 58029

I am looking for a discontinued Home Depot wallpaper. Graham & Brown # 58029. I understand it was only at Home Depot so I am not able to find any left.

Snowspirit00 from Mpls, MN

Most Recent Answer

By Debbie Dzurilla09/06/2006

Do a google search for wallpaper and see what comes up. Also you could go to and see if anyone has it up for bids.

Question: Graham & Brown Wallpaper

Graham & Brown WallpaperI am looking for Graham & Brown wallcovering pattern #50247. It use to be carried by Home Depot. Need one more role to finish my daughter's room.

llane169 from Riverside, NJ

Most Recent Answer

By allen fredrickson (Guest Post)12/31/2007

I am looking for graham brown border super fresco pattern number91242 10" wide border in cream and tan color bought originally at Home Depot.

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