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Finding Free or Low Cost Pet Clinics in California

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A cat getting a check-up from a veterinarian.

When looking for veterinarian services it helps to find a clinic you can afford. This guide is about finding free or low cost pet clinics in California.



Here are questions related to Finding Free or Low Cost Pet Clinics in California.

Question: Finding a Vet That Takes Payments

My male kitty is nearly 2 years old. For about the past six months or so I have been keeping him indoors. He is not neutered. I am going to get him neutered, ASAP, the problem is he is very tricky and an escape artist. He is also one to roam and fight and comes home so beat up. Please do not judge, I love this animal very much and I do my very best to keep him protected.

However, his injuries (mostly lumps deep scratches) literally take him a couple of weeks to heal up and with other people in the home, he has gotten into the last two fights while injured. I think his paw is infected and has something stuck in it. It is swollen and he is limping and will not let me even look.

I am an unemployed single-mom. This is killing me to not be able to take him to the cat clinic and have him mended and medicated, and neutered! My question is: Does anyone know of a vet in the Pasadena, Arcadia, or surrounding San Gabriel Valley who will provide services for a very small amount of cash during first visit. I am willing to make payments, but they won't be much until I am working. Thank you for taking the time to answer, have a nice evening.

By Monique C.


Best Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]01/17/2014

Check with local cat rescues and see what they can offer. Also the Humane Society. Usually it is free or $20. Vets in the PNW offer "Care Credit" where you can charge the procedure and pay it off on time interest free. Many Vets have a fund for needed care for people who cannot pay. Call around and you should be able to find one. Good luck.

Question: Low Cost Vet in Bakersfield

2 of my dogs got hit yesterday in a hit and run. One died, the other has broken legs. Does anyone know of low cost clinic or a vet that takes payments in Bakersfield California?

By Stacey


Best Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]04/09/2015

Contact your local humane society or shelter. They offer care but if you cannot pay for it, you will need to surrender your dog. and they will own it and make decisions on its' future. Not a great answer but it does prevent your dog from suffering further.

Question: Finding a Low or No cost Vet in Modesto Area

Reddish brown and white Pit.I have a 2 1/2 yr old Pit Bull that is the love of our lives. I just got laid off from my job. I think she has a foxtail in her nose or something. She has no energy and is sneezing a lot. Her nose keeps running and she is really hot. We had to move and barely covered our rent. Normally I could afford a down payment, but this had to happen after getting laid off. Help! I am single mom in Modesto.

By Tracy

Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]10/21/2013

Your Dog needs Veterinarian attention..

Question: Finding a Low Cost Veterinary Surgeon

My dog needs surgery. She broke her front leg Sunday and I need a specialist according to the vet I took her to. I need a low cost specialist. Does anyone know where I can find one ASAP? Do you know if the specialist surgeon will let you make payments?

By Stephanie

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]09/10/2013

Your vet can refer you to a specialist and you can discuss payment arrangements with the specialist's office.

Question: Low Cost Vet in Riverside California

I need a low cost vet. My dog needs X-rays, but I can't afford much. I love my dog and don't want to cheap out, but I just can't afford hundred dollar X-rays plus additional expenses for whatever might be wrong

By Cindy from Riverside, CA

Most Recent Answer

By onecrazykitty01/08/2015

If you can't afford a hundred dollars, you can't afford any treatment. Take him to the shelter, it isn't fair to your dog. If you really want a referral, Butchko is the cheapest around but you are getting what you pay for.

Question: Low Cost Vet for Dog Surgery

I have a dog that needs surgery. She has a tumor. I wonder where I can take her. Does anyone know of a low cost clinic that I can go to? I can't afford to pay much. Thanks.

By Hugo from San Fernando Valley, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Debi savicky01/08/2013

You can call your local Humane Society or animal shelter and they can give you a low cost or sliding scale fee vet.

Question: Free or Low-Cost Veterinary Services in Sacramento California

I desperately need to find a free or very low-cost veterinary clinic to take my 5 month old female cat to. She's suffering from ear mites, needs all of her vaccinations, and needs to be spayed! Any suggestions where I can take her in the Sacramento, California 95821 area?

By S.W.

Most Recent Answer

By panickonthis08/16/2013

Hi, the SPCA will spay and give shots to your cat for 20.00. All you need do is call for a voucher and then keep your appointment. I've used this service many times as I foster kittens every season. It's a wonderful program.

Question: Free or Low Cost Vet in the Stockton California

Does anyone know where a Pit puppy can be seen here in Stockton California? I believe the dog has a broken back leg/hip injury and it's owner can not afford to take the puppy to a vet hospital. I wrapped it with an ace bandage for now, but the poor thing can't walk. He literally just folds when we tried to stand him on all fours. Thank you for any advice you can share.

Pam for Blu Boy

    By Pam M. [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Abigail A. [9]06/24/2015

    The owner really does just need to surrender the dog. Is there a pit bull breed rescue in your area? Google it. If there's one even in your state they may come far to pick up the puppy.

    Since it is a puppy, the dog can get help and be fostered through the healing process and then adopted out.

    You need to have a stern, serious talk with this friend of yours once this puppy is safely away. No more animals! If they can't afford: Vaccinations, spay/neuter, license, tags, and some put aside for emergency vet care, they can't afford a pet.

    Question: Finding a Low Cost Vet That Takes Payments

    I'm living in my van and can't afford much, but am willing to pay some amount. My dog needs 2 molars removed.

    By Pat from Gilroy, CA

    Most Recent Answer

    By Kat [7]03/13/2015

    Check with local Humane Society and ASPCA organizations; they may know of someone who can help. For instance when I had a kitten I rescued, I called them to see where I could take him for a low cost, because I was low income. At the time, there happened to be a veterinary clinic that operated on a sliding income scale, so you paid what you could afford, dependent on income. Can't hurt to call around. Bless you for wanting to take care of your pup, and for not abandoning him because of your current situation.

    Question: Low-Cost Vets Near Riverside, CA

    My pet may have broken his leg. Where is there a low cost/no cost vet?

    By Jimmy from Riverside, CA

    Most Recent Answer

    By Tahloolabelle [36]01/19/2010

    I don't know what the charges would be, BUT the finest vet I ever used was Michael Butchko in Rubidoux. He was my go-to vet for over 15 years. I really wish I lived closer now so that I could use him. Have you spoken to anyone about taking payments? Good luck on that!

    Question: Low Cost Vet in Stockton California

    I need to find a vet who will accept payments or a free clinic for a life threating surgery. My smooth Chihuahua has a herniatic cyst and it's getting bigger by the day. Last year I rescued her after she was mauled by a Pit Bull. I luv her so much and don't want her to die. Please help me find a vet. The places I've called won't help due to my credit. I'm in Stockton California 95205.

    By Martha

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lizzyanny [9]03/18/2015

    Try your humane society to find low cost Vets. Local dog rescues can sometimes help. get creative maybe a local Vet would barter with you, you could trade cleaning chores for Vet work. Consider a second job. My local Vet has a jar on his counter for contributions for Vet care for folks that have hit a rough patch. Get on the phone and good luck.

    Question: Low Cost Vet Services

    My Pekinese, Mojo it seems has to have 3 teeth pulled. Went to a new vet and was told this procedure was about $650. I can't afford this since I'm on medical disability, was laid-off as director 6 yrs ago. My two dogs are the only precious creatures that keep my physical pain in check. Please offer suggestions, referrals, or ideas. Thanks

    By Chris P.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lizzyanny [9]04/30/2014

    Call your humane society. Many offer low cost services. Check with different local Vets. Some have funds for this kind of thing. Many offer "care credit" a no interest loan that you can pay off in installments. Some Vets take payments. Also check with local dog rescues. They often know of low cost Vet care. Nearly any dental work will be in the $500 range at full price. Good luck!

    Question: Finding a Vet Practice That Accepts Payments

    My dog needs medical attention ASAP. I don't have money at the moment I spend my last 135$ on getting my dog a shot for his seizures.

    By Angie from Panorama

    Most Recent Answer

    By Stephanie [147]01/26/2014

    Contact your local Humane Societies. They usually have programs that help loving owners keep their pets. The website for my local humane society lists several clinics as well as some organizations that can help provide financial assistance to low income families in need of veterinary care.

    Question: Finding a Low Cost Vet Clinic

    Where is a low cost or free pet clinic?

    By Marina

    Most Recent Answer

    By Stephanie [147]01/31/2014

    Check your local Humane Society's Website. They usually have a list.

    Question: Low Cost Vet Near Rosemead California

    Does anyone know of a low cost or free vet near Rosemead, California, 91770? I recently picked a cat up off the streets and I have taken him in and today I noticed that his paw is broken. I am a single mother of 5.

    By Mary

    Most Recent Answer

    By Sherri [6]07/03/2013

    How nice of you to take care of this precious fur-baby. Please go to your local shelter/Veterinarians and ask them how much it wll cost to treat him/her. This cat needs to have treatment ASAP. Having a broken paw is VERY painful and he will not be able to walk on it very long. Also, it might just be a sprain but an X-Ray will tell you. Either way, this cat needs to be seen by a Veterinarian for treatmernt. Good luck

    Question: Low Cost Vet Near Gilroy California

    I just brought my cat to the motel were I live. I'm homeless. He is 16 years old. He has been very aggressive with the other cats and even with me. I pick him up and he growls. He sits on the bed and he makes a sound like he is in pain. He eats, but hasn't used the litter box. It's been 4 days. I can't afford a vet, so I'm looking for one who is low cost or even free to have him checked in Gilroy California.


    Most Recent Answer

    By Lizzyanny [9]12/26/2012

    If your cat isnt using the litterbox, and appears to be in pain, his bladder may be blocked. This is a life threatening emergency. Death often follows within 48 hours of a stone blocking the bladder. Your cat needs to see a Vet immediately. He can be saved, but not if you dont act immediately. You may be able to find a local animal shelter with lower rates, or a Vet with a fund for helping folks in your situation. But you need to do it right now. Best of luck to you and your cat. Let us know how things work out for you.

    Question: Low Cost or Payment Veterinary Clinic in San Fernando Valley

    i need to find a low cost veterinary hospital or clinic in the San Fernando valley.

    By Patty from Tujunga, CA

    Most Recent Answer


    Call all three of these numbers that are in or near your area. I am certain one or all of them will have a list of names and numbers they can give you for the help you're seeking. If one or more of the names and numbers they recommend are the same then you know for certain that one or two are highly trustworthy.

    Friends For Pets Foundation
    11117 Fleetwood St
    Sun Valley, CA 91352

    Pet Rescue Association
    8906 Norris Ave
    Sun Valley, CA 91352

    Glendale Humane Society
    717 Ivy St
    Glendale, CA 91204

    Question: Low Cost Vet Near Los Angeles, California

    I was wondering where are there vets in the Los Angeles area that aren't too expensive. My dog needs surgery on his right hind leg and the cost would be about $1,400. Are there any vets that charge less ? Thank you.

    By Jamie P.

    Most Recent Answer

    By joan [4]01/19/2012

    For things like this, try the animal welfare league.

    Question: Finding Free or Low Cost Veterinary Care in Southern California

    My Newty is 11 years old. She's the oldest of two cats and she has an undiagnosed lump on top of her rear end. It looks like it has opened. She's on pain medication and antibiotics, because that's all that I can afford. I was told it needs to be removed, but I don't have the money to help her the way I should.

    Can anyone refer me to a service or low/no cost vet that helps people that cannot afford a pet's medical bills? I'm simply not ready to let Newty out of my life. Thank you!

    By Angie from Pasadena, CA

    Most Recent Answer

    By lamorenadana10/30/2013

    1. Pasadena Humane Society (626) 792-7151
    2. Animal Specialty Group in Glendale (818) 244-7977
    Good Luck!

    Question: Low Cost Vet Clinic Near Oceanside California

    Where can I find a vet that will work with low income families? I can't afford much and my dog needs immediate medical attention. She has some kind of tumor looking growth. I don't know what it is exactly and I know she needs to be seen. Please help me.

    By Julie from Oceanside, CA

    Most Recent Answer

    By Karen Murdock10/24/2014

    I'm looking for the same thing. I'm also in Oceanside. My checks spent on rent food including dog food and needs he had when I got my check. Now he's limping and I'm frustrated because the vet wants $50 and it wouldn't matter if it were cheaper because I have to wait for the first to get money.

    I hope you get help for your pet. If there's anything I should know like a vet that will wait for the money, please let me know. I'm also in Oceanside. Karen 7608713500 karenwilliamsmurdock -

    Question: Low Cost Vet Clinic In or Near San Pablo California

    Where can I get low cost vet help? I am a single father with an 11 year old daughter. We have a dog that got bitten by the neighbor's dog and he might need stitches. Can someone refer me to a vet hospital that can help me with this problem? I do have 200.00 dollars for tomorrow.

    By Herbert from San Pablo, CA

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lisa [2]07/23/2010

    I'm sorry, I'm in a different part of the country, so I can't help with finding a vet. But when I've heard of people being in similar situations (one dog bitten/injured by another), the owner of the dog that did the biting has paid the vet bills. I don't know if it's because that's their legal resposibility, or they've done it out of a sense of moral obligation. We don't know the entire situation (Like were they being irresponsible and letting their dog run loose? Or is their dog known to be vicious, and they didn't have good control over it?), but if they/their dog was in the wrong, why not ask them to pay for or at least help with the bill?

    I hope you can get some good care for your dog, and the he has a quick recovery. Best of luck!

    Question: Low Cost Pet Clinic in Stockton California

    I have 2 twelve week old kittens and they haven't had any of their shots yet. We are a low income family. My husband is the only one that works. So is there a vet that is free or that will except cash payments in Stockton California?

    By Jennifer from Stockton, CA

    Most Recent Answer

    By Carol [1]06/15/2010

    The humane society has discounts and places like petsmart have discount clinics so do some vet offices. You may want to call the humane society they should be able to tell you who has the discount shot clinics.

    Question: Low Cost Veterinary Practice Near Pacoima, California

    My pet has a wound on his back. He was OK, but now he is leaping and moping around and he has no appetite. Should I be concerned? I need to locate a low in-come veterinary practice in my area.

    By Irma from Pacoima, CA

    Most Recent Answer

    By Laura12/25/2009

    Holiday Humane Society Clinic Inc

    7301 Fulton Avenue
    North Hollywood, CA 91605-4114
    (818) 765-8196

    I just googled it. It seems to be about 10 to 15 minutes from where you are. Call right away for an appointment.

    Question: Low Cost Veterinary Clinics in San Fernando Valley, CA

    Where could I find a low cost veterinary in San Fernando Valley, CA

    Jessica from Sylmar, CA

    Most Recent Answer

    By Michelle11/13/2009

    Collett Vet Hospital
    13815 Sayre Street, Sylmar, CA 91342
    (818) 364-1544

    Great vets & very reasonable prices. I recommend them highly! I have a friend that drives from Venice to this vet; very, very good!

    Question: Low Cost Vet Services in Sacramento

    A very friendly dog was left here in my yard (Pit Bull). It looks like it has a large sect hanging in the stomach area. I am willing to keep her, but can't afford a vet. Is there any vet who would help her in the Sacramento area? She is spayed.

    By Ed H from Sacramento, CA

    Question: Low Cost Veterinarian in Southern California

    I have a cat who recently suffered from heatstroke and seems to have difficulty breathing. I need a low cost veterinarian in the Pico Rivera/Alhambra area.

    By Manuel

    Question: Low Cost Veterinarian in California

    I am looking for very low cost veterinary clinic in or around 95020 area in California, that does dental on dogs. I'm living in my truck and my dog needs teeth extracted for his health. I can't afford much, but am willing to pay something.

    By Dennis

    Question: Low Cost Vet in Lodi or Stockton Area

    small dogI just noticed that my pet, Sadie, has some serious issues with her teeth and gums. I'm not sure how bad it is, but I really would like to get her looked at. I'm sure she is going to need major work and I'm looking for a super low cost vet clinic. Plz help. Thank you.

    By Roxy nava

    Question: Low Cost or Free Vet Clinic in San Fernando Valley

    I have a pet I need to get to a veterinarian; she was born half paralyzed and was living a good life until recently. Now she is losing weight, but she eats and drinks water. She also has a wound on her tail. Where can I find a low cost veterinarian in the San Fernando Valley or a free one? Because I'm on disability and don't have a lot of money and I don't want to lose my companion.

    By Ruben

    Question: Finding a Low Cost or Free Pet Surgery Clinic

    Are there any free or low cost surgery clinics?

    By Joy

    Question: Free Pet Clinic Near Sacrmento

    I have a dog who is sick. I need to know if there is a free pet clinic in the area of Sacramento, California.

    By Shelletha

    Question: Low Cost Pet Clinic in California

    I have a kitty that got out and seems to be doing better, but favoring one paw significantly. I need an affordable x-ray done so no more than 100.00 or so, or a Vet that can at least accept payment plans. I am willing to travel as far as Roseville, Folsom/Granite Bay, Davis, Elk Grove, and surrounding areas.

    Thank you.

    By JD

    Question: Low Cost Pet Clinic Near South Gate California

    We have a dog named Kenny. My son brought him home (it was given to him) 2yrs ago. When he first got him we noticed a hanging foreskin on the bottom of his stomach, which we were told it was a cyst. Well last week my son took him to a vet (clinic) because it had grown bigger with blisters and they told us he has a tumor. We need a low cost or free clinic we can go to. This is our very first dog and we don't want to lose him. Can anyone help with suggestions?

    By Catalina from South Gate, CA

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