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Finding Replacement Gaskets for Glass Canister

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glass canister and gasket

It can be difficult to find the right sized gasket for an older glass container. This guide is about finding replacement gaskets for glass canister.



Here are questions related to Finding Replacement Gaskets for Glass Canister.

Question: Gasket For Lidded Cookie Jar

I bought a glass cookie jar that sits on it's side with a wooden lid. The lid has no gasket to fit tight to the jar. Does anyone know where I could get one? I have tried Google and haven't found what I'm looking for yet. Would silicone work on the lid to make a tight fit? I'm hoping someone can help me, I really like the jar. Thanks so much.

Joyce from Coffeyville, Kansas


Best Answers

By melody_yesterday [213]10/15/2008

I had a thought of this today after reading this post a couple days ago: Wrap Saran wrap or other similar plastic wrap tightly around the inner part of the lid where the seal is missing.
Tear off a piece long enough to go around that part of the jar at least one time & twist it starting at a corner very tightly until it is all twisted & secure it. Which ever of the tips by readers work for you, it would be interesting to know!

Best Answers

By Kim Churchman [3]10/13/2008

I would use silicone caulk, but I would put it between two sheets of waxed paper or something. Then I would trim it to fit with scissors. Try looking on eBay first, because there are still manufacturers of those gaskets making them.

Best Answers

By Tina Siegl [26]10/09/2008

I have two things to suggest. The first is a large, thick rubber band wrapped around the area of the lid that would normally be covered by a gasket. The second is to run a thick band of hot glue in that area to mimick a gasket.

Question: Shopping for Glass Canister Gaskets

Glass canisters in rack.I'm looking for seals for my glass canisters. I need 3 1/2 inch in size. Where can I find some?

By Tonya Y from Joshua, TX


Most Recent Answer

By Beth B.03/25/2013

My Ace Hardware reliably has them! If not there, then Sur la Table, but they're bound to be more expensive there.

Question: Replacement Gasket fo Goodwood Cookie Jar

glass cookie jar with wood lid

I am looking for replacement rubber seals for these Goodwood brand cookie jars from the 1980s.

    By ivywoof [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By jean leiner [14]07/03/2015

    If you cannot find the actual gaskets, try using elastic headbands, which are about1/2inch wide, and can be found in the hair care section. You could cut it to length, and glue the cut ends together. Perhaps you may find a size that will fit without cutting. I bought a pack of these to use to hold the plastic garbage bags in my kitchen trash and they work well.

    Question: Replacement Canister Gaskets

    I need replacement gaskets for my glass canisters. The gaskets measure 3 5/8" inside diameter
    . Do you know where I can get these?

    By Joyce H

    Most Recent Answer

    By Carol L Craig [17]10/30/2014

    I ordered mine from Fantes Kitchen Wares-I found them online about 2 years ago. The shipment arrived fast and I was very satisfied with the rubber gaskets.

    Question: Replacement Jar Gaskets

    Where can I get a clear, silicone gasket for a 5 inch food canister? I can find the canister and the gasket, but I just need the gasket.

    By Paul

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lizzyanny [9]04/19/2015

    I live in the Pacific Northwest and have seen gaskets only at McLendons Hardware. A web search turned up many suppliers.

    Question: Replacement Gasket for Cookie Jar

    I have a glass cookie jar with a glass lid. There is no gasket or other way to "seal" the lid and keep the cookies fresher. I need a rubber/silicone gasket 5-1/2" interior size.

    By Jo C

    Most Recent Answer

    By jean leiner [14]03/27/2015

    Could you wrap a wide large rubber band or several narrow ones around either the lid or the top of the jar to act as a seal?

    Question: Replacement Gaskets for Glass Storage Jars

    I can't figure out how to measure for the replacements. The inner opening of the jar not the lid is 3 1/4" diameter approximately. The replacements I see say they are 2 3/4" inner diameter.

    By Amy

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lizzyanny [9]12/31/2014

    Those would be the right size for your jars.

    Question: Replacement Canister Gasket

    It is flat, 3.5" inside, 5" outside. Anyone know where I can find a kitchen canister gasket like that?

    By Donald

    Question: Replacement Gasket for Jar

    I purchased an extra large Meloni jar minus the seal for air tightness. Any idea where this can be purchased?

    By Cheryl N

    Question: Replacement Gasket for Decorative Jar

    The gasket measures 2 7/8" inside and 3 7/8" outside with a small lift tab. How or where can I get a replacement?

    By Connie R

    Question: Replacement Jar Lid for Ice Tea Dispenser

    lemonade in dispenserI am looking for a replacement 3.5 inch round glass jar lid with gasket only for my ice tea glass jar dispenser with spigot. I measured the round inner jar top dimensions. I live in NYC or website locations would also be good. Thank You!

    By Owen

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