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Finding the Value of Encyclopedia Britannica Encyclopedias

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Encyclopedia Britannica Encyclopedias

Sets of these often updated reference books are not as useful as they used to be, since the advent of the computer. This guide is about finding the value of Encyclopedia Britannica encyclopedias.


Here are questions related to Finding the Value of Encyclopedia Britannica Encyclopedias.

Question: Encyclopaedia Britannica 1963 Edition

I have an Encyclopaedia Britannica published in 1963. It also has a complementary bible and two year books as added extras. It is in its original bookcase. Is it worth any money or collecting?

By J. Scott

Most Recent Answer

By jonomni [1]10/01/2013

Make sure yours are not the R.S. Peale reprints. If your set is original it's worth something most likely :)

Question: Value of Encyclopedia Britannica

I am looking for value of my set, 24 books, of Encyclopedia Britannica, from 1958, green leather, gold gilt, with 5 spinal bounds.

By M. Zoo

Question: Value on Britannica Junior Encyclopedia

I have a complete set of the Britannica Junior Encyclopedia, printed 1979. It has never been used. Can I get a value on these books?

By Kenneth

Question: 1995 Encyclopedia Britannica

I have a full set of 1995 Encyclopedia Britannica, leather bound, including CDs. How much can I sell this for?

By Gil P

Question: Value of Encyclopedia Britannica

I have full set, plus index, of encyclopedia Britannica 1956. Can anyone tell me their value please?

By Dee 'Tinkerbelle' L. from London UK

Question: Value of 1902 of New Popular Edition of Britannica

Any idea of the value, if any?
It is in good condition with plates.
Published by John Gresham London and Glasgow.
14 books red leather binding.
Thank you.

By Lucy from Hastings, UK

Question: Value of Britannica Encyclopedia Set (1989)

How much is a set of Britannica Encyclopedias published in 1989 worth? Where can I sell them for a good price?

By Charlene

Best Answer

By Louise B. [5]05/20/2014

Old encyclopedias have no value. You will be hard pressed to give them away. Charities and Thrift shops will not take them. No one wants them. If you are lucky, you could advertise them on something like Freecycle, and perhaps you might find someone who wants them for crafts. I have seen people make sculptures or lamps out of them. You will never sell them.

Question: Value of Old Encyclopedia Britannica

This is a very large volume and has on the certificate that any post war treaties would be followed by changes of the Encyclopedia, to the customer. Certificate no. 48427.

By George

Question: Value of a 1930s Encyclopedia Britannica

I have the 1930s 24th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. This book is really old and we wondered about its value.

By George

Question: Information on Encyclopedia Britannica Macropaedia 1989

Can you tell me whether my copy of Encyclopedia Britannica macropedia 1989 is leather bound or not, please? Front cover. Volumes

By Kerowin S

Question: Value of an Old Encyclopedia Set

I have a set of 24 Encyclopedia Britannica 1768, with cream hard cover, published 1962. It has atlas and 1962-1972 library research service stamps inside index. What might the value be for this, if any? Books on shelf. Reference service stamps.

By RW from Vic

Question: Value of 1929 Encyclopedia Britannica

I have a fine set of 1929 Encyclopedia Britannica, 14th edition, black bound with gold lettering and gold wash on tops. Some have worn areas on the tops of spines; most do not.

There is no foxing, no stains. It has its original bookcase.


Question: Value of 1940s Britannica Junior

I have a set of Encyclopedia Britannica Junior, Atlas and 2 dictionaries from the 1940s. Are these valuable? Thank you.

By Maria S.

Question: Value of 1953 Encyclopedia Britannica Set

I have a complete 24 set of the 1953 Encyclopedia Britannica plus the two year books 1954-1955 and 1955-1956 set also. They're in excellent condition. I was just wondering what the pricing on this would be?

By Jared M. from San Jacinto, CA

Question: Value of Britannica Atlas 1768

What is the value of a 1768 Britannica Atlas? It is in perfect condition with a white/cream hard cover. It is 246 years old.

By Jenny H.

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]03/20/2014

You may find some information on Google or eBay but usually not worth a lot and takes a long time to find an interested buyer.
You might try Craigslist also.

Question: Value of 1901 Encyclopaedia Britannica

I have a complete set of 1901 Encyclopaedia Britannica, Twentieth Century addition, revised with large additions to January 1, 1901. The Werner company, New York, Akron Ohio, Chicago 1902

By dougheide

Question: Value of Britannica Encyclopedias

I have 24 Books which is including the index book. They are cream with two red bands on the spine. The front has an emblem with 1768 and inside it says copyright 1963, Dedicated by permission to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second and John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The outside are in pretty good condition considering age and the pages inside are immaculate. How much are they worth please?


By Karen Lloyd from Selsey, West Sussex UK

Question: Value of Set of 1941 Britannica

What is the a approximate value for a complete set of 24 volumes of Britannica from 1941 in their original case? All are in good condition Cover. Page. Books on shelf.

By Brad

Question: Value of Encyclopedia Britannica

Is there a value to the 1990 set of Encyclopaedia Britannica complete with the childrens' set, in the UK?

By JF Hardingham

Question: Value of 1961 Encyclopedia Britannica

Volumes on shelf.I have set of 24, 1961 Encyclopedia Britannica UK print, with black binding and gold tooling. Does anyone know what the value of these books could be?

By Matt from Guildford, UK

Question: Value of Britannica Encyclopedia 9th Edition

Could you please tell me the value of theses books? I have the full set plus index. They are very old. They have been passed down through my family for hundreds of years. Can anyone help? I prefer to take a break ;)

By Justine

Question: Value of Encyclopedia Britannica Book of the Year

What is a set of Book of the Year worth that includes 1975 through 2000? All volumes are in good condition.

By David

Question: Value of Encyclopedia Britannica

I have 24 hardback copies, in cream leather, of the encyclopedia Britannica with 1768 on the front and copyrighted 1963. How much would they be worth?

By Pat

Question: Value of Britannica Encyclopedias

Someone holding up a volume to show the spine of the book.I have a complete collection of the Encyclopedia Britannica. The copyright is 1945, but I do not know the edition. They are in good condition, most of the books have never been opened.

By Chuck

Question: Value of 18962 Encyclopaedia Britannica

I have a complete set issued in 1962; is there any value to this?

By Elvira from Harare Zimbabwe

Question: Value of 1951 Encyclopedia Britannica

I have full set of 1951 Britannica encyclopedias. I am just wondering their value, if there is any value at all?

By Dan from Orangeburg, SC

Question: Revised Encyclopaedia Britannica Value

Cover.I have the 1891 revised encyclopaedia Britannica stamped, Mark Twain in all books, full set. Anyone know a value?
Inside Page Publish date page. Mark Twain stamp

By Blue eyes from OK

Question: Value of Encyclopedia Britannica

I have a complete ninth and tenth edition (original authorised version) all 35 volumes plus a revolving oak bookcase which I assume came with the set, as it has numbers corresponding to the volumes. I would be most interested to know its value. The quarto hardback volumes are all complete and in fairly good condition.

By Paul S.

Question: Value of The New Encyclopaedia Britannica

Volumes on bookshelf.How can I find the value of The New Encyclopaedia Britannica in 30 volumes? The copyright is 1978 William Benton, Publisher, 1943-1973; Helen Hemingway Benton, Publisher, 1973-1974. Printed in U.S.A. All books in good condition.

By Alexandra D.

Question: Value of Encyclopedia Britannica 1768

Spine of book.I have a set of 24 encyclopedias and a World Atlas (1952 edition, I believe) and was wondering if they have any value? Coypright page.

By Ed

Question: Value of Encyclopeadia Britannica

I have a set of the Encyclopedia Britannica 1823-1824, with supplements. I would like to know what the collection could be worth. It was printed in Edinburgh and was purchased more than 70 years ago by my parents. Unfortunately, it has seen a lot of basement conditions. Some covers are damaged but most are in acceptable condition. All contents are undamaged, but "yellowed" from time.

By Andre

Question: Value of Encyclopedia Britannica

I have 12 volumes of encyclopedias, (1862-1865?). On the side they say encyclopedia Britannica, ninth edition. The volume numbers are in Roman numerals, with American revisions at the bottom. All 12 volumes are burgundy with good writing.

Any idea what the value would be or where I could locate date. I have not been able to find a date, but am assuming by others I have seen on eBay that these volumes are from between 1862-1865.


By Jonathan D

Question: Value of Britannica Book of the Year

Stack of books.I have a set of Encyclpaedia Britannica Book of the Year from 1975 to 1991, plus the Britannica Atlas ( I think 1974 ). What would be the value for selling them and where would I sell them besides eBay and Amazon? Front cover of atlas.

By Melody H. from Dunkirk, MD

Question: Value of 1929 Britannica Encyclopedias

Photo of ad.I have a set of 1929 Britannica Encyclopedias with a handmade mahogany book-shelve measuring around 72 inches long and 30 inches tall. It came as a Christmas gift set for that year. I can't find another like it anywhere. I am wondering how much it is worth. It is in great shape. I actually found a sale paper photo online with this actual set I have. If anyone could help, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

By Pammy P.

Question: Encyclopedia Britannica 1971 200th Anniversary Edition

Encyclopedias on bookshelf.I have the complete set (Index to Volume 23) of the 1971 200th anniversary edition of Encyclopedia Britannica in excellent condition. Any idea what the value of that would be?

By Charlene

Question: Value of Children's Britannica

Have a set of 12 Children's Britannica from 1960.
Are they worth anything?

By TM Cooper

Question: Value of 1974 Encyclopedia Britannica

I have an 1974, 15th edition, set of the Encyclopedia Britannica. It is a complete set of 30 volumes with a black leather binding. I see these sets on eBay for $400 - $500. Is this a realistic price for them, assuming they are in excellent condition?


Question: Value of Encyclopedia Britannica from 1953

I have a complete set, in very good condition, of Encyclopedia Brittanica from 1953. There are 24 books total, including a text index and atlas index. I'm looking to sell these, but have zero clue of the value or how to sell them. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated!



Question: Value of 1979 Encyclopaedia Britannica

What would the value be for a 15th edition, printed 1979? It is in great condition (hardly been opened whilst on shelf taking up space which is now not available). It is a leather bound, full set of 1-19 Macropaedia (knowledge in depth) and matching 1-X Micropaedia (ready reference and index).

By Charles from Oxford, UK

Question: 1945 Encyclopedia Britannica

I have a complete set of 1945 Encyclopedia Britannica with the original shelving unit that came with them. Some are in fair condition, some poor, and two with missing outside spines. Are they worth anything or should I start my wood stove with them?

By John D.

Question: Encyclopedia Britannica 1946

I have a set of Encyclopedia Britannica in excellent condition, published by the the University of Chicago in 1946, first printed in 1929. There are 24 volumes, some of the pages have stuck together, but I have separated them easily most of the time, but some minor damage is present. Overall they are in very good conditions though. Does anybody know how much this could fetch? I'd be grateful.

By Diego

Question: Antique Encyclopedia Britannica 3rd Edition 1791

I have inherited a very old set of Encyclopedia Britannica and was wondering if anyone knows whether it is rare or valuable. It's 15 volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica Moore's Dublin Edition (James Moore) - 1791-1798. There are no picture plates in any of the volumes, just writing. I am interested in selling them, but am unsure how to find interested buyers.

By Jane B

Most Recent Answer

By Morgan W.01/15/2014

Moore's edition is an Irish pirate printing of the 3rd edition. It's supposed to be 18 volumes and it looks like somebody took all the plates out. A real Britannica 3rd edition complete and nice is worth $7000, Moores is a pirate and only worth $2000 if complete and with all the plates. Yours, incomplete and with all the plates gone, is firewood.

Question: Value of Encyclopedia Britannica 11th Edition

I have a complete set of the 11th Edition of the Encyclopedia Briticana 1910-1911. What is it worth?

By Alfred B. from Granite Bay, CA

Question: Value of Full Set of 1768 Britannica Encyclopedias

What is the Britannica encyclopedia (full 24 volume set) printed in 1768 worth? It is in excellent to very good condition.

By John D.

Question: 1947 Encyclopedia Britannica Jr.

I have a 1947, 15 volume set of Encyclopedia Britannica Jr. in excellent condition and am just wondering the approximate value if any. Thank you.

By Dave W.

Question: Value of 1768 Britannica Encyclopedia

Can someone assist me with the value for the 1768 Britannica encyclopedia? I have a full set of the white cover books.

By Brenda

Question: Value of Encyclopaedia Britannica

Is there any value to the ninth edition or take to car boot?

By D Gilbert

Question: Value of 1957 Encyclopedia Britannica

I am looking to sell and need to know the value.

By Timothy M.

Question: Value of 1960 Encyclopedia Britannica Set

How much is a 1960, 24 volume, set of Encyclopedia Britannica worth?

By Susan L. from Denver, CO

Most Recent Answer

By aesselti09/12/2013

Would you be willing to sell?

Question: Value of a 1906 Set of Encyclopedia Britannica

I have a 1906 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. It is a 30 volume set in good to excellent condition. What is the value and where could you sell them?

By Rose c

Most Recent Answer

By mrmima05/31/2013

Well, 1906 doesn't tell us much unfortunately. You need to open them up and make a more detailed description. But the year range should give you some volumes of the 9th and/or 10th edition. Please contact me for more information mrmima AT

Question: Misprint 1966 1st copy Britannica Set

Anyone know the value of a full set in pristine condition misprint 1st copy of Britannia encyclopedias?

By M B B

Question: Worth of Encyclopedia Britannica

I would like to find out the worth of a set of encyclopedia Britannica, purchased in 1957 with year books thru 1984.

By Helen O.

Question: Value of 1901 Encyclopedia Britannica

What's a full set of 1901 encyclopedia Britannica worth?

By Ben

Question: Value of 1960 Encyclopedia Britannica

How much would a set of Encyclopedia Britannica from 1960 be worth?

By James

Question: Selling a Vintage Encyclopedia Britannica

Stack of volumes.I have a complete leather bound set of Encyclopedia Britannica, eleventh edition, published in 1910. Where can I sell it?

By Carly S.

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]03/20/2013

Most encyclopedia are not worth anything, but this one is so old that it might be of interest to antique book collectors. This is who you must contact. Search online for book stores dealing in this type of book in your nearest cities to see if there is any interest.

Question: Value of Encyclopedia Britannica

How much is a set of Encyclopedia Britannica, 1970, volumes 1-23 with atlas worth? I also have Britannica Book of the year 1971-1984 set. I also have Britannica's yearbook of Science and the Future 1975-1978.

By Douglas N.

Question: Value of 1936 Encyclopedia Britannica

I have a complete set of the 1936 Encyclopedia Britannica in good condition. Is it worth anything? where?

By Tammy

Question: Value of a 1959 Set of Britannica With Original Cabinet

I have a set of 1959 encyclopedia Britannica with the original cabinet and I'm trying to find out what it is worth.

By Barb

Question: Value of 1967 Britannica World Atlas International

What is the value of a hard cover Britannica world atlas international? It is 11x16 inches from 1967 and in excellent condition.

By Dusty

Question: Value of 1989 Set of Britannica

I have been trying to figure out how much set of Britannica that I found in my crawl space are worth. It's from 1989, in excellent condition, with leather covers. There are volumes 1-24, I believe along with 3 or 4 other books. I can't remember what they are right now, but I know they go to the set.

By Shelby

Question: Value of Encyclopedia Britannica 14th Edition 24 Volumes

I want to know the worth of the full set of the 14th edition, 1929, Encyclopedia Britannica. The books are in excellent condition

By Sandip

Question: 1768 Encyclopedia Britannica

Set of encyclopedias on carpet.I have an encyclopedia set from Britannica. It comes with 23 books plus the index and I was wondering if you could give me a price in which we could sell them? They are all in fair condition. I've been to my public library to see if they could give me any information about my books, but they couldn't. The book covers are gold, hard backs with blue lettering. If you could give me any information on my product it will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

By Isabel

Question: Value of 1901 Encyclopedia Britannica

I have a full set of Encyclopedia Britannica, New Werner Edition, copyright 1901, New American Supplement, Twentieth Century Edition. What are is these worth?

By W.B.

Question: Value of Encylopedia Britannica - 1883

We have a complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica published in 1883. How much do you think they may be worth? They are in good condition.

By Jane from Leigh-on-Sea

Most Recent Answer

By mrmima05/31/2013

Take a look on Ebay for a rough guide, a more exact price can only be established after looking at the condition. You have the 9th Edition which should be 24 volumes plus 1 index. send me details to mrmima AT please.

Question: Britannica First Edition Replica Set - Leather Bound

I have a walnut, glass fronted presentation case containing replicas of the original 1st edition from Britannica themselves that I was given 20 years ago.

Any ideas of value?

By Frank

Question: Approximate Worth of Encyclopedia Britannica Set

I would like to know the approximate value of the following Encyclopedia Britannica sets: full set of 1768 Encyclopedia Britannica set published in 1957, Britannica World Language Dictionary A-Z published in 1956, and Britannica Book of Year from 1974 - 1982. Thanks.

By Larry

Most Recent Answer

By Morgan W.01/15/2014

The 1957 edition of Britannica isn't worth anything. You won't get $50 on ebay for it and the shipping is more than $50. Nobody wants the 14th edition in any year, which is 1928 to the 15th edition.

Question: Value of 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica

Encyclopedias on bookshelf.What is the value of complete home edition set of 1911 Brittanica encyclopedias in their original wooden stand? Some of their outer covers are falling apart due to them being what I think is seal skin, but overall all pages in all books are pretty much intact.

By Dawn G.

Question: 1768 Britannica Encyclopedia Reprint 1968

Cover of encyclopedia.I have a 1768 Britannica encyclopedia, reprint 1968, set 1-23 + index. What is the value of this encyclopedia?

By Mamu Italia

Question: Value of 1946 Encyclopedia Britannica

How much is a 1946 set of encyclopedia Britannica worth?

By Aurelia b

Question: Value of 1940s Encyclopedia Britannica

What is value of a full set of Encyclopedia Britannica from 1940s? It is in very good condition.

By Donna Y

Question: Universal Knowledge Britannica

Books on bookshelf.I have a 23 volume set of Universal Knowledge Britannica, plus the index to volumes 1 to 23, an atlas with index, that has lists of contributors.
The publisher is William Benton. Chicago, London, Toronto, and Geneva.

It is stored in its own wood book shelf with the large atlas that sits behind it. On the fourth page it has 1768 with a wild flower around the 1768. The front cover has 1769. They are cream books with red on the side.
Are they worth anything or should I throw them out?
Made in the USA.

By Petra

Question: Encyclopaedia Britannica 1906

Closeup of cloth bound encyclopedia.What would a complete 30 volume set of New Werner Twentieth Century Edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica with New American aupplements in excellent condition be worth? We are interested in selling them.

By Carla L.

Question: Value of Encyclopedia Britannica

I have a 1926 set of Encyclopedia Britannica (32 volumes in 16), in fair to good condition. Do you have any idea of it's worth?

By Larry

Question: Value of Britannica Book of the Year- 1950

I have the 1950 Britannica book of the year/encyclopedia. How much is it worth?

By Duane from Charleston, SC

Question: Value of set of 1942 Encyclopedia Britannica

I have a set of 1942 Encyclopedia Britannica. The set has 23 volumes plus an atlas and index. The copyright is 1942. Each volume begins with initials and names of contributors, with the articles written by them. They are bound in navy blue leather and in pristine condition. Can you tell me how much this set is worth?


Most Recent Answer

By Lewissan [30]09/10/2012

I checked eBay and don't see of that year but they do have a nice set from 1941 that they are trying to $320 for. I recommend going on eBay and set up an alert. They can email a 1942 Encyclopedia Britannica is put up for auction and then you can watch and see what it goes for.

Question: Value of 1944 Encyclopedia Britannica

I have a full set, 1-23 and #24, being the atlas and index of Encyclopaedia Britannica. They are in mint condition and never have been used. The copyright dates on the inside cover are: 1929, '30, '32, '36, '37, '38, '39, '40, '41, '42, '43, and 1944. The pages are still crisp. I was curious as to what they would be worth? Let me know.


Question: Value of 1771 Encyclopaedia Britannica

I have the complete set of Encyclopaedia Britannica or: a Dictionary of Arts and Sciences compiled upon a new plan in which the different sciences and arts are digested in distinct Treaties or Systems. It is illustrated with 160 copperplates by a society of Gentlemen in Scotland. There are 3 volumes. It is in mint condition. It was published in Edinburgh; printed for A. Bell and C. Macfarquharand, fold by Colin Macfarquhar, at his printing office, Nicolfon-ftreet M.D.C.C.L.X.X.I year-1771

By Emily P from Atlanta, GA

Most Recent Answer

By mrmima02/18/2014

Hi Emily P. Do you still have your set of Encyclopaedia Britannica from 1771? If you want an appraisal please email me with more information to mrmima hat yahoo dot de

Question: Value Volume of Encyclopedia Britannica

What is the value of my volume 5 of the 1954 Encyclopedia Britannica?

By Thomas from Tacoma

Question: 1888 Encyclpedia Britannica

What's the value of an 1888 ninth edition of Encyclopedia Britannica in good condition?

By Stevie

Question: Selling a Set of Encyclopaedia Britannica

Hiw do I find someone who might be interested in a full set if Encyclopaedia Britannica? It is mint condition and was purchased in the 1980s?

By Roberta D.

Most Recent Answer

By Sandy Gerber [22]08/20/2012

I was hoping we were done with all encyclopedia posts.

Question: Value of the New Encyclopaedia Britannica

Single volume.I have a mint condition set of the New Encyclopaedia Britannica in 30 volumes. It is the 1984 15th edition. I'm not sure if the binding is leather, but it sure is beautiful! I was wondering if anyone new what they might be worth.
All of the volumes have black covers and binding. (I have seen online colored volumes, but these aren't.)

By M M

Question: Encyclopedia Britannica: A New Survey of Universal Knowledge book

How do I find the value of a full set of Encyclopedia Britannica: A New Survey of Universal Knowledge Book?

By Megan Hoerman

Question: Value of Encyclopaedia Britannica Handy Volume Issue

I have the Encyclopaedia Britannica Handy Volume Issue, 1910. It is hard cover, in green. It is an incomplete set. I have vol. 1-6 , 8, 12-15, 22-24, and 27. The pages are in excellent condition. There are a few of the covers in fair condition, most are in good condition. How can I find out the value?

By Ric

Most Recent Answer

By Morgan W.01/15/2014

The handy set of the 11th edition is worth about $300 complete. Since your set is incomplete it's not worth anything. Better try to find the missing volumes if you want to sell it.

Question: Value of Children's Britannica

I have a Children's Britannica set, 1973 edition full set. How much is it worth? Thank you.

By Jo

Question: 1960s Encyclopedia Britannica

I have the full set of EB from the 1960s. Is there any way to figure out if they are worth something today? Thanks.

By Sherry

Question: Value of 1887 Encyclopedia Britannica

I have a full set of 1887 Encyclopedia Britannica, the 9th Edition. They are in good shape. Are they worth anything?


Most Recent Answer

By Morgan W.01/15/2014

The 9th edition if it's the original Adam Black edition from Edinburgh or the Charles Schribners authorized printing or Little and Brown authorized printing is worth $1000 in nice condition and maybe $400 if beat up. The pirated America versions are worth maybe $200 in nice condition. The pirated versions in beat up condition are worthless. Pirated versions are Werner, Peale, and many others. Worthless. They don't even make good firewood.

Question: Value of 15th Edition Encyclopedia Britannica

I would like to know the value of an old Encyclopedia Britannica 15th edition 1987. It is in mint condition. There are 55 volumes. The books are black leather, hardback, with cushion covering. The set includes:
29 encyclopedia volumes
a 2 volume index, A-K and L-Z
1 volume index on how to use the set (Propaedia outline of knowledge)
7 Britannica World Data Book of Annuals 1987-1993
5 Britannica Book of the Year Events of, 1993 - 1997
11 Annual Science and the Future Volumes 1988 - 1998

By Lisa from UK

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]03/30/2012

Might be in mint condition, but no one wants these either, I'll bet. Check the archives here for opinions.

Question: Encyclopedia Britannica Value Inquiry

Two shelf bookcase with Britannica.I'd like to know the value of a complete and original, copyrighted, 24 vol. encyclopedia Britannica, from 1929, in its original wooden case furniture (2 feet 26 inches W x 2 feet 30 inches H x 1 foot 13 inches D, approximately) that I've just inherited. It looks vintage, but is in excellent condition. It seems it was mainly used as a decoration item. Thanks.

By Sandra T.

Most Recent Answer

By Bruce Boland09/17/2012

That's the first printing of the 14th edition. With the original bookcase it's collectible. See original advertisements for that set on eBay. It came out a month before the stock market crash. You might get $100-$250 for it.

I use PDF versions of the 9th, 11th and 12th editions freely downloaded at and print versions of the 13th edition (1926), 14th edition (1957) and 15th edition (1991) as well as the DVD software 15th edition (2011).

Question: Value of 1768 Encyclopedia Britannica

How do I find the value of a 30 volume, 1768, historical, rarely available complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica?

By Oleg

Most Recent Answer

By carolynn03/23/2012

Are you positive this is the 1768 edition (the first year published)? According to multiple web sources about Britannica, the first edition had only 3 volumes (published in Edinburgh, Scotland); you say your edition as 30 volumes.

Question: Value of Britannica Encyclopedias

I have a complete set. I'm not sure of the year. They have been packed away for years. What would they be worth? I also have a 1910 Webster's dictionary?

By John

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]03/20/2012

Encyclopedia have no value unless they are very old. If this set is 1912, say, it may have value. If it is 1960, it will have none. You would have to consult an antique book dealer for the value of your dictionary. It maybe worth something.

Question: Value of Britannica Encyclopaedia

I have a (24) volume set, 1960 edition, of Encyclopaedia Britannica 1961 to 1971 which is in excellent condition, as well as, Britannica (Book of the Year) 1961 to 1971 and am interested in selling. Could you provide the approximate value of same?

By Alexander

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]03/19/2012

Sorry, Likely not worth anything. Check the archives here.

Question: Value of 1943 Britannica Encyclopedia Set

How much is an old Britannica set, that is the 15th edition, worth? It was published in 1943 by William Benton then in 1973 by Helen Benton. It has 1768 printed on the side or end of the hardcover, if that means anything.

By Jane

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]03/19/2012

This is probably still not old enough to be worth anything, but you might want to check with an antique or second hand bookseller.

Question: Value of R.S. Peale 1892 Encyclopedia Britannica Reprint

What is the value of 1892 Enclyclopedia Britannica that is a R.S. Peale reprint?

By C.L. Jaacobs

Question: 1956 Encyclopedia Britannica 24 Volume Set

I have a full 24 volume set of the 1956 encyclopedia Britannica. They are in very good condition and I would like to know the approximate value of them. I also have a world atlas also dated the same year.

By Garry

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]02/19/2012

Most thrift stores and second hand stores won't take old Encyclopedia. No one wants them. However, you may find someone you can give them to who will use them for a craft or art project. Some people make lamps out of them, for example.

Question: Value of 1902 Encyclopaedia Britannica

I have an old set of encyclopedias entitled: "Encyclopaedia Britannica with Revised American Supplement". This is a complete 30-volume set, with a "New American Supplement" (according to the coverpage). On the coverpage, it is also referred to as the "Twentieth Century Edition: Revised, with Large Additions, to January 1, 1901". The copyright is, The Werner Company, 1902. They are in generally good condition, with the text and colorplates in very good condition.

Is there any way of knowing the value of this set? Please reply here.

By Drew W.

Most Recent Answer

By Joan [19]01/17/2012

Unless you can find someone who collects old encyclopedias, they probably have no value. Try posting on Craig's List to see if anyone is interested.

Question: Value of 1954 Encyclopedia Britannica Junior

I have a set of encyclopedias. It is a 15 volume set of Britannica Junior A-Z, 1954, with Ready Reference. Are these worth anything? They have not been used since 1967.

By Linda S

Most Recent Answer

By xintexas [28]01/14/2012

A quick answer would be a big no!

Question: Value of 1892 Encyclopaedia Britannica

The encyclopedia is complete, in 25 volumes. Very few of the volumes have loose or missing (one) covers or spines. There is no mildew or damage to the pages. It's filled with illustrations. What can this be valued at?


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Your set is rare so it will get lots of attention. Book appraisals are tricky because there are sometimes very few comps. It takes lots of telephone research to obtain fair market value. Many interesting books have migrated to Florida from up north. Make sure yours are not the R.S. Peale reprints. If your set is original it's worth $300-$500.

Question: Value of Encyclopedia Britannica 1944

How do I find the estimated value of a complete set of a 1994 edition and four year books from 1943-47?

By John M.

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By Louise B. [5]11/07/2011

You may be able to give them away to someone who does crafts or art. There are people who make fantastic artwork/sculptures with altered books. Perhaps an innovative art teacher at a school would be interested in these for this purpose. Google "Brian Dettmer" to see examples of what kind of art can be made.

Question: Value of a 1945 Encyclopedia Britannica Set

How much would a set of 1945 Encyclopedia Britannica in great shape be worth?

By Annnie from Brooklyn, NY

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By Grandma J [46]10/25/2011

Nothing. Even a set that is less than 10 years old (for tax purposes) can only be used at a small percentage rate. Your CPA can help you. We donated ours to a small private school and got a charity deduction. No collectible value, information is old the second it is printed. That is why they sell you the updated year book for $50. These books before the internet would get you quite a few years of study out of them. After the internet, zero. Sorry.

Question: Where Can I Sell Britannica Encyclopedias?

I would like to sell a set of 24 Britannica encyclopedias plus Britannica World Atlas. Any thoughts?

By Donna T from Indianapolis, IN

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By leanne chaisson [44]05/12/2011

I hate to tell you this but your chances of selling/and or giving these away is slim to none. No one wants encyclopedias in this digital age, it is a sad fact but nonetheless is true. I work at our local share shed, and we are constantly having to discard encyclopedias and atlases. Perhaps someone can come up with a craft for them (have seen them used as shelving, though haven't tried it). Good luck.

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