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Finding the Value of Seymour Mann Dolls

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The value of collectible items such as dolls can fluctuate over time. This is a guide about finding the value of Seymour Mann dolls.


Here are questions related to Finding the Value of Seymour Mann Dolls.

Question: Value of a Seymour Mann Doll

How much is a Seymour Mann doll, named Hildy worth?

By Marlana

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]04/13/2014

Hi - information is easy to find on Google and sites like eBay, Etsy. you can type doll identification on Google and find several sites for more information.

Just remember - Prices are not very reliable as asking prices and "history" or current prices on sites do not always reflect on what a doll will sell for or how long it would take to find someone interested in a particular doll.

Question: Value of Seymour Mann 1991 Doll

Red haired doll in frilly dress.I have a 1991 Seymour Mann Shelley doll; I cant find this doll's value anywhere. Can anyone help?

By Jerry S

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]03/26/2014

Hi - there are over 1600 Seymour Mann dolls on eBay but you may not find Shelly. You can go to eBay's sold Seymour Mann dolls and see a general idea as to what dolls are selling for. Some dolls are listed by sellers for many months (or years!) before they sell even for only a few dollars.

Shipping is costly for dolls (and other things also) which makes selling even more difficult. Sorry but this is the only advice I can offer.
You can Google your doll and see what comes up.

Question: Value of Seymour Mann Bride Doll

I would like to find the value of this bride doll by Seymour Mann, named Francoise. She is limited edition 551/2500 and is an antique reproduction doll, produced in 1996.

By Sherry

Question: Seymour Mann Doll Value

How much is a Seymour Mann connoisseur bridal doll worth?

By Mary M.

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie12/31/2013

Dolls of all kinds are so plentiful now and this makes the value low most of the time.

There are lots of Seymour Mann dolls listed on eBay, Etsy and Google so you can get an idea of what sellers are "asking" for these dolls. There are also several styles of wedding dolls.

Bear in mind that everything is a "buyers" market and some of these dolls may have been listed at their asking price for a long time (even years).

Dolls are not easy to sell but you can get a general idea of their value.

Question: Value of Seymour Mann Dolls

I have the Jamie and Brianna dolls. I can't find either one to see how much they are. I do know they are the first of a set of 4 Seymour Mann had done. Thank you.

By Michelle from Jacksonville, FL

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie11/23/2013

I found where a Jamie doll sold this month on eBay for 2.99 plus postage and there is presently a Brianna coll listed for 19.95 but no sale yet.

Check out the other Seymour Mann dolls and you may get an idea of the general worth. "Sold" dolls are listed in the column on the left side of your eBay screen.

Question: Value of Seymour Mann Doll

How much is my Seymour Mann Inc. doll worth? It is a connoisseur doll collection and Seymour Mann doll.

By Sarah

Most Recent Answer

By Marie Brack07/23/2013

I did an internet search and this is the result: ... q=value+of+seymour+mann+doll&bq=

Collectibles are worth what someone will pay for it. They don't have a set, immutable value. If you search for Seymour Mann dolls on eBay you'll see what people are asking. Notice the finished auctions and see what people actually paid for them.

Solutions: Finding the Value of Seymour Mann Dolls

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