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Gluing Glass to Glass

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Gluing Glass to Glass

Craft projects using glass often require you to glue glass to glass. This is a guide about gluing glass to glass.


Solutions: Gluing Glass to Glass

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Tip: Clay to Support Glued Glass Pieces

I recently had a rather small piece of glass to glue to another piece of glass and found out an easy way to keep it in place while it dried. Take a wad of play dough or modeling clay, press it over the piece to anchor it in place. When dried, just lift it off.

By Jim from W. Hollywood, CA

Tip: Where to Buy E6000 Adhesive

E6000 Adhesive is the goto glue for crafters everywhere. Whether you are attaching something to plastic, a magnet or even glueing glass to glass, E6000 gets the job done right. Be sure to get the precision applicator tips to ensure the glue only goes where you want it.

E6000 Adhesive with Precision Tips, 1-Ounce

Tip: Gorilla Glue for Attaching Glass to Glass

I have used several glues to glue glass to glass. I started with E-6000, but found that the tube of glue was useless after 2 or 3 uses. It wouldn't bond anything anymore. I switched to Gorilla Glue. I use the water activated kind. You just run a damp washcloth over each piece of what you are gluing. It expands a bit while drying to fill holes, and best of all the glue in the bottle doesn't dry up.

    By Connie Miller K. [2]

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    Here are questions related to Gluing Glass to Glass.

    Question: Gluing Glass

    I am trying to glue the wings back on a glass butterfly. What type of glass glue do I use for heavy glass?

    By Sheliah


    Best Answer

    By Cindy [1]08/11/2014

    E6000 is the best thing I have found! If you can't find it contact me. I have it in my shop. Search Cindybeadlady

    Question: Gluing Glass Beads and Marbles to Window Pane

    I need to find a glue that will firmly secure glass beads and marbles to a window pane, that also dries clear. I need it for a kindergarten class project for their school auction. Any suggestions?

    By Kylie R.


    Most Recent Answer

    By Margaret [13]11/11/2013 is a website that tells you which glue to use for whatever you need to glue together. Just enter the two items and you will be given the info that you need. Good luck.
    Margaret from Denton, Texas

    Question: Gluing Glass Blocks Together

    What is the best glue to use for gluing two 8x8x3 glass blocks together? I have used Goop glue and it has an odor that doesn't go away much. I stack the 2 blocks on top of each other with a plastic strip in between and need to make sure if I pick them up by the top block only, that they will not separate.

    Brenda from Fort Wayne, IN

    Most Recent Answer

    By Renee01/30/2010

    Just a plain old glue gun will work just dandy, I make a snowman and have to glue 2 different sizes together and it holds just fine!

    Question: Glue for Gluing Items to Glass

    What kind of glue do you use to glue items (glass pebbles, bottle bottoms, tiles) to glass?

    By Yolanda P

    Most Recent Answer

    By Linda L. [33]05/12/2013

    E6000- available in craft stores as well as home improvement stores, Walmart, etc.

    Question: Gluing Glass to Glass

    How do I glue two very dense pieces of crystal together? I have an antique quartz crystal (almost clear) 10 inch high Buddha. It fell and the head broke off. What is the world's best and strongest clear drying adhesive available? I am confused by all of the many claims on line. Can someone help?

    By Richard M.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Suzanne Matsumoto [1]05/17/2014

    I second the use of E6000 glue. It is wonderful!

    Question: Gluing Glass to Glass

    I have a crystal horse and need to repair a piece that came off. I purchased some glass glue, but can't seem to get the piece to adhere. Any suggestions?

    By James from W Hollywood, CA

    Most Recent Answer

    By cettina [74]03/13/2010

    Use bostik superglue. I had a little crystal boat and one of the sails fell off. A tiny dab of superglue and I held it in place for a few seconds, and voila! It's fixed!

    Question: Gluing Glass to Glass

    I've been told that E6000 would glue anything together. I've tried using E6000 to glue glass Mason jars to glass candle sticks. After 3 days they can still be pulled apart. What else can I use, or does it take longer to set up?

    By Kim L

    Most Recent Answer

    By wolfey12/20/2014

    How long and how do you get glass to glue to glass?

    Question: Gluing Two Parts of Glass Dessert Stand Together

    I have a square glass decorative dessert plate that was on a stand, like a cake stand. I took it out of the dishwasher and the two pieces were separated completely. There were remnants of the clear glue or adhesive that was used originally on both pieces. I could peel it off and it was hardened. What can I use to put this glass plate back together so that it will withstand hot water when washed?

    By EC

    Most Recent Answer

    By Mary Lou [14]09/03/2013

    There is a china glue by Lepage on the market or get a glue for glass. If the dessert stand falls apart so easily, perhaps it should hand-washed and dried in water that is less hot than a dishwasher.

    Question: Preparing Smooth Glass for Glueing

    I am making a 3 or 4 tier glass stand out of glass dishes. I am wondering how to prep the smooth edges of the glass for the glue to adhere better.

    By Kathy from USA

    Most Recent Answer

    By sandy [1]03/12/2010

    Hi Kathy, I didn't do anything to prep them. I use Premium Waterproof Caulk. 100% Silicone Clear. I have used this on several projects, in fact one of them is in water. I don't have a problem with water getting it, coming apart, and on one of the projects, the glass is quite heavy, have been using the items for years. Hope that helps.Sandy2009

    Question: Gluing Sea Glass to Plate Glass

    I am gluing sea glass to plate glass, a glass frame, that will be vertical, so it needs to bond well. Also it can not yellow over time in the sun. Ideas?

    By Jenny B.

    Question: Best Outdoor Glue for Glass

    What's the best glue to use on glass for the outdoors?

    By Linda

    Question: Gluing Glass to Glass

    When it calls for scuffing the glass before gluing, what am I scuffing it with? sand paper? what grade?

    By Jean

    Question: Best Glue for Repairing a Glass Vase

    I have a delicate glass vase in desperate need of repair. Any suggestions on which glue to use please?

    By Maria V.


    Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

    Archive: Gluing Glass to Glass

    What type of glue should we use to glue decorative glass to glass blocks?

    Denis from Ottawa, Ontario

    RE: Gluing Glass to Glass

    Glue This to That. This site tells you which glue to use to glue things to other things, this tool helps you with that! (12/02/2008)

    By melody_yesterday

    RE: Gluing Glass to Glass

    I've used a good clear adhesive caulk with excellent results. I have a stained glass butterfly that I mounted to a clear glass building block that has been out in my backyard for years and it's still going strong. If the glass your gluing to the glass block is also clear you might want to try a test item first to see if the caulk shows through or not. I also use the clear caulk for mounting stained glass to stepping stones and let it set up before I grout them. (12/03/2008)

    By MaryC.

    RE: Gluing Glass to Glass

    I don't know what is available in Indiana but two ideas come to mind: Ask at your local Lowe's or Home Depot type store or contact your local Glaziers Union. They are a labor union that installs commercial glass and likely would be willing to answer your question. Good Luck. Tracie (12/07/2008)

    By Tracie

    Archive: Gluing Glass to Glass

    I am starting to do yard art by gluing different glass pieces together, i.e. plates, vases, etc. Problem is I don't know what type of glue to use. Thanks.

    By Sfarler from Olympia

    RE: Gluing Glass to Glass

    At Village Garden Web, according to a post by robin_ssi, "The best adhesive to use when you're working with glass is Weldbond. It dries clear, is non-toxic and it is waterproof when it dries." (05/16/2009)

    By Anonymous

    RE: Gluing Glass to Glass

    Here's the website where I got this information it's great when everyone glues anything together:

    Glass to Glass

    For the strongest, fastest, and most invisible bond we recommend: Loctite Impruv

    If Loctite is not available in your area, or you live in Alaska in the winter where there is no available UV light, we recommend: Household Goop

    Another fast alternative that will do the job, but not as strong, is

    • Krazy Glue
    • Super Glue
    • Zap
    • Zap-a-Gap if you have gaps to fill

    If the bond has to hold up to solvents use: Seal-All

    The least toxic, yet not as strong, alternative is: Weldbond

    Whenever you are gluing glass you must consider the visibility of the adhesive. If the glass is translucent or transparent, you will want a glue that dries as clear as possible. Before gluing any glass bond be sure that the glass is clean, free of any oil (even from your fingers) and dry. (05/17/2009)


    RE: Gluing Glass to Glass

    I use E-6000. It's the best adhesive to use with glass. (05/21/2009)

    By castleberrycc