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Mosquito Bite Remedies

Mosquito Bite Remedies

Stopping the itch and irritation of mosquito bites isn't always easy. This guide contains mosquito bite remedies.


Solutions: Mosquito Bite Remedies

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Tip: Orajel For Mosquito Bites

This is a sure fix for mosquito bites. Every time I get bitten by a mosquito, I use Orajel or any toothache gel medicine and it works! It stops the itching instantly and will not itch again. I have done this for years. It isn't greasy, sticky, or smelly. It's convenient to put right in your pocket :)

By Pixie in Alliance, OH

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Tip: Onion for Mosquito Bites

Rub the juice from a piece of cut onion on your mosquito bite. It will stop itching immediately and if you apply the onion juice two or three times a day the bite will disappear within a few days. Who can't find a piece of onion at a picnic, barbeque or camping! This works great!

Source: Farmers Almanac

By Shelli1961 from Boise, ID

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Tip: Remedy for Itching Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes tend to eat me alive. I needed a quick fix to alleviate the itching, and I didn't want anything that was either too stinky or left dots all over me. Some store products didn't work for me. I tried table salt on the moistened area (it helped, but granules kept falling off). Apple cider vinegar didn't smell good and relief didn't last that long. Peppermint toothpaste would have worked, but again the splotches and fear of having it rub off onto other things. So, I tried deodorant - it worked great and no messy residue! I found starting out with a clean shower (because there were so many bites), then rubbing deodorant over the bites, stopped the itching and kept it that way for a long time. And it was easy and portable to take along if the bites started acting up again.

Source: Found suggestion on

By Diane from Rochester, NY

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Tip: Baking Soda Paste for Bug Bites

Iif you want to save lots of dollars to remedy bug bites, just make a paste out of water and baking soda. Something about this combination draws out the irritant from the bug bites. Very green and natural solution to bug bite discomfort!

By Claire J. from San Francisco

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Tip: Tape for Mosquito Bites

When I get a bite, it swells up until it is a 1 inch weal that stays with me for about 10 days and itches for almost that long. I really needed this easy and effective solution. I tried a lot of the posted remedies, but none of them worked for me. I even tried putting nail polish on. It worked, but because I only had colored polish, I had colored splotches all over my legs and arms.

I fell upon a solution that is so simple, I almost hesitate posting it. I put a small piece of plastic tape over the bite and it started to lessen the itch right away. After about three minutes, it stopped altogether. The big red bump also went away after a couple of days.

Leave the tape on. If it falls off, replace it. I found out the hard way the itch will return if the tape is removed too soon! It works for me.

    By Agassizlady [1]

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    Tip: Alcohol and Tape

    Hate that itch when you've been bitten by a mosquito? Well I stumbled upon a way to end the itch of a mosquito bite instantly! I hate mosquitos. I hate the awful itch that comes from their bite-even more.

    One spring morning I was cleaning my yard and carefully removing any stagnant water from around my potted plants, when I got a nasty bite from a mosquito. I went inside to get rubbing alcohol to put on the bite and some calamine lotion. I located the rubbing alcohol, in the medicine cabinet-but realized I was out of calamine lotion. I put the rubbing alcohol on my skin, and of course - began to scratch the irritated bite area.

    Needless to say-that itch can be unbearable and cause the skin around the bite to swell. To make a long story short - after I applied the rubbing alcohol, I put a piece of scotch tape directly on top of the bite and to my surprise - the itch stopped - immediately! I left the tape on for about 4 hours and when I pulled the tape off, I could actually see the poison extract from the mosquito - on the tape. Somehow the adhesive on the tape collected the fluid from the bite and I held the tape up to the light and I could see the tiny penetration hole on the tape from where I was bit.

    I have been using tape to end itching form mosquito bites ever since. It's funny how a simple piece of scotch tape can halt an unbearable itch. Apparently, the tape keeps the area around the bite from naturally expanding. After I removed the tape there was no further itching and no black mark left. I put some more rubbing alcohol on the skin after removing the tape. I know it may sound weird, but the next time you get a irritating mosquito insect bite, after you place your antiseptic on the bite-place a piece of scotch tape directly on top of that bite and feel instant relief with no insatiable urge-to scratch!

    By Big Bad Mama

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    Tip: Charcoal Capsules for Bug Bites

    I would like to share a great tip I found for those nasty bites that make our skin swell up. Take two charcoal capsules, split them, and put the powder into a small dish. Mix to a paste with a few drops of cold water, then spread onto the bite leave on for half an hour then wash off in tepid water. It's a bit messy, I know, but this really works and takes the poison and swelling down.

    Source: Homemade Alternative Recipe Book

    By irisheyes

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    Tip: Deodorant for Itching from Mosquito Bites

    I had a lot of mosquito bites and the itching was driving me crazy. A friend told me to rub deodorant on them and I figured it was worth a try. To my surprise, the itching went away instantly. For some reason you have to use the white kind, the clear kind does not work. An inexpensive way to keep those bites from itching.

    Source: From a friend

    By Mythi from Poulsbo, WA

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    Tip: Hot Water For Mosquito Bites

    Using your faucet or shower, run the hottest water you can tolerate directly on your mosquito bite(s) for as long as you can. A few seconds should be sufficient. Repeat as often as necessary.

    Perhaps it is a combination of the hot water opening your pores and allowing for the release of some of the venom or just that the hot water numbs the area, but somehow this quick fix does the trick! I find that it often helps the problem just by itself, without the use of any other products, but you can use this remedy in combination with any other creams or remedies and see if the numbing effects last even longer!

      By LilZen101 [1]

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      Tip: Bananas and Mosquito Bites

      Are you the type of person who is always getting bit by mosquitoes, even when someone else is sitting next to you and is completely unbothered? The answer may lie in your diet. I have heard that people who eat bananas on a daily basis are MUCH more susceptible to being eaten alive by skeeters. Something in the scent of bananas that seeps from your pores when you sweat, maybe.

      So if you are planning on going camping this summer, make sure to not eat bananas not only while you are there, but also a week or so ahead of time to let your body discharge that "bananalike" smell that drives the skeeters wild.

      By PMZ Paul from Walnutport, PA

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      Tip: Deodorant for Mosquito Itch

      I was actually looking through all these questions and I saw that one option said deodorant so I tried it. It was INSTANT! It's amazing!

        By aidenlovescats [1]

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        Tip: Use Oatmeal for Bug Bites

        Chiggers and mosquitoes have been really bad this year, and I seem to attract more than my fair share. I seem to be especially sensitive to them, and itch for days and days. I've tried hydrocortisone and benzocaine cream (Lanacane) with not much luck.

        What finally worked was so simple, it was almost unbelievable. Oatmeal. Yes, regular oatmeal. Run a bath as usual, but sprinkle in a handful or two of oatmeal. As you soak, rub handfuls of the now-mushy oatmeal on bug bites as an added anti-itch remedy. This has the added benefit of being completely natural and chemical free.

        Source: I remembered reading somewhere about the anti-itch properties of oatmeal, and I was desperate.

        By Camilla from Atchison, KS

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        Here are questions related to Mosquito Bite Remedies.

        Question: Mosquito Bites on My Face

        I've recently come to Jeju, Korea (an island off the main land of Korea) to my uncle's place. I slept the 2nd night and I guess a mosquito had been inside my room. I woke up around 3 am in the morning noticing that i was itching my face. When I went to the bathroom I've found 6 bites on my face and my right eye had swollen up. I've been putting medication on for over 4 days and they seem to not be going away. It's bothering me so much that my face looks like it's diseased. It doesn't itch but is there a way to get rid of the bites on my face fast?

        Julie from Jeju, Korea

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        Best Answer

        By Cheryl from Missouri (Guest Post) 06/05/2006

        Try taking an antihistamine. The swelling is an allergic reaction and Benadryl and such should help.

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        Question: Remedies for Bug Bites

        I have bug bites on my legs. Is there any way to clear them up in a couple days?

        By Dixie from Mc Calla, AL

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        Best Answer

        By slaine 1 08/16/2010

        Use the product "Basic H2 Super Organic Cleaning Concentrate" it stops the itch of a mosquito bite the second you apply it. It's also organic so its not harmful to your skin. This is used as an organic cleaning product for homes but, I use it on my bug bites all the time and have recommended it. No side affects yet.

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        Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

        Archive: Remedies for Bug Bites

        Does anyone have a home remedy for bug bites? My two year old must have been bitten by a mosquito or spider and has red bumps that look bad, they itch, too.

        Pseres from MI


        Baking Soda Bath

        You can draw a baking soda or baby oatmeal bath, that will help with the itching. Adding a little vinegar in the bathwater helps, too. If there are two puncture marks on the bite, it is a spider, and if it is swollen please go to the doctor, or ER if there is diarrhea, fever etc. I get those bad reactions to mosquitoes, and the best homemade non-toxic repellent I know of is Vanilla Extract. I am B+ blood type, and they seem to like that. When I put it on pulse points, no bites.

        By camo_angels

        Three Ideas

        There are three good remedies for bites. Try dabbing them with either vinegar or ammonia. A dab of Nu Skin will stop the itching also, believe it or not. (05/11/2006)

        By spyderbyte

        Bug Bite Remedy

        Old fashioned cheap remedy but it works.

        • 1 bottle of rubbing alcohol
        • 6 plain aspirin
        Add aspirin to bottle of alcohol shake until dissolved. Label bottle appropriately; I mark mine "Bug Bite Remedy". Rub solution on bite marks with cotton swab. The itching and burning stops very fast.


        By Michelle

        Hydrocortisone Cream

        My daughter gets these from mosquito bites. The first time I saw them they were huge and scary looking. I took her to the doctor and he said she was allergic to the bug bite. He recommended hydrocortisone cream applied to the bumps a few times a day. Stops the itching too. (05/13/2006)

        By tmelendezt

        Banana Skins

        We use the inside skin from a banana. Just peel and rub it where it itches. It works like a charm and you get a delicious snack as well.

        By wmceache

        Archive: Remedy for Itching Mosquito Bites

        What do I use for mosquito bites?
        Thank you.

        By Mary from AZ



        I just read a tip today to wet an aspirin and set it on bite to stop the pain and itch. (06/04/2010)

        By knitter926


        I think I got this hint from this site. I bought a trial size deodorant and rub that on my grandbaby who is highly allergic to all bites. She scratches til she bleeds, but this had stopped that. I keep the small container in my purse. Solid rub-on deodorant! I am going to try the Scotch tape though.

        By HalfWhit

        Scotch Tape

        I have had a bad reaction to mosquito bites since I was a child. Almost nothing works, ice, calamine lotion, baking soda, and toothpaste, however, Scotch tape works best for me. Thank you so much!

        By bbstreet4

        Isopropyl Alcohol and Hydrocortisone Cream

        I also am sensitive to bug bites and what works for me is wiping well with isopropyl alcohol and then applying a dab of over the counter hydrocortisone cream. (06/08/2010)

        By Deeli

        Maximum Strength Orajel

        You could try putting some Maximum Strength Orajel on it. I've got 26 bug bites scattered over my legs and hips and I'm currently trying it out. (absolutely no idea where they're coming from. I haven't been outside other than to walk to the car, and I had my legs covered. They're all on my lower body, too. None up top at all, and I'm not quite sure why.) It's numbed them for the most part so far, but I'm not sure how long it will last. Hope it works for you if you try it!

        By Ballinballerina

        Archive: Remedy for Itching Mosquito Bites

        What is the best product to use on mosquito bites? Alcohol just doesn't work well, nor does CVS Itch Relief Spray.

        By Karen from Boynton Beach, FL



        My husband just told me to put white vinegar on the bites. I didn't have white vinegar so I used apple cider vinegar.

        By metroplex


        AfterBite, the itch eraser, is real good. You can find it in the first aid section at Wal-mart.

        By Hate Litter


        I have used Bactine on New England mosquito bites and it is very effective. It is also great on sunburns and kids boo boo's because it doesn't sting when you put it on!

        By D Caisse


        I use ammonia on a q-tip, after discovering that Afterbite is basically ammonia. Learned this from a fellow camper and I left my afterbite home. Worked like a charm!

        By chrissy1313