House Trained Dog Pooping Inside

It is frustrating and confusing when your house trained dog backslides. This is a guide about what to do when a previously house broken dog has started pooping in the house.

November 28, 2016 Flag
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I have a two year old Husky/German Shepherd mix who has been potty trained since he was two months old. About six months ago my boyfriend got a job (he was with the dogs all day long before) on a different shift than me, so the dogs are never alone for more than a couple hours a day. Within the last two months or so my Husky has started pooping inside, but when I am home. He gives no warning when he has to go, he'll just get up and walk out of the room and do his business, but only poop.


We haven't changed their diet or their schedule other than my boyfriend getting a job. We go outside (with the command 'outside') as soon as we get up, and they stay outside and play for 20-30 min. then they come back inside and have breakfast. I then take them out again about an hour later. He pees just fine, and he'll show the 'signs' that he's going to poop, but then he gets distracted and plays some more. If I see him get distracted I try to make sure to encourage him to poop and wait for another 10 minutes to see if he'll go, but most of the time he'll go up to the front door to tell me he's done and he wants to go back inside. He's also started this habit of needing to poop at 3 am everyday, pretty consistently for the last week, and he normally only takes one large poop a day.


He was trained really well before this, I don't know how to change his behavior, especially since he's not giving me any warning signs that he has to go.

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May 10, 2016 Flag
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I have a 12 month old Cocker Spaniel cross. She was rescued from a puppy farm and while she is lovely, she has been hard work to house train. On the whole she is good and we keep our back door open to give her easy access to the garden where she will pee and poo, though occasionally she will poop in our sitting room on our rug. We are at a loss to understand how to fix this and any suggestions would be really appreciated.

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It's possible she keeps smelling the spot. It's hard to get rid of the smell because a cocker spaniel's sense of smell is 40 times more powerful than a human's.

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He is a 5 year old neutered male Cocker Spaniel. I adopted him 6/25/16 and he has not had any accidents until recently. I let him out to go many times a day, and even take him to a dog park and he always poops there. Lately, he has had 2 bouts of diarrhea and I understood that he couldn't help it. Yesterday, I let him out and he came back in and pooped in the house. I caught him in the act and yelled at him (he looked ashamed) I put puppy pads down in case he had to go again. Last night (he sleeps in my room) I put down another puppy pad after letting him out, and during the night he pooped in like 10 different spots (not on the pad). When I woke up and stepped in it, he knew he was in trouble. I have him now in the bathroom with his food and water, another puppy pad and I am going to pick up a crate at my mom's today and keep him crated. I don't know what else to do. I yelled at him yesterday and he was so pathetic looking. This morning I just grabbed him and put him in the bathroom. I give him kibble and little pieces of chicken, at first 7 weeks ago, his stool was loose due to the diet change, but has been normal since he got used to it. What should I do?

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Your dog is not ashamed when you yell at him, he is afraid. A dog who is afraid is unable to learn. most likely your dog is having a physical problem. I recommend you start with your Vet 1st. I would also be suspicious of the diet change. You might try a kibble for sensitive stomachs. A dog who poops 10 times at night is having a problem somewhere. Can you go back to his original diet just to see if it works? Another possibility is that he is afraid of something outside. Go out with him. It boosts his confidence and gives you a chance to look around and see if there is something bothering him outside. A good long walk on a leash daily might be helpful too. Crating him at night may help, but for sure yelling will not. Good luck to you.

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May 30, 2016 Flag
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At this point I'm really not sure what to do. I have a 10 year old pure bred Pug named Cookie. She's trained to do her daily business inside my home on newspaper, due to Pugs having problems with heat that could possibly cause a heat stroke in a very short matter of time.

She's been wonderful doing so since we started training about 2 months after she was born. But recently, she just started pooping and peeing anywhere in the house. Could it possibly be depression? We had another pet Muffin, a Pekingese/Pug mix who has recently passed away going on three months June 11th 2016 due to old age. She was almost 13 years old. They were very, very close. Muffin was 3 years old when we brought Cookie home, and they were inseparable ever since. And once Muffin passed away she became slightly distant, and it just seems like she may of given up on life all together. She's not herself, the baby girl I know. She seems so miserable, and my heart is breaking for her. I don't know if it could be depression, or possibly an illness. I wanted to see if anyone would possibly know what could be happening, before I take her to the vet. I'm not ready for more bad news with my other baby. Please help me.

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I would say this is depression. Dogs can grieve for lost companions. Your dog is at a disadvantage. She doesn't see other dogs that often because of your concern about heat would probably keep her from the dog park and such, and because she had a dog companion you probably didn't think to introduce her to many other dogs. Now that her only dog friend is gone she is naturally depressed.

If you don't plan on getting another dog now, socializing her with a neighbor's small dog might be an option. Dogs have "playdates" nowadays. My cat does with the neighbor's Maltese.

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I have a Jack Russel who sleeps in the bathroom at night. My parents don't allow dogs in the bedrooms however they do let her inside. She is 7 years old. She is trained to do her business outside as I take her out regularly and tell her to do a wee and stay with her until she does one. It is also routine to go straight before bed. However, occasionally in the mornings we wake up to poo in the bathroom, never pee.

She normally goes into the bathroom around 10pm and is taken out around 6am. I normally feed her dry food in the mornings before 10am. How can I stop her from pooping in the bathroom? I thought this was just a puppy phase and she needed to get used to controlling her bladder and sleeping in the bathroom, but she's an adult now and still continues this habit.

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I didn't notice this comment, sorry.

Okay, she's not alone, that's good. What are you feeding her? Foods that create more bulk will make some dogs have to go too frequently. You might try a grain free food on her. Most dogs can "hold it" for eight hours but too much fiber might make her need to go.

My cat goes twice a day on soy-free, grain free food. If your dog goes 4 or more times per day there is too much extra indigestible stuff in the food.

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August 6, 2016 Flag
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I have a 2 month old puppy that is being potty trained, so naturally he has accidents inside the house. I dog sit my aunts 3 year old dog once in a while and he is house trained, he sits at the door and barks when he wants to go out side to do his business. Now this is the first time I had the 3 year old with my new puppy and as soon as he walked in the house he started peeing everywhere, which I expected, but what I didn't expect what that he started pooping inside too. So what I want to know is if the older dog is pooping inside because of the puppy or not?

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Yeah, it is. This is territorial behavior. I think it's important to let him know this is really unacceptable. Clap your hands loudly, say No! and take him out.

I would also suggest taking both dogs out to poop and pee together and for walks together. Get them on the same "team," so to speak. Dogs are pack animals and should get used to each other quickly.

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April 3, 2014 Flag
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We rescued an 8 year old Chihuahua mix. She's been with us 3 weeks. She was outdoor potty and piddle pad trained by the foster mom. She never has an accident peeing, but a couple of times now she's pooped in the house. If she can't get out she uses the piddle pad to pee, but only once has she used the pad to poop. We get her outside often during the day. I'm a little concerned how do I reinforce her to either poop outside or use the pad?

By Louise M.

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Scoop up her poop and place it in the area of garden that you would like her to go - leave it there for a while - each time you take her out put her face near the poop to get the scent. After meals is a common time to poop , usually within 1/2 hr with my dog or during exercise.

Never physically punish the wee one as this may already of happened to it and she may fear you. By the look of this wee dog it will be well worth the trouble to keep her - it is adorable & will return the love you give it 10 fold.

Best wishes

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We have a 5 year old American Cocker Spaniel, she was crate trained at 6 months to pee and poo in the guest toilet. Recently she has been pooping all over the house mostly right in front of us and sometimes with guests around. This is very confusing since she still pees in the right place. We changed her food a couple of weeks ago, could this be a reason? Any advise?

By Taniya

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Dogs like a regular routine, If you feed them the same time every morning and no snacks between and go with them to toilet for a few weeks they will know what you expect. Have patience and don't yell if they forget. With consistency your dog should be fine.

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My boyfriend moved in with me and my dog 3 weeks ago. Zoe is completely house broken and has been since she was 3 months old. She is now 20 months. When Rick comes home she quickly changes and tucks her tail almost like she is scared and drops poop. Rick has never done anything wrong in fact he hasn't even touched her, she won't allow it. She is not aggressive towards him, but appears scared and drops poop, while starring him down and staying away. Why?

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Your dog sounds fearful of your boyfriend. Maybe he needs to show plenty of tender loving to the wee one. Good luck.

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My almost three year old Boxer mix has been housetrained for the last two and a half years with no problems; until now. Over the summer, I let her out to potty, and she happened upon a cat in the shed. Of course, she chased it all over and ran it out of her territory, like every other instance a cat was in the yard. But, this time the cat who was guarding kittens, fought back, and they ended up in quite the tangle before I got them to stop it.

Since then, every time I let her out, she goes straight to the shed instead of doing her business. (No new household members, no medical problems, no moves or anything to stress her.) When I have taken her out, I've leashed her, chained her, tried to reward her with treats, stood with her, everything, but still, she only looks for cats. It's like she has the taste of blood now and that's all she wants. She's also become quite aggressive to other animals, even more so than before. I have no way to keep cats away, but I'm running out of ideas to make her stop.

It doesn't happen during the day much, but every night she potties on the kitchen floor. She knows it's wrong and hides and ducks her head and tail when she knows I am going to see it. I take her out 5+ times a day so she has ample opportunities. I don't have enough space for her to be crated since it has to be such a huge area, and she just jumped over or knocked down the baby gates. I don't want to give up on her because she is a great dog otherwise, but my landlord is going to make me "get rid" of her. I am not in a financial position to move so she has to stop. Any ideas?

I've been told to push her face into her mess and tell her no, then take her outside. That seems cruel to me. I don't want to lose her. She's a member of our family and we love her dearly.

By Ree

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My brother has luck with putting disposable baby diapers on his dogs, he said they do urinate in the diaper but won't do the other. Maybe your dog would take to the disposable pee pee pads.

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