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House Trained Dog Pooping Inside

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Previously House Broken Dog Has Started Pooping in the House

It is frustrating and confusing when your house trained dog backslides. This is a guide about what to do when a previously house broken dog has started pooping in the house.



Here are questions related to House Trained Dog Pooping Inside.

Question: House Trained Dog Pooping Inside

We rescued an 8 year old Chihuahua mix. She's been with us 3 weeks. She was outdoor potty and piddle pad trained by the foster mom. She never has an accident peeing, but a couple of times now she's pooped in the house. If she can't get out she uses the piddle pad to pee, but only once has she used the pad to poop. We get her outside often during the day. I'm a little concerned how do I reinforce her to either poop outside or use the pad? Dog sitting with front paws up. Closeup.

By Louise M.


Best Answer

By heather inwood [11]04/04/2014

Scoop up her poop and place it in the area of garden that you would like her to go - leave it there for a while - each time you take her out put her face near the poop to get the scent. After meals is a common time to poop , usually within 1/2 hr with my dog or during exercise.

Never physically punish the wee one as this may already of happened to it and she may fear you. By the look of this wee dog it will be well worth the trouble to keep her - it is adorable & will return the love you give it 10 fold.
Best wishes

Question: House Trained Dog Pooping Inside

We have a 5 year old American Cocker Spaniel, she was crate trained at 6 months to pee and poo in the guest toilet. Recently she has been pooping all over the house mostly right in front of us and sometimes with guests around. This is very confusing since she still pees in the right place. We changed her food a couple of weeks ago, could this be a reason? Any advise?

By Taniya


Best Answer

By nelliemary [19]03/29/2015

Dogs like a regular routine, If you feed them the same time every morning and no snacks between and go with them to toilet for a few weeks they will know what you expect. Have patience and don't yell if they forget. With consistency your dog should be fine.

Question: Adopted Dog Pooped in House and Not Eating Dry Food

My boyfriend just rescued an 8 year old Shih Tzu from someone we know. They took the dog from someone that was going to put her down. He has only had her for a week. She will pee outside, but has pooped in the house twice. She is also not eating her dry food.

I talked to the people who had her before him, and they said she would eat just about anything. I was thinking that maybe she is just being picky, or that it is her new environment. I tried mixing the dry food with the wet. She will pick out the wet and eat it. After a while when the dry food was in the liquid of the wet food, she did eat some of it.

I was wondering if anyone had any helpful tips or tricks? Thanks in advance!

By Brandi

Best Answer

By ilovesophie [20]01/23/2014

My sister's poodle would only eat wet food or dry food that had sat in water. She took it to the vet and found out the dog had infected teeth. Maybe that's why your dog will only eat the wet food. I would have her teeth checked.

Question: Housetrained Dog Going Inside Again

My almost three year old Boxer mix has been housetrained for the last two and a half years with no problems; until now. Over the summer, I let her out to potty, and she happened upon a cat in the shed. Of course, she chased it all over and ran it out of her territory, like every other instance a cat was in the yard. But, this time the cat who was guarding kittens, fought back, and they ended up in quite the tangle before I got them to stop it.

Since then, every time I let her out, she goes straight to the shed instead of doing her business. (No new household members, no medical problems, no moves or anything to stress her.) When I have taken her out, I've leashed her, chained her, tried to reward her with treats, stood with her, everything, but still, she only looks for cats. It's like she has the taste of blood now and that's all she wants. She's also become quite aggressive to other animals, even more so than before. I have no way to keep cats away, but I'm running out of ideas to make her stop.

It doesn't happen during the day much, but every night she potties on the kitchen floor. She knows it's wrong and hides and ducks her head and tail when she knows I am going to see it. I take her out 5+ times a day so she has ample opportunities. I don't have enough space for her to be crated since it has to be such a huge area, and she just jumped over or knocked down the baby gates. I don't want to give up on her because she is a great dog otherwise, but my landlord is going to make me "get rid" of her. I am not in a financial position to move so she has to stop. Any ideas?

I've been told to push her face into her mess and tell her no, then take her outside. That seems cruel to me. I don't want to lose her. She's a member of our family and we love her dearly.

By Ree

Most Recent Answer

By moneypenny198207/07/2013

Totally agree with other posters about NOT putting the dog's face in the poo. If anything it will just make your problem worse. Even yelling at your dog when they are in the act can be bad because they think you don't want to SEE them poo (not that it's the location you're mad about), and they end up hiding from you, pooping in corners, etc. Then you create a fearful situation for your dog on top of the one you've already got.
Just stay calm & focus on how to fix the problem. Yes it's poop but it's also just poop - let's face it, you come into contact with some everyday. It can be cleaned. (I have worked at a hospital for 6 years.) I am fostering a dog who just had puppies - she's majorly pooped on my carpet several times in the past few weeks & I am so tired of cleaning up poop. I was going through housebreaking with my puppy this time last year. I KNOW how frustrating it feels. Give her plenty of time to walk outside, extra potty breaks if needed. Get your veterinarian to do a health check. Think about hiring a dog trainer for a few sessions. The BEST way to help your pet with behavioral issues is positive reinforcement and opening (not closing) the lines of communication. Praise your dog when she does what you want. Make sure you are interacting with her. Has anything changed - like a move or new person in your life, new work hours, etc?
Positive goes so much further, it just takes time and patience. Your dog wants to please you but your job as her owner is to help her understand how to do that. People who yell at their dogs or push their faces in their own poo aren't teaching the dogs anything but fear, nothing about WHAT TO DO. Puppy classes (& the dog trainers) helped me so much with potty training my puppy. Even now, fostering this stray dog who was living outside, she immediately started pooping on my floor at night. She didn't know what a leash was and wouldn't poop unless she could hide in the woods, especially not with me watching. She would just plop down and look at me. Eventually she couldn't hold it anymore and she'd have an accident overnight while I slept. Now 2 weeks later, she's actually waiting at the door and ready for her leash, having no problem doing #1 & #2 in the grass while I stand next to her. I've never yelled at her after going inside. I praise her when she goes outside with me. She still has accidents but they are becoming less and less frequent. I think her progress is amazing - like night & day. There is hope for you & your dog! Good luck to you!

Question: 7 Year Old Boxers Peeing in the House

Boxers on the couch.I have two male Boxers that are very territorial. We got a new dog about 3 years ago, everything was fine until he hit puberty and that's when the problems started. The Boxers had been potty trained for 4 years, they started marking territory and fighting so badly that we eventually decided to give the new dog to a different family. Since then we have moved and it has only gotten worse. They pee on the bed if you leave the door open. They were left for 30 minutes with the back door open and they peed right next to the open back door. I'm pretty sure they are mad that I'm leaving, but the peeing everywhere has got to stop. I was thinking about going back to kennel training like when they were puppies, but I'm not sure if that is the right thing to do. What do you guys think?

By Jade S.

Most Recent Answer

By Jade S.08/27/2013

Thank you so much for your response. They are still intact, and they have been to the vet and other thing is fine as far as bladder issues are concerned. I trained these dogs when they were puppies but then I left for school for 3 years, and unfortunately my parents ( who I love dearly) are not the best pet owners, and this is the situation I have returned to!

They have had several changes especially within the last year, but now that I am back I would really like to get them back on the right track.

I was concerned that re-introducing crate training, would do more harm then good but I am getting ready to start working and I don't want them to pee everywhere, while I am gone.

So, thank you for your knowledgeable advice, and I am going to start crating them immediately, so that by the time I go back to work they will hopefully be a little more comfortable with it!

Thanks again,
Jade S.

RE: 7 Year Old Boxers Peeing in the House

Question: Dog Pooping in the House

Several times this month my 1 year old Boxer has started pooping in the house. She poops 15 feet from the door. She was trained to ring the bell to go outside. She has been trained since 4 months of age.
What should I do?

By Donna from Colorado Springs

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]05/22/2013

There could be many things causing this change in behavior. Sometinmes dogs get scared by something outside, that you may not even notice. Sometimes they just dont want to go out in the rain. I would be sure to see a Vet. and then begin a retraining plan.

Question: Previously House Trained Dog Backsliding

Dog in box.My year old Havenese has been potty trained for a month now and she just today pooped in front of the house door. Every time I bring her out she sometimes won't go. I was getting dressed when she had to go and I don't want to punish her. Do I still say that she is fully potty trained? Or start all over again. Help please!

By Amber T.

Most Recent Answer

By NewYork2Texas03/30/2013

I think that we'd need more information..such as....Is she spayed? If so, how long ago? The changing of hormones could influence her. Has anything in the household changed? Have you changed feeding times?

I've fed my 3 dogs in the evening around 6pm. That way their digestive system is ready to empty the next day. Try to have only one feeding time. If you feed her treats throughout the day, her digestive system will always want to empty. Animals are the same as humans. When we eat dinner, we go the next day. Thank you for not punishing her. She didn't do it on purpose. I strongly believe that she'd rather do her business outside.

P.S You posted an adorable picture. The love that you give her, she'll give you much more in return.

Question: Previously House Broken Dog Has Started Pooping in the House

I have a Sheltie that is about 11 months old and she is going poop in the house after I have taken her out. Sometimes she is out a long time, but won't go! She has been potty trained for a while! I work night shift and I am going through a divorce. Could she be stressing herself? If so what do I do? She is a very playful puppy and we all play with her! How do I take care of this problem?

By Linny from Park Hills, MO

Most Recent Answer

By sharon rentel11/02/2010

You can get a product called (Off) they are dog pads. If you watch where you buy them they are reasonable. I have a 5 year old Pekingnese. I use them. He always goes to them. Also watch coupon websites for help on paying for them.

Question: 2 1/2 Year Old Starting Peeing and Pooing Inside

I have a 2 and a half year old male Staffy. He was house trained from a pup and was doing fine, but I'd say for the last 6-8 months on and of he has been weeing in the kitchen on the floor and up the walls. I've tried spraying things, tried him on calmeeze tablets which seemed to work for a while. We went away for a week, 2 weeks ago and left him at home in his own environment with a family friend he knows well and since then he wees and poos in the kitchen. He gets let out in a morning till 9 sometimes 11, then my dad lets him out at dinner between 1 and 2.30, then again when we get back from work at 5. He has no bladder problems. I'm beside myself and don't no what to do :-( x

By Hayley L

Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]10/04/2013

Did your Veterinarian tell you the Dog has no bladder problems? And is he castrated?

Question: Previously Housebroken Dog Peeing and Pooping in the House

How do we stop our 6 year old dog from pooping and peeling when left home with our 10 year dog? We have a doggie door that they use.

By Caron

Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]05/04/2013

You never said how long this has been happening and in any case if they have both used the "doggy door" before. I suggest you consult your Veterinarian to see if your Dog has a Bladder problem. Good luck.

Question: Older Dog Pooping in the House

I was wondering why that my older dog is starting to potty in the house. She is 14 years old, but this just started like 3 weeks ago. How can I stop this? She is housebroken and has been for years. Can you give suggestions to help? Thank you so much.

By Patricia

Most Recent Answer

By Gloria Z [7]07/09/2012

I agree with Lizzyanny you should take the dog to a vet to be checked. I can't imagine how embarrassed that poor dog is when this happens. Please don't scold or punish your dog when this happens. She might have cancer or something else but you won't know until you take her to the vets.

I once adopted a dog and the third night she was with me she wet the carpeting. I was so mad at her I hollered at her. But then it happened - She started to cry - tears were streaming down her face. I never knew a dog could cry and I've had a lot of them. I felt so bad that I had hurt her feelings that I broke down and cried too and promised never again to scream at her. She was one of the best dogs I ever had God rest her soul.

Question: Dog Pooping in House After Losing Sight

dog sleepingI have a 9 year old wire-haired Dachshund that was successfully potty trained as a puppy and has not had any issues with that until recently. Last summer she started to behave strangely until in September she completely lost her eyesight and was diagnosed with SARDS.

After this the problems started. She has somewhat learned to move around the house again independently and has gained a lot of activeness back, but she has also started doing her business in the house when we are at work or during nighttime. We take her out in the morning before work and right after getting back and she eats one meal a day around 6pm. Then she gets out once or twice in the evening, at least right before we go to bed. She doesn't ask to be taken outside at all anymore like she used to before. Recently she has pooped inside a couple of times even when we are home. She doesn't seem to have trouble pooping and the poop looks normal to me. There have been no notable dietary changes either.

I'm out of ideas what to do with her and my husband is starting to get fed up with this and wants to get rid of the dog. Any tips or guesses what could be wrong would be really helpful!

By Hanna from Finland

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]12/05/2014

I lived with an old blind dog for many years. He could see shadows but not much else. He learned to go outside by himself, but it took awhile. The cat would walk up and down the stairs with him until he was brave enough to go on his own. It is an adjustment and does require some patience. Imagine the patience your dog requires to make this adjustment. My dog lived to be 17 years old and truly enjoyed life. Good luck to you.

Question: Previously House Trained Dog Pooping and Peeing in House

Puppy on couch.My 2 year old pup was house broken. She was trained with bells and everything. Now she is pooping and peeing in the corner 1 foot from the door almost every day. How can I make this madness stop? I'm about ready to get rid of her. I'm loosing my marbles here. I got so mad this morning, 6:45 and I'm steam cleaning the carpet. I have had it! I work hard, come home, and have to do more work. It has to stop.

By Tyson R.

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]08/23/2013

I agree with the other posters you need to have her checked out by a Vet. Also keep in mind that dogs do not behave to aggravate you. There is usually an explainable reason if you keep dog psychology in mind. Is your dog getting a adequate daily walk? Does he have a medical problem? Is he threatened by new dogs in the area. (can he see them out the window) Have you changed to a new dog food? If you go through these questions and others, you might get an idea of what you can do to improve the problem. Your anger makes your dog afraid, and a fearful dog is twice as hard to understand and train. Good luck.

Question: Elderly Dog Pooping Inside

I have a 17 year old Chow Chow/sheltie. She's started pooping in the house sometimes. She is stiff when walking around, joint supplements in her food have helped that and she is no longer in need of anti-inflammatories. She doesn't squat great, but has some better days than others. It isn't during bad weather. She doesn't pee inside. It isn't diarrhea or loose stool. Sometimes it's really hard, other times it is normal.

We have a doggie door for our dogs that is open night and day, and she uses it all the time. She knows that it is wrong. She will go outside 5 times within an hour, walking around the house, in/out over and over, and then poop on the floor next to us at the computer. She'll be half squatting with her tail up and just start going as she's walking around the house. Sometimes it is on carpet, sometimes it is on the linoleum.

I've tried making her go outside every time she wakes up. She's a happy, loving dog and isn't in pain other than a bit stiff when getting up (so am I, but you're not putting me down either.) She still plays and trots around a lot.

I mentioned it to the vet the last couple of times she was there and they just said "she's old and is starting to lose her ability to know when she needs to go". She doesn't pee inside though. The only other time she has accidents is when she goes to the vet. It does scare the poop right out of her and that is just nerves.

We have one other dog that she's lived with for 10 years. They have never fought over food, toys, or territory. They're both spayed.

Any helpful suggestions are appreciated.

By Cassee

Most Recent Answer

By beckydurfee07/23/2013

My 15 year old Samoyed started pooping every time she got up off the floor. It seemed like she strained so hard that she pooped in the process. It's part of an aging dog and your dog can't control this. Sorry

Question: Previously House Trained Dog Pooping in the House

MalteseMy 3 year old trained Maltese has started to do #2 if I leave her alone to go on an appointment. I'm not gone for more than an hour. I make sure she has been outside in the morning to do her necessities. When I return, I see the "gift" she has left me. It seems she is trying to get back at me. I'm very frustrated because she has never done this before!

By Lily F

Most Recent Answer

By heather inwood [11]03/29/2012

PS. I made the pen with 4 large pieces of wooden garden lattice from the hardware store which are hinged together on 3 sides - leaving a gate effect. I then lined the lattice with plywood - stapled it on with housing staple gun to prevent the dogs climbing the lattice. Then I put gate latch's on to keep the gate end closed. Works great.

Question: Previously House Trained Dog Pooping on the Floor

My 6 year old Maltese is potty trained and has started pooping on the floor at any given time. We are a busy family, but nothing has recently changed. There is no certain time that this problem takes place. Can anyone help?


Most Recent Answer

By Joyced09/15/2011

I wish I knew I have a 7 year old Maltese that is doing the same thing as yours. I have had him for 6 years and he has never done this before. I take him outside to the fenced yard and refuses to go. I am ready to scream. If you find a solution please let me know.

Question: Dog Pooping in House When Left Alone

white Poodle type dog in living roomI have a 6 year old rescued Poodle and she has always been housebroken. She goes back and forth between my house and my mother's. Six months ago I bought a house two doors down from my mom, both of our yards are fenced and I put a doggie door in.

This last month she has started pooping in the house while I am at work. When I am home or weekends she uses the doggie door. Obviously she is punishing me for going to work! How do I fix this issue?

By Donna

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]03/21/2015

There are more questions that need to be answered here. Are you leaving her home alone while you are at work, or is she with your mom? How long did it take you to fully complete the move? How often do you walk her and where do you go? Does she play with or see other pets or dogs? Is she spayed?

Question: House Trained Dog Pooping Inside

My mini Schnauzer is almost 4 years old and fully house trained. He used to come to my bed, if we're sleeping, to wake me up to take him out. He no longer does this and poops on the floor. He is very aware that he is wrong because he hides after he does it. Why is this happening now?

By Shirley

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]02/27/2015

Make sure you are walking your dog. It's easy to think that mini and toy breeds can be indoors all the time except for potty breaks, but this can actually cause a fear of the outdoors. Make sure you walk your dog around the neighborhood every day so he doesn't get the idea that something scary is out there.

Question: House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

My Jack Russell/Border Collie cross is 16 months old and was fully house trained up until 8 weeks ago. He has started pooping in the house again and it's not that he's not getting outside to go because we let him out nearly every 2 hours. Sometimes if it's wet it would be longer. He never poops while anyone is with him, but tonight for example I just let him out to go to the toilet then put him in his bed and I came to bed myself. After 15 minutes I had to go downstairs for something and he had done four poops and had done a pee. This is happening most nights now and I don't know what to do as he gets to the toilet loads of times. I don't want to put him in the kennel out in my shed, but if this keeps up I'll have no choice. Any help would be brilliant.

By Rachael McC from Ireland

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]01/11/2015

There is definitely something wrong here. Four poops in 15 minutes after he's already been out? Be sure to tell the vet what you've been feeding him, including dog food, people food and treats. Don't fib about the amount of people food or treats he's getting.

Question: Beagle Pooping in the Kichen

Beagle sleepingWhy has my 7.5 year old Beagle begun pooping in the kitchen? She is somewhat house trained, meaning once in a great while she pees on the carpet. My family and I had moved to a house about 3 blocks (literally) away from our old house and the previous owner had a dog who peed on a certain spot. Now when my dog peed there (about 3 times) I thought it was a "marking" over the other dog's pee.

Recently she had to go to a vet for painful back and neck problems. That was about a month ago and because of that, basically she had gone on a diet. She was heavier before and that was hurting her. Well now she thinks she's starving and actually poops on the floor just so she can eat it. Yuk! She goes out about 4-5 times+ a day and barks when she has to go out. No problem. In the morning she is also let out. Big problem. I think she's holdoing it so she can go inside and eat it over again. She is fed 2 times a day and still gets treats (although not many). But my point is: does she also think they are a present to me? Help!

By Michaela M.

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]01/04/2015

Your dog's nutritional requirements aren't being fulfilled. Your vet put her on a diet for being overweight. This is correct. However, what food is she eating? Is it a very high quality food? If the food is too "cheap" you can't cut back too much, since the dog won't get the nutrition it needs.

Also, have you cut the calories drastically? It would be better to cut down slowly. Make sure she gets more exercise. This will help her lose weight without having to suddenly cut calories drastically.

Question: Dog Pooping and Peeing in Basement

Our GSD is afraid of noises. So when some snow feel off the roof the dog starting peeing and pooping in our basement. How do we stop her from doing this?

By Gloria from Bingham, ME

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]12/21/2014

It sounds like your dog may have an anxiety based behavior problem. There are medications that can help this. You will need to talk with your Vet about what may be appropriate. It can be helped.

Question: Dog Defecated on Owner's Bed

After letting my 1 year old dog out last night, he wouldn't have his usual last wee. He instead asked to go back indoors. He ran up to my bedroom and pooed on my bed. Help, I don't understand why he would do this.

By Lou from Lowestoft, Suffolk

Most Recent Answer

By jean99 [6]12/07/2014

Have you or anyone else he deems to be in his pack been away lately? Did he try to cover it? He may be trying to tell someone where home is. My neighbor's cat did that when her daughter went away to college.

Question: Dogs Peeing and Pooping in House

I have two German Shepherds. The male is 11 years old and the female is 5 years. On average 3-4 times a week, I am coming down stairs to pee and poo, and it's getting to the point of looking for new homes as it seems things I do don't stop the behaviour. I can tell which one it is from the puddles. I thought it was behavioural as sometimes they can go for months fine. The male I can understand is age and it generally is an excited trickle when I get up. The female I'm stuck. She is young enough to hold it. Last night I took them for a walk then went straight to bed at 11pm. I woke up at 6 and could smell something was wrong and found 3 female puddles and a poo. I was hoping walking them late would work. It's always in the same place, as they can't get past the dinning room thankfully, but if she can, she'll get in the lounge and do it there. Any suggestions please, I don't want to get rid of her, but it's not looking good

By Sam

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]12/29/2013

Try crating your female dog at night.

Question: Dog Pooping and Peeing in the House

Recently my boyfriend and I moved into a new house. My 4 year old dog had been living at my parents house for the past year because of our living situation. He never pooped and peed inside and now for the past 3 weeks he has pooped and peed inside everyday. He goes outside and does his business as well. He is a amazing dog and I know he is having separation anxiety as well because he is trying to escape by tearing at the windows. He is ruining our new carpet. What should I do? I don't want to send him back to my parents.

By Anissa o.

Most Recent Answer

By tricia minter [11]07/21/2013

I moved last year into my childhood home after both parents passed. Before I moved, I took my 2 dogs there several times just so it would be familiar with them when we made the final move. Also, give them things that are familiar to them such as all toys, bedding, or anything they had living with your parents. Try to keep them busy while they get used to all the new things there. Give them lots of love and attention. Remember how stressful moving is for you because it's the same for our pets too.

Question: Dog Pooping Inside and Not Obeying Commands

Small terrier.I have a four year old mixed terrier. She is a loving dog and has so much love to give, but when she doesn't get her own way she does the toilet on the floor. Sometimes she tries to hide it other times she doesn't. This doesn't happen often, but is starting to become more and more of an everyday thing.

She has moved houses a few times in the last few years, but it's gotten worse since we got to our new house. The previous owner did not have a dog, cat, or another pet in the house and we have washed the floors countless times just in case its to do with a scent she doesn't like.

She gets walked three times a day, once in the morning, once when we arrive home after our working day and finally just before we go to bed and successfully does the toilet.

Recently she has became a wee jealous soul always wanting to be up on the couch or up on the bed and doesn't take a telling when we tell her to get down. She also doesn't like being left alone and starts barking and howling then does the toilet all over the floor and it seems she like shes doing it on purpose.

So recently we got a wee kitten and things have just gone from bad to worse. The dog doesn't listen to anything and ignores us and turns hear back on us and pretends to not hear us. She keeps us up all night jumping up and down on the bed and still does the toilet all over the place.

I really don't know what to do. We give both of them the same amount of attention and love, but nothing is getting any better.

By Kris

Most Recent Answer

By lblobogirl [1]07/10/2013

animals are not like people, they really don't know they are doing wrong, they are just doing what they do. The best way I have found to get good behavior is to reward it well and ignore bad behavior so it is not repeated. I think she is hiding it because she is so confused. We potty trained our dogs so that they could go whenever they wanted or needed to go and all we had to do was pick up the paper and throw it out. None of my dogs have ever had a bladder infection from trying to hold in their business nor have we had messes to clean up or have we had to rush home to make sure they got out. She can still learn to do this:-) It will be a lot easier on both of you:-)

Question: Previously House Trained Dog Peed in Owner's Bed

After over a year of being house broken, my dog wet our bed last night?

By Janet B.

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]07/01/2013

I would be suspicious of bladder infection. If I saw any other accidents or change in behavior, I would take some urine in for analysis.

Question: Puppy Suddenly Stopped Using Pads

My dog is only about 6 months old, but has been going faithfully on the puppy pad until recently! Now he just goes anywhere. I put his nose in it and spank him, then place him on the puppy pad. The one day he did go on the puppy pad I cheered him on and gave him a treat. But the next day he was back to peeing on the floor. Hitting him is just making him aggressive. But he is suddenly going all over the house. It is making me so frustrated! I'm pregnant and I don't want him to be aggressive when the baby gets here. I don't know what to do. And I always feel bad for hitting him. Help please.

By Ebonie O.

Most Recent Answer

By Sherri [6]06/25/2013

DO NOT hit your puppy... ever! You are teaching him to be afraid of you and he will not trust you. Hitting any animal is cruel. Please have patience with him or give him to a person that will take care of him and train him properly. I am sorry to sound so harsh but so many animals are mis-treted for things they know nothing about.

Question: 14 Year Old Dog Peeing in House

We just adopted a kitten and our 14 yr old dog has started to pee in the house. Is this jealousy or a health problem? We have never had to deal with a house trained dog suddenly doing this.

By Liz M.

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By Lauren M.06/23/2013

I honestly think it is just a coincidence and perhaps the dog has a health issue. My dog was 17 when she passed and that is a long life for a dog so 14 is pretty darn old too. Just bear with it and love the dog no matter what. He/she needs your support not stress.

Question: Dog Pooping in the House at Night

Patterdale Terrier.My three year old Patterdale terrier is fully house trained and has been since she was a pup. We have not moved houses, changed her diet, or had any stress at home that she could pick up on; however, she has begun to poop on the downstairs rug at night while we are asleep. She appears to be normal in all other aspects and knows that she's wrong in hiding, etc. We take her out on at least 3 long walks a day and she goes out to the lawn in between. Why is she doing this?

By Sob

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By Marlene [19]03/17/2013

Have her anal glands checked. I know it sounds weird but their glands around the anal get clogged with waste and it gives them the feeling of having to "go". Does she scoot on the floor? That is a sure sign. Also if she has any lower back problems it may cause a pressure on her bowels.

Question: Previously House Trained Dog Pooping in the Kitchen

My nearly 4 year old Labrador who has been fully house trained for years now has suddenly decided to poo (3 times!) and wee in the kitchen when I had gone to bed. He is acting normal apart from the obvious and I haven't changed his diet, and cannot begin to think why he has done this. Can anyone help me please?

By Katie

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By brittoj0401/24/2014

This is happening because most dogs suffer from seperation anxiety because to the dog you are a member of its pack so it wants to be with you all the time so its best if you let the dog sleep in the same room as you.

Question: Adult Dog Started Pooping and Peeing in House

I have a wiener dog who is about 5 years old. He never use to go potty in the house except for very rarely. For about 6 months now every few days he will go in the house. I will let him outside along with my other dog many many times during the day and night. We have had both dogs for over a year and they are both adult dogs. They play together and everything so I don't think that it's any problem with the other dog.

I will let the dogs outside and leave them be out there for 20 minutes to a half hour, sometimes longer. Both dogs have had free range of the house until recently. We have gotten a kennel for the wiener dog. He goes in his kennel only when he is naughty, otherwise we allow him to go all over the basement and kitchen (no carpeted areas). They get let out at about 8am and every 2-3 hours during the day and the last time at night is around 2-3am. He doesn't do it at night. Just during the day when we are all home. Sometimes he will go out and come in and within 10 minutes he goes on the carpet.

I don't know what to do. I have tried all the potty training tips that I have used on all my other animals. I give him lots of praise when he goes outside, along with treats. I don't think that it's a medical issue because it's not just pee or poop, it's both sometimes. I'm debating on getting rid of the dog because I can't get him to stop. Please help!

By Amanda

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By Sherie King09/21/2012

Dachshunds are sometimes difficult to house train and I sometime think that they feel if they pee on it is theirs. Mine is a constant struggle with my wiener dog peeing in the house.

Now I use a Velcro closed belly band that I sewed myself. I change it when he makes a marking mistake. Maybe something like that with regular scheduled walks would help you.

Question: Previously Housetrained Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

Lab Pit mix at the beach.I recently moved and brought my 7-8 year old Lab/Pit mix with me. He has been moved a few times before and has never had this problem. About a week or so after moving he started peeing and pooping in the house. I corrected him with a spanking and making sure he went on even longer walks in the mornings and evenings, because that is his routine.

He stopped for a week or 2 and then I decided to get a kitten and now it's worse than before. I can walk him and 15 minutes later if I don't watch him 24/7 he will pee or poop in the same spots in my living room. I have tried changing his feeding routine, longer walks, and cleaning the carpets, and now he has to be confined to a bathroom when we leave and I don't like it =( Anyone please help me figure it out.

By Andy

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By Robin Harrison04/03/2012

First of all, spanking a dog after the fact never does any good. They don't understand why you are hitting them. They don't associate going to the bathroom with corporal punishment and it only makes them more fearful - exactly what you don't want to happen.

It could be that there was a dog inside your new house that peed everywhere and now that your dog is in the space, he is trying to get rid of that scent by replacing it with his own. Again, all "normal" dog behaviors. Adding a cat just made the urge to stake out his territory even stronger.

You should try to clean the carpets and any places he goes with a good cleaner that breaks down the enzymes in the urine so all traces of smell are removed. Good idea about the longer walks - the will certainly help. Also, when he does potty outside, praise him big time "Good boy! Good boy go potty!" so he starts to understand peeing/pooping outside is pleasing to you. You might even have to involve treats at first.

And, as frugalsunnie said, make sure to get him checked out by a vet to eliminate any medical conditions like UTI.
Good luck - don't give up on him - he is worth it!

Question: Dog Poops in the House at Night

My dog is potty-trained and does really good, the only thing is when I take him out right before we retire for the night, he simply will not poop, no matter how long we sit out there or how many times I take him out to try. Then, in the morning, I'll find poop on the carpet. How do I fix this problem? What can I do? Thank you!

By Stacey from Eagle Mountain, UT

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By Myrna [14]07/19/2011

You could regulate feeding time earlier in the day, so the dog can empty before the end of the day OR take the dog on a long walk of an evening. This helps to get things moving and the dog may well empty before your journey has ended. We take our dogs around our field and they love the evening walk and do all their business before going back into the house for the night. Good luck.

Question: Previously Housebroken Dog Has Started Urinating and Defecating in the House

I have a 11 year old female golden Lab, who over the last few months has been urinating and pooping in the house. This is since my daughter has moved back in the house with her boyfriend and baby. Could this be psychological or her age? What can we do?

By Chris from Chicago, IL

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By Angela [1]01/28/2011

Thank you guys for your advice! I actually changed her food to a brand with no corn or wheat and only filled her water bowl half way. She has not had an accident since. And she is warming up to the new baby, she used to stay away from him. We also just moved into a house from an apartment, with a large fenced yard, she now has free reign and can potty at her leisure. Again, thank you for your feedback, it was indeed helpful.

Question: Dog Poops Inside If Not in Gated Area

My Shih Tau is 11 months old. We have gated the kitchen and family room area for her to stay in since that is where we are 99.9% of the time. She hits a bell on the door when she wants to potty or just go out. She never has an accident in this area.

Every now and again I take the gate down thinking I can trust her to come back to the back door, but she ends up pooping either upstairs or the other parts of the house. I don't know how to stop her from doing this. Especially because when she is gated in our "hanging out" area, she never has an accident. I am so confused. Can someone please give me some advice to stop this? I have no idea how to stop this and by the time I find it its too late because it's been awhile already.

By Renee S

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By Abigail A. [8]04/10/2015

Your dog is nervous about the non-gated area because she is most often in the gated area. She has misunderstood this as meaning that the gated area is the only area that is really safe.

Walk her on a leash in and out of the non-gated area several times a day with the back door closed. Don't let her stop and poop.

After you've done this for a couple of weeks, start walking her through straight out the door but right back in. Don't let her stop to poop.

After another couple of weeks, walk her out the door (still on the leash) and let her poop in the yard if she wants to. Eventually you'll be able to remove the leash.

Question: Senior Dog Going Potty Inside at Night

I have two house trained 17 year old dogs. One has started pooping and peeing in house at night. She refuses to go when she is let out.

By Gary G.

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By Dinah Ackerson [2]12/16/2014

Your very old dog may have a new medical problem that results in his new behavior. Please take him to your vet as soon as possible. He may need medication to help change the current behavior.

Question: House Trained Dog Pooping in House

My mother owns a 1 year old Boston. He is an intelligent dog and has been house trained for a long time. He typically rings the bell or sits at the door. His day to day activities include waking up early around 5:30AM to go outside. He is walked a long distance and does his business. My mother gets ready for work and lets the dog roam around the bottom of the house. She gets home around 2PM and takes him back outside and before bed time which is around 9PM.

I just came home from working out of state and love hanging with him, we have a great connection. However, we are starting to wonder if this could be a dominance thing or him acting out since another male is now living in the house. It is just my mom and him that live together. Recently, 2 weeks ago he got snipped. Also, here in Pennsylvania it's quite cold outside, but that has never stopped him from wanting to go outside and play in the snow. Why is he pooping and peeing in the house? What is causing this behavior?

Thank you.

By Dusto

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By Myrna [14]12/12/2014

New people moving in a dog gives the same reaction as to a new pet in the family. It takes time to get your pet used to such change and for the dog it's an overwhelming experience if mother and dog were together most of dog's life and nobody else.

Question: Dog Started Pooping Inside at New House

Recent my 2.5 year old Chihuahua and I made a long distance move. It was a 27 hour car ride (stopped at my sister's in the middle) to the new place. We have been here for 4 days, and all of a sudden Lola (Chihuahua) pooped on the rug in front of the door yesterday right after I walked her. (like 2 mins after we got back). Then a few hours later she did it again in the bathroom right after I had walked her again. Once again I woke up in the middle of the night and she had pooped all over right in front of my roommate's door. (Literally like 5 small piles in front of his door). All of the times that she has done this she has walked right past her puppy pad. The third time I had laid out two. She is trained to go on those if she has to go before I take her out. I have no idea what to do, she has never had accidents before. I am unsure if she is acting out due to stress or if she does not like my roommate. (My roommate is male and it takes her a long while to get comfortable with men. She prefers women.) Any suggestions on things I can try?

By Jordan S.

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By Abigail A. [8]11/21/2014

She is marking her new territory. She is anxious about the new house. The first day you moved in you would have done better to keep her in her crate, then introduce her to one new room per day. The world's a big place for a tiny dog.

But that's the past. Try keeping her confined in one room until she's using the pads only again, then letting her out to the main area but shutting all other doors. Re-introduce her to each room slowly.
Good luck.

Question: House Trained Dog Pooping in Boyfriend's House

I have a 3 year old Pug and, when at my place, he has a yard and never has accidents in the house. For the past 3-4 months, I have been bringing him to my boyfriend's house (no yard) and he didn't have any accidents and did well with being taken out every few hours despite it being a new environment.

Unfortunately, he got into the trash one night and ate a bag of chicken bones (he is OK), which resulted in his becoming very ill and having several episodes of diarrhea in the house the next day. We did not correct him when it happened because he was sick (wasn't his fault theory). But now he continues to poop in the same spot as when he got sick despite us taking him outside to do poops. He never pees in the house, but at least 1-2 times a day poops. We praise him when he pees outside and give him treats when he poops outside, but it's not fixing it. Help!

By Ivy

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By Lizzyanny [9]12/12/2013

I would try treating the area where the accident happened with an enzyme soak to be sure all the scent is gone. You could also try Fizzion which is my favorite. Most likely you will need to get it off the internet. It blocks the scent. Good luck, and good for you for being patient with your little guy.

Question: Puppy Pooping in the House

We just adopted a house trained, eight month old Collie/Rot mix. She has been here four days. She has pooped in the house in the middle of the night twice! What can we do, short of crating her over night, which we really don't want to do?

By Maria D.

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By Myrna [14]12/08/2013

Your new pet may not be totally housebroke yet. Take the dog outdoors before bedtime and allow the pet to walk around awhile which helps your pet to eliminate.
Could also try to have feeding times altered so dog can empty itself earlier instead of after bedtime hours.

Question: Older House Trained Dog Pooping in the House

My family owns a 12 year-old Westie who has been house-trained since he was tiny. My brother and I went off to college at different times and I am a senior now, so he is used to family members being gone from home for long periods of time. He was also diagnosed with colon cancer 3 years ago, but had the tumor removed and has not had serious problems with anything since then.

In the past month or two, though, my parents told me he has been pooping (normal poops, no blood, or diarrhea or anything) in the house at night (he started in the hall, now he is locked in the kitchen by the back door at night and he goes in the same spot each night) and sometimes when they are at work.

This is strange, and if it's at night he should know to bark or whine at the door and we will let him out to go like we do several times a day. His diet has not changed recently and the vet says he is still colon cancer free so I am sad and confused that this is happening.

He has also not shown too much personality change. Sure, he is old, but he still runs and plays and barks and everything. Occasionally he will act strangely clingy, but it's not a big difference than usual. Please help!

By Pete

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By leigh4012/27/2014

Did you get any good advice about this? My 10 year old Westie has just started pooping in the house. Nothing has changed in our home and his diet has also remained the same as it has always been.

Question: Older Dog Has Started Pooping in House

My Yorkie is 12 years old. He always been good going outside, but the last 3 days he goes outside for pee, but poos in the house.

By Bridgette from Worksop, Nottinghamshire

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By Litter Gitter [117]11/14/2013

We had a cat that did that and found out that he had a malignant tumor in his intestines.

Question: House Trained Dog Has Begun Pooping in House

I have a 2 year old rescue dog that we have had for about 7 months now. She has always been fine and trained to go outside and do her business when told to be clean. When we go to work, etc. and she is left on her own she has access to the back garden. In the past week every time I have returned from work she has started to poo just behind the front door and in hallways. Does anyone know why this could be and how to prevent it? Thanks.

By Lucy smith

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By DianeMc10/20/2014

I'd love to know if you receive a helpful answer to your question, as I have a similar question! 15-month-old rescue dog I've had for 5 months now. Two nights in a row I've found poop inside when I woke up. It's about as far from our normal "living space" as she could do it, which I appreciate. And on the tile floor (not carpet), which I appreciate! She's never had a way to "tell" me she needed to go, but she's always been fine. My only guess on this is that I recently gave her a butcher's bone, and perhaps it's been too rich? I'll definitely not do that again. But still, I worry that she's decided she can always go in this spot and not tell me she has to go out. I'd love to know if you've received any good ideas or seen improvement. Or if you know how to train a dog to "signal" you? Thanks.

Question: My Great Dane is Messing in House

I have a 2 1/2 year old Great Dane. She is spayed, happy, and healthy. She was easy to house break and no problem what so ever. The last couple of weeks she has started to mess in the house, several times during the night. I have started letting her out during the night. The only time I kennel her is when we are not home, she has had accidents in the kennel as well.

By Cindy from Saskatoon, SK

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By Lizzyanny [9]07/18/2013

It sounds like a physical problem. May be a bladder infection or bladder stones. That would need to be checked out right away because of the pain involved for her. It that is not the problem, it may be a new dog in the neighborhood that intimidates her. There would be more than one behavioral problem that might contribute to this problem, but you really need to see a Vet 1st, and very soon.

Question: Housebroken Dog Started Peeing and Pooping in the House

We have a 2 year old miniature Dachshund, and we've had her for 6 months now. When we first got her, she would pee (never poop) in the house on occasion, just getting adjusted to the new environment. After about a month, the occasional peeing in the house stopped completely. We decided to breed her with our male miniature Dachshund, and the puppies will be a month old in a couple of days (this is her first litter). She's been doing great with the new puppies!

About a week ago, she started peeing in the house while we are gone (even if it's for only an hour), and peeing and pooping during the night in the same area. We did change her diet to puppy chow while she is nursing, but that has been since the puppies were first born. We give both our dogs plenty of time outside during the day, and we make sure they go out right before bed. Why is she just now starting this? Thanks in advance!

By KBDalton

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By April R. [4]07/10/2013

Doxie's are great dogs, BUT they can be very tempermental and normally have a tough time adjusting to change. I had a mini doxie, that when I first got him was great. Never had any accidents or tore anything up at all. When I moved, that was a thing of the past. I would come home from work to find shoes eaten, blinds chewed and torn down, spots where he had gone in the house, etc. I just had to work through it with him. Once he got adjusted, he was fine. Good luck with the new babies!

Question: 8 Month Old Dog Peeing and Pooping in the House

I have an 8 month old Great Dane that I got from a family that couldn't take care of her. I've had her for a week now. The family said she was housebroken and never tore anything up. I can understand the first few days of her being in a new home with new people that she would be stress out. But it's been over a week. We take her out, but she won't go do her business unless we are standing next to her.

We left her in the house for about 2 hours. When we got back we found the house torn up and poop on the floor. We take her out all the time. We took her out before we left. Then today we had her outside with us. It was hot so I put her in the the house. About 1 hour later I go in the house and she had torn up a box we had on a table and pee on the carpet. Then we were all in the house. I was just in the next room and she pooped on the floor. I don't know what to do. I'm starting to regret saving her. What can I do and why is she doing this/ Please help before I send her away. She is not my first big dog.

By Maria from IL

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By Lizzyanny [9]07/11/2013

Hard to say what is behind all of this. It is probably a number of things combined. She is young and perhaps didnt have all the training she should have. I would try crate training. It would be unusual for an 8 month old to be fully trained. If you are not able to keep her, be sure and find a great dane rescue for her. Good luck.

Question: House Trained and Has Backslid

My Jack Russell Terrier is 6yrs old and has been potty trained to use a doggie door since she was 8 weeks old. All of a sudden she's peeing and pooping on rugs in my daughters' rooms when we're not home or when everyone is sleeping. I don't know how to punish her because she's still going outside too.

By Stevie L

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By Frugal Sunnie [11]06/11/2013

When a formerly house-trained dog breaks training there is something serious going on and punishment is completely out of line. You need to figure out why your dog is doing this. There a lot of different reasons a dog will suddenly start using the indoors for a bathroom.

First, has the dog been ill or injured? JRs are notorious for running full speed into a wall, for example-is there a chance your dog is suffering a concussion? A concussion will change a dog's personality and behaviours.

Has your JR shown any signs of listlessness, anxiety (common when ill) lack of interest in companionship or conversely suddenly become extra clingy? Is he off his feed, not drinking enough water or drinking too much (sign of canine diabetes)? Any other common signs of illness?

If you can't answer definitively, or if you can say yes to any of the above, you need to take your dog to the vet now.

If you can positively say 'No' to the above, however, the regression to breaking house-training is almost always a dog's only way of telling you he/she is under tremendous psychological stress and it is up to you to figure out the cause, then take steps to relieve the stress.

For example, has someone started a new job; is there a new pet in the house; have you recently moved house; has the JR recently lost a companion (other animal or a human he/she was especially close to)? If a JR thinks they are being unfairly treated, too, they will use elimination behaviours to express their anger.

Whether physical or psychological, something is really wrong with your dog. He won't learn anything from being punished. Punishment will only increase the stress and cause your dog to increase, not decrease the incidents.

Take your dog to the vet for a check. Be honest with yourself and do a home evaluation to determine what is stressing your JR if the vet gives him an 'all-clear'. Your vet is a perfect source of assistance, btw, for JR related behavioural issues.

The following link is to a site I love, it's all things dogs and you can do a search on JRs to find out more:

Good luck, I hope your JR is ok physically and that you are able to figure out why he is so stressed he is relieving himself in all the wrong places! Please update us to let us know how he's doing.

Question: Toilet Training 5 Month Old Puppy

Tan Pug Chihuahua mix.We have 5 month old Pug Chihuahua mix. Toilet training was we thought complete as he was going out the cat door to go toilet by himself. There were no accidents for over a week then out of the blue has decided to go in the house again and just uses the cat door to go out to play. I am not sure why he has decided to use the house again for toilet. Please give me some advise.

By Dianne

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By Ce [4]05/24/2013

Sounds like your puppy is on the right tract but just needs moral support. Go out with him and praise the little guy when he does his business. I had to potty train two little girls at the same time so be patient cause an occasional accident will happen.

Question: Potty Training my Chihuahua

I have a 17 month old Chihuahua who has been neutered and was doing great at potty training. We started with crate training and then we let him out of the crate after about 10 months and put a box by the front door with real grass in it in case he had to go while I was at work. This has been working great then my 4 year old Chi started pooping next to the grass and the 17 month old started marking anywhere and everywhere. We then put in a doggie door hoping this would help. They do go out side to poop and most of the time pee, but the little one is still peeing and will do it in front of me. The older one only in the morning poops next to the box. I need help. I have even removed part of my carpet he were he would pee, but he will pee on tile too.

By Wanda S.

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By xintexas [28]05/27/2013

Keep them crated when you are not home. When you come home let then outside right away. You will know that they both went potty. Then you can watch them better when you are with them and take them out at intervals. Don't relay on the doggie door. It's false security if they don't use it all the time. I think that they are not completely housebroken. Start over and be strict.

Question: House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

My dog is neutered and he's five going on six years old now and he's been potty trained since he was one. We just moved like a few months ago and he was fine with it, because he went from a condo to a big house. We also just had a new husband and kids added about is year ago, the two new kids are only here every other week, but the other two he's been living with are always here.

Now sometimes when we leave, he pees and poops in the basement! Even if we have only been gone five minutes (we never leave for more than an hour without him). I am almost forced to get rid of him! Whats wrong with him so I can try to fix it?

By Bailey R.

Most Recent Answer

By nicholechamberlain10/29/2013

I am having the same exact problem with my beagle/bulldog. Every single day we are cleaning up his pee and poop! I am completely out of ideas. Since you have posted this... have you tried anything that has worked?

Question: Puppy Peeing and Pooping in the House

Black and tan puppy.I recently got my puppy and he is 9 weeks old. At first he would poop and pee outside, no accidents at all. Then this past Sunday it was rainy and nasty outside he would only pee and once we came in and when I wasn't looking he pooped. He has continued this problem the past 3 days, I am getting so frustrated with how to make him understand that it is wrong. I have read you take his poop to wear he eliminates in the yard so he will know. I did that this morning and he paid no mind to it. I do not want to use pee pads of any sort. How can I fix this problem?

By Kimberleigh P.

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By jan king [1]03/29/2013

I tied a Christmas bell by the front door, rang the bell and said "potty" and took my puppy Darla outside several times a day the first few days after I got her at 9 weeks old. I really praised her and immediately gave her a treat when she went potty. When we came back inside I rang the bell again. I would pick her up and ring the bell and take her outside when she had an accident, too, repeating the above practice.

She caught on very fast and had no more accidents after two days. She is 2 years old and hasn't had an accident since then and is still ringing the bell. However, sometimes she rings it just because she wants to go out to play now! Wish potty training my kids and grandkids was this easy!

Question: House Trained Puppy Pooping in New House

Brindle colored Pit Bull.I have a 6 month old female brindle Pit Bull, she just moved in about 3 days ago and was previously housebroken. She has been pooping in the house and I'm unsure of what to do. We don't have a crate for her, but she sleeps in the laundry room on a comforter. Please help!


Most Recent Answer

By Robyn [366]01/03/2013

It most likely is the stress that comes with being in a new home and having new expectations. It is also probably due to seperation anxiety and such. It is such a new experience.

I would make housetraining a game, and a positive experience. I would take the little one out and say a word you want him to associate with going to do his business. I use the words " Lets go Potty!"

Take him out with a happy voice, and go out with him at these times:

When waking up out of any nap
When waking up for the day.
After the first sniff of the floor or turning around on the floor
Any time he looks like he is ready to go.

Here is a great resource for training these darling doggies:

Have fun with your baby! I love hearing from people who have Pits and how it is going with them~ I have lots of stories from when I was able to foster, which I am not anymore.

Robyn from Tennessee

Question: Previously Potty Trained Dog Going in House

I would like ideas for re-potty training a 1 year old teacup Yorkie. My Yorkie is 1 1/2 years old. The potty training has recently become a nightmare. It was difficult to potty train her on pee pads, but eventually I thought we had made it! Then she started occasionally going on the floor. Then we worked on the potty training again and thought I had success. She would go for weeks without an accident and then suddenly she just goes wherever she feels like again for a few days. This used to happen fairly infrequently, but now she has an accident several times a week. She knows she shouldn't do it because as soon as you walk past her or even talk to her she immediately runs to the kennel. This is a signal that she left a mess somewhere. I then know I need to go find her accident spot. Please help! I am at wit's end.

By Lisa W

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By Vicki [21]07/26/2012

Read the archive "Retraining a Previously House Trained Puppy" (below your post, in Related section). It makes perfectly good sense to me.

Question: Dog Started Pooping in the House

I have an 11 month old puppy, a Poodle/Norwich Terrier. She just started to poop in the house after having her outside. We had pine straw and now we have mulch, could this be the problem?


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By hiphophood [1]07/30/2012

Possibly, yes. Especially when the dog is fairly young. You are just going to have to stay outside with the dog and not let it inside until it uses the bathroom.

Question: Older Dog Started Pooping in the House

My friend's Staff of 8 years old has started to poo at night in the lounge. She does not know why and what she can do.

By John

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By Gloria Z [7]06/21/2012

Have they changed their brand of dog food? Perhaps there is something physically wrong with the dog and the only way it can tell the owner is by doing something unusual. Have it checked out by the Vet to be sure nothing is wrong with it. Around this age dogs start to get cancer and other problems so get it to the Vet.

Question: Dog No Longer House Broken

I have a German Shepherd and he will be 7 years old in November this year. In the past 4 months he has started to use the living room as his business area. We have tried keeping him outside in the day, but he still does it. The vet says there is nothing wrong. We have even tried the puppy spray, but that has not worked. Any ideas on how to stop him from doing this?

By Beckie

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By dawndee [2]03/12/2010

Something has happened in his life to unsettle him. Has a family member left home? Have you moved the furniture around? Have you changed his daily routine in any way? Did the weather change to freezing cold? One of the other reasons could be he is unwell and it would be advisable to get a liver function test done on your dog as his dog food could be causing him to feel ill and this is his way of telling you that things aren't right in his life.

I hope you don't bellow at him and smack him as this will only make his behaviour worse. Keep him out of the room, and deodorize the area with vinegar which masks his smell. I dog sit and two of my charges showed the same behaviour until I took them both at various times to have their ears checked out for inner ear problems and then liver function tests. Both were being poisoned by the toxins in their food and both have had plastic liver shunts fitted to give them a better quality of life. And the peeing has stopped!

Question: House Trained Dog Pooping Inside When Alone

dog holding food in mouthZoey is my 1 1/2 year old Red Heeler. She has been potty trained since she was 4 months old. Sometimes when we go to new places she has accidents, but I just try to keep an eye on her. This last 2 weeks she has been pooping inside when we leave. She never does when we're home. We always let her go potty before we're ready to leave so she doesn't get distracted with us leaving and goes potty. We usually kennel her, but our roommate lets her out and she poops. And today we went to town for about an hour and left her out and she pooped. I started giving her treats for going outside after the first few times, but it's still happening. I thought about crate training her to go potty, but she's too hyper and I feel it's not necessary yet. Any suggestions?

By Alisha

Question: Dog Pooping Inside After Neutering

black dog lying on chairI have a 15 month old Lab mix. He has only gone #2 one time inside since I got him. He was only 3 months then and had been outside. He picked up quickly on house training. He started peeing on things when he got his "boy parts", however.

About a month ago he got out and disappeared for a few days (there was a dog in heat in the neighborhood). He was usually good about staying in the yard until then. During the time he was gone, he got into a neighbor's field and mauled one of his sheep. So he's been on a lead when he goes out since then.

I had him fixed about a week after the incident. When he came home, he pooped by the door. I didn't get angry because I hadn't let him out yet and he needed to go. But now, he won't go outside at all. I let him out for no less than 30 minutes when he goes out. He pees outside just fine, but as soon as he comes in he goes to one of 2 spots and poops. This has been going on 3 weeks now. I'm doing my best to retrain him, but I'm at my wits end with him. He won't go if I'm watching, and he won't go in any area of his lead. Any tips? Pointers? Help!

By Ashli B. from Mcminnville, TN

Question: House Trained Dog Pooped Inside

tannish dogI have a 2 year old Pom Poo. She is house broken and has been for some time. She is a very well behaved dog. She loves us all. All of a sudden this morning my daughter yelled out and said, "mom Sadie just pooped in the living room in front of me". Not to mention she was just let out. I'm not sure if she did this due to the fact it is very cold out and she doesn't do well in the cold.

By Linda

Question: House Trained Dog Started Pooping Indoors

black and white Shih TzuI have a 2 year old Shih Tzu, who has been house trained since he was few weeks old. He has also been neutered. His groomer, who we know well, came a few days ago. While she was cutting his fur he stood up and pooped on her table 3 times. He has started playing up when put in his cage at night and he pooped in that. He has been using a cage just for night sleeping since he was few weeks old. I have never known him to do this before. Can anyone please let me know what they think, but I will be making an appointment to see a vet.

By Pauline

Question: Dog Pooping and Peeing Inside

I have two Beagles, one is eight and the one that is causing the trouble is three. She is peeing and pooing in the house. She has been doing this pretty much her whole life. She is potty trained, but she won't stop going in the house at night and when we are gone to work. We have tried the thunder shirt, kennel, pads, diapers, and all sorts of humane discipline techniques. We let her out around the morning at six, at noon, at three, and also eight. We don't know what else to do.

By james

Question: Dog Pooping and Weeing in House

I have 3 Jack Russell Terriers; 1 of them is pooping in the house. They have got a dog flap so they can go outside whenever they want to. They are all house trained; 2 of them are two and a half and the other one is one and a half. They have been doing it the last 3 weeks.

By ann h

Question: House Trained Dog Pooping Inside After Moving

My gf moved in and brought her intact male Miniature Schnauzer, Louis, into my house where I live with my Dutch Shepherd Dex.
It's been nearly 3 months. For the first month the Schnauzer had no issues going outside in the back yard. Lately he has been peeing and pooing inside in the living room. We are shocked because this dog never did it inside, since he was 3 months old. He is about 1 yr and 3 months now.
The big dog bullied him at first, but now they just play. Sometimes the big one will assert dominance but nothing too unusual in dog behavior.
We don't know what's happening and what to do. Is it his environment change, the new dog, is he scared to poo outside? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

By DexandLouis

Question: Previously House Trained Dog Going in the House

My 9yr old dog (Golden Retriever/Collie) has been house trained since we got him when he was a year old. But recently he has started doing his business in the house. What is causing this behaviour?

By Esther W.

Question: House Trained Dog Pooping in House

I have fully trained Shiba Inu that is pooping in the hallway of my new house. My dog goes to the bathroom right after she has been out. This has been a two day problem and has happened before, but only when we moved into the new home. I would like to know how to fix the issue.

By Hh

Question: Dog Pooping in House at Night

I have a 2 year old Bichon Frise. I'll start from the beginning. He has always slept downstairs in a crate which is just big enough for him to turn around in, but I always left the crate door open as he was house trained. Anyway after I had my baby the dog started pooping in the house so I decided to start closing his crate door again at night. It worked fine for a while and then he started pooping in his crate. But he doesn't just poo, he walks in it and then jumps on furniture, jumps up walls, and he even managed to climb on my kitchen worktops one night!

I have always fed him first thing in a morning and again at tea time and he used to poo about an hour after eating. I have started only feeding him in a morning, but he won't poo all day even though he has regular garden breaks and I purposely put him in the garden for an hour or so before bed, but he just won't. It's as if he saves it til we have gone to bed. Can anyone please help me?

By Jade

Question: Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

We moved recently and ever since, my dog has been whimpering and scratching at the door and wants to be outside all the time. He does not want to go in the backyard, but outside on the street as I live on a gated community. He has been peeing inside and pooping, as well, with people at home and it gets worse if no one is home. He already marked all around the house and it's not that type of pee it's the regular one. He has been well trained to go to the backyard to pee and poo ever since he was a puppy. Now he has stopped eating. I'm worried; what can be causing this?

By Andus

Question: Dog Pooping in House at Night

I have a 6 year old Great Dane bitch. Since my son and his girlfriend (who live with us) bought their new baby home she has started messing inside nearly every night, even if we let her out before we go to bed. I know she is jealous of the baby, but what can we do ?

By Anne

Question: Dog Started Pooing Inside

I have two dogs, a GSD and an Akita which are the best of friends. The GSD is 8 years old the Akita is 2 years. I had her from a baby. Last month she has taken to pooing inside. It can happen anytime and they are not small packs.
I take her out with the GSD. The Akita will do a little bit outside then come back in and when my back is turned to her, she will start to go. She does this in the kitchen and lounge. All the floors are tiles which helps a lot, but this can't go on.


Question: Paper Trained Dog Pooping on the Carpet

My teacup Poodle is 11 years old and she's decided to start pooping in the hallway of our house for about a month. We've had no change in environment or foods. We feed her at the same time every day and she just goes and poops in the hallway in broad daylight. (When we're all home).

We have no idea how to stop her or what we need to do. She does it in the same spot, but we make sure to clean it with no smell. So we just don't know why she's doing this.

By H.B.

Question: Dog Pees Outside But Poops Inside

I have an 11 month old Lhasa Apso. She was very difficult to potty train to begin with. When we finally house broke her, she started retreating in the house and, sometimes within 5 minutes, she poops in the same spots around the house. She is always outside for more than 30 minutes at a time. She pees, but almost never poops.

I have waited outside for 2 hours no poop. Walks, pees no poop. We have used Nature's Miracle on her frequent spots as well as soaked them in bleach. She still insists on pooping in the house.

She is crate trained, we tried to gate her to one area, we've tried having a dog house leaving her out during the day. She goes out at least once every two hours during the day. It is just so frustrating that no matter what I do she poops on the floor.

Does anyone have any idea what I should do? I know discipline shouldn't be used but it almost seems like I should resort to it.

By Loryn

Question: Previous House Broken Chihuahua Pom Pooing Inside

Cream colored dog in sweater lying on couch.I have a 6 year old Chihuahua Pom. I have had her since she was 2 weeks old. Recently we introduced her to a our baby and a rescue puppy full blooded Chihuahua. He is not house broken and we are having a hard time training him as it is. And with the new baby I'm frustrated having to deal with her starting to poop inside as well. My little one is on the verge to get mobile and I cannot be cleaning the carpet everyday either. What can I do?

By Lily C.

Question: Potty Pad Trained Dog Pooping on Floor

Why has my dog, a 2 year old Yorkie, started going poop nowhere near his designated potty pads? He has done well before, but has recently decided to go poo anywhere he pleases.

By Mikayla from Garden Grove, CA

Question: House Training a Puppy

Cocker Spaniel puppy in pink bed.My 11 week old puppy has been good for the past week or so, then yesterday she tried to pee on the carpet, pooped in the 2nd bedroom, and today peed in the kitchen (a lot). Why is she regressing? She has access to her puppy pads and I change them out when they're looking moderately soiled. She's a Cocker Spaniel and has been using them well.

We recently started letting her play in the public areas (while well supervised) and we have 2 pee pads under the coffee table and she's used them. Could this be the reason why she's been regressing?


Question: Fireworks Frightened Dog Now Pooping and Peeing Inside

The 4th of July seriously frightened dog. He is having issues about pooping and peeing in the house. This morning I let him and the other dogs out. Then between 6:30am and 8:00am he pooped in my bedroom, he did not even ask to go out. What can I do to stop this behaviour?

By Kat

Question: Roommate's Dogs Peeping and Pooping in Basement

My roommate's dogs are going downstairs and pooping and peeing. I cleaned the floor with bleach and got all the old spots up. I come home and there are new spots. His male dog has also peed on my bed and my living room carpet. The female is a Husky about 5 years old and spayed and the male is a Pit Bull mix about 3 years old and fixed.

By Corey Y

Question: Dog has Started Pooping in the House

I have two dogs and my Poodle, who never potties in the house, has started pooping in the house. I let them out and take them on walks and she still does it. Sometimes right after we have been out for a while. Her daddy just started working and I am wondering if that is the reason. He was in college and was home with her before. I have always worked, but now I am at home. What can I do to fix this problem? She is very head strong and I am wondering if she is doing this out of spite. What should I do to get her to stop?

By Sharon

Question: Dog Poops and Pees on Certain Floors of House

Closeup of white terrier.Why does my dog poop and pee only on certain floors of the house? I have a almost 2 year old terrier mix (Maltese/Pom or something like that). Anyhow, he was a shelter dog. I got him at 4 mos old. He was hard to house break. He was crate trained initially. As a new member he had several places in the house he used for elimination. Some we knew of, some we did not.

At any rate, he no longer needs the crate as he is completely housebroken on the main living area of e house. It is where our living dining and kitchen area are and the master bed room. However he continues to use the kids bedrooms and the lower level family room and or basement to go to the bathroom. Even when he has been outside.

We have gated the stairs to the 2nd level and we have doors to the lower level, but he will sneak down or up and do his business at random. He is left hours alone on the main floor and has absolutely no accidents. It seems like he doesn't get that his "living space" includes all levels. Any advice?

By Stacie

Question: House Trained Dog Going In House

I have a five year old Beagle mix. She is completely house trained, and has been since being twelve weeks old.

She started pooping and peeing in the house in the last six months, but only if she's out of her crate. If she's in her crate she never goes in it. If we leave her out then she'll poop and pee in the same spot within a foot of each other, even after we've let her out. She can go like six hours in her crate without an accident, but we can let her out of her crate in the am, let her outside, then let her have free reign of the house when we go back upstairs to get ready for an hour, then we find our presents downstairs.

It's always the same spot, which makes me think it's a territorial thing. I don't remember our other dog ever going there. The Beagle is such a pleaser. I don't get why she's doing it. Someone please help!

By Julie M.

Question: Housebroken Dog Pooping Inside and On Sidewalks

Two dogs in Santa suits.I have a six year old Lhasa/Bichon who has been housebroken since puppyhood. For about the past year or two, she has been pooping where we walk; the front and back decks, the walkway to and from our cars, directly where we step to get in our cars, and recently practically on the threshold of the front door. We have five acres of pooping area, but she insists on going precisely where we will be stepping.

She also goes behind our couch almost every day, every time we leave the house and even while we are in the room. We leave our doors open so they (her BFF, our 4 year old Yorkie) come and go as they please and she shows no fear of anything out there, but will do this even after she has just come back inside.

She knows this is a no-no because she hides or stares at us with her head down. We have tried every form of correction, negative and positive, and she simply doesn't care. It just gets worse and worse. Now she won't even walk on the grass, she just goes where she likes, even if we are watching, walking right behind her and telling her no. And it's not the feel of grass she's avoiding because she has to walk on rough gravel to get to our cars and I'd think that would feel a lot worse than grass. It can't be for attention because she's held a lot, usually jumping up to sit on our laps most of the time.

As for changes, last year our teenage son passed away during the night and she was present when we found him and right beside him as we fought to resuscitate him, watching him, and us, and looking as sad as I've ever seen a dog look. And as the house filled with rescue personnel, we had to kennel the dogs and I know that not knowing what was going on was scary for her as well. There were a lot of new people coming and going for a while, also, but the pets got a lot of attention from people just wanting the comfort of holding a pet for a while. And though this behavior was going on before losing our son, it has progressively gotten much, much worse.

We feed her Nature's Balance Grain Free Sensitive, in an auto-feeder (so she doesn't guard the food from the Yorkie). They also have an auto-waterer. She doesn't seem to over-eat, either. And she's got a clean bill of health from the vet, too. Please help, we are at our wits end.

By LJC123

Question: Nursing Dog Going in the House at Night

I have a 4 year old nursing Portuguese Waterdog. We have a dog door which she uses during the day. It is also open at night. However at night or when I leave, (even if others are in the house) she urinates and defecates on the carpets. She is fed frequently because of nursing. Has anyone experienced this? Any suggestions for treatment or cause?

By Janice

Question: Housebroken Dog Pooping in the House

I have a four year old Maltese dog which we love very much. We have never left him alone and he is the center of attention in our home. He is a very good dog and has been house broken for years now. When he has to go outside to poop he usually brings one of us his leash and stares at us. We never go on vacation, but we had to go to Florida for a week to see my 83 year old father-in-law who is not well.

We left our dog with my daughter for seven days. After the third day my daughter called us and said that the dog was pooping in her house even though she was walking him on a regular basis. We came home yesterday and the dog was overjoyed to see us and to be home again. However, now he is pooping in our house, a few times a day as if he were never house broken, plus he seems lethargic. What could be the matter?

By Vito

Question: House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

I recently brought a new puppy to my house. My 5 year old dog is house broken. I'm potty training the new puppy. All of the sudden my old dog is peeing on the puppy training pads and pooping in my leather couch. What can I do?

By Corina from Reno, NV

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Archive: Previously House Broken Dog Has Started Pooping in the House

I have a 3 year old pup that never pooped inside the house unless she was sick and we recently moved in (in the past 6 months) with my partner and her dog. Her 2 year old pup has taught my 3 year old good girl pup to poop in the house.

Her dog just never got trained and we've tried everything short of crating her (my partner won't). I don't know what to do, my girl never did such things and now she seems to think it's okay even though they both get in trouble when they go in the house. Help!

My partner has a Cairn Terrier and I have a 1/2 Spitz, 1/2 Border Collie. I love these girls but I'm at wits end with them. Any ideas for training the other pup and getting mine to stop? I've even brought myself to diaper the little one in order to make her stop. Is it too late for training?

Trish from Washington DC

RE: Previously House Broken Dog Has Started Pooping in the House

Crate training is not mean or cruel to dogs. It is natural for a dog to be a den animal and they actually like the crate when taught properly to use it. Your dog probably started because of the residual smells throughout the house. Your dog is confused as to where is the proper place to go. The only way I know to train them is to confine them, because dogs don't want to relieve themselves where they will have to lay in it if at all possible.

Only other thing I can think of is to watch them 24 hours a day for a couple weeks and take them out like you would a puppy and praise them for going outside and catch them sniffing around the house before they have a chance to go inside. Crate training is easier. You could also board your pups for a few weeks in a good kennel that takes the dogs out frequently, then they can house train them while you clean your carpets professionally. (02/14/2008)

By junebug_000

RE: Previously House Broken Dog Has Started Pooping in the H

Hi! Do you feed the dogs from a big bowl so they eat whenever they want? That should stop. Do two feedings at exactly the same time each day and their bowels will respond on a schedule you all can live with. And don't overfeed. Are the dogs fat?

Are the dogs being walked at all? They need at least a half-hour of exercise morning and night, every day. Crating the dogs after being exercised is not cruel, however forcing dogs to live in a stressful home, where they are constantly getting in trouble, is cruel.

I think using a trainer that can make house calls and getting some couples therapy for the humans is in order. Invest in solving this problem so you can have a nice clean home if for no other reason. And yes, not too late for training. For the dogs either. (02/15/2008)

By Bonnie

RE: Previously House Broken Dog Has Started Pooping in the House

Write to the dog whisperer show and ask for a good source of information. Also, get enzyme cleaner or use white vinegar where ever you know they have gone.

But first, train yourselves. 15 minutes after they eat solid food take both for a walk and don't come back until they've pooped. Put up food so you have control over when they eat solid food. Of course leave water down. You must be firm with yourself, no matter how tired you are; no excuses. You will also enjoy the walks (2 times per day). Until they are trained, take them out yourself, don't just let them out, so it will be a positive moment for them.

In our family, I had to take our puppies out, because everyone in the family lacked self discipline but me. However, I don't like cleaning up poop, and I don't like to hear others whining. I guess I didn't train my kids right. At least I got the dog thing right. (08/13/2009)


Archive: Previously House Broken Dog Has Started Pooping in the House

My older dog has been sick and is now pooping and peeing in the house. What to do?

By Jonnab from CO

RE: Previously House Broken Dog Has Started Pooping in the House

Could be suffering with arthritis. Vet him. Maybe get him on Duramax for pain and as an anti-inflammatory. Natural product you might try a horse med that works on dogs with some pretty bad problems called Next Level out of Valley Vet. 800 419 9524. Keep me posted, please. (09/29/2009)

By muttmom

Archive: Previously House Broken Dog Has Started Pooping in the House

My 3 year old racing Greyhound cross Alsation has in the first week peed on my bed and then 2 days ago she has pooped on my bed? Would you know why and how do I combat this? She is full trained. Please help.

By gobbit from west Midlands, UK

RE: Previously House Broken Dog Has Started Pooping in the House

Have you sprayed the affected areas with vinegar? Maybe you can go back a step and restart praising and giving a treat to the dog when she does her business outside. (12/08/2009)

By jtithof

RE: Previously House Broken Dog Has Started Pooping in the House

Please take her to the vet. Rarely do animals change their behavior for no reason. (12/10/2009)

By Maryeileen

Archive: Previously House Broken Dog Has Started Pooping in the House

Please help. Both of my dogs have started to poo and wee in the house. They are house trained with their own room and doggie door to the garden. But over the last 3 weeks on and off they have started messing in the house. We haven't had any changes to the household so I'm stuck as to why they both have started doing it. Please help.

By Angela from Windsor, England

RE: Previously House Broken Dog Has Started Pooping in the House

Separation anxiety maybe? My German shepherd is completely housebroken as long as I'm around, but she keeps pooping in the house whenever I'm gone for more than 15 minutes! It's a tough problem to crack. (03/02/2010)

By Trippay

Archive: Previously Housebroken Dog Has Started Urinating and Defecating in the House

Our dog is six years old and we have had him since he was a puppy. He is very well behaved, house trained and neutered. But when the weather gets colder he starts getting lazy and starts urinating and defecating in the house when we go to work or when we are in bed.

We walk him twice a day, making sure he gets a good long walk of at least an hour and days out at the beach, etc. We also make sure he goes out in the garden at bed time or last thing at night. What can we do to stop him? All answers truly appreciated.

By Samantha from Liverpool, UK