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Refrigerator's Ice Maker Not Making Ice

Category Ice Machines
Your refrigerator's ice maker may stop making ice, requiring you to troubleshoot the cause before it can be repaired. This is a guide about a refrigerator's ice maker not making ice.


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June 17, 2016

The icemaker on my Kenmore side by side refrigerator stopped making ice. I have already replaced the water filter once in February when it stopped making ice the first time and that fixed the issue. It is now June and it has stopped making ice again and I went out and purchased another filter, replaced it, and it did not fix the issue this time.


What could possibly be the issue? It went from being over full a week ago to not making ice. How do I fix the issue myself without it costing an arm and a leg because it's not my refrigerator, it belongs to the owners of the house and the landlord isn't required to fix it because the ice maker is a luxury not a necessity.

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my whirlpoolimperial series in-door ice dispensing system makes only a couple cubes a day. plenty of water pressure at the dispenser.

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January 31, 2016

My ice maker hasn't worked in a month. I have put hot boiling pots in to defrost it as that's what my repairman told me to do once when it was whining and groaning. He thought line was frozen. If it was frozen this didn't help the icemaker to start up again. We have water in the dispenser in the door, but no water is running in to the ice tray.


I just turned off the water and took off the dispensing valve out of the fridge to try and see if the line is clear going up to the freezer. I don't know how to take off the green waterline going up to freezer because it's the new self setting type. I have also changed the filter about two weeks ago before I started any of this. Can anyone tell me what to do?

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March 27, 20160 found this helpful

I changed the water filter, but no ice

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May 31, 2016

I have a Kenmore top mount refrigerator, model number 253.7481240k purchased in 2009. I replaced the copper hose that had a kink in it, now the ice maker will not come on at all. What could be the problem?

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April 28, 2015

I have a Whirlpool side by side. My ice maker is no longer producing ice. It looks like the water is being sent to the ice maker, but the water is frozen on the side walls and on the food in the freezer. How do I repair this?

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April 28, 20150 found this helpful

You can consult your owner's manual and request service from a local technician. You can also check the manufacturer's website support for additional information. A very easy online search for Whirlpool support produced many answers. You can try a search yourself or this site to start-read the FAQ section also:

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July 6, 20120 found this helpful

My ice maker would not make any ice. I replaced the ice maker and still no ice. I have replaced the filter too. I hit the reset button on the fridge side, but I have a red light flashing on the ice maker control switch in the freezer. I have turned it to the "off" position and the red light is still flashing. I have no clue what to check next. What do you think is wrong?

By Glenda

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July 7, 20120 found this helpful

Don't know what it is, however, using the manufacturer and model number, go to the manufacturer site, find the support site, and using the model number search for blinking red light. Or just use the manufacturer, model, and blinking red light in a search engine. Usually the manufacturer has a help line you can call and speak to a technician.

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July 8, 20120 found this helpful

Biggest question: Do u have a manual for your fridge? If you do, there is usually common troubleshooting near the back. It should also have manufacturer's address and toll free number. If no manual, Try the manufacturer's name with .com added and you might get a website with a forum where other owners could help u. and get a manual you could print out on your computer.

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May 12, 20120 found this helpful

I have a GE Profile Arctica, Model# PSS25NGMD WW. There is no ice in the bin, I put power to fill solenoid, tray filled and dumped a batch of ice, but does not want to take over and repeat the cycle on its own. To me the bin switch looks in the call for ice position. I need advise and thanks you. Frosty.

By Harland O

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May 14, 20120 found this helpful

Welcome to the world of fixing your own fridge. I saved a lot of $ by doing so. You can download the schematic and manual for your fridge using the model #, then go to or an appliance parts website and order the part yourself.

For no ice, it could be a number of things. Youtube even has some good diagnostics! What really clinched it for me was asking a friendly technician that I knew who was able to pinpoint my issue; we ordered the parts from a local place, then drove 13 miles (each way) to pick up the part, installed ourselves.

We saved about $400 by placing parts ourselves on our GE Side by side. I'm sorry I don't have a specific answer for your specific question though.

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June 26, 20160 found this helpful

I pull a need filter in yesterday afternoon how long does take make ic

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December 29, 20130 found this helpful

Our refrigerator is a Frigidaire and we just replaced the water filter, but now it is not making ice, any clues? It is a Pure Plus water filter. I'm thinking is the filter is on too tight. My husband replaced it, but I cannot turn it that is why I am thinking it might be too tight. Also, when he took it off there was water in filter holder cup.

By Rose D

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February 8, 20160 found this helpful

Had just replaced the water filter, a Pur for a Whirlpool side by side refrigerator, and the ice maker stopped working. Took it out and the ice maker started working without the filter in. Now, on to the next step of letting the ice maker proceed for a few cycles without a filter, then seeing what happens with the new filter reinstalled. Never had the issue before and have replaced the water filter many, many times over the last 10 years.

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January 23, 2007

I have a side by side fridge, with a built-in ice maker. One has to open the freezer to get the ice. Anyway, I get frozen hunks of ice along with the ice cubes that drops into the ice bin. I have to use an ice pick to break up the clumps of ice. What causes this and how can I correct this problem without calling the repair man? Also, It continues to make ice and If I do not remember to lift the arm that stops ice forming it will fall out of the full ice bin and go all over in the freezer.

Thanks in advance,

Mary from Mendenhall, Mississippi

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January 24, 20070 found this helpful

It sounds like your freezer isn't cold enough. It is allowing a tiny bit of melting in the heat of the day and then it freezes everything into blocks when the freezer doesn't have to work so hard to stay cold. See if adjusting the temp colder by a little bit helps.

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May 5, 2013

I've seen this question asked many times before, but never paid much attention because it didn't apply to me - now it does! What do I need to check before calling a repairman? Thanks very much!

By caseye

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August 13, 20130 found this helpful

Several have already mentioned but the hair dryer worked wonders for me. My fridge would dispense water but would not fill the ice tray and dispense. I opened the freezer door and pointed the hair dryer to where the ice tray fill line comes in for a few minutes and it worked like a charm. Later the motor on the ice machine stopped working and using the hair dryer on it thawed it out as well. Haven't had a problem since.

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February 18, 20130 found this helpful

I have a Whirpool Elite refrigerator and freezer on bottom. It's 2 years old. I put in a new water filter and checked the water line. Water is being dispense from the refrigerator. The model #795-71062 010. Before I buy a new ice maker, any suggestions?


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February 23, 20130 found this helpful

Check to see if an ice cube is jammed in the tray. If so work it out and the Ice Maker will work properly. Mine does this once in a while. Hope this helps.

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March 10, 20150 found this helpful

If the filter needs change could that cause the icemaker to stop making ice?

By Pam

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December 21, 20140 found this helpful

I changed the filter on my fridge and now it is not making ice.


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May 16, 20140 found this helpful

The plastic teeth on the ice maker got hung and the ice maker quit working. I fixed the piece and now the ice maker will not start.

By Ken

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May 9, 20110 found this helpful

My ice maker quit making ice. I changed the filter and water came out of the water dispenser but nothing for ice making

By Penny

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July 23, 20110 found this helpful

The water line to the icemaker is probably clogged or even has frozen. Find where it is attached (you can look online for your make or your appliance booklet} and remove the tube, clean, or melt the ice buildup.

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February 19, 20140 found this helpful

My ice maker is not getting an electrical signal. It does not tell the maker to make ice at the water valve.

By J Maggio from MD

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April 24, 2010

My White-Westinghouse ice maker does not work. What is the problem?

By Dottie from Huntsville, AL

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April 25, 20100 found this helpful

Call the place you got it from, good luck.

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November 21, 20120 found this helpful

The crushed ice works well, but shaved ice delivers faint sound when dispenser is pushed, but no ice?


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March 11, 2008

I bought an ice maker kit from the local Menard's. I hooked it up and it is still not working. The water dispenser inside of the fridge gives out water but I only get 1 or 2 cubes per cycle, if I'm lucky.

Brian from Hamilton, MI

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March 17, 20080 found this helpful

I'd bring it back !

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August 10, 20090 found this helpful

My GE ice maker has stopped making ice. There is water in it, its just not freezing.

By Joseph

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December 16, 20100 found this helpful

My ice maker has stopped working, What can I do at home before calling expensive repairman? It is getting water and does not appear to be leaking.

By Sandy from St. Louis, MO


Ice Maker Not Working

Ours would quit every summer and start working when the temperature cooled off. My husband turned the freezer temperature cooler this year and it is working great! (08/19/2010)

By towersmom

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November 17, 20090 found this helpful

Our Amana side-by-side ice maker over flow bar is stuck in the up position and cannot be pushed down. Any ideas? Model No. SBI20S2W

By bfmstrc from Lowell, MI


Ice Maker Not Working

Try blowing a hair dryer on the water line. We have to do this about three to four times a year. The line freezes up and the bar gets stuck. Try it, it will work. As soon as the line thaws out the bar will go down and the ice cubes will fall. (09/04/2009)

By Debbyann

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September 25, 20060 found this helpful

My refrigerator ice machine has not made ice since our water was shut off to fix a broken sprinkler head out in our yard. It seems to go through the motions of making ice but we do not get any cubes! Could it be air in the line and if so, does anyone know how I can get the water through without flooding my house?

Mara in Texas


Ice Machine Not Working

From what I've read it might be water frozen in the line. If it sounds like it is trying to make ice but none comes out, it's very possibly a little ice in the line. You could try turning off the refrigerator for a few hours and see if it clears. I don't know if the tubes are visible but you could take a hair dryer to just the tubes to speed up the process. If there is ice frozen into the tube, that would help to clear it. Another thing it could be is a clogged water filter. If the ice making just slowed down over time (which I realize is not the case with yours Mara), it could be that. (08/27/2004)

By Susan

Ice Machine Not Working

Here's a tip I found... I am not sure the response makes sense to me but maybe it will to you.

Whirlpool Fridge Icemaker Not Working

I have a Whirlpool side by side refrigerator/freezer with icemaker and water dispenser. The icemaker stopped working, but ice dispenser and the water dispenser in the door still work fine. I was told that most likely the problem was the electric valve controlling the water flow to the icemaker. I have a dual coil valve. I checked the resistance across both coils. It reads 300 ohms for both. I understand that this is the normal range, and indicates that the valve may not be the problem. What else could the problem be and how can I troubleshoot it.


If you suspect a valve , you could manually fill the icemaker mold with water to see if it harvests ice, if there is no water coming into the icemaker the plunger in the water inlet valve may be stuck and electrically the valve is OK. You might be able to rebuild the valve. If after the water freezes in the icemaker and it doesn't harvest make sure the shutoff arm is operating the switch inside the icemaker by lifting the arm up and down and listening for a click. If that doesn't help you can have any number of problems in the icemaker. (08/27/2004)

By Anne H.

Ice Machine Not Working

Here's some info from frigidaire, not sure what you guys are using.

Not making any ice.

Freezer may not be cold enough. Temperature must be 5 F. or colder to work properly.

Water supply valve may be blocked or restricted. Supply valve must have a 1/4" opening for water to fully supply ice maker. Many self-piercing valves do not have this big of an opening. Replace water supply valve with one that has a 1/4" opening.

Water supply valve may not be open. Find the supply valve and open.

Wire signal arm on ice maker is in the up position. This position shuts off the ice maker. Pull wire arm (bail arm) down to start ice making.

By Anne H.

Ice Machine Not Working

Last but not least, do you have the manual for the fridge? I bet they have some troubleshooting. If you don't still have it find the website for the manufacturer and they should have downloads of manuals and maybe even some FAQ like frigidaire had. (08/27/2004)

By Anne H.

Ice Machine Not Working

I had this problem with my freezer a while back. A friend told me to use your hair dryer on the connection; this dissolves any blockage in the line. Try it & good luck. It worked wonders for me & no charge for a repair man to come to the house. (08/30/2004)

By Rosalie Shoeman

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February 27, 20100 found this helpful

I have a Kenmore 22 refrigerator. The ice maker will fill the tray, but will not completely shut off and it overflows. Can you help? Thank you.

By Charles from Athens, AL


Refrigerator Ice Maker Overfilling Tray

I am sorry there have been no answers here for you and I truly don't know what to tell you either other than contacting the manufacturer or a refrigerator repair person. (02/01/2010)

By Deeli

Refrigerator Ice Maker Overfilling Tray

This sounds like a warranty problem. Has it always done this? Maybe there is just something stuck in the works. At the very least, contact Sears repair and they will tell you whether or not you are covered. Perhaps there was a service bulletin on this problem. If it does cost to repair, it may not be much. Call Sears. (02/01/2010)

By Thrifty Me

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January 27, 20100 found this helpful

I have a GE Profile side by side refrigerator that has an ice maker that keeps overfilling the tray. It just keeps cycling water.

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