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Refrigerator's Ice Maker Not Making Ice

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Your refrigerator's ice maker may stop making ice, requiring you to troubleshoot the cause before it can be repaired. This is a guide about a refrigerator's ice maker not making ice.



Here are questions related to Refrigerator's Ice Maker Not Making Ice.

Question: Ice Maker Making Large Chunks of Ice

I have a side by side fridge, with a built-in ice maker. One has to open the freezer to get the ice. Anyway, I get frozen hunks of ice along with the ice cubes that drops into the ice bin. I have to use an ice pick to break up the clumps of ice. What causes this and how can I correct this problem without calling the repair man? Also, It continues to make ice and If I do not remember to lift the arm that stops ice forming it will fall out of the full ice bin and go all over in the freezer.

Thanks in advance,

Mary from Mendenhall, Mississippi


Most Recent Answer

By Carla J. Sanders [3]01/24/2007

It sounds like your freezer isn't cold enough. It is allowing a tiny bit of melting in the heat of the day and then it freezes everything into blocks when the freezer doesn't have to work so hard to stay cold. See if adjusting the temp colder by a little bit helps.

Question: Ice Maker Not Working and Red Light Flashing

My ice maker would not make any ice. I replaced the ice maker and still no ice. I have replaced the filter too. I hit the reset button on the fridge side, but I have a red light flashing on the ice maker control switch in the freezer. I have turned it to the "off" position and the red light is still flashing. I have no clue what to check next. What do you think is wrong?

By Glenda


Most Recent Answer

By Mary Lou [14]07/08/2012

Biggest question: Do u have a manual for your fridge? If you do, there is usually common troubleshooting near the back. It should also have manufacturer's address and toll free number. If no manual, Try the manufacturer's name with .com added and you might get a website with a forum where other owners could help u. and get a manual you could print out on your computer.

Question: Whirpool Ice Maker Not Making Ice

I have a Whirlpool side by side. My ice maker is no longer producing ice. It looks like the water is being sent to the ice maker, but the water is frozen on the side walls and on the food in the freezer. How do I repair this?

    By doodlemamma [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Dinah Ackerson [3]04/28/2015

    You can consult your owner's manual and request service from a local technician. You can also check the manufacturer's website support for additional information. A very easy online search for Whirlpool support produced many answers. You can try a search yourself or this site to start-read the FAQ section also:

    Question: Fridge Ice Maker Not Making Ice

    I've seen this question asked many times before, but never paid much attention because it didn't apply to me - now it does! What do I need to check before calling a repairman? Thanks very much!

    By caseye

    Most Recent Answer

    By bratley2408/13/2013

    Several have already mentioned but the hair dryer worked wonders for me. My fridge would dispense water but would not fill the ice tray and dispense. I opened the freezer door and pointed the hair dryer to where the ice tray fill line comes in for a few minutes and it worked like a charm. Later the motor on the ice machine stopped working and using the hair dryer on it thawed it out as well. Haven't had a problem since.

    Question: Ice Maker Not Dropping Ice

    I have a Whirpool Elite refrigerator and freezer on bottom. It's 2 years old. I put in a new water filter and checked the water line. Water is being dispense from the refrigerator. The model #795-71062 010. Before I buy a new ice maker, any suggestions?

    By GK

    Most Recent Answer

    By Hunny Bun02/23/2013

    Check to see if an ice cube is jammed in the tray. If so work it out and the Ice Maker will work properly. Mine does this once in a while. Hope this helps.

    Question: GE Profile Arcita Not Making Ice

    I have a GE Profile Arctica, Model# PSS25NGMD WW. There is no ice in the bin, I put power to fill solenoid, tray filled and dumped a batch of ice, but does not want to take over and repeat the cycle on its own. To me the bin switch looks in the call for ice position. I need advise and thanks you. Frosty.

    By Harland O

    Most Recent Answer

    By mary knight [20]05/14/2012

    Welcome to the world of fixing your own fridge. I saved a lot of $ by doing so. You can download the schematic and manual for your fridge using the model #, then go to or an appliance parts website and order the part yourself.

    For no ice, it could be a number of things. Youtube even has some good diagnostics! What really clinched it for me was asking a friendly technician that I knew who was able to pinpoint my issue; we ordered the parts from a local place, then drove 13 miles (each way) to pick up the part, installed ourselves.

    We saved about $400 by placing parts ourselves on our GE Side by side. I'm sorry I don't have a specific answer for your specific question though.

    Question: Troubleshooting an Ice Maker That is Not Making Ice

    My ice maker quit making ice. I changed the filter and water came out of the water dispenser but nothing for ice making

    By Penny

    Most Recent Answer

    By littlegamma [7]07/23/2011

    The water line to the icemaker is probably clogged or even has frozen. Find where it is attached (you can look online for your make or your appliance booklet} and remove the tube, clean, or melt the ice buildup.

    Question: White Westinghouse Ice Maker Doesn't Work

    My White-Westinghouse ice maker does not work. What is the problem?

    By Dottie from Huntsville, AL

    Most Recent Answer

    By kathleen williams [23]04/25/2010

    Call the place you got it from, good luck.

    Question: Kit Ice Maker Not Working

    I bought an ice maker kit from the local Menard's. I hooked it up and it is still not working. The water dispenser inside of the fridge gives out water but I only get 1 or 2 cubes per cycle, if I'm lucky.

    Brian from Hamilton, MI

    Most Recent Answer

    By LuvMyGingerKids [45]03/17/2008

    I'd bring it back !

    Question: Maytag Ice Maker Not Working

    If the filter needs change could that cause the icemaker to stop making ice?

    By Pam

    Question: Ice Maker Not Making Ice

    I changed the filter on my fridge and now it is not making ice.

    By WW

    Question: KitchenAid Ice and Water Dispense Not Working

    I have had a side-by-side KitchenAid refrigerator model KSCS25FTMS02 for 6 years, suddenly the dispenser light went off, from there I don't have water, and the ice maker stop making ice. The inside freezer light is on normally, the ice making sensor works as I did some tests. I also tested the door switch part# 12466114 by taking it out and performing connectivity check and the switch seems to work as expected. I checked the connection at the door hinge and they are good, nothing loose. The freezer and fridge work just fine, so I am stumped. What could be wrong and where should I start checking further?

    By Peter

    Question: Repairing an Ice Maker

    The plastic teeth on the ice maker got hung and the ice maker quit working. I fixed the piece and now the ice maker will not start.

    By Ken

    Question: Ice Maker Not Making Ice

    My ice maker is not getting an electrical signal. It does not tell the maker to make ice at the water valve.

    By J Maggio from MD

    Question: Frigidaire Side by Side Not Making Ice

    Our refrigerator is a Frigidaire and we just replaced the water filter, but now it is not making ice, any clues? It is a Pure Plus water filter. I'm thinking is the filter is on too tight. My husband replaced it, but I cannot turn it that is why I am thinking it might be too tight. Also, when he took it off there was water in filter holder cup.

    By Rose D

    Question: Ice Maker Not Making Shaved Ice

    The crushed ice works well, but shaved ice delivers faint sound when dispenser is pushed, but no ice?

    By NRS

    Question: GE Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working

    My GE ice maker has stopped making ice. There is water in it, its just not freezing. By Joseph

    Question: Ice Maker Not Working On KitchenAid Side-By-Side Refrigerator

    I have a side by side water and ice in door 5 year old Kitchenaid refrigerator. The water comes through door, but it will not make ice.

    By lmod from Orlando

    Solutions: Refrigerator's Ice Maker Not Making Ice

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    Archive: Refrigerator Ice Maker Overfilling Tray

    I have a GE Profile side by side refrigerator that has an ice maker that keeps overfilling the tray. It just keeps cycling water. I just recently replaced a small gear inside the ice maker housing that had several teeth missing. That did not correct the problem. I have been told that I may have to replace the head assembly, or the switches that control the fill cycle. I do not not know where these are located. Can someone help me fix this problem?

    By cranemanok from Oklahoma City, OK

    RE: GE Ice Maker Overfilling Tray

    I have to ask you if this has happened since you first got the fridge, because I had the same thing happen and in a "Duh" (or "Voila" if you prefer) moment I realized that there is a little bar just above the ice catcher tray/holder that you push to stop the ice flow and pull back out to restart the release of ice. If this happens to be the case for you, please let me know and I promise I will not laugh at you, but rather laugh with you.

    Deeli (06/11/2009)

    By Deeli

    Archive: Refrigerator Ice Maker Overfilling Tray

    I have a Kenmore 22 refrigerator. The ice maker will fill the tray, but will not completely shut off and it overflows. Can you help? Thank you.

    By Charles from Athens, AL

    RE: Refrigerator Ice Maker Overfilling Tray

    I am sorry there have been no answers here for you and I truly don't know what to tell you either other than contacting the manufacturer or a refrigerator repair person. (02/01/2010)

    By Deeli

    RE: Refrigerator Ice Maker Overfilling Tray

    This sounds like a warranty problem. Has it always done this? Maybe there is just something stuck in the works. At the very least, contact Sears repair and they will tell you whether or not you are covered. Perhaps there was a service bulletin on this problem. If it does cost to repair, it may not be much. Call Sears. (02/01/2010)

    By Thrifty Me