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Removing Burnt Food Stains on a Glass Top Stove

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Glass Top Stove

While often easier to clean than traditional stoves, glass top stoves do have their own cleaning issues. This is a guide about removing burnt food stains on a glass top stove.


Solutions: Removing Burnt Food Stains on a Glass Top Stove

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Tip: Warning: Sugar Damaged Glass Top Stove

This is a warning for anyone that has a glass ceramic cook stove. If you cook anything with a lot of sugar in it and it boils over onto your stove, get it off IMMEDIATELY or the food will eat into the glass top. This happened to me last Christmas when I boiled over fudge. I got most of it off, but before I could get it all off, it ruined the stove. It now has permanent marks on the top and the stove is not that old.

By laniegirl from IA

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Here are questions related to Removing Burnt Food Stains on a Glass Top Stove.

Question: Burned Glass Top Range

I boiled water in a copper bottom sauce pan on a glass top stove and forgot about it. Now the sauce pan has gone totally grey at the bottom on the sides and the glass top has a white foggy spot.

Have I damaged the stove top beyond repair? Is it still safe to use? Also, is there any way of getting rid of the foggy white spot. The sauce pan will have to be tossed.

Any help is very much appreciated.

By Vicky from Calgary


Most Recent Answer

By Tammy [2]11/11/2009

I use a product called Dawn Power Desolver. It is with the Easy Off oven products at Walmart and works pretty good. May take a couple of applications and some elbow grease but has always done the trick for me. I also have a scraper with a razor by my stove and use it lightly on a regular basis to help with the build up.

Question: Removing Haze from Melted Silicone Hot Pad on Glass Stove Top

I melted a silicone hot pad on my glass stove top. The razor removed all but a film. Is there a way to remove if it bonded to the glass? I've used stove top cleaner/polisher, ammonia, alcohol, and nail polish remover.

By crispy from Barton, MS


Most Recent Answer

By Keeper [57]11/09/2010

WD40 then hot soapy water??

Question: Removing Burned Milk Stain from Glass Top Stove

Hot chocolate milk boiled over on my electric glass top stove and made a thick stain. How do I remove the stain?