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Removing Super Glue from Eyeglasses

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Super Glue on Eyeglasses

Finding a way to clean this glue off your glasses can be a challenge. This guide is about removing super glue from eyeglasses.


Solutions: Removing Super Glue from Eyeglasses

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Tip: Removing Adhesive on Eyeglasses

I have an antiglare coated eyeglass. Stains of Elfy adhesive got accidentally on the corner of it. It was very irritating. I tried to google for solutions but ended up having no solution to it. Finally, I tried to remove it by scrathing it a bit hardly with a scissor. I was able to remove the Elfy without harming the eyeglass. Hope it works for you too! :)

    By devilakarshit [1]

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    Here are questions related to Removing Super Glue from Eyeglasses.

    Question: Krazy Glue on Eyeglasses

    How do you remove Krazy glue from an eye glass lens?

    By KC Lang from Detroit, MI


    Most Recent Answer

    By carrasquel05/07/2011

    Buy the strongest nail polish because it works! Must keep the cotton doubled tip swabs super wet at all times when rubbing the stained areas! I rubbed for 30 seconds in stained area and cleaned wet area with toilet paper "Continue same process again and again" Important!

    One more thing "Keep the cotton swabs purely wet at all times and use 1 time with every different swab. Never use same swab again. I'm happy now! I thank Suntydt with the eye patch! God bless you Suntydt!

    Question: Removing Super Glue from Plastic Eye Glass Lens

    Does anyone know how to remove super glue from plastic eyeglass lens?

    By Velma


    Most Recent Answer

    By Jackolyn Smith [15]05/22/2012

    You can try nail polish remover. The acetate in it melts the super glue, but it might also ruin the lenses. Hospitals use acetate to melt the glue if you glue your fingers together.

    Question: Super Glue on Eyeglasses

    I got super glue on my glasses. How can I remove it?

    By Dotty

    Most Recent Answer

    By carolcoen [1]08/03/2010

    I thought about acetone also. That's the only thing I know that works. I would try very little on a cotton swab. Good Luck.

    Question: Removing Super Glue from Glasses Lens

    How do I get super glue off glasses lens?

    By Sharon

    Most Recent Answer

    By sillyme02/12/2014

    If the lenses are just glass and do not have a coating (anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-reflective) you could possibly try nail polish remover. If they do have a special coating, the nail polish remover may damage the coating as well.

    Question: Removing Super Glue on Glasses

    How do you get Super Glue off eye glasses?

    By Jodi

    Most Recent Answer

    By barnsma [1]09/15/2013

    I know it works for skin, but perhaps finger nail polish remover? I don't know if it will effect the lens though.

    Question: Removing Superglue from Glasses Lens

    I was repairing my eyeglasses' frame with superglue and the dog bumped me which caused a small smudge on the lenses. Is there something that I can remove this with which won't cause scratches?

    By Carolyn C. from Jacksonville, FL

    Most Recent Answer

    By Suntydt [75]05/06/2013

    Fingernail polish remover. Don't get it all over the lens though,. It will leave an oily surface that may take a while to clean off but it won't make any scratches. I would recommend you use a toothpick to put drops on the super glue. Let it soak before trying to rub it off. Maybe even use the tooth pick to try to scrape some of the glue off once it softens ups to there is less to clean off (prevent smearing).


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    Archive: Crazy Glue on Eyeglasses

    How can I remove crazy glue from eyeglasses?

    Carolyn from Grove, OK

    RE: Crazy Glue on Eyeglasses

    Is it on the lens or the frames? A solvent for crazy glue is sold in most stores that sell crazy glue. I'm not sure if it should be used on the lens though, especially if you have plastic ones. Check with your eye care professional and see if they know of a way to clean the lens safely. (07/05/2006)

    By Willowinthewinds

    Crazy Glue

    Depending on where the glue is, I would suggest using nail polish remover. I used to work in an eyeglass place and we used that to remove just about anything from the lenses, I never tried it on the frames. I would also suggest taking it to a place and seeing what they can do (most times it should be free or at least a very small charge). (07/05/2006)

    By JourneyofaLifetime

    RE: Crazy Glue on Eyeglasses

    I would be very careful about using nail polish remover or any solvent. Most lenses are made of plastic rather than glass these days because it's so much lighter. I would call the store where you got them and ask their advice. (07/11/2006)

    By Claudia- MD

    RE: Crazy Glue on Eyeglasses

    I just rubbed alcohol with a lens cleaner and it worked very well. It took some time though. (06/10/2008)

    By denise

    Archive: Crazy Glue on Eyeglasses

    I accidentally spilled crazy glue on my lens while trying to repair my glasses. How can I remove the glue?


    RE: Crazy Glue on Eyeglasses

    If the lens is glass, you can chip it off with a razor. If they are plastic, you're sunk. (12/10/2008)

    By kimhis

    RE: Crazy Glue on Eyeglasses

    Acetone removes super glue on anything, but I would check with my optometrist in regard to lenses. (12/11/2008)

    By castorswind

    RE: Crazy Glue on Eyeglasses

    Upon being told by optical shops there was no repair, I tried methyl ethyl keytone (MEK). I wiped with it for ten seconds and then sprayed with 409 to cease the reaction. After a few sessions of the above, they turned out good as new. (01/24/2009)

    By Tom

    Archive: Crazy Glue on Eyeglasses

    How do I remove crazy glue from eyeglass lens?

    By Chris

    RE: Crazy Glue on Eyeglasses

    Call your eye doctor and ask. It will depend on the type of lens you have. I'm sure they will tell what and how to do it at no charge. And if they don't do it free of charge, I'd look into getting a new optometrist. (10/18/2009)

    By PeggyLee

    Archive: Crazy Glue on Eyeglasses

    How do I remove Crazy glue from eyeglasses?

    By Ken from Cocoa Beach, FL

    RE: Crazy Glue on Eyeglasses

    The only thing I know of that affects crazy glue is nail polish remover. You can try and clean it off with that, maybe let it soak in for a few minutes before trying to clean it. (03/08/2010)

    By Suntydt

    Archive: Krazy Glue on Eyeglasses

    How do I remove Krazy glue from my eye glasses?

    By Oliza