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Replacing Canopy on a Patio Swing

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Patio Swing

Time and the elements can take their toll on the fabric canopy of your outdoor swing. Rather than purchasing an entirely new swing you can replace the canopy. This is a guide about replacing canopy on a patio swing.


Solutions: Replacing Canopy on a Patio Swing

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Tip: Replacing Canopy on a Lawn Swing

I have an old aluminum lawn swing which needed a new canopy. The cushions were easy to replace but I need a canopy. I went to a hardware store and bought a vinyl roll up shade (could be bamboo) and placed it over the top of the swing. I tied it down with plastic slip ties. It has lasted over three years now and is easy to keep clean.

By Mary C. from Newark, CA

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Here are questions related to Replacing Canopy on a Patio Swing.

Question: Replacing Canopy for a Swing/Glider

tubular swing glider Does anyone know an easy inexpensive way to replace the canopy that goes over a swing? Mine fell apart from just normal sun/weather exposure. The frame and rest of the swing is fine. I don't really want to have to replace the whole thing (too expensive) if I don't have to. Help!

By Michelle


Most Recent Answer

By ERP [2]06/28/2011

I bought an inexpensive large piece of oil cloth (heavy table cloth covering in what ever pattern or color you chose) slightly larger than the width of the frame. Since it does not fray etc., simply cut out to fit around the corners, fold the edges and ends over and either glue, sew or use velcro to attach to frame. I used a plain darker color that complimented my seat cushions for mine and it worked great and looked good!

Question: Getting a Replacement Canopy for a Garden Swing

I am trying to find the canopy frame for the Garden Treasures Baja Swing purchased from Lowe's a few years back. Jeri


Most Recent Answer

By crystalwhite10/06/2009

You may also want to check out, they have huge selection of replacement canopies for different kind of swings. They sell cushions too!

Question: Replacement Canopy for Garden Swing

I am looking for a replacement canopy for a three-seat hammock swing that I purchased from Walmart a few years ago. The canopy top resembles a gazebo top. It is stationary (does not pivot) and angles up from the four sides to a flat top in the center similar to a roof.

By Kathy D.

Most Recent Answer

By Ida M. [1]05/31/2012

My canopy wore out on my swing. Well I had bought some twin fitted sheets a long while back very cheap. What I did was take two twin fitted sheets and take out the corners and hem with rubber off long side of each fitted sheet and I measured the canopy frame. Then I sewed the two pieces together. I was trying to make a new fitted sheet for my pillow top mattress.

Well, I couldn't get the flat sheet to fit right so I accidentally tried the new fitted sheet on my canopy frame and it fit perfectly. So now I have a cover again and I can change the pattern anytime I want. My frame happened to be the same size as my pillow top mattress. I was a little time consuming to tear out the old seams, but saved me a lot of money for a replacement.

Question: How Do I Make a Replacement Canopy for an Outdoor Swing?

How do you sew a cloth outdoor swing cover and a valance?

By Max from Bemidji, MN

Most Recent Answer

By Susan Mickelson [6]08/03/2010

If you still have the old one, use it as a pattern or draw a pattern using the dimensions. I used shower curtains from thrift store/Goodwill to make cushion covers for my outdoor chair cushions. Maybe a tablecloth would work.

Question: Patio Swing Canopy

Where would I find a canopy for my two man recliner swing?

By Marjorie

Question: Repairing a Worn Fabric Patio Canopy

I have a 6 foot x 12 foot worn/torn area on the front edge of my deck roll out canopy and need help. Can anyone come up with suggestions or a solution to repair it?
Thank you.

By Ang