Laundry Tips and Tricks

Laundry is a necessary chore that many people dread. There are lots of ways to speed up the process, remove stains better, and make your life a little easier. This is a guide about laundry tips and tricks.

Laundry Tips and Tricks, Dirty Laundry in a White Basket
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Tip: Sharing Laundry Facilities With Others

By Luana M. 82 149

Having a washer and dryer all to myself was one of the items I thought was a "given". Single living, condo living or apartments may not allow this. I share a washer/dryer with 4 other families. Since I love where I live, I had to learn several tips to make life easier as well as more affordable. Some you can use in your house saving money, life of the clothing and saving time.

Laundry soap has many things in it that fades your clothing. Watch for sales on green organic kinds of detergent. Buying larger bottles saves per load also. Did you know MOST hair shampoo is just a lighter form of detergent? It isn't the kind I use of my hair but works fabulously in the washer.

Those huge containers are very hard to carry, it is also very hard to get the right amount each time. I have the perfect answer. Using microfiber clothes, old wash rags or squares of left over fabric, take the amount you want to use and pour on cloth. Personally I like using about 1/4 less then recommended. I fold into quarters, allowing it to absorb before laundry day when it's possible. I let it dry on cookie sheet, stack them into a plastic zip lock bag. Then when it's laundry day, I take out one, put into laundry and save my back. I can take out only what I need right with that load.

Looking at local fabric store, I found so much fabric that was only 25 cents! Check out the bin where scrap pieces are. Make sure if it is a color that would bleed, you to allow that to happen before putting your soap cloth into washer. I have used sponges also when I first started doing this. I just found they don't absorb like microfiber or good cloth.

I separate everything as I go. Since I don't do laundry every other day now, I need to put wet wash rags and towels over the side of basket to dry before putting with other clothes. Wasting money on more then one basket didnt work for me, I use the packing bins with lids inexpensively bought for $2.50 each. I can easily carry these, they hold more and are larger. The flimsy kind at the Dollar Store fell apart, investing in these bins actually saved me money. Since I sort throughout the week, I have one for colors, whites, etc. I just put the top on and they stack out of the way. The lid makes it so odors and humidity (my air is damp due to sea air) doesn't cause additional work.

I had little orange (like rust) on my clothes, this is caused by air or having clothes in a dark,damp place. I found a rust remover after doing research. I found your washer can also cause this. The water makes machines rust. We all have different water depending on pipes and they area you live. This happens every where. After getting rid of the spots, I add a baking soda and salt mixture once in awhile, especially to the whites. It brightens your whites while cleaning the machine.

My old vitamin bottles work great to have premixed for carrying this to laundry room. Use 1/2 baking soda to 1/2 salt. If your water isn't a problem for you, it's still great for your whites! Bleach ruins all clothing. If you are not careful, it can be dangerous if split or pour directly on clothes.

I spot check before I even put in my bins, way before wash day. Allowing anything to sit isnt good, so just try remembering that sauce you dripped at dinner. Spot clean it or put a little dish soap on that area. Allow it to dry before putting with the rest of the laundry. You can use lemon juice on collars or under arm stains before wash day. Have a small child or husband who works bringing not wonderful smelling clothes home? Check for spots, stains and leave an orange, lemon or lime peel in the bottom of your dirty laundry (cucumber peel works too), making sure you take your baking soda/salt mixture with you.

Use a lingerie bag (get at Dollar Store) for bras or other things you don't want to put in dryer. I do same thing with these items, just putting them in the bag when dirty. It also keeps hooks from snagging other clothes and makes these things last longer. Washing these in bag makes it so easy not to put them in the dryer by accident. They come in several sizes. A couple of my tops are delicate. Instead of having to do by hand, I just put in lingerie bag. Works great!

I wash out the machine before I use it. Sharing is great but not in this case. I keep my quarters in a plastic bag, grab premade laundry cloths and my sorted laundry, making it all so much easier. If you go to a laundromat, I recommend going to the same one. Knowing how long each machine takes, costs and upkeep on them all goes into making it as simple as possible.

If like me, you just share with neighbors. Except emergencies, we all try to do it on same day. That way it is fair for everyone, while allowing me not to have to rush or find clothes left in machine. I time my clothes, not letting them set in dryer will prevent wrinkling. The cost is so much, I can't afford to just let it spin over again. Don't over load your machine. Put things in evenly, spreading towels, jeans or larger items around center. Put your cloths you made in halfway when loading the machine. It gets the soap evenly distributed much easier. I use cold water on everything. Since I can't control water temperature. using my booster works great.

I use the same microfiber over and over so the rule of not putting in dryer doesn't apply when you have premade your laundry cloths. With mine, these are a different color then my other microfiber which never goes in the dryer (what makes microfiber work is ruined by softener). Make sure if you use as many clothes as I do for cleaning, drying or dishes, you recognize the ones that you use for laundry only. I like drying them with clothes so I can make others right away, allowing me not to think about it again for a week.

You can do this with softener too. Just do the same thing; pour onto cloth (or sponge), allow to dry and add to dryer. If you use dryer sheets, put how many you need right on top your wash load. No need to carry the whole box. Going to laundromat, just put how many loads you have in separate baggie. The balls are great for laundry rooms near your apartment or in your building. You can fill it before going out (have more then one). That way, it's all done in the washer. You haven't carried heavy bottles, had to spend time sorting, missed a stain or wasted money on having to do a load over.

I save money on drying, which where I live costs more. If over loaded, it doesn't dry every item and I can't control the temperature, except two settings. I take hangers out when washer is done, hanging jeans, shirts that are 100% cotton or any other thing that I just don't like putting into the dryer. Putting these directly on hangers saves you time and energy.

I get my income at first of the month, laundry is in my budget. When I do bills or food, I get quarters. I have a dish where they are kept until I put how many I need into my baggie. I love where I live, not having a washer and dryer not so much. It can be made easy by doing a few things ahead of time. Now when I do get my own back, I'll still do many of these things. Now I have clean fresh smelling clothing without doing half loads, wasting water, detergent or ruining a shirt by not having a system.

By Luana M. from San Diego, CA

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Tip: Homemade Oxiclean

By coville123 326 89

Make your own oxi-clean using 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup peroxide, 1 cup warm water. Mix in a jar and shake well. Add it to your regular load, or pre-soak for the night. Works really well on stains! We love it. This works as well as store brand.

By coville123 from Brockville

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Tip: Wash Laundry Detergent Cap

By Luci M. 1

I hate having streaks of detergent running down my detergent bottles. It will then drip onto my dryer. After it dries, I have to scrub to get it off.

I started saving a cap from a previous detergent bottle. When I pour the detergent into the cap to measure it, I just drop the cap into washing machine. I replace the cap with the one I saved and alternate the caps.

No more drips down my bottle and one less thing to be irritating! It is a simple thing but it saves time and energy. I no longer have to scrub dried detergent off my dryer.

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    Tip: Sew Stray Buttons On When Doing Laundry

    By shryoung 10 1

    When I'm doing the laundry, I keep a threaded needle in the cupboard above the washer so I can sew buttons back on clothes as soon as I find they came off in the washer or dryer. I used to keep wayward buttons and such in a jar and sew them on later but sometimes I would never get around to it. This way it's done right away.

    By Sharon from Bonita Springs

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    Tip: Add Dawn Dish Soap To Your Laundry

    By lara 17 46

    Add a little Dawn dish washing liquid to your laundry soap or wash water, and the clothes will come out much cleaner.

    Also, only run your dryer for 1/2 the time you normally do. Usually the clothes are dry by then. : )

    By Lara from Portland, OR

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    Tip: Emergency Laundry Detergent

    If you run out of laundry detergent towards the end of the month and don't want to spend your last $'s, regular dish liquid will work great. I use 3 big squirts for a normal size load to get clean clothes with no foaming.

    By Margaret

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    Tip: Hang Shirts Directly From Washer

    By Brenda 2 3

    I save time and money in the laundry room THIS way.

    When I take my clothes from the washer I hang almost all of the shirts on hangers, button the top button on button-downs, straighten the collars, tug on the sleeves, pull and smooth, etc. From there, I either hang them on over-the-door hooks or on the wash line if the day is nice (even the shower rod is good if there aren't too many hangers to weigh the rod). When dry, they can be put straight into each person's closet. I also pay attention to the direction clothes are hung in each closet and hang the wet shirts accordingly so I don't have to re-hang them later.

    If some shirts still need to be ironed (as some will), the ironing process is easier because you already smoothed out the collars etc. This saves money on my electric bill by not taxing the dryer, the clothes last longer because they have not given a piece of "themselves" up to the lint trap, the threat of shrinkage is lessened AND I don't have to fold! Jeans, etc. can be done the same way, but may still need a dryer for a few minutes afterwards for wrinkles. I also love this because I never face the fear of excessively wrinkled clothes from leaving them in the dryer long after it has stopped running. (Beware though, teenagers have been known to leave their clothes on the hooks in the laundry room and they may begin to dress in there! lol).

    By Brenda from Deltona, FL

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    Question: Laundry Disaster!

    By Desarae 1 1

    I accidentally washed and DRIED my laundry with a tube of carmex inside. Now there are spots all over everything. Any suggestions on how I can get this out?

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    Most Recent Answer

    By guest (Guest Post) Flag

    July 10, 2008

    The same thing happened with the carmex. It is a disaster. Very expensive jeans ruined along with shirts. Please help!

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    Tip: Marking Stains On Clothing

    By Rosemary 11 16

    Before you put stained clothes in the hamper to wash, tie a knot if possible or fix so it has to be looked at before putting in the washer. When I find a knot or clothing not the usual way it should be, I know to look for a stain on it.

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    Tip: Conserving and Cutting Laundry Costs

    By Linda L. 83 330

    Conserving on Laundry Costs. I fill and run the washer at bedtime, only full loads and cold water. In the morning I hang the clothes on an old fashioned clothesline. . .

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    Tip: Laundry Tips

    A lot of power and water is used doing your laundry. Here are a few tips to help decrease the impact of doing laundry on your utility bills.

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    Tip: Close Zippers Before Washing Jeans

    By MarilynLV 6 15

    When you wash jeans, be sure to close the zipper before putting them in the machine. An open zipper acts like a little saw blade to catch on your other clothes and make those little holes.

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    Tip: Save Energy and Money When Doing Laundry

    More ways to save money on energy costs:

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    Tip: Prevent Bleach from "Eating" Your Fabric

    By Patt K. 1 6

    If you need to use bleach on your fabric, make certain to rinse with white vinegar in the water. This keeps the bleach from continuing to work after it has been 'rinsed' out with plain water.

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    Tip: Mark Clothing That Shouldn't Be Dried

    By Janace Lynn M. 8 12

    Use dry erase marker on the washer for clothes that are inside that shouldn't be dried! Genius, especially if there are many people in your household!

    Mark Clothing That Shouldn't Be Dried

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    Tip: Pre-treat Stains Immediately

    By ~gloria 94 150

    Jump start stain removal for your clothing by keeping a pre-treat spray bottle (or whatever you use) in the place where you undress or with your hamper. This works better for me than waiting until laundry day when the stain is well set.

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    Tip: Use Less Bleach In Laundry

    By Di 14 53

    I was taught to put bleach in all my white loads for 3 reasons.

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    Tip: Get One Last Load From Laundry Soap

    By Ron 181

    Use pliers to pull the spout out from liquid laundry soap when the bottle is empty. You can get one more load out of what would normally get thrown away.

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    Tip: Keep Safety Pins Handy

    By Linda from Bloomington, IL 76 172

    I have learned to keep a couple large pins attached to the cell phone/ID case I wear around my neck.

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    Question: Pen Stains In Entire Load Of Laundry

    By Morgan Skinner 1

    I accidentally washed a pen inside of my shorts pocket in a FULL load of laundry, containing my daughters adorable clothes and my husbands work clothes. I need to get it out. Open to any suggestions? I have tried many things but none seem to work. Please help. All clothes are stained.

    Morgan from Missouri

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Raili Luyk 1 7 Flag

    July 30, 2007

    Use sour cream or yougurt. Put either directly on a stain and rub or use a toothbrush. Rinse and repeat.

    It will not make things worse. Try it. Also it is not toxic. It worked for me.

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    Tip: No More Messy Laundry Caps

    By Carol Borrelli 4 3

    When you use the laundry cap from the big shelf bottles and the cap has to be rinsed, don't bother. Fill the cap as needed, when done slide the cap forward so it scrapes the dispenser of any dripping.

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    Question: Using Vinegar in the Laundry

    By CJ Baca 1

    I was told to add white vinegar to the rinse cycle of my wash, but will my laundry smell like vinegar once done?

    By CJ Baca from Highland, CA

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Beth 25 1,120 Flag

    November 20, 2009

    No odors! I discovered this trick on Thrifty Fun a couple of years ago. Been doing it ever since. Don't you just love this web site!

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    Tip: Use Gap as Hanger Helper

    By Sandi/Poor But Proud 466 2,132

    If you have a dowel, piece of PVC pipe or like me, a butter knife you can hang up to 5 or 6 shirts or pants between the washer and dryer. I recently found this was so much handier than hanging up clothes on door knobs and the backs of chairs.

    Use Gap as Hanger Helper

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    Tip: Use Less Detergent

    By Sheila 65 55

    It's common knowledge to save on water by adjusting the water level of the laundry load. They say to wait until a full wash load is dirty before washing to also save on hydro.

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    Tip: Laundry Washing And Drying Tips

    By Tarah B. 1 1

    I supplement regular detergent with borax, and wash in cold water always. When using the clothes dryer, I throw in a couple clean tennis balls. They move the clothes around more, preventing the inevitable lumping of wet laundry.

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    Tip: Use Boot Dryer For Damp Clothes

    By Alicia 6 137

    Pull something out of the dryer that's not quite dry? Lay over the top of the boot dryer to finish drying it. Lay wet washcloths, dishcloths, or damp clothes over it to dry before going into the hamper.

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    Tip: Doing Laundry Less Often

    I found that I saved a good amount of money by waiting 2 weeks to do laundry -- and also by ironing only once every 2 weeks. Savings have been about $50.00 a month on our electric bill!

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    Question: Laundry Organizing Tips

    Tips to help you organize your home's laundry. Post your ideas.

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    Most Recent Answer

    By guest (Guest Post) Flag

    October 1, 2005

    this also saves money, as the electricity used to heat the water, and run the washer and dryer are cheaper at night rates. i find that the gentle swishing sound helps lull me to sleep. one word of caution though. i would never run the dryer at night due to risk of fire while you're sleeping. also, this won't work if you work outside the home in the AM or have early morning errands or appointments for the same reason; and if you forget to dry a load in the morning the clothes will start to sour and have to be rewashed. not a time or money saver.

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    Tip: Washing Clothing With Stains

    Machine-wash your whites in cold water, using a detergent and washing soda mixture. Hot water sets the stains, instead of removing them.

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    Question: Jeans Shirt Changed Color and Texture in Wash

    By hofa 1

    I have a light jeans shirt and I washed it in the washer. It became very tough textured and the color became dark. How I can return it to its original color and texture?

    blue shirt

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      Most Recent Answer

      By Abigail A. 15 1,032 Flag

      August 19, 2015

      The color has not become darker. It has washed out in the main areas but is still concentrated at the seams. buttons, flaps, etc. These now appear darker.

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      Tip: Put a Knot in Stained Clothing

      By Judy Pariser S. 82 68

      If you notice a stain in your clothing, and you are not going to wash it right away, tie a knot in it before you put it in the laundry basket. When you do the laundry, you will know that piece of laundry has to be pretreated before it goes into the wash.

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      Tip: Use Vanilla for Fresh "Baked" Clothes

      By 4O.C. 6 6

      It's as easy as pie. I "discovered" this by simple accident. I spilled the vanilla on one of my towels and had to wash it right away to get the stain out.

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      Question: Hard Water Leaving Laundry Dingy and Gray

      By alison 1

      Our laundry is suffering as a result of hard water. The whites are gray, and the colors are dingy/faded. The hard water softeners are really expensive. Any thrifty advice?

      By Alison

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      Most Recent Answer

      By Louise B. 6 2,509 Flag

      November 7, 2011

      You could try Calgon water softener additive. I have used that successfully in the past, and it does help with some types of water softeners. It is worth a try.

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      Question: Laundry Tips for Hard Water

      Does anyone have any tips for doing laundry in hard water?


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      Most Recent Answer

      By lavonneann 6 214 Flag

      September 10, 2007

      Washing Soda and Borax are necessary. They soften the water and give that cleaning boost.

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      Tip: Knowing When the Washing Machine is Done

      If your washing machine does not have an alarm that sounds when it is finished, set the kitchen timer after starting the wash load to remind yourself it is done.

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      Tip: Sprinkle Salt on "Out of Control" Bubbles

      Have you or your kids ever added too much laundry detergent to your washing machine, and found that the bubbles were beginning to overflow?

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      Tip: Hang Jeans to Dry

      By nhe 12 18

      Never - repeat - never - dry your jeans completely in the clothes dryer. Pull them out after about 15 minutes in the dryer and hang them up to finish drying. You can hang them over a shower bar or use a skirt/pants hanger.

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      Question: Natural Product for Removing Heavy Laundry Stains

      By Anastasia 7

      What is good for heavy stains on laundry? I would prefer to use a natural product.

      By Anastasia from Berkeley, CA

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      Most Recent Answer

      By Mary C. 15 18 Flag

      August 25, 2010

      How about Borax. I use it in my wash when needed. It is a natural product. Works pretty good. You can find it at Wal-Mart.

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      Tip: Using Magnet for Laundry Reminders

      By badwater 263 654

      I have a favorite magnet, that's really eye catching, that I use it in my laundry room. I usually use liquid fabric softener, so if I need to put dryer sheets in a specific load of laundry, I put the magnet on the washer as a "reminder".

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      Tip: Mark Treated Stain with Safety Pin Before Washing

      When treating laundry stains, I keep safety pins handy and put one where the stain is. When I pull the laundry item out of the washer, I look for the safety pin, to see if the stain came out, before I put it in the dryer.

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      Tip: Laundry Shortcuts

      By Doggy 36 5

      I often don't have time to separate laundry. No, that's not quite true, I often don't care enough to separate laundry (LOL) and I have a feeling that I'm not alone in my 'sloth'. Actually, it works out well for me.

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      Tip: Preparing Clothing for Washing

      Preparing Clothing for Washing. Before laundering clothing, close zipper, snap naps, fasteners, and button buttons. That way your zippers and fasteners won't snag other clothing.

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      Tip: Knowing When Laundry Needs Pretreatment

      When doing the laundry, if I find any of my husband's work clothes that have been gently tied in a knot, this item requires special treatment, like degreaser, etc. This works well for knowing which items need treatment.

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      Tip: Keep A Laundry Stain Stick Near Where You Eat

      Keep a stain stick in the kitchen or near your eating area, so when someone spills food on their clothes, they can immediately rub stain stick on the spots.

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      Tip: Using the Amount on the Box or Bottle

      When doing laundry, you only need to use about half the amount of soap that the box or bottle calls for to get your clothes clean. More soap can gunk up your washer and doesn't always rinse properly out of your clothes, leaving an unsightly build-up.

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      Question: Cleaning Jeans With Ground in Dirt

      Whatever I try I can't get the ground in dirt out of my work jeans. I am a carpenter and so this dirt is not greasy nor mud, its just dirt from working with wood and being on a construction site.

      By Peter U

      AnswerWas this helpful? Yes

      Most Recent Answer

      By jean leiner 15 411 Flag

      April 11, 2015

      Try soaking the jeans overnight in a bucket filled with warm water and 2 cups of powdered dishwasher detergent dissolved in it. Make sure the jeans are submerged in the water. Weight the top down with a plate if needed. Then wash as usual. The el cheapo brand from the dollar store works fine for this if you don't happen to have any detergent. If this is partially successful, repeat. Hope this helps.

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      Tip: Separate Laundry by Color

      By Bev 2

      When I do my laundry I separate the clothes by color. I put the greens with greens, reds with reds or pink, purple and blacks with black, etc. This way the colors of the clothes circulate throughout the wash and thus preserving the colors in your clothes.

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      Tip: Use Ammonia To Fix Musty Laundry

      For musty smell, add 1 cup ammonia with laundry detergent and wash as usual.

      CommentWas this helpful? Yes

      Tip: Peroxide for Laundry Whitening

      By kelly 5 4

      You can add 1 cup of peroxide, instead of bleach to whiten laundry. If there is blood or other difficult stains, pour peroxide directly on the stain. Let it sit for a minute, then rub and rinse with cold water. Repeat if necessary.

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      Tip: Laundry Trick For Emptying Pockets

      By Anita 3 4

      This is a little something that I do to save me time, money, and sanity. As soon as I take my pants off for the day, I look through all my pants pockets and remove change, papers, and Chapsticks. Then I button and zip my pants.

      CommentWas this helpful? Yes

      Tip: Initial Clothing for Easy Sorting

      By marilyn 2

      When doing laundry for my 5 boys, sorting is easy: each boy's clothing item is marked on the "collar" area with the first initial of their name, in permanent marker.

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      Tip: Faster Drying Time

      When washing large or heavy loads of laundry, run the washer thru a second spin cycle. Gets out lots more water for faster dry time.

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      Tip: Fixing a Broken Laundry Basket

      When a laundry basket breaks, don't toss it. Drill holes in the rim on either side of the break and sew it together again!

      CommentWas this helpful? Yes

      Tip: Label Laundry: Hot, Warm or Cold?

      Take a permanent ink Sharpie and write the temperature in bold letters on the tags.

      CommentWas this helpful? Yes

      Tip: Turn T-Shirts Inside Out

      All those expensive t-shirts need to be turned inside out when you wash them so the design continues to look like new. Jeans look great for a long time if you turn them inside out also. Clothes are expensive and it is worth taking a couple of minutes to keep them in good shape. By Bev Sobkowich

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      Tip: Removing Tissue Lint from Washed Clothes

      By J-Kat 7 43

      If you open the washing machine and find tissue lint all over your clothes, there's no reason to rewash the load. Put a dryer sheet, like Bounce, in the dryer and tumble the load. Most of the tissue will wind up in the lint trap.

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      Question: Washing Laundry With Old Metal Snaps

      By Amanda Louise S. 1

      How do I prevent the metal snaps from rusting when I wash my bassinet? Please does anyone know the best way to wash something that has metal snaps? I am afraid of them rusting and of course it must be hung to dry.
      Also any tips to remove yellowing from age/cigarette smoke?

      Thanks so much.

      By Amanda Louise S.

      AnswerWas this helpful? Yes

      Question: Keeping Sheets from Getting Tangled in Washer

      By Cisco's Mom 15 148

      I wash my top and bottom sheets and two pillow cases in one large load. I don't know why the sheets end up all twisted like a piece of rope when I go to take them out. Any suggestions?

      By Cisco's Mom

      AnswerWas this helpful? Yes

      Question: Unable to Get All of the Soap Out of Laundry

      Soap remains after cycle is finished. I run it on rinse several times and still have soap bubbles. I do not use too much detergent! I have run it on empty with vinegar and I still get soap bubbles. After four rinse cycles this morning's load is in the bath tub after a good hard shower to get rid of the bubbles.
      This is an old washing machine, given to me for my summer house.

      By Sadie R. from Denville, NJ

      AnswerWas this helpful? Yes

      Tip: Use Mesh Laundry Bag For Socks

      By Roberta 1

      When putting my laundry in the wash I put all my socks in a mesh bag and also a seperate mesh bag for my underwear. When it comes out of the dryer, it is already seperated to be put away.

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      Tip: Secure Draw String Before Washing

      By Sandy Bass 114 1

      Before washing clothes which have a drawstring at the waist (or anywhere for that matter), stitch across it down the middle of the back. If you don't sew, a safety pin will do the trick. I had many of those drawstrings and cords to get pulled back into the opening, before I started doing this.

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      Tip: Remembering to Take Clothes Out of the Washer

      Set your oven timer when you put a load of clothes in the washer. If left crumpled up in the washing machine, they'll develop more wrinkles, and colors will bleed more.

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      Tip: Drying Place Mats

      Dry place mats by hanging them over the side of the bathtub. They dry flat and straight and don't need ironing.

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      Tip: Lysol Basin Tub And Tile Cleaner for Laundry Stains

      By Traci Hile 1

      I read the tip about using oven cleaner to get out stains. I have a much safer alternative than oven cleaner for laundry stains.

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      Tip: Save Energy and Money When Doing Laundry

      When washing, to save on electric and detergent, use 1/2 cold water and let clothes soak (reduce detergent and add baking soda). Do something else while they soak. They will come out just as clean.

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