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▲︎ Thanksgiving Crafts


Thanksgiving Crafts

This page contains Thanksgiving craft projects and tips.

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Making a Felt and Ribbon Turkey
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Making a Mini Pumpkin Planter
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Making Mini Pumpkin Turkeys
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Thanksgiving Craft Ideas
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Making a Coffee Filter Turkey
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Making Paper Turkey Hats
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Fall Wall Hanging
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Drumstick Treat Bags
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Sugar Cone Cornucopias
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Yo Yo Turkey
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Making Thanksgiving Napkin Holders
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Making a Cornucopia
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Saving Money On Thanksgiving Decorations
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Thanksgiving Turkey Craft Ideas
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Making Thanksgiving Table Favors
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Homemade Thanksgiving Decorations

I want to start planning for next year and decorations for thanksgiving are few and far between. Actually Christmas just seems to jump right in there without any ideas for thanksgiving. I crochet and am thinking about starting to create some designs just for thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving Centerpiece
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Thanksgiving Centerpiece
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Make a Thanksgiving Scrapbook

Put together an individual Thanksgiving scrap/cookbook, since this holiday is all about cooking and gathering together with family and friends. Mine would be filled with photos of people gathered at the table for dinner on different Thanksgivings.

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Inexpensive Fall Centerpiece

I love having centerpieces on my table. You can do it very inexpensively instead of paying outrageous prices but still go for the same look. Go to your yard, park, or along the side of the road, which is where I start. Look for pine cones. I love them and they are free.

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Decorative Thanksgiving Signs
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Preserving Autumn Leaves

I preserved autumn leaves for a Thanksgiving centerpiece by spraying them several times with heavy duty hairspray.

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Pineapple Turkey Centerpiece

Make a turkey head out of paper and affix to toothpicks. (if you want it more fancy, make it out of felt and stuff with batting)

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Collect Fallen Leaves for Thanksgiving Decorations

I like to take my children walking in our neighborhood. On our walks we find beautiful leaves and seed pods that have fallen from the trees.

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Make Halloween Pumpkins Into Thanksgiving Turkeys

Re-use your Halloween pumpkins for Thanksgiving by turning them into turkeys for just a few dollars. You'll need dowel rods, glue, and felt. Cut felt into feather shapes, two for each dowel.

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Mommy and Me Thanksgiving Crafts

I need some good, creative and useful crafts for Thanksgiving. I would prefer something a little easy that a Mommy can do with the kids.

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Holiday Autograph Tablecloth

My best holiday tip! Buy a nice new or vintage linen tablecloth for your dinner table. Before, after or during have everyone autograph and date it. It's a very special tradition in my family.

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Thanksgiving Use for Halloween Decorations

I have several Halloween decorations of pumpkins with faces, like planters, centerpieces, etc. Simply turn them around to the backside and you have a plain pumpkin for display over Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Craft With Gloves

At one time I had the directions to make a turkey centerpiece using two or three sets of knitted gloves. You use small gloves. I believe you stuffed the fingers to form the tails of this turkey centerpiece.

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Cloves and Oranges as Thanksgiving Decoration

A simple decoration for Thanksgiving is cloves stuck in an orange. I did this last year with my children and they loved it. Whole cloves have a pointy end that can easily stick into the orange.

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Construction Paper Turkey Decorations

Make turkey decorations from construction paper or fun foam - not your typical trace your hand turkey design!

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Paper Cup Gobblers

(These will make a parents crazy, but kids love them)

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Salt Dough Turkey Centerpiece

Several years ago I made a beautiful turkey centerpiece out of salt dough. Unfortunately, I cannot find the instructions. I remember that the dough was rolled out then cut with a pizza cutter into strips. The dough strips were then placed over an inverted glass mixing bowl forming "loops" to create the tail. The rest of the turkey was just formed out of the dough and then baked to harden. Once hardened, you placed a block of foam behind the tail loops into which you inserted real feathers or dried flowers, etc. I would be overjoyed if anyone has the instructions for this project. I have the salt dough recipe, just need the instructions. Lou Ann from Utah

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Get Your Kids Involved in Thanksgiving Dinner

Get your kids involved in Thanksgiving dinner! Have them help decorate the table by making candy cornucopias for place cards: using ice cream cones, write each guest's name on the cone with decorator frosting.

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Mini Pumpkin as Candle Holder

Using an apple corer, core a small hole into the top of a mini-pumpkin ( about 2 in deep) and use as a candle holder. Apples work, too! By Linda

Mini Pumpkins for Table Decorations

A mini-pumpkin at each place, with a place card against it makes a festive table setting.

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