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Homemade Ant Killer Recipes

Ants on the wall of a house.

Ants can cause problems whether they are inside your home or outside. Store bought ant killers and pest control services can be really expensive. You can save money by making your own ant killer. This page contains homemade ant killer recipes.


Solutions: Homemade Ant Killer Recipes

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Tip: Quick Ant Killer

If you find that you are being invaded by those small ants, or even the larger ones, don't run to the store for ant killer, just run to your laundry room and get the commercial spray that you use for removing stains. Just spray it on them and on their trail and you will be rid of them in no time and it is not toxic to your kids and pets. The stain removal product contains borax and that is what kills the ants.

Donna from Oregon

Tip: Make Your Own Ant Bait

Dissolve 1 tsp. boric acid and 6 tblsp. sugar in 1 cup water. Soak some cotton balls in solution. Make bait dispensers from margarine containers by punching holes in container lids.


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Question: Recipe for Killing Ants

I am looking for a recipe for an indoor ant killer.

By Sandie


Most Recent Answer

By Maryeileen [76]06/05/2010

See #12.

Question: Homemade Ant Killer

How can I make ant killer spray using household products?

By Chad from Sacramento CA


Most Recent Answer

By Kellie Alexander03/29/2009

When we lived in Texas, I discovered that soapy water was the most effective tool against fire ant mounds. I used one gallon (recycled milk jug) of hot water and added about a teaspoon of dish liquid. Pour over the mound and it will be gone within 24 hours!

For indoors, I just wipe up lines of ants with a soapy dish cloth, then find the source and - you guessed it - give them all a soapy bath!

Question: Using Boric Acid Syrup on Ants

What does boric acid syrup and water mixed together do to the ants when consumed and taken back to colony? Thanks.

By Randy D.

Most Recent Answer

By mollygirl44406/20/2013

OMG! that's horrible!! Ants are beneficial to the environment. If you're trying to get them out of your house, any mint plant will repel them. Also find the hole they're coming in from and plug it. If they're outside, sprinkle bicarb around. They don't like it.

Anything is better than killing them in such a horrid way!

Question: Natural Ant Remedies

Do any of the non poison remedies work for getting rid of black ants?


Question: Getting Rid of Ant Beds

Is there an easy, cheap way to do away with the mounds of ants popping up? I've heard of several household products that are suppose to work and don't.

By Joe D

Most Recent Answer

By vicki hood [4]03/18/2012

Squeeze bottle with karo syrup 90% add about 10% 20 mule team borax (not boraxo or hand wash). Warm and shake till dissolved. Place squirt where ants go but not where pets or wildlife might eat it. The workers carry it back to nest and the queen is killed. Queens can live 20 years and produce many more queens.

Question: Home Recipe for Getting Rid of Flying Red Ants

I need a home recipe for flying red ants and pests on my lawn that is safe for children and won't kill my lawn.

By Susan from NV


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Archive: Homemade Ant Killer

I also could use a homemade ant killer. Thanks so very much.

Jamish from Ranson, KS

RE: Homemade Ant Killer

Try blending orange peels and water. Pour the 'smoothie' down the ant hole. (06/30/2006)

By hwalz

RE: Homemade Ant Killer

If the ants are in your house, spread mothballs around the foundation. I do this every spring and seldom have a problem, and if I do, it goes away real quick. (06/30/2006)

By debbie

RE: Homemade Ant Killer

I just got one myself so we can try it together. You use 4 oz. of each; peanut butter, sugar, and boric acid. Blend well and place it in the ants path to where they are gathering. The person said it takes a couple of times, but that it works great. (07/01/2006)

By darcey

RE: Homemade Ant Killer

Buy some 20 Mule Team Borax (not Borateem) on the laundry shelve of your local grocery. Sprinkle it along their path and around your house close to the foundation. Use the rest in your laundry! (07/09/2006)

By MollieB55

RE: Homemade Ant Killer

Mix equal parts powdered sugar and Borax and spread around baseboards, or wherever the ants are traveling. Works every time. (07/10/2006)

By mm

RE: Homemade Ant Killer

I tried nearly every product on the market to get rid of ants that made hills in cracks on my garage floor. The ants actually caused my garage floor to heave because they burrowed deep into the cracks and made hills. Finally, I discovered that cinnamon was a miracle. I sprinkled it heavily on the hills. Ants were gone completely in about 3 weeks, but definitely saw a difference in one week. I repeated every 2 months during summer. Then only needed it twice a year for the next year and now I use it once a year as a preventive. Plus the garage smells great! This is the best thing ever. Worked on red ants and black ants, that I know of. Make sure you know where they are coming from and sprinkle there. (04/25/2008)


Archive: Recipe for Killing Ants

I want to find a recipe for killing ants.


RE: Recipe for Killing Ants

Hi Susan! Try sprinkling baby powder outside of your house where they are coming in at. The ants won't cross it! (06/15/2005)

By allcountry1962

RE: Recipe for Killing Ants

I have had a terrible time getting rid of ants. Someone advised me to try Terro Liquid ant baits. The stuff is available at most stores like Lowe's and Walmart. I found it at our local Super Walmart. You can also buy the liquid in a small bottle. It comes with little pieces of cardboard and you pour the liquid on the cardboard, and place it in locations where the ants seem most prolific.

The solution is made from Boric Acid (borax), water and sugar. I prefer the liquid baits because they are considerably less messy. This stuff is really sticky, but it has been extremely helpful. We had an exterminator come by to spray for the ants, and my husband told him what we were using and he said that they used the same stuff. (06/17/2005)

By skbeal

RE: Recipe for Killing Ants

Mix powdered borax, detergent, and sugar. They will carry this back to the nest, and when they eat it it will kill them. It's not good for children and pets but it's better than poisons. Another tip which will take a few days, is to pour boiling water on them. (04/12/2007)

By Roseyposey

RE: Recipe for Killing Ants

A couple of drops of dawn mixed with water in a spray bottle stops them dead in their tracks. (07/13/2009)