Treating a Dog's Ear Infection

Dogs with drop ears, in particular, can be prone to recurring ear infections. Many pet owners will go through this experience with their dogs. In addition to the obvious trip to the vet, there are additional measures pet owners can take. This is a guide about treating a dog's ear infection.


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My dog had an ear infection and an associate at our pet clinic prescribed the very expensive Otomax. Well on another occasion when we visited for yet another ear infection, the vet, owner of the clinic, recommended 1/2 alcohol to 1/2 vinegar. I used a suction bulb to get the mixture in my dog's ear then remove it. There was lots of yucky stuff. I did this twice a day until the infection cleared and she was never had another ear infection.

By alibeth05 from Michigan City, IN

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1/2 teaspoon, 1/2 tablespoon, 1/2 cup?? sorry just trying to get the measurements right, i'd like to try this.

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My dog had a constant ear problem (2 years) that even a round of antibiotics didn't cure. I tried every reasonable treatment recipe I could find on the net. I switched veterinarians and this guy knew the fix. People would come from the other side of the state to have him treat their dogs ears. It must be followed consistently, every day:


Step One: Put approximately one tablespoon (enough to fill their ear canal) hydrogen peroxide in their ear for seven days in a row. I used a long eyedropper.

Step Two: Put one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol in their ear for seven days in a row.

I cannot stress enough that this must be followed as written, do not combine both treatments at the same time. The hydrogen peroxide treats one type of infection and the alcohol treats another.

If your dog is yelping in pain take her to the vet and get antibiotics before starting this regimen. On the last day of treatment my dog actually wagged her tail. Pain free at last!

By dlginlove from MO

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Just be careful not to use alcohol or vinegar on dogs. If there's any scratches on their ears because it will sting like crazy. Another option that is effective and without danger of stinging - use Dr Dogs Ear Oil. It has natural antibiotic and pain reliever to fight dog ear symptoms from common ear yeast infections or to get rid of ear mites. Find it from

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I have a friend on Facebook who has a German Shepherd with an ear infection that keeps coming back regardless of antibiotic use. She told me she was ordering some meds. I told her to tell me how they worked so I could share here on this site.

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I realize especially in these times that not everyone can afford the high costs of veterinarian bills, due to being on a fixed income, loss of a job, injury, illness, etc. There are many books out there that can help you on this subject and other subjects.

Book titled "Low Cost Natural Cures for your Dog And Cat"

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I used Otic Hc 1.0 enzymatic solution, but the ear infection still won't leave. I want to try a home treatment like rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

By Jack C.

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Best Answer

I take it you got this at a drug store or pet store? Do you know whether your dog has a yeast, fungal, or bacterial infection? Have you taken your dog to the vet for a proper diagnosis?

Neither rubbing alcohol or peroxide will do anything at all for your dog. Your dog has been in discomfort for a while now. Please take him to the vet for the correct diagnosis of the infection and for antibiotics.

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We've been to vet for antibiotics, drops, and even laser treatment, but my pup can't shake her ear infections! Can someone please help? There has gotta be some home remedy, something I'm missing.

woman and dog
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Use unrefined coconut oil and garlic cloves. Take 2 to 3 garlic cloves simmer with coconut oil for 5 to 10 minutes then strain over cheese cloth into a bowl or jar then put in a medicine bottle with a dropper put two to three drops in infected ear twice a day for one week. You can Google recipes with coconut oil and garlic for dog ear infections if you want more of an explanation. Hope this helps. Oh and of course please make sure the mixture isn't to hot before putting in the infected ear.

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I have a dog about 2 and a half years old. Her name is Darla. She's been having a bad ear infection for awhile now. It seems to get worst. I hear vinegar and peroxide help or olive oil. Please tell me what to do. I feel bad. I love her and she looks so irritated.

By KEEP.YOURHEAD.UP4EVA from Los Angeles, CA

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My standard poodle had many reoccurring ear infections and the vet had given up on him... until we found Zymox from another floppy ear dog owner!

I had excellent results with-in a short time! We picked ours up at the feed store. I have given a bottle out to another gal who's vet was find it difficult to treat her dog too. Worked fast for her dog also! I hope this saves you a lot of heart ache, time and money searching. Ear infections are so painful! Suzanne

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My dog is 6 yr old Pit Bull and for 5 years he has had a major ear problem. It's so bad he scratches them till they bleed and constantly shakes his head. It makes him miserable. I have tried everything and I do mean everything. I've spent thousands of dollars on all kinds of drops, antibiotics, and steroids. At one point I was giving him 7 different pills a day.

We have tried a strict food diet because the vet insisted that it was a food allergy (it wasn't). I have tried putting peroxide in the ear to clean them. We have tried different vets and nothing even helps, not even a little bit. We had him on 4 Benadryl every 8hrs (he is 100 pounds) for years, but they stopped working. He is now on 2 Tramadol 50mg every 8-12 hrs (for the pain) and now they don't even help.

I don't know what else to do. This dog is my baby and I feel so bad for him. The drainage from his ears to his throat, I know, gives him a sour throat (you can hear him swallow) and it gives him fevers. The consistency of the stuff in his ears is usually black mucusy gunk and even when I clean them out (he hates it cuz they're so sour). I can't get deep down in the ear, but I can hear it squish around when he shakes his head. If he even slightly hits one of his ears against something he will scream like he is dying.

Now the vet is telling me that my last option is to go out of town and get his ear canals removed for thousands of dollars which would make him completely deaf, but "they say" it would solve his ear problem. I don't want to do this because at this point I don't trust the vet anymore and I don't want to make him permanently deaf and then if I do, what if it doesn't work? Obviously I'm gonna spend whatever I need to if it will fix his problem, but I'm at a loss. I've spent way too much money and have gotten no results. My baby is miserable. Please help. Anyone!?

By Adie

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Go to a different vet!

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I have a home remedy that lots of people swear by to cure the smelly black hard clumps in my Poodle's ear. It includes boric acid. Is this boric acid the same as what kills rodents or is it a different boric acid? I have the powder boric acid, will this suffice or should I have liquid from the pharmacy?

By Latonya W.

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Could it be that the dog has ear mites? The mites' excretment is what causes the black stuff. I would have the vet check it first to see what you are dealing with.

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To help dogs fight and keep ear infections away, give them a teaspoon of Coconut Oil everyday. If you have a smaller dog you can reduce. Why it works I don't know, but I have a collie mix with floppy ears, she had ear infection every time you turned around. I started giving her the coconut oil everyday and she has not had ear infection in 3 years.

Source: friend

By Michele from West Salem, WI

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She is perfect. I see kisses dripping from her face. Beautiful.

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I can't afford the vet anymore, so I'm going to ask you expert fellow pet lovers out there. My mini Goldendoodle has continuous ear infections. I will try to find an ear specialist if I have to. It's not yeast, it's allergies. I'm going to switch her off of Iams because I hear it's full of corn. Anyone else have any ideas? Cady Grace thanks you so much for your input.

By Carol S

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There is a cheap way to find out what food allergies your pet has. It is available on groupon. The company is ImmuneIQ. It is a hair and saliva test. It is about month process to get your results but it is very affordable and so worth it.

My pup was having loose stool, ear infections, and sinus congestion so I got him tested before it became a chronic issue. Turn out he is allergic to peas! This is in almost all the fancy dog foods. Dog food companies are using it as the current filler. He is also allergic to corn wheat soy white rice and oats... Among other things. If all these things in his food are causing an inflammatory response in his body, it makes sense that he would have nasal congestion, loose stool, and ear infections. His ear infection was tested by the vet and was yeast. Problem with a yeast infection is that the body is lacking in heathy bacteria to counterbalance the yeast in the system. The Vet checked his stool sample and it was low in bacteria. My guy was pooping out all his healthy bacteria.

Changing his food and adding probiotics to his diet have been hugely effective for helping him get on the trajectory to a long and healthy life. Also, we did the Braggs apple cider vinegar/water flush every day in the meantime until his infection cleared up.

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We have an 11 yr. old male Maltese who keeps developing ear infections. The vet bills are expensive, and since we are on a fixed income we have to look for alternative ways of treating his infections. In the past the vet has given him Otibiotic Ointment. Can anyone offer a possible alternative?

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