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Losing Weight While in a Wheelchair

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My husband has been in a wheelchair for 4 years following a spinal cord injury. He has gained lots of weight because he can't exercise. He is 57 years old. Any suggestions?

By Vguy from Earle, AR


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By Galso05/13/2010

Check out these Wheelchair excercises:

Watch Wheelchair Sport Videos

Find out how to select a sport for your disability: ... -find-sport-for-your-disability.html

By Joan [13]07/26/2009

Not everybody can afford the WII. I've been wanting it for over a year, and haven't been able to save enough to get it. Everytime I get a little bit saved, something more important comes up. I'm living off exactly $650.00 a month retirement social securtiy. Everytime I talk about wanting it, my two grandsons offer to help me learn how to play it. I think they have ulterior I keep telling them I wouldn't buy a bunch of the games that they think are necessities.

By Holly [349]04/25/2009

A friend in a hospital rehab nursing home setting said that the Wii (and this one was the bowling version) was very popular. My friend played it once from a wheelchair and would have played more, but there was never another vacancy while she was there.

Avon cosmetics has a "buy something get some equipment for sports games for Wii at a discount" going on shortly. Possibly you can call your local Avon rep or contact them on the web to find out more. I've seen the plastic pieces before in stores and they look lightweight. The one caveat is to make sure you ALWAYS wear the tether controller strap around your wrist. I know someone who was too cool to use a tether strap, and he said he'd always have such a good grip that it really wasn't necessary. Famous last words. He had to buy a new tv and is still picking up glass shards from the carpet.

By Kim Churchman [3]04/23/2009

Yes, get the Wii!

By Holly [349]04/17/2009

Jodi Stolove has some dvd's for seated exercise called, "Chair Dancing".
You might also investigate dvd's for "Yoga in a Chair" - I thought I'd seen one by that title on the internet.

By Linda from Bloomington, IL [67]04/16/2009

That Richard Simmons tape is called "Sit Tight" and is for people that cannot stand up to do exercises. I am assuming your DH cannot move his legs, but he can do the exercises for the upper body. So long as he keeps moving, that is what is important.

By Ann04/16/2009

Richard Simmons has an exercise tape/dvd just for folks who are unable to move around, such as your dh. Also I've heard that the Wii Fit and/or Sports games may be of some help for the same.

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