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Ink and Marker off of Vinyl


How do I remove ink from a white vinyl chair? I have tried everything that I have read about or someone recommended and nothing has worked. Some areas of the ink have become lighter, but never gone. It is blue pen ink.

By Gisela


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By Annie 5 06/27/2010 Flag

Try turpentine and steel wool. Scrub gently and wipe clean. Do this a few times, then wipe clean with water. Worked for same problem I had, on bright orange vinyl and didn't strip the paint or anything.

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By Stacey 4 20 06/28/2010 Flag

Try a magic eraser sponge. I removed permenant marker from a dry erase board with it & nothing else would clean it off.

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03/17/2011 Flag

Nothing worked on my white chairs to remove ink, so I tried 'ACETONE' . It did the job very well, but you have to try on small area first as this is a solvent and may strip the paint. I rubbed very gently little by little and it worked. It seemed to remove bit of shine of the vinyl, but I used the 'Marveer' furniture polish to bring the shine back. I only used it on white vinyl and probably would be careful with the colour vinyl.

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Question: Permanent Marker and Ballpoint Ink on Vinyl/Leather Couch

My kid scribbled on the arm of my beige loveseat with permanent black marker about a month ago, then 2 weeks ago she set a pen on my sofa that exploded and left big blue blotches on the top and side of it.

We have tried everything: fingernail polish remover, vinegar, Magic Eraser, and hairspray; nothing has worked. They are faded now, but still very noticeable.

I'm not sure if the fabric is vinyl or leather, if that helps. Any suggestions to get it out completely without destroying my couch?

By jswen

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By Cajun 59 327 06/11/2011 Flag

Well, anything you attempt for removing the ink is sure to remove the color of the leather as well... you may want to try some Automotive Leather Cleaners but as you state, there are so much ink on the arms, top and side that you'd have to be better than a professional to complete the task without it being noticeable. Have you tried using some Saddle Soap?

1) Do not purchase 'permanent' markers if your kid has access to them. ... -permanent-marker-leather-seats.html

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Archive: Ink and Marker off of Vinyl

My 5 year old wrote her name and her brother's name on the back of my Caravan's vinyl seats. I have tried hair spray, shaving cream, nail polish remover, all kind of cleaners, rubbing alcohol, Mr. Clean Eraser, etc. Any suggestions?



RE: Ink and Marker off of Vinyl

Try Goo Gone. I use it at home and work. (03/17/2009)

By kghsave

RE: Ink and Marker off of Vinyl

Try white "non-gel" toothpaste. I used Crest on my cream colored couch and it took out all the ball point pen and permanent marker ink. (03/17/2009)

By catastrofy

RE: Ink and Marker off of Vinyl

I was able to remove permanent marker with Oreck stain cleaner several years ago. It wasn't especially cheap, but maybe worth it to save a car's interior. It may have been their Revelry cleaner, but check with the salesperson at the Oreck store to be sure. (03/18/2009)

By mizzoumom

Archive: Ink and Marker off of Vinyl

Magazines were left on a vinyl covered card table. This left dirty dark streaks from the ink on the magazines. I would like to remove the streaks from top of card table.

By Seymour Phillips from San Diego, CA


RE: Ink and Marker off of Vinyl

Try dipping a cotton swab into nail polish remover and gently swiping over area (08/14/2009)

By tilly899

RE: Ink and Marker off of Vinyl

I use Lysol disinfecting spray. Totally saturate the spot then swipe with a paper towel. (08/21/2009)

By lostinthe

Archive: Ink and Marker off of Vinyl

How do I remove ink from vinyl and soft plastic?

By Peggy from Port Saint Lucie, FL


RE: Ink and Marker off of Vinyl

Try hairspray. (02/03/2010)

By moravice

RE: Ink and Marker off of Vinyl

Try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I have gotten permanent marker on my countertop, and used the Mr. Clean eraser to get it off. It worked for that, very well. Also takes metal pan marks from the counter top. (02/03/2010)

By suengenenc

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