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Removing Flarp Putty from Hair

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My granddaughter put Flarp Putty in her hair. How can we remove it safely without pulling her hair out? It's all the way to the scalp.

Brenda from Marion, NC



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By Heidi Spencer03/03/2010

Hmmm. I put my son in the bath tub and washed his hair with shampoo. The Flarp came right out. No pain. no whining.

By laura10/10/2009

We just got back from a b-day party and my daughter had the flarp stuck in her hair. We initially tried olive oil, then powder to try and dry it, but it was still not coming out. Ii poured organic apple cider on it, and it completely dissolved it! Hope this helps.

By Sheila (Guest Post)11/05/2008

Try mayo.

By tiffany [2]11/05/2008

I know that you can remove gum from hair with peanut butter so you might try that. I don't know if it will work or not, but it's worth a try.

By KL [3]11/04/2008

I have never heard of Flarp! LOL!

Here is a link here with some suggestions and also the phone number of the company you could call to ask but they wont be open until Weds morn.

JA-RU (800) 231- 3470
9 a.m. through 5 p.m. ET
Monday through Friday

Some previous ThriftyFun threads on removing SILLY Putty may have some suggestions as well:

Good luck !

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