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Can you have an allergic reaction to a ladybug bite?

Janice from Stafford, VA



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By Joan 14 122 02/12/2007 Flag

Most definitely you can! I'm extremely allergic to the bites of any pest. It is most likely a potato bug that bit you [they look almost identical to ladybugs, just a bit more orange in color].

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By sandy 77 431 02/12/2007 Flag

well you can have an allergic reaction to most anything. because people are different etc. but ladybugs themselves dont bite. either there is another type of bug in your surroundings or it is the potatoe bug as joandogs said. i have many ladybugs in my home all year. they never bother me. but an ant, flea or mosquito will seak me out.

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By Sheryl (Guest Post) 02/12/2007 Flag

Asian Lady bugs certainly do bite.

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By Trix (Guest Post) 02/13/2007 Flag

Sheryl is right - Asian ladybugs DO bite! They aren't the red ladybugs that are more common in NA, but instead are orange-yellow. Unfortunately they were brought to my area in order to get rid of aphids (a stupid idea - anyone who's taking a biology/environmental issues class can tell you that) and now we're stuck with them. The bites hurt, but if you have other reactions later like swelling etc. then check with your doctor.

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By Tess (Guest Post) 04/04/2007 Flag

I have had lady bug bites just a night ago and i feel awful! I have little bumps that look like bites every 6 inches or so, and i am itchy on my SCALP too! I was surfing the web to see any advice.

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By Christine. (Guest Post) 10/08/2007 Flag

They do bite. I got bit 3 times this summer at an outdoor camp where I worked at.
And they itch too..although that depends on the person. For me, the spot where i got bit itches.
I agree with Trix.

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By allison (Guest Post) 10/22/2007 Flag

im so itchy from the ladybug bites

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By Jennifer (Guest Post) 03/17/2008 Flag

I know for sure that lady bugs do bite. My house is full of them. I ended up with one in my night shirt, I then layed on it. I got bit and I pulled it out of my night shirt. There was that classic lady bug smell( when they get disturbed). I looked at what I pulled out and it was definitley a lady bug. The bite was itchy and it became red and swollen with 4 or 5 litlle blistery areas. I have had it for about 4 days now and it isn't getting any better.Does anyone have any suggestions.( I have taken several allergy meds with benedryl).

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By James (Guest Post) 04/07/2008 Flag

I was bit in my nose by a ladybug.

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By steve (Guest Post) 04/10/2008 Flag

I am 57yrs old and was first bitten by a ladybug 35 years ago.Hurt like a wasp and thought it was my imagination. Over the last several yrs been bite 5 or 6 more times. All my friends think I am crazy but after the third bite I decided I must look and taste like a giant aphid. The bites always left a large red bump that looked like a volcano. Itched for days.

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By christina (Guest Post) 07/11/2008 Flag

I was bitten and became extremely ill. I felt nauseous and dizzy. the acutal site never became itchy or raised but i read on other sites that these asian lady bugs secrete a liquid of defense and some folks become ill after being bitten for about two days. So for those who don't think they bite, trust me, they do, and it's very painful.

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By joe (Guest Post) 07/11/2008 Flag

I was bit by a green ladybug it is red and itchy like a giant mosquito bite

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By Sherry (Guest Post) 09/10/2008 Flag

I just googled potato bug, and that def does not look like a ladybug. And, I was just bit by a lady bug today and it hurt. It also itched for like 10 minutes, but then stopped.

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By kacie (Guest Post) 11/02/2008 Flag

I was bit on my arm and I've had it for like 5 days and it iches and hurts and there is like 5 big bumps on my arm just from that one bite! I have to get rid of them soon!

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By Sierra (Guest Post) 11/03/2008 Flag

I have this humongous rash on my leg and it's swollen and bumpy. I noticed ladybugs in my room the day it happened. I'm not sure if this is what it's from. I'm really scared it looks TERRIBLE I'm hoping it will go away because I'm scared to tell my mom because she doesn't know I shave. It could be from something else. I don't know. I need help, I'm so terrified. I hope it goes away.

Editor's Note: Please tell your mom.

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By Judi 18 938 11/03/2008 Flag

to Sierra: Your mom will be more upset if you let something like this go than she will be to find out you shave. She expects that to happen someday and you need to get this tended to. Lots of things bite besides ladybugs.

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By Chris (Guest Post) 11/09/2008 Flag

I just got bit by a ladybug. I'm sure it is one because its red not orange but the bite only pinched for a second and afterward there was no affect (itchy, redness, bumps, irritation, etc.) but I do agree with Sandy63 that everyone's different so reactions will vary. roxchrisrox(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

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By Nelly (Guest Post) 11/17/2008 Flag

I thought I had poison ivy. I remember now that I did get bitten by some lady bugs the day they were going totally crazy. Perhaps this is not poison ivy, it does not seem to get out of my system very fast. Used all sorts of methods for poison ivy. Still have some little bumps with fluid. Some other little bumps are popping up on my torso. Hope to get rid of this pesky mess soon.

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By Romadae S. (Guest Post) 12/04/2008 Flag

I was just got bit bye a lady bug and it hurts so bad and swelled up. It didn't have black dots like a ladybugs do though it was just orange. I didn't believe ladybugs bit until now. It felt just like a wasp. How do I know if i am allergic?

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By kaitlin (Guest Post) 01/06/2009 Flag

I just got bit by a lady bug on the lip, it hurts. :(

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By linda (Guest Post) 02/28/2009 Flag

I was bitten by an Asian ladybug 3 years ago, it stung and I watched as a marble sized lump came up on my wrist. It finally stopped hurting but the lump is still there.

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By Cookie 1 10/27/2010 Flag

Have had swarms of Asian ladybugs. One got into a glass I was drinking from yesterday, and bit the end of my tongue. Immediate pain, redness and swelling. Luckily a couple of Benadryl and ice helped. Still have a burning sensation today.

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By crysta 1 03/14/2013 Flag

iI have a 4 year old son who has developed a skin condition or irritation. He is covered in bug bites it started on the tops of his feet and has spread all over his body. It's been going on almost four months. After numerous doctors appointments, emergency room visits, I finally get him in to see a pediatrician. He tells us my son has scabies, yet his father, myself and, grandparents have no bites or rashes. I was told scabies are highly contagious and if one hous hold member has them everyone will get them.

We have done treatments on everyone and also treated the houses (which is one huge and frustrating process) and yet he is still suffering from fresh bites, but his conditions is not near as bad as it was, but yet no one else is being bitten. So this is where I am questioning if these Asian ladybugs could possibly cause this severe damage to him because the little suckers are everywhere and in all of our family's houses.

At this point I am desperate for answers and am tired of slathering numerous types of cream all over my son. This not clearing up but just slightly improving, he is literally scratching until he is bleeding. Any feed back or opinions would be greatly appreciated at this point.

Sincerely, an exhausted mother who just wants some answers!

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