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Curtain Color Advice

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Color Coordinated Curtains in Modern Home

Choosing just the right color curtains can complete the overall color scheme of your room. This guide contains curtain color advice.



Here are questions related to Curtain Color Advice.

Question: Curtain and Rug Colour Advice

My living room wall paint is green and orange. What colour can I use for the rug and curtains?

By Grace


Most Recent Answer

By jm.interiorplace12/04/2013

Hi Grace, you have two options here. If you have green and orange on the wall, you can use either complimentary colors for the accessories (curtains) or you can use triad colors. These options are found using a basic color wheel, like the one below. To use complimentary colors you will select from the colors alongside green and orange. You will see this includes lighter shades of the green and orange already on the wall, or you can also select yellow, which is the color between green and orange. But what I recommend for you is to go with the triad approach. This method lets you break the wheel into 3 parts and each part is represented in the room. I recommend this approach because you already have two parts of the triangle represented in the room. The third color will be violet and I think that will really set things off nicely for you. Hope this helps!

RE: Curtain and Rug Colour Advice

Question: Color Advice for Curtains

Photo of bed and windows behind it.I just painted my bedroom walls Benjamin Moore Nimbus Gray, which is really blue. On my bed I have a solid quilt in a pink, almost watermelon color, with blue and white toss pillows. I have light maple furniture and a cream colored carpet and white cellular shades. I wanted to add curtains, but am stumped as to what color they should be.



Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]10/27/2013

From your photo, it seems that you have white blinds for privacy. I like that look just as it is. However, if you want curtains as well, I would go with white sheers. I think with the dark walls, and the bright colours on the bed, you do not want to add another dark colour nor any kind of pattern. I think that would be overdone. I think the room looks very nice just the way it is.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

Floor and wainscoating.I have dark reddish brown hardwood floors and dark beige walls in the living room. My couches are black, but we might change them soon. We wanted red curtains, but it made the room really dark. We prefer colored curtains rather than neutral. What shade would you recommend? Will lime green or yellow look good? Windows.

By Mona

Most Recent Answer

By kamdrgon10/14/2013

I think hopeful is on the right track. I was thinking pale leaf green, because then you can incorporate some other shades of green in the décor later. When I saw the photo, I thought southwest colors and other nature colors like tan, brown, subdued gold, etc.

Question: Living Room Curtain Color

I have a dark brown sofa set, very light gray walls, beige ceiling and ivory flooring. What is the best color curtain? Also, what color would be good for throw pillows?

By Celi from Philippines

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]07/16/2013

This is a pretty neutral pallet. You can go with just about any color you like. I agree that blue would look nice, but shades of green, or a floral print curtain and then pick up the color with solid cushions, say pinks and yellows. Really, you can go with just about anything.

Another way to go, if you have a lot of colorful accessories - paintings, photos, vases of flowers,mosaic topped tables, etc. you could go with a light airy beige or cream curtain, similar for the cushions, and let the accessories in the room provide the color punch.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I need help with curtain color for my living room. Our walls are a tan color, our tables are mahogany, couch, loveseat, and chair are chocolate brown and our carpet is a variety of colors, (brown, tan, ivory). My formal dining room is attached. We have accented the walls with 2 large gold framed pics of poppies. The curtains we placed there are gold to pull out the frame color. The table is mahogany as well.

By Kay J.

Most Recent Answer

By Cisco's Mom [5]04/17/2013

You have such a neutral pallet with tan and brown, go for something really bright. What's your, green, orange? I would use turquoise for a cool room or red for a warm room. Buy some toss pillows, candles, etc. in the same color and the whole room is coordinated. Sounds like a beautiful room. Have fun!

Question: Curtain Colours

Kindly assist, I have a silver couch, a black rug, and black and orange cushions, which I at times switch with red and apple green. What curtain colours should I put to appeal to this mix? I also need advise on other decorations I can put in the lounge to make it look superb.

By Shanangurai

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [6]01/28/2015

I would do red curtains, large gold or silver vases with dried arranged flowers and seed pods, and black and white photo prints in plain, thin black frames on the walls.

Question: Combined Room Curtain Color Advice

My living room and dining room are very small. I have cream color carpet throughout both rooms. My question is should I keep the color palette the same in both rooms?

I started with my dining room with black and cream curtains accenting a centerpiece throw rug, etc. in red. I'm thinking of doing the same in the living room but kinda vice versa. Instead of black and white curtains, I could do cream color curtains for a clean look and maybe a black and white area rug (speaking of which can I do an area rug on top of wall to wall carpet?), accented with red pieces i.e. candles, etc.

By Martimar from Philadelphia

Question: Pelmet or Valance Fabric Color Ideas

I have faux silk thermal curtains in a beige (beige tone with orange or copper undertone). My walls are a cream tone. I'm having trouble finding a pelmet fabric (I'm unable to get the same fabric as the curtains). Do I go lighter or darker? The fabric is a block colour. Nothing seems to look right. Please help!

By Suzy B from Brisbane, Australia

Question: Curtain Color Advice

We just painted our living room with Sherwin Williams Alpaca Grey and we have chocolate furniture. I am having a hard time picking a curtain color? We have a black Lab so white it out. Thank you.

By Nicole T.

Most Recent Answer

By Janet [7]01/28/2015

I would like a bright blue, turquoise. A pattern would work well too. Also some pillows in that color or pattern would help to add some color. Your room already sounds so pretty. Good luck.

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

I have grey walls and a burgundy sofa. What colour curtains should I get?

By Allison

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]01/26/2015

Solid burgundy or a grey/burgundy pattern - geometric or floral, whatever you might find that you like. There might be another coordinating colour, for example, if you picked a floral, there might be green in there for foliage. Or maybe a grey drape, with matching throw pillows on the sofa of the same material.

Question: Curtain Color for Living Room Area

I have white walls and tan sofas. What color do you suggest for curtains? I was thinking of adding purple pillows and other purple (lavender) accent colors. Our entertainment area is also brown. Thank you!

By I S.

Most Recent Answer

By Mary Lou [14]01/23/2015

I'd do a nice vertical stripe of taupe and purple, with the taupe stripe narrower than the purple one.

Question: Curtain Color for Living Room Area

I have white walls and tan sofas. What color do you suggest for curtains? I was thinking of adding purple pillows and other purple (lavender) accent colors. Our entertainment area is also brown. Thank you!

By I S.

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]01/26/2015

Since you have a very neutral colour pallet so far, you might go with mauve/purple curtains, since that is a colour that you like. Or if you like a very clean background, use white curtains.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

My living room furniture is a plain crème color with floral pillows with rose, green, and white colors. The walls are white and the rugs are a floral rose.

By Bonita

Most Recent Answer

By Myrna [13]01/21/2015

Either have drapes/toss pillows matching in floral pattern with colors that have the same as the rug OR choose a solid color fabric with the color used most in both carpet/pillows. If you still want a floral accent in the drapery material, then I'd use a solid color brocade.

Question: Curtain Color and Pattern Advice

throwI have a buttercream sofa and red crewel accent pillows. I'd like to pick up some of the light gray-blue in them too. So, I'd like the main colors to be neutral, with the light blue/gray as an accent, then the red as pops of color for a little excitement. My kitchen is neutral with a few red accessories. I'll probably use the same or a complementing fabric for the 4 kitchen windows as well. pillow material one side of throw

By Coco from San Diego, CA

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have grey furniture and white walls. What color curtains should I get?

By Ivy

Most Recent Answer

By Debbi C. [1]01/18/2015

A deep red always goes well with these colors.

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

My bedroom is painted blue and I have a grey carpet. I want to put new curtains in my room. What woulld be the best options for curtain colors?

By Somaira

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]01/21/2015

Personally, I am a big fan of white sheers, a nice satin drape, or lace curtains over blinds (because you want it dark sometimes, and you don't want the neighbours to be able to see in!). However, you could go with shades of blue, either solids or with a pattern, or creams, or maybe a silvery grey that has a nice sheen to it and matches the rug not exactly, but in tone. Some greys are brownish, and you wouldn't want to match a bluish grey with a brownish grey rug, for example. I would stick with those colours.

Question: Bedroom Curtain and Accessory Colour Advice

I have pale yellow walls and a cream/brown carpet. The majority of my furniture is brown wood or an imitation, with the exception of an electric piano which appears as black painted wood. What colour curtains should I try to get and if possible what colour palette I should try for duvet/bedspread colours and wall decor?

By Raven

Question: Valance Colour Advice

I have a black leather couch, black and silver carpet, light cream walls, and darker cream curtains. What would be the best colour for a valance?

By Dee K.

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

I realy need help. My walls are a light brown, camel hair colour, with a light/dark brown lounge suite. I also have loads of red art work. What colour curtains will be the best? Oh, and I have light brown laminated flooring. Ugh, I really have loads of brown. :)

By Letitia

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

I have cream walls in my living room with dark brown furniture, brown carpet, and a beige sofa. What would be the best color for the curtains? I have cream walls in my bedroom with off white furniture and a brown wardrobe. What would be the best color for the curtains?

By mo

Most Recent Answer

By Stephanie [138]01/09/2015

Since everything else is neutral, I would pick curtains that pop. Maybe a rich contrasting color or an interesting pattern that ties in the shades of brown in the room. If you are buying curtains, get some you like and try them out. You can always return them if you don't like them. If you are making them yourself, get a small swatch of the fabric to take home and try against the walls and furniture to see if you like it before committing to buying yards and yards of fabric. If you have pets, I can tell you that darker curtains will hide fur and marks from them peeking between the curtains better than light curtains.

Also think about curtain weight. If your window gets direct sunlight, you may want heavier, darker curtains to block the sunlight in the summer. If your living room window is in an area that is shaded, you may want lighter more airy curtains that will let some light in.

Question: Curtains Color Advice

I am trying to put curtains up in my bedroom. The walls are painted with neutral colors (off white). I was thinking about getting orange curtains and light blue scarves. Is that a nice color match?

By Adja

Most Recent Answer

By cj wagz01/07/2015

Here's a pretty room using those colors. :)

RE: Curtains Color Advice

Question: Curtain Color Advice

walls with off yellow on top and blue on bottomWe just repainted our dining room walls. The bottom half is jaded Janet and the upper is an off yellow. What color curtains would go with this?

By Jorietta S. from Muncie, IN

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have a striped brown settee with cream walls. I am looking for curtains to add an impact. Any suggestions?

By Dawn

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have a chocolate brown sofa and just bought bright fuschia pink cushions. What colour curtains will go with them? Bright pink curtains would be too much pink. Black and silver go with the fuschia pink cushions, but black does not go with the brown suite. Any suggestions?

By Janet

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have been gifted a deep forest green sofa and love seat. My living room walls are Sherwin Williams latte and the carpet light beige color. I live in a small house; the living room has one large picture window, with lots of light. I like a traditional country casual look. What is the best color to use for curtains?

By Elizabeth A.

Most Recent Answer

By Myrna [13]01/04/2015

Plaid or large print floral fabric with dark green/tan/brown/cream that compliment your interior would look nice and would add a little pop to the solid furniture fabric and carpet. If you can sew your own curtains/drapes, you could get enough fabric to make covers for toss pillows on sofa too.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have a dark wood floor (dark maple) and white walls. I'm looking for curtains for the living room. I'm looking for 2 layers. Would off white and brown go well or can you suggest what colors would suit best? Thank you!

By Shill

Question: Curtain Advice for Master Bedroom

We just painted our master bedroom partly dark grey and the other half, including ceiling a light grey. It has tall tray ceilings. All baseboards are white and we have a black leather platform bed with high back. We are going for a dramatic sexy look. Not sure if I should do black or white curtains, or whether to use silk or cotton. Thank you!

By Andrea

Question: What Color Curtains?

I have put a very, pretty burgundy slipcover over my couch. Now I don't know what color curtains and pillows to use. The walls are white and have to stay. Please help.

By DonnaD.

Most Recent Answer

By J'Marinde [4]12/23/2014

Pillows, I would look for pillows with designs complementary to the color of the curtains and the slipcover. Maybe throw in a few solid ones too - light pink and a burgundy the color of the slipcover, in among the printed or woven design ones.

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

What kind of curtain color should match with an off white color room?

By Russell

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]01/05/2015

Any colour of curtain can be used in an off-white room. What colour is the sofa? The carpet or other flooring? If everything is off white, you might consider a patterned black and white drape. Or, what I have, are white sheer drapes with mini blinds underneath to darken the room when needed. Now I am free to cover the walls with lots and lots of framed artwork; I do not "match" artwork with anything; I choose pieces that I love.

Question: Master Bedroom Curtain and Furniture Color Advice

pink and beige wall junctureMy bedroom walls are beige and one is pink. My bed is dark brown. I need help with the colors of the furniture and the curtains. I am a mess.

By Joanna

Question: Curtain Color Advice

view of walls, fireplace, and windows from aboveMy living/family room has high ceilings and is painted Monticello rose. I have blinds on three windows that are in a similar shade. I was thinking about adding curtain to the windows to soften the room a bit, but do not know what color curtains might look good. The room has a brown area rug with cream, tan, and baby blue accents. Any help would be appreciated! There is minimal wall space in the room as there are two openings, a fireplace, and a sliding glass door. Thank you!

By Jen

Most Recent Answer

By Marty Dick [147]12/16/2014

I would do valances in either solid blue or brown.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

My living room wall paint is green and yellow. One wall color is yellow and the other 3 are green. What color can I use for curtains?

By Pankaj

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]12/16/2014

These are pretty vibrant colours, and without seeing them, it is hard to visualize. I would introduce some neutrals into the mix - perhaps an off white, or cream, or light tan. What colour flooring do you have? And what about furniture? That would make a difference.

Question: Curtain Color Question

I have a grey sofa and two orange sofa chairs. The walls are antique white. What color of curtains would go with this?

By zizu from Tega Cay, SC

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]12/16/2014

I think I would use white drapes or sheers, but then I am partial to a very neutral background. If you like patterns, you might choose a material that has the grey (or a lighter shade) from the sofa, as a background, maybe with white, and then orange to match the chairs. Say something with orange and yellow flowers on a grey and white background.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

My wall is painted orange and white, what color of curtains/blinds do I get?

By Annie

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have a very small hallway with chocolate color walls. What colour curtains and light shade would break it up?

By Gav

Question: Curtain Color Advice

Please help, my living room has white walls (rental), but my furniture is gray and black. I can't decide what color curtains I should get.

By Mayra B

Question: Curtain and Sofa Cover Color Advice

My living room walls are painted peach, I have mahagony coloured and dark brown furniture. We bought a cherry red and black colour carpet. Now I am confused regarding the colour of curtains and sofa covers. Please give me advice.

By Jayan

Question: Curtain Color Advice

wallpaperMy wallpaper colour is silver/grey; what colour curtains will go?

By Vicky from Leicestershire

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have a brown couch and chair with mocha walls. It seems like a lot of brown together. What color curtains would you suggest to brighten the room up a little? It just seems too dark.

By Ronnie

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [414]12/05/2014

Blue is brown's complimentary color on the color wheel. Consider some light blue lace perhaps to let in the light and still defuse the sites outside...unless they are trees and such, they need some help to be hidden. Just my opinion... Hope it helps.

Question: Curtain and Furniture Color Advice

I have just wallpapered one side of my living room in Damask wallpaper that is sand and gold. On the other walls it is a plain sand color. What color curtains should I go for and should I go plain or a pattern? Also what color wooden furniture would work with the gold and sand colors?

By Drew from Upton

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

My living room is painted in a bright orange. What colour curtains can I use, besides brown and white?

By Beverley

Most Recent Answer

By joan [6]11/30/2014

The color wheel shows green or turquoise or stay in the same tones.

Question: Wall and Curtain Color Advice

drug on wood floorWe have just installed new light color hardwood. We purchased a dark room size rug that is a combination of taupe, cream, black, and a dark burgundy that is so dark it looks like a deep plum. We are struggling with curtain and wall color. We thought the plum would be extremely hard to match and would make room too dark. However afternoon sun hits this room and there are two windows and French doors so there is ton of light so need light blocking curtains.

By Virginia H

Most Recent Answer

By Faye12/02/2014

I would paint the walls taupe or cream and pick two or three of the colors from the rug to use in the curtains with a flowing vertical effect.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

What color curtain would look best? I have a chocolate brown living room suite, lite beige walls, and mauve carpet.

By Ada

Question: Chairs and Curtains to Coordinate With Carpet

I cannot replace my carpet because I am renting. It is a reddish-brown mix berber. I am looking at purchasing two great vintage 1930s chairs that are a light apple green. Will this go together or will the chairs standout as "not matching the decor"? Also, what colour drapes should I buy?

By Deborah

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/30/2014

I agree with Redhatter. Go with the cream drapes, and maybe some cream and light green pillows or something to co-ordinate. If you love the chairs, ignore the carpet.

Question: Matching Curtains to Wall Color

My bedroom walls are dark red/maroon. What color curtains would work best with that wall color?

By Aleida J.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

Two of the walls in my room are colored in yellow, and the two other ones are light purple. The wardrobe is light brown. Can you please advise me what color curtains I should buy?

Thank you!

By Ani

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

Can I hang a blue and green curtain on the same rail? The colours in my duvet are different blues and greens.

By Nicolene

Most Recent Answer

By Faye12/03/2014

Yes. It will give it a custom, or professionally decorated look! Some I have seen have done this by color blocking horizontally, taking 2 different colored curtains, cutting one in two at the lower end of the curtain, then inserting the other color cut to whatever length you desire and putting the bottom piece from the original curtain cut on the bottom. I hope this helps!

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

Please help me decide the colour of curtain that will fit a black and white wall theme. Each color is on opposite walls. The black wall is a granite wallpaper.
I bought "mink print " coloured curtains to install, but it doesn't feel like that was a good choice. The lounge is an open plan with dining. Dining door and lounge bay windows both have blinds installed, black sofas, and black dining table.

By Tyn O. from Aberdeen

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

What colour curtains will match white walls on top, plum at the bottom, with a black leather suite?

By Diane

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have a chocolate living room set, white walls, and a light wooden floor. What color curtains should I have?

By Devin

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/23/2014

This is a neutral pallet. If you like bolder colours, you can certainly go with something that you might like-- a bold print or pattern in browns & oranges, or tan and blues or burgandy and tans and browns. Or, if you like a calm feeling, you could go for white curtains. I always think that curtains that match the wall colour make the room look bigger, and serve as a backdrop for the furniture and paintings. Another way to go would be a softer colour, such as tan or light brown, that matches the sofa, and then use matching pillows or throws to bring that colour into the room.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

My living room has an offwhite sofa and a big rug that has a deep burgundy and forest green on it. What color curtain can you recommend?

By Natasha F

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/23/2014

You could go with a solid colour that you pull from the carpet -- say green. What colour are your walls? The carpet sounds like a focus in the room, and you don't want to get too carried away with bright, bold colours elsewhere, I don't think. The white sofa goes with just about anything.

Question: Curtain Color to Go With Decor

I have traditional furniture, a light brown sofa, light grey walls with white wood work and light grey carpet. My end tables are medium cherry, the curtains I have up now are dark burgundy. Help! What other colors can I use for curtains and still maintain traditional look?

By Sandy K.

Question: Drapery Color Advice

My family room colors are: wall beige, accent wall pink, cream, and grey, and I have cherry cabinet tables. What color would you suggest for drapes for window and patio door? Should they be solid or print? They have to be thermal insulated.

By Annie N.

Question: Curtains for White and Black Wall

Please I need help with choosing curtains. I have an opposite wall which is painted white and the other wall has a black granite wall paper. We already have blinds, but find the lounge too cold in the winter so I bought a "mink" color curtain, but it doesn't look like it is going to fit with the colour palette. I have black leather sofa, black dining, a bay window, and dining doors.

Please what colour curtain do you think will fit these walls? Do you think mink is a good colour for it? Please I need you knowledgeable folks to help. Thanks a lot.

By Tyn O. from Aberdeen

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [414]11/19/2014

If you have a black wall and white wall, bring them together with a smoke gray window covering. Hope that helps.

Question: Curtains With Dark Brown Furniture

I have dark brown bedroom furniture. Which color of curtains do I take?

By Saima Ali

Most Recent Answer

By Mary Lou [14]11/20/2014

What color are the walls and floor? Almost any lighter or medium tone would work. For relaxation and to calm try greens and blue.

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

Please suggest curtain color for a medium sized room painted in a creme colour with wallpaper of dark and light chocolate color.

By Priya from Lucknow

Question: Curtain Color Choice

I have green leather furniture and copper walls. What color of curtains do I need? I have no choice but to keep my furniture.

By Janie

Question: Drape Color Advice

What color is best suited for drapes or curtains for harvest peach walls?

By Lelia from Fayetteville, NC

Question: Kitchen Curtain Color Advice

I just painted my kitchen Sherwin Williams "summer day". I have oak cabinets. What color curtains should I get?

By Lisa

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [6]11/23/2014

I would think apple red would be nice.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

couch against wall for color identificationI have a yellow green color on my walls and a chocolate brown couch. I don't know what color curtains to use.

By Rachel

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/17/2014

That is a very striking colour on your walls, so I would go with white or off white curtains - either in a sheer or light blocking, whatever you think you need. However, I am one who likes a very serene backdrop to the furniture. I might try to get some throw pillows with a green and white pattern, just to tie the room together.

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

My couch is teal, my walls are taupe and my carpet is taupe. What colour curtains would look nice?

By Sally R. from Cambridge, Ontario Canada

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have light beige walls in my living room and tan carpet. I also have a brown chaise lounge and sofa along with maple coffee and end tables. I am looking for the right curtains to go with these furnishings. I purchased some dark red and black grommet curtains and some in a brown/orange color. I do not know if those will work or do I need to buy some in blue? What do you think would be the right thing to do?

By Cynthia S. from Savannah, GA

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/17/2014

I think your main colour pallet is so neutral that either of your curtains that you have should work, if you like those colours. Of course, you don't want both sets up - that wouldn't work. However, based on your description, either pattern should work. Perhaps some cushions with the main colour from the curtain would look nice, just to bring some of the accent colour into the room.

Hang the curtains, and see if you like the look of the room. Maybe invite a friend for coffee, whose taste you like, and see what she says. I think either set would work. You don't have to have blue with brown -- it is just a colour that many, many people like.

Question: Living Room Curtain and Accessory Color Advice

room viewI have safari tan walls (creamy gold), mocha wood floors (almost a red color), white trim, and dark chocolate color black leather sofa (almost looks like black). I am thinking of burgundy accent fabric chairs to go with it (as I already have them). Do dark brown and burgundy go together? Initially I had a brown sectional, as it's not functional, I separated the two pieces and am planning to replace it with the burgundy fabric chairs that I already have. Please see the pictures that are attached. I want a light look with this heavy warm colors and furniture. Please suggest to me the accent color for pillows, drapes, and a rug. Thanks. couch

By Shireesha

Most Recent Answer

By likekinds [58]11/15/2014

I'm no decorator, so I can't give you a proper answer. Your tan (creamy gold) walls are a bit dark. They might look more appropriate if there were articles about the room in the same color family, only lighter and brighter, more near a true gold.

Also, I think the white of that nice fireplace should be carried out further into the room. Have you considered a white, patterned area rug under that table, or maybe one near the color of the tile around the fireplace? At the very least, I would donate the sea foam throw pillow and replace it with one of gold damask or white with gold tassels.

Another thought... maybe less on the mantle and a wall hanging in a gold leaf frame on either side of the fireplace. (Do play up the fireplace. It's the best thing this room has going for it).

Question: Curtains, Carpet, and Furniture Color Advice

bedroom ensembleI have a beige colored wall with white molding and a black rod. My bed is a cream color, my nightstand is white, and my floor is dark brown. What colors can I add if I'm aiming for a style like this picture? I feel like the floor throws me off so I'm not sure if I should get dark brown curtains to balance out the whiteness.

By Lena

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have a dark brown couch and a matte black TV stand. What color curtains would be best? I also have cushion covers in the following colors - purple, green, red, blue, and gold.


Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have neutral color walls, a black sectional with grey rug underneath, and wooden flooring with grey undertone. My dining table is black with chrome legs and white dining chairs. The kitchen countertop is grey quartz and I have espresso cabinets. Dining area, living area, and kitchen are very close and from one end looks like one big room. To me, there's lot of grey and black in the room now. I want to badly bring some colors in this room. Please suggest what color curtains I can use? White dining chairs with white blinds right behind isn't looking the best.

By Deep from Cary, NC

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/08/2014

This is such a neutral pallet that any colour that you desire will work. Pick a favorite, and just go with it. Red will be very vibrant; greens will give a bit of a woodsy, plant type feel; blue,especially a softer shade, will be restful and cool; yellow will be sunny and cheerful. You could go with a pattern or design, if you have a theme that you like.

Question: Living Room Rug and Curtain Advice

My living room wall paint is lemon green and a very light shade of green. What colour can I use for the rug and curtains?

By Oluyemisi A from Nigeria

Most Recent Answer

By Myrna [13]11/05/2014

I would think any of these colors would look good: turquoise, lemon yellow, tangerine or bright white.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

kitchen wall I have a light yellow color on my kitchen walls which is also connected to the dining area. Which colors would best to add a little pop of bold color for the valances for the kitchen and curtain for the dining area?

By Mya

Most Recent Answer

By Myrna [13]11/05/2014

I would go with a bright color in plaid or large print that has some of the colors of the wall, cabinets or floor in it. Examples are a multi color apple pattern (red, yellow, brt. green, orange) or a plaid of royal blue with cream or tan, or a colorful harvest leaves pattern.

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

One wall in my drawing room is green and the rest are light yellow. What colour curtains should I use?

By A. Das

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

wall colorI am in a dilemma with what curtain colour to go for. Most of my furniture, dining table chairs and showpiece case are a mahogany wood (dark brownish colour). The sofas that I have purchased recently are also a mahogany leather colour. My wall has been painted in a colour called Almost Oyster (Dulux) which is a sort of very very light pink. Can you advise on what colour window and garden door curtains to go for?

By Saeed C. from Shoreham, UK

Most Recent Answer

By Lena [1]11/12/2014

White curtains would look nice.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have brown carpet and my couches are the same color, but I'm stuck on what color curtains would be good for my living room. I want to brighten it, but idk what color. Any suggestions?

By Arlene

Question: Curtains Colour Advice

photo showing blue walls and brown couchMy wall is aqua blue, my couch is brown, one side is pure dark brown. What colors should I use for my curtains to match both sides? Thanks.

By Mary from Kenya

Question: Curtain Color Coordination

I have beige walls, black window frames, a light brown tile floor, and black furniture. What color curtains and area rug do I go for?

By Daff D

Most Recent Answer

By Myrna [13]10/27/2014

Oh boy! A lot going on here. You need a bright color like candy apple red, lemon yellow, for examples that would go well with all those tans/browns,blacks. Something bright and colorful or a fabric that has a print with your monotone color scheme and another bright color to pull everything together.

Question: What Color Drapes?

In my apartment living room I have a chocolate brown sofa, a brown leaf patterned chair, and mixed brown carpet. I want to paint the walls a gray/beige. What color would be good for my drapes?

By B. B.

Most Recent Answer

By Marie S.10/29/2014

Persimmon would be a great color, or a vibrant red, or bright yellow /gold tone. Pier One has a color called clay for drapes, pillows and throws, for a bold, but less bright color... not sure if it will go with gray walls though.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have a hunter green living-room, and black furnishings (sofa and TV stand). What color curtains can I use?

By Dinelia

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I painted my kitchen walls a cinnamon color (orange/red). Will gold curtains match? What do you recommend?

By Cynthia

Most Recent Answer

By Myrna [13]10/27/2014

Peach, coral, banana cream are colors that sit well with rust or go with a cool color of a soft pastel shade. You could also go to a fabric store or online and look at bolts of fabrics that has rust and other colors in it to help you decide, if you really don't like the colors mentioned.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

We have the entire house painted white. All the rooms shall be well lit by natural light. Can you suggest curtain colors for living room and 3 bedrooms? Is it a good idea to keep all the 3 bedrooms' curtains the same in color or is variance good?

By Samikhya

Most Recent Answer

By Linda [37]10/28/2014

My can use any color you want. If you like pastels use that. If you like primary colors use that. I would not make all 3 bedrooms the same -- variety is the spice of life. Those colors would rely on the occupant and the age. Good Luck!

Question: Curtain and Carpet Color Advice

woman sitting on couch in living room being discussedIf I have a camel colored sofa, love seat, and chair with 2 off white walls and 1 raw paneled wall with red stripes, what color curtains and carpet should I buy?

By Roslyn D.

Most Recent Answer

By Myrna [13]10/27/2014

The woodwork looks to be a cherry wood color, so I think a combo of the red accents you have along with the off white furniture/walls that a reddish brown would look appealing for the carpet and drapes/curtains with accent of off white. Also, for the curtains, you could use off white and accent it with red and reddish brown stripes.

Here's a link you can play around with on choosing paint colors for a room. This particular one has off white furniture for starters. This is from under the heading "Painting ideas" You can choose different rooms, color combos unfortunately no flooring colors or curtains, but it can prove helpful to you just by seeing colors next to each other. Remember to consider how much natural lighting you have and the size of the room. ... y&page=/en-us/photos/living-room

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have two teal walls and two that are a linen color, like a dark cream. What colour of curtains should I get?


Most Recent Answer

By Myrna [13]10/27/2014

A pale aqua, if it's a teal blue, or soft mint green, if it's teal green.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

The home I am moving into has blue carpet. My furniture is grey and I have bright red flower picture. I think this is going to be hideous.

By Linda D.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have light yellow walls. Can I put up beige and white pattern curtains? Any suggestion on what colour for curtains?

By Yvonne

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have a grey suite and a brown and grey carpet with a light grey wall. What colour curtains would match?

By Jane

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]10/21/2014

These are pretty neutral colours. Pretty much anything you like would look fine. You might look for a pattern with a colour you like, say blue, and the grey and brown from the other places, maybe some black for an accent. Get accent pillows to match the curtains, or perhaps a nice throw.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

Our classroom wall paint is pink and we put pink linoleum for the floor. What color can we use for curtains?

By Hazel

Question: Curtain Color Advice

photo of roomMy furniture is beige, my floors are dark brown with a cream rug. My walls are white and soft aqua (aqua on top)' and I have ashy red bricks in my fireplace. I'm stumped as to what curtains to get. I'm not sure if I should go solid or patterned. I'm not a bold person (the aqua was somewhat out of character). The colour wheel would suggest that I go with an orange? I can't see doing that. Right now my curtains are just a cream, but it's kind of boring and doesn't look very grounded.

By Christina

Question: Living Room Curtain Color Advice

I made a huge mistake, but it;s kinda growing on me. LOL I purchased black wall to wall carpeting in our 1440 sq. foot home and now I need to replace our curtains in the living room, sorry but, no I do not want mini blinds. I bought a cream colored sofa and love seat to try and lighten up the room a little bit, but I am in a quandary about the color of the drapes. I was thinking about changing the wall color to a light gray. Any advice on curtain color would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless.

By Stacee S. from Crescent City, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Myrna [13]10/13/2014

Since you bought cream furniture with black carpet, I'd paint the walls the same color cream and then on the walls hang any picture frames, mirrors, or floral arrangements using black, cream and a color that is bold and colorful like red, blue, turquoise, lemon yellow, orange, lime. This will make things come together and include the three chosen colors into the window fabric. If you use solid color panels, you can sew colors of rickrack on the bottom to pull it off too. OR, go to a fabric shop and look for material that has black/cream in it and merged with other colors to get ideas for glimpse of colors together with shades you like best.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

living roomI have black leather couch and oak flooring, but I don't know what color curtains to buy. The walls are neutral.

By Christina from Toronto, Canada

Question: Curtain Color Help

I live in a rental with white walls, a camel/khaki couch, and dark wood furniture. What color curtains should I get? We have a four large windows side by side plus a slider in the living room. Should the curtains be the same color throughout the living room, dining room, kitchen, and family room or can we mix it up?

By Bridget

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

We have a grey Harris tweed sofa with tan piping around the edges and brown cushions with tan buttons. Please advise on colour scheme for curtains and accessories. The living room is quite small, a 16th century cottage with beams. We want to keep in character, but feel the room needs to be light and cosy as well. Kind regards.

By Kay K

Question: Curtain Color Advice

couch and chair with throw pillowsI have a light cream sofa with white and black throwpillows and a white wall; what color of curtains can I use?

By olly

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I just painted my kitchen a light green. My cabinets are a light oak. I will be putting new tan or white tile on the floor and eventually new counter tops. I need to know what color valance would be best? I'm thinking a dimensional with greens, tans and violet.

By Patti W from Hilliard, OH

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have painted my living room with coffee color. I want to know which are the best suited colors for curtains.

By Kamlesh

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [414]09/28/2014

Blue is brown's complimentary color. Here is a link that will show you some samples. Hope that helps. PBP

Keep in mind for some reason everyone thinks that aqua is the only blue out there, but keep going and you will find your color of walls and you can choose your color of curtains. ... LeN8uwogSmgIH4DQ&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAg

Question: Kitchen Curtain Color Advice

I have medium blue walls in my kitchen, a beige tablecloth, wood on the bottom and the wall is painted blue on the top. I have all wood grain cabinets, a black microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher. I have a white stove. I want to lighten it up in the kitchen. I wanted to know what color kitchen curtains I should buy. Should I buy solids or some with flower patterns?

By Christine

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]09/20/2014

If you like flowers, go with flowers. Or perhaps something of a geometric pattern. You might go with a yellow/blue/white pattern of some sort. Another way to go might be white lace or sheers, if you want to lighten things somewhat. Yellow, beige, white, or shades of blue are all good colours. You could easily change the table cloth as well, if you wanted to go with a cheery lemon yellow, for instance.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have a burgundy carpet and green sofa. What color curtains should I use to match?

By Ann

Most Recent Answer

By Esther B.09/11/2014

One with pattern showing green and burgundy and perhaps a few others.

Question: Choosing Color and Style of Window Treatment

dining areaI have two windows and a sliding glass door in our great room. The floor is a medium gray, walls are beige and lt aqua. Living room furniture is dark brown leather. Dining room is marble with glass insert with silver trim. We have a round rug in the living area with green, burgundy, and beige. I wonder if valances would brighten it up or if I should go with sheers that could be used on windows and slider. Any ideas would be so very much appreciated! livingroom

By Vickie B from Daytona Beach, FL

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have a beige and white couch and I'm trying to find some curtains to go with it. Please help.

By Latonya from Fayetteville, AR

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [414]08/28/2014

A soft blue would look nice with both colors.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

My living room walls are summer color and the base boards and ceiling are white and my furniture is burgundy. What color curtains and rugs will go right?

By Elizabeth

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]08/13/2014

What colour is summer colour?

Question: Curtain Color Advice

What color curtains should I use in a living room with frosted-lemon walls, cherry wood floors, and moss-green upholstered furniture?

By KristenJ

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [414]08/08/2014

I would go with white. This color combination doesn't need another matching color. You can go with lace or solid. I hope this helps.

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

My boys' wardrobes are red. What colour should the curtains should be?

By Shireen

Most Recent Answer

By Mary Lou [14]07/26/2014

What color are the walls? If beige or tan, I'd go for a red and tan vertical stripe, with the red stripe thinner than the tan.

Question: Curtain Color for Living Room

My living room is yellow with a light brown accent wall. My furniture is a redish burgundy color. The rug is a light tan and the coffee tables are espresso. What color should my curtains be?

By Rhonda S.

Most Recent Answer

By likekinds [58]07/25/2014

Unless you want to be daring, your best bet may be Ivory.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

In my living room I have a gold colored couch and love seat. Also, the walls are wooden. That is a lot of brown. I need curtains to wake up the room, all the while making it feel like an inviting living room. Please help! I am at a loss trying to figure it out.

By Melissa

Question: Curtain Color Advice

My living rooms walls are a cream color and the sofa is beige with a black print on it. The floor is black and gray granite. What color curtains will suit best?

By saltanat

Question: Curtain Color Advice

My furniture in my living room is burgundy paisley, walls are two-toned burnt orange/burnt yellow.

By Kaye

Most Recent Answer

By kimwilson558006/23/2014

This would be a little easier if there were photos. But I can still help you a bit I think. I'm uploading a color wheel. These are useful because they show how colors relate to one another. If you want something to go with the colors you mentioned, pick something right next to either color in the wheel. If you want something to accent your color scheme, pick a color opposite the curtain or furniture color in the wheel. For example, red will be a good accent to green (opposites in the wheel), but light blue will be a good match for green.

So the furniture is burgundy paisley and the walls are darker orange and yellow. All of the orange/yellow/red colors will go with the scheme you have now. Different shades of blue will work as accents. Personally I think you should stick with the color scheme you have and go for something in a darker red. I'm attaching a link to a wallpaper I think is the right color. Good luck!

RE: Curtain Color Advice

Question: Drape Colors Advice

I'm trying to figure out what color drapes I need in my bedroom. I have one wall that is burgundy with a large window and the other walls, one has a small window.

By Patty

Question: Kitchen Curtain Style and Colour

I have an open concept livingroom/kitchen area. The livingroom is green. I just painted my kitchen Benjamin Moore Rustic Glaze (top half) and Boulder Ridge on the bottom and island. The trim is all pine and cupboards are maple. What colour and style of curtain would complement for a large window and patio door. The livingroom curtains are striped toppers on black rods.

By Bonita

Question: Curtain Color Advice

fireplaceI decided to paint the wall behind my fireplace a silver grey. The remaining walls a (light pink) dusty rose. I have pine floors, with a brick fireplace. What color curtains should I choose? I am so confused. Please help. Thank u all.

By Melanie J. from Elmira, NY

Most Recent Answer

By melinda [1]05/21/2014

I think a darker grey or a mauve would look good.

Question: Mismatched Curtains for a Bay Window

I have 1 heather color curtain panel, 1 brown sheer, 1 white sheer, and a heather color valance. Can I use these on my bay window?

By rainyjo

Most Recent Answer

By jean leiner [14]05/16/2014

If you want the curtains to frame the window, then cut the curtain panel in half, and hem the cut sides, hang 1 cut panel on either side with the brown sheer on one side, and the white sheer on the other. Hang the valance over them if it is long enough to reach from 1 curtain panel to the other. The sheers may be drawn over the window if wide enough. Hope this helps.

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

My living room wall paint is light rose. What colour can I use for the curtains?

By swathy from india

Question: Curtains to Go with Beige Wall

We have beige walls through the house. We have a dark brown leather sofa. What color curtains should we put? We were thinking of red and light gold combination.

By preetu

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [414]05/07/2014

White would brighten it all but a light blue is amazing with browns and tans. Here is just some ideas about how they go together. ... 0CAYQ_AUoAQ&biw=1024&bih=653

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have dark brown Parker in the living room with white wall and red sofa plus a Moroccan style furniture in brown and orange. I like to use chiffon white as an under curtain. What is the best color for the curtain? I'm using some decorations in silver.

By Shahed

Question: Curtain Color Advice

My couch is black leather, the recliner and carpet are light blue, medium brown TV stand, and tan colored walls. What color should my curtains be? And what color should my accent pillows be?

By Mel from ID

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [414]04/17/2014

I would go with white. This color combination has enough dark and light colors, and white will help show the light through the windows. You can also go with this idea. I like going to walmart and getting 5' wide plastic sheeting. You can get it from clear to floral, and you cannot see through it. Cut it the size of the windows, and gently hot glue it to the corners and the sides, or tape it to the frame. You have light, privacy and can set things in the window sills.

Question: Living Room Curtain Color Advice

My living room is white and I have a black leather couch. I would like to know what color of curtains should I use to give the room a luxury look? I also have a black and white coffee table.

By Reginald O.

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]04/01/2014

I would go with white, or with a black and white bold print. I think it would be important to pick a silky, luxurious fabric as well. Rooms that are done in black and white look quite sophisticated.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I am purchasing red sofas. I have cream color walls and hard wood floors, but I'm not sure what color of curtains I should match it with.

By Viviana

Question: Curtain Color and Throw Pillow Advice

I have a camel colored leather sofa and loveseat, the floor is ivory colored tile in my family room, which is right off my kitchen. The kitchen has black granite, walnut cabinets, and glass tile backsplash in soft green, yellow, and copper colors. Do I need to use those colors in the family room? What color should my curtains be?

By Maggie

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have dark brown printed carpet in hues of orange and beige. The sofa is l-shaped in oak wood. I don't know what colour curtains should be used and what colour sofa?

By Sana

Question: Curtain Color Advice for Frontroom

I am looking to put curtains in my frontroom and am not sure what color to go with. The walls are a light green, the floor is light wood, and the wood trim is dark. I have a tan area rug, the couch is maroon with a design of greens and yellows, and the recliner is green. What color of curtains do I use? Dark or light?

By RondaB

Question: Curtain and Accessory Color Advice

My walls are celery green, window trim is white, and floor is light brown wood with black accents. The ceiling is exposed brown wood beams with white ceiling between the beams. What color curtains, rug, slip covers, and pillows should I use?

By Linda from Scott Township, PA

Most Recent Answer

By Lorraine [31]02/23/2014

How about trying to see how you like a Very Dark to Navy Blue, goes wonderful with the Green colour you mentioned. Just a suggestion for Australia.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have a dark purple colored sofa now. I want to change my curtains, but don't know which color will go with it. The wall color is white and the carpet is a cream color. But now I'm also thinking of getting a light color purple rug. What are your suggestions?

By Yamama from Pakistan

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have light yellow walls with a red accent wall. The hallway wall is pumpkin orange you can also see that wall when in living room. Our furniture is chocolate brown. What color curtains should I put up?

By NW from Scranton, PA

Best Answer

By Mary Lou [14]02/22/2014

A vertical stripe with all the colors mentioned combined with either cream or white would work with it all.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have a chocolate brown couch, tan chair, green chair, cream curtains, wood floors, and brownish walls. What color curtains would work as a good accent color?

By Mary Ann G.

Most Recent Answer

By RhondaLouise [1]02/18/2014

How about a rust-red?

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

Curtain Colour Advice My living room wall colour is light green and dark green (3 walls have light green and 1 wall has dark green). Please can anybody give me a suggestion for curtains colour.

By Kanchan from Jabalpur, India

Best Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [414]02/04/2014

Your windows look lovely as they are. But, if you want to cover them, lace would be pretty.

Question: Choosing Curtains to Compliment a Yellow Wall

How do I combine a lemon wall and ash curtains and still make the space wow?

By Timi

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]02/03/2014

I would consider greens and browns.

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

What colour curtains should I put in a room with beige walls and white couches?

By Deb E.

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]02/03/2014

With such a neutral pallet, you can put just about any color you wish. Personally, I hang many, many pictures on my walls, so I like white sheer drapes with blinds behind for light blocking in the summer. However, most people might want a little more color in the room You can suit yourself. Blues and greens will give a softer, cooler look. Red, oranges and yellows will warm the room up. Greys or browns are also very neutral, if you like that sort of pallet. Look through magazines to search for ideas.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have a cream and brown sofa. My cushions are dark and light brown. Also, I bought a TV/book stand from Ikea which is dark brown. My walls are light cream. Which colour curtains would be the best?

By Aswathy from Dubai

Most Recent Answer

By Mary Lou [14]01/29/2014

Try something that will make all that neutral pop, like turquoise, brown and white vertical stripes.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have a leaf green wall colour in the living room and chocolate brown rug. I don't know what colour curtains will fit in.

By Nikky

Most Recent Answer

By Melissa J.01/26/2014

try orange or rust tones

Question: Colour Advice for Curtains and Scatter Cushions

Wingback chair.I bought a black and pearl white Cresta lounge suite. (It is black around the side of the lounge suite and the rest is pearl white.) I also have 2 single wing back chairs which are in full pearl white.

What color curtains should I have and scatter cushions, taking into consideration I want my lounge bright and to look spacious?

Lounge suite.

By Ahmed

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]01/17/2014

Since these are basically white, I think you could go with any color that you like. I have off white walls, and white sheer drapes on the window wall. I like the look as they let in the light (I have blinds if I wish to darken the room), and they make the room look bigger. You might consider that style. However, bear in mind that it is a very neutral pallet. I have many, many pieces of colorful art that I showcase on that blank canvas.

Question: Curtain Color Ideas

I have tan walls, brown furniture and one blue accent wall. What color should I use for curtains? I'm thinking white because it is safe and goes with everything. Any other ideas?

By Amanda B.

Best Answer

By Sheilah Link [5]01/13/2014

A deeper or brighter blue might work. What color is the wall where the window is located? I would suggest keeping the curtains in the same color family as the wall, and using white for accents repeated throughout the room - pillows, large pictures, vases, throw rugs, lamps, etc. General rule is not more than three colors, but you can play with the intensity of the color - bright, shiny brown, bright blue, pale blue.

Question: White Curtains on Windows With Off White Trim

Is it OK to put "cool white" curtains on windows with off white trim? My gut is telling me there is an unwritten rule about this. Help!

By Laurie

Best Answer

By hopeful [26]01/13/2014

Yes. It is called "white on white." Add another shade or shades of white and you have a beautiful room!

Question: Bedroom Curtain Colour Advice

What colour curtain goes with light brown walls and and black furniture? What colour bedding will go it?

By Michell

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]01/07/2014

This is a very neutral pallet, and you could likely use any color or design that you like. Why don't you go to a department store or bedding shop where they sell sets, and pick out something that you like. I would suggest something in shades of blue and brown, because I have seen patterns in that color that I like. Many of these sets have curtains to match. If the set that you like doesn't, pick curtains that match one of the colors in the pattern. However, just about any color would do. Greens, shades of white and cream if you like a neutral pallet, burgundy, pink. You might find a solid that you like as well. If you pick a particularly striking bedding set, you might want to match the drape color to the wall color - either the same shade or lighter; this will make the room look larger, and put the focus on the bed.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

What color curtains would match chocolate brown leather furniture with light yellow walls. Thank you.

By Lis

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]12/18/2013

Just about anything at all will go with that sofa, so I would find something that goes nicely with your yellow walls. I, personally, am a big fan of white/off white, so I would use sheers of whichever color you prefer. If you want patterned curtains, I'd go with a yellow that goes with your yellow walls that has some sort of chocolate brown pattern. If you want a solid color, I'd go with chocolate brown. These are not colors that are hard to match, though, so if you want something with another color, you might try finding a print with the yellow, chocolate brown, maybe a white background, and then sage green or blue. If you find a print that has the yellow and brown that go with your walls and any other color that seems nice in the print, you are likely good to go.

Question: Curtains or Valance Color Advice

I just purchased a multi color rug with rectangles of sage green, blue-green, rust-orange, goldish, red, and brown. We just purchased a brown leather sofa and chair; it is a deep brown and when you look at it you see hints of burgundy. My problem is that my walls are a light green almost like a mint and the trim is like a mauvy green (if there is such a color). I have bought a ton of curtains and valances in all kinds of colors to try to tie it all together and I am tired of buying and returning valances. I am thinking I should just use valances to tie it together instead of curtains. Any suggestions? I wish I could post pictures. I was hoping to not have to paint my trim and walls, but...

By Kathy C

Question: Curtain and Paint Color Advice

My sofa is black with 2 side chairs with black, browns, and blues. What color should I paint and what color curtains? Please help with some advice.

By Patty

Question: Curtain Color and Style Advice

I have bold brown table set with brown sofas and coffee table in my living room. The walls are beige. I have also brown pictures on the wall. I put up beige sheers, but the room looks very sad, cold, and empty. What color and what type of curtains should I use? I don't want my living room to be too dark.

By Sonya

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]12/16/2013

If you want to warm up the room, you should go with colors on the warm side of the color wheel, such as red, yellow, or orange. Brown is also a warm color. I think some lively throw pillows in a pattern with one or two of those colors, or perhaps also greens, maybe a throw, and then some art and knickknacks that are bright in color. I think that the art on the walls goes a long way to brightening up the room.

Question: Bedroom Curtain Color Advice

Photo of wardrobe and bed.I have dark brown furniture and a beige full length headboard and white walls and flooring. What colour curtains should I get?

By R Parikh

Question: Curtain and Rug Color Advice

I have recently decorated my living room. It has a feature wall which has a cream background with black velvety, big bold flowers with grey leaves on it's coving paper. The rest of my walls are cream.

By Sharleen from London

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

Which colour of curtain do look good with brown wood furniture in a dining area?

By Sam S.

Most Recent Answer

By jm.interiorplace12/04/2013

Hi Sam, it depends on the shade of brown furniture and on other colors in the room, such as floor, rugs and walls. But in general, you can add to your existing decor by choosing another neutral color for your curtains. A dark green, for example, will give a nice warm look. If there are a lot of dark colors in the room already, try a bright color, like yellow or blue. Good luck!

Question: Curtain Color Advice for Living Room

I have medium blue carpet and light powder blue walls. The entertainment center and curio cabinets are walnut brown. I want to buy a red leather sofa and loveseat. Will they go with the blue and if so what color curtains should I get?

By Lisa

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/26/2013

Blue and red are both primary colors, not complimentary, as the former poster stated. Orange is the compliment of blue, and compliments enhance the color of each other. I certainly wouldn't put a red sofa in a blue room, but people have different tastes. You might consider a rust or brown, as these are more neutral.

Question: Curtains to Coordinate with Red and Black Suite

What colour curtains can I put with a red and black flowery suite, (sofa and two chairs)? There are two windows in the room and the walls are a cream colour!

By Helen

Most Recent Answer

By PRISCILLA11/22/2013

Gold! White would work too. I've had this color combination and gold is great. Gold throw pillows and a few gold accessories should do it.

Question: Curtain Color for Tan Walls

I have a small living room with tan walls and white trim. There are beige leather sofas and a cherry wood colored TV stand. What colors would be good for curtains other than ivory and brown?

By Addy C.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

This is how my living room looks like. I have brown (tan) walls with white trims, white door, and beige sofas. I want to add more colors other than brown, ivory, and white. Which other colors would look nice?

By Addy M. from Chicago, IL

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]12/09/2013

A soft blue goes well with browns and tans. However, you could also go with a raspberry or a moss green. If you find a print with some of those colors and browns that match, you can use that for pillows or curtains, and then pull out the colors in solids for throws or pillows, etc.

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

My living room has been painted a khaki/mushroom colour and my couch/chair are mostly a dark red, yellow, green, and blue green colour. What colour curtains should I use? I was thinking of a deep red, but not sure if this would be too dark.

By Liza

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

In my home, all my curtains are sky blue in colour. Then what colour paint should I use in my house? Please can anyone help me?

By Arindom from Guwahati, India

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By hopeful [26]11/19/2013

White or very pale green. Blue=sky. Green=grass.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have magnolia walls, brown and cream fleck carpet, and brown leather sofas. Would red curtains go?

By Patty from Coventry

Question: Living Room Curtains

We have remodeled a 1963 home. Currently the walls are antique white, but we are considering a light blue/grey. I have a chocolate brown sofa, with red/cream throw pillows, the area rug is mixture of deep browns, reds, light blues, and cream. We have dark wood furniture, and the fireplace was just recently tiled in blues, browns, and cream mix of colors dark and light and will have a white mantel. Any advice on curtains (bay window)? The color for the wall-trim is white.

By Cynthia W

Question: Bedroom Curtain Color Advice

I recently purchased dark brown bedroom furniture and my wall color is yellow (more of a gold tone). I only have one window in my bedroom so I want a curtain that is going to "pop"!


Question: Curtain Color Advice for Den Dining Room Combination

I would like a suggestion for a color for draperies for a small den/dining room in which the walls are antique white, tan cermanic tile floor, all dark brown furniture, and adjacent room with blue carpet.

By B. A.

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By Grandma J [46]11/15/2013

I always use a soft camel color, not beige but a bit brighter...but not a red tone. I find I can blend everything else in when I use that as a basic color.

Question: Window Treatment for Sliding Glass Door

I have blue walls and leather furniture, with a wood entertainment center in my family room. We have sliding glass doors and want to know what color and type of window treatment to use?

By Pam W.

Question: Curtain and Rug Color Advice

My wall is painted both light pink and dusty rose, I have brown sofas.
What colour curtains and rug should I buy?

By Judith from Ugandan Kampala

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have cottage blue walls, a black table, and I bought a lime green rug. What should I do for curtains?

By Julie from Noblesville, IN

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have a red wall papered living/dining room. I need help with decorating, I also have a red sofa and black leather sectional sofa set and hardwood floors.

By Daphne M. from St. John, NL, Canada

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By Dena R. [3]11/12/2013

A nice royal blue, or a cream colour both go well with red walls. I would go with the cream for curtains...then, if you change your wallpaper, you can still use the curtains.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

My boyfriend and I decided to remodel our apartment. We installed a tannish colored carpet. Our one wall is tomato red and the accent wall is tuxedo black. The wall behind the TV (across from the black wall and where the curtains go up is set up with brick wallpaper (not brick red, but more matching the carpet).

The couch is ivory like a creamish color. We are having a hard time deciding what color curtains to put up. Any ideas? The couch is a sectional, half of which is in front of the tomato red wall and the other half in front of the black wall. Our TV, Playstation, and Bose system are all black.

By M.Kay

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have one wall painted red facing the two large windows in a basement, on the opposite side, the wall is a light grey paint. The flooring is dark brown. What kind of curtains should I go for?

By Z

Question: Curtain Color Advice for a Dark Grey Dining Room

View of dining room from kitchen.I have a dining room with dark grey walls and I don't know what color curtains to do. The room has a sliding glass door and four windows, so there is plenty of light. There is a breakfast bar that connects the dining room to the kitchen that has black, grey, white, and tan in the countertops. Any ideas? Thanks! View of the countertop.

By Jill P.

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By Cisco's Mom [5]11/09/2013

I would use a soft rose color. Look at your picture and how the color of the flowers on the table just pop. I would also get a tablecloth to match. If everything in the room is solid, you could use a print to add some dimension.

Question: What Color Curtains Should I Get?

I'm trying to pick out curtains for my bedroom. The two walls with windows are a darker tan and the wall without windows is a medium blue color. My furniture is dark mahogany and my comforter is gray with circular designs on it.


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By Sandi/Poor But Proud [414]11/06/2013

With those colors you could go with a darker blue and lace in between. You can never go wrong with white lace so perhaps that first and if you wanted more blue, a darker valance? I hope that helps.

Question: Curtain Color Advice for Brown and Gold Living Room

I have a leather, chocolate brown colored sofa and chair. My walls are a medium light gold color. What color should I use for drapes? Do you think I should go with a patterned drapes or a solid color?


By Bernice from Newfoundland, Canada

Question: Curtain Colour and Throw Pillow Advice

The wall of my living room is pale beige on the upper part and mushroom on the lower part of the wall. My sofa is a mixture of a light shade of cream and golden brown. My center rug is turquoise blue, chocolate brown, and cream. What colour curtains and throw pillows will fit? Thank you.

By Helen

Question: Curtain Color Advice

My living room walls are a pale leaf green, the couch is tan and the other furniture is all in dark brown. What colour curtains should I put up? In the bedroom one wall is teal and the rest are ivory. What would be the best colour for curtains?

By ruchi

Question: Curtain Color Ideas

I have a mixture of steel blue and sky blue walls. I also have gun stock hardwood floors. We're buying new furniture so the furniture doesn't matter, but I think I want navy blue or gray furniture maybe even white. I have no idea what color curtains to buy without putting too much blue in the room and I don't want solid white. Can anyone help? I kind of like the idea of peach pie, but don't want it to look like a circus.

By Sarah

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By Lizzyanny [9]10/20/2013

A color I really like with blue is taupe, a gray-brown color. It is a neutral so won't interfere with a lot of color.

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

We have just painted our walls a deep dusky rose colour, our sofas are brown leather and our table and TV units are dark wood. Our carpet is a neutral beige/stone colour. What colour curtains should we look for? I'm after a lovely, cosy, warm feeling room.
Thanks x

By Liza

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

I have black sofa set (3+1+1) with white walls and ivory floor tiles. The remaining furniture is rosewood colour. What coloured curtain is suitable for my room?

By Fathima

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By irene blackwell10/16/2013

As everything in your room sounds very bold. Yet I think you could do with some zingy coloured patterned curtains or go for a more natural pallette but with curvy pattern. Hope this helps.

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

What curtain colour goes with cream walls?

By Olatunde

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By Elaine S. [39]10/13/2013

Cream colored walls are neutral. You can use any color you want.

Question: What Colour Curtains Do I Pick?

Our walls are deep red wine (dark ). Where the curtains will hang and the other half of the living room is in wooden spoon, a form of greyish. Any idea what colour curtains we should go with either plain or two tone pattern? I am open to suggestions.

By Craig from Huddersfield

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

I have an L-shape brown leather couch with 4 scatter cushions, two are cream and brown and two are black and white. The carpet is red and black and the walls are light yellow.

By Amy

Question: What Colour Curtains Do I Use?

I have a bay window that I want to find curtains for. I have an L shape red leather sofa, black gloss TV stand, a black leather coffee table, riverside oak laminate flooring and a beige, red, brown colour rug. Any ideas on the colour of the curtains I should use? I'm finding it very difficult to choose.

By GejsiLu from Oxford

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By Frugal Sunnie [11]10/06/2013

Definitely a neutral with all the colour you already have in there. A stark white in a simple style (side falls with a swag) will suit beautifully, for example, if you have a very contemporary furniture style - it will 'frame and finish' the look and feel of the room. Dramatic and very handsome.

Cream or ivory in either a country (cafe tiers, Pricilla type ruffles and padded pelmet or ruffled swag), or more formal styling (pinch pleats, bishops sleeve falls, tiebacks, and swagged valance) to suit a more traditional style.

Because you already have a lot going on in there colour wise you really don't need to add any via the curtains.

Also, you need the style of the curtains to match the style of the furniture or the viewer's eyeballs will twist right out of their heads trying to take in all the colour and styles going on.

Question: Shower Curtain Color Advice

I have blue walls with a yellow, blue, and white striped valance. What color shower curtain should I buy?

By Michelle

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By Stacy [2]10/04/2013

I'd go with yellow for the Spring/Summer and blue for the Fall/Winter. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, then white might be a good choice.

Question: Living Room Curtain Color Advice

View of the living room needing curtains.I need help in picking out a color for curtains in living room. The walls are cedar, couch green, matching chair to couch, black coffee table, end tables are dark brown, and the entertainment center is medium brown. Please help.

By Betty from PA

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud [414]09/30/2013

Tan would bring them all together, with perhaps a plaid with tan and brown and black for a valance or tie backs. Your room needs to brighten up some.

Maybe even some lace in between on a double rod?

Question: Curtain and Throw Pillow Color Advice

I have a paisley print large sofa and an extra wide chair with ottoman in a rust and tan color. What color throw pillows and curtains can I use to brighten the small dark room?

By Jeanene J.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have a white walls, a black desk up against the window, a black entertainment system, and a dark brown futon, chair, and coffee table set. What color curtain should I get?

Thank you so much!

By Deanna D

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By geminisinger [2]09/27/2013

Go for BOLD. I'd choose orange for a nice contemporary pop. A big print would be good, with orange as the primary color. Something like this:

RE: Curtain Color Advice

Question: Curtains to Coordinate With Burgundy Suite

I have this burgundy upholstered suite and I want to carry curtains to go with it. Also I want to add throw cushions that accentuate the suite. My husband and I are renting the house and it's painted in orange. Please help me quickly.

By Secora G

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have medium blue walls with the bottom half being brown paneling. The carpet is a mixture of browns. I have a burgundy sofa, a brown sofa, blue recliner, and a green recliner. I want to change my curtains, but have no clue what would be best. I have one large window and one regular sized one.

By Vickie

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By Dena R. [3]09/11/2013

I think it would look great if you match your curtain colour to the colour of your walls...the blue.

Question: Curtain Style and Color

My daughter has two walls that are dark orange, and two walls light beige. Her furniture is dark brown leather, and her carpet is light beige. She has one large window in the dining room area and two sets of French doors across the room where the living room area is. The room is one large room with the kitchen, living room, and dining room all in this same large area. What style and color of curtains should she go with? Will greatly appreciate your help.

By Linda

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By Frugal Sunnie [11]09/06/2013

Definitely neutral colours like beige, cream, or very-very-very pale brown. If you (or she) sew, you can piece in the darker colours of the room (the orange and the browns) as narrow stripes, piping, or other accent effects either at the hem or valance, or lengthwise in the panels to add a bit of a splash of colour whilst adding the illusion of height), but main effect should be a neutral as should be any tie backs she wants.

As for style, it depends on the style of her furniture - formal or traditional furniture calls for floor length pinch pleated draperies with elaborate swag or bishops sleeve valances and down panels with very formal style rods (usually with pulley style opening and closing hardware), and formal tie back hardware (finials, sculpted metal tie back hardware, etc) while more casual furniture allows for cafe, tab top, simple casings, country style priscillas, etc, on simple rods including tension rods that fit tightly inside the casement (frequently used on french doors, it's a wonderful look).

Very rustic or 'primitive' style furniture calls for curtain rods in the same style as the furniture, for example twig or branch rods.

Question: Curtain Color for Bedrooms and Dining Area

We have just moved to new house where the walls are off-white in color and flooring is light brown. Please suggest to me a color for the curtains.

By Varun from Chennai

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By Louise B. [5]09/03/2013

This is so neutral, you can use any color you like. You should choose a bedcovering and curtains to match; that always makes a room look great. Just go shopping and find something that you like.

Question: Curtain Colour Advice

I need advice on curtain colors. I've got beige walls in my living room, dark brown velvet sofa, dark walnut for bookshelf and TV unit. The floor has beige tiles. I've got double curtain rods installed. I am planning on having lace curtains on the higher rod with a silk or cotton curtain on the lower one. But deciding the color is a task.
The bedroom walls are lemon in color, with the bed and clothes cupboard are dark brown in color. Please advise.

By nora

Question: Living Room Curtain Color Advice

I am searching for the best color of curtains for a living room/dining room combo. The walls are tan color on the top - with a chair rail - and then brown on the bottom. The floor is a medium tone hardwood. The furniture is a tan microsuede.

By Shari S

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By monica michalczyk [18]08/27/2013

Since your rooms are neutral with walls and furniture, I would either go with an orange print for curtains with some orange pillows on your couch and some dishes or a vase in orange. If this is too bold for your taste, how about a nice powder blue -enjoy decorating!

Question: Nursery Curtain Advice

We just finished painting our nursery, and are completely stuck on what color curtains to buy. The top half of the walls are light blue, with a teal chair rail. The bottom are orange/white striped (12 inches thick). The furniture is espresso colored. The baseboards, doors, and windowsills are white. We tried blue curtains, but they looked to dull. We threw around the idea of white curtains, but are unsure of it matching the furniture. Please help!

By Kristin H

Question: Curtain Color Advice

My living room and kitchen are one room, so here are the colors:

  • walls: light lilac with 1 medium/dark purple accent wall
  • floor: beige tiles
  • sofa: white
  • kitchen cabinets and dining table: cherry wood
  • countertop: black
  • backsplash: warm grey/greige
  • bar stools: white with chrome

I also have 2 other windows that have white plastic shutters (I am not changing or covering those). The sliding doors are 6 meters wide x 2.5 meters high, so the curtains will be very noticeable. What color should they be?

By Fdg

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have dusty mauve wall color paint, a charcoal grey sectional, and black furniture. What is a good curtain color which would be behind my couch?

By Donna G

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud [414]08/13/2013

A soft burgundy will bring them all together. I hope that helps.

Question: Curtain Color

I have white walls and a red couch. There is not much else in the living room yet, but I was wondering what color curtains would look best?

By K. H.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I love to decorate. As of right now I am decorating my cottage. The walls and kitchen cabinets are medium colour oak wood, we have a white leather sofa and a glass kitchen table with white leather chairs. What colour curtains should I do for my big sliding door? My appliances are stainless steel.

By Michelle

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By Gwennie08/09/2013

I would recommend a light color like lavender, white, aqua , green :) Hope this helped.

Question: Colour Advice for Curtains and Carpet

The predominant color in my house is shades of brown with all the furniture being wooden with a dark brown and golden upholstery. The wardrobe and the showcase in the wall also have a brown laminate. The walls are white and the floor has cream colored ceramic tiles. While cream and brown are obvious choices, I feel they would make the room look dull without color. I would like to experiment with light blue curtains and a deep blue carpet, but wondering if that would be too gaudy a look. Also would be repeating the same curtain colour in all the rooms look good? Please advise.

By Sam

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By Kelly Miller01/06/2014

You can go with the complementary color selection as they looks classic. It looks too great to use solid-colored curtains with solid-colored walls. The several shades that you can use in your curtain can be shades of yellows, red, blue and grey. If your selection is blue it will be good to go.

Question: Drapes Color Advice

I have a small living room. The walls are welfare white/beige, love seats are beige, and the chairs are dark brown almost black. What color should the drapes be?

By Diane

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By jm.interiorplace12/11/2013

Hello Diane,
I don't understand the "welfare white beige," but I will assume you are referring to white and beige. If your chairs are dark in color you are close to a very good color scheme already. Dark accents in the furniture are popular among earthier tones on the walls and ceiling.

I would suggest some bright white wherever you can, either by painting the trim of the room or by introducing some accents such as a standing vase or a planter with a nice house plant. Good luck. And if you are unhappy with the color of the walls, paint them. It is easy and cheap and always brightens the room.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

My living room walls are light pink coloured, which colour is suitable for curtains and carpet ?

By Sandeep

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [414]07/30/2013

Light pink and a soft gray would work nicely. I googled pink and gray rooms and came up with a lot of nice samples.

See if you agree and if so, visit your local paint store with some samples of colors you like. Most of the big box stores now have a computer that allows you to change the colors of the wall in digital form. You can see what things will look like before you guy. Good luck! ... fca88e72962&biw=1024&bih=653

Question: Choosing Curtain Color

I recently painted my living room walls with magnolia paint.The furniture is made of bamboo and it is tan in colour with a leopard skin upholstery which has brown colour dominating. The middle of the walls has lined with wall paper borders which has burgundy background with gold flowers imprinted on it. The floor tile is sand in colour and the ceiling is painted white in colour. The living room is backlit (it has one window that allows sunlight from outside) because it is in the basement. What colour of curtain can I use for my living room.

By Bertha B from Accra, Ghana

Question: Curtain and Carpet Color Advice

I have a dark brown coffee set, red, black and grey stripped sofas. The dinning chairs have the same fabric colour as the sofa, but the wood is dark brown. My walls are cream. Which colour should I use for my dinning area and the living room carpet and what colour should the curtains be?

By Caroline

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have a dark gray sofa set and a sandy green rug. In addition, we have light brown colored wall to wall carpet and the wall color is light creme.
Please advise what color curtain would suit the best.


Question: Curtain Advice

I need to pick the color of my curtains. I have light brown walls (tan) and black leather couches and the furniture is brown cherry color. What color of curtains will best fit my living room?

By Brenda

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By Donna [6]07/19/2013


Question: Living Room Curtain Color Ideas

Living room curtains.Recently moved into apartment where the walls are white and the carpet is sort of a light gray/blue color. I got furniture as hand me downs so there is a dark brown leather sofa, and a light greenish/gray recliner, brown side tables and a lighter brown TV stand. There is only one window, but can't seem to find a good color. I want to make the room seem "warm and inviting", but not dark. I am hoping for suggestions on curtains and also whether to leave them hanging straight down or tie back?
And any certain stores for the curtains suggested.
Thanks :)

By Stephanie

Most Recent Answer

By Cisco's Mom [5]07/08/2013

Anything in the warm color family will work and make the room warm and comfy. Red, orange, peach. Don't forget toss pillows since everything is solid color some nice prints would work well. Try TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target, K-Mart. Try the curtains straight down and try tying them back with string. If you like them tied back, then buy tiebacks.

Question: Fabric Color Advice for Bay Window Treatment

I have a gold strip sofa, 2x2 seaters, magnolia walls, yew furniture, and darker magnolia colour carpet. It is all very neutral. I cannot bring myself to make a decision and my husband is useless for help

By Susan

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By Mary Lou [14]07/07/2013

How about a gold sheer that would match the stripe in the sofa? Or if you want to keep it neutral, you could do a satin stripe sheer in the wall color.

Question: Curtain Color For Living Room

We have yellow-tan and brown walls in our living room. I am trying to decide on whether to get rose blush sheer or ivory sheer curtains? Please help. Thank you.

By Jessica

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By Louise B. [5]06/27/2013

I'd go with the ivory.

Question: Curtain Color and Design Ideas

I have a couch that has predominantly sky blue color and some cream and ash in it. The walls of d house are painted white. What color and design of curtains do I use?

By Tofunmi

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I have dusty rose carpeting, one pale pink wall, the others are cream, a burgundy leather sofa recliner, and oak end tables. I need to know what color drapes and how to pull this mess together. Thank you.

By Lois G.

Most Recent Answer

By Elgie [4]06/25/2013

Which wall needs the drapes? I would go with the cream if I were you. Or match in a lighter shade the color of the walls the drapes are on.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

My living room is painted in orange and lemon. Now I am finding it hard to get a nice color of curtain and couch that will go with it. Can you help please?

By Shakirat

Most Recent Answer

By Olivia Parks09/30/2013

If you love these bright orange and yellow colors you already have in the room then keep up the style with bright colors for the curtains. This can be a blue or green, or even white. But if you are trying to change the mood of the room, you will have to paint or wallpaper the walls in a new color scheme because orange and yellow leave you only a few options.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

Our bedroom is large with square black IKEA furniture, closet with mirror and black bed. The wall is a beige color, with brown wood floor, and cream carpet. What color would be good for the curtains?

By Vicky

Most Recent Answer

By kimberley 11/08/2014

I have just moved in to apartment and I painted the walls white and got grey carpet also have a black sofa I have no idea what colour curtains to get cushions ect I don't want it to look plain I want it to look modern.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

Dining table and chairs with window to left and couch to right.I have off white walls and cream furniture close to the windows. A few feet away I have a dark brown sofa. What color curtain would match?

By Rabia A

Most Recent Answer

By Cisco's Mom [5]06/19/2013

Look at your picture and see how beautiful the color of the wine on the table looks. There's your color!

Question: Curtain Color Ideas

Rose colored leather couch.I need curtain colour idea for my livingroom and diningroom. The wall is a neutral colour, there is a rose colour sofa, coffee table, dinning table and chairs in black, with neutral colour carpet. Thanks.

By Elizabeth

Question: Choosing Curtain Color

I have a bedroom I am working on that I need some help with. I have espresso furniture and the bed spread is a medium purple with white and I need some curtains.

Any recommendations?

By Milena

Most Recent Answer

By Jan [14]06/09/2013

Look for sheets in a color that match your spread and make a simple tie back curtain.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

Sectional couch.I have brown couches, tan carpet, and white walls. What color should I go with for curtains? Also, I have lots of black frames and a black entertainment center. Help!

By Ambr L from Colorado Springs, CO

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]06/06/2013

This is a very neutral pallet. You could use just about anything with those colors. Pick a print or pattern that is in a color you like - blue, pink, green, golds - whatever, and that incorporates the tans that you have, and use the colors for drapes, or on throw pillows, and use solid drapes in the accent color.

Another way to go, if you like to have lots of artwork on your walls (not just one or two pictures, but lots -I have twelve paintings in my living room), is to use another neutral on the drapes, and then just showcase your artwork and knick knacks for the color. I have white sheer drapes.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

Blue leather chair next to wall fireplace.I have yellow walls with mahogany and navy blue leather furniture. What colour curtains should I choose for a north facing window (not much light) coming through the window? Many thanks.

By Sam

Question: Curtain Color Advice

My living room has dark blue carpet and off white walls. Our furniture has brown, green, burgundy, and blue in it. The burgundy and green stand out the most. What curtain color suggestions do you have?

By Amy P.

Question: Choosing Curtain Colour

I have a living room in which I just painted the walls a light yellow. The room has three large windows (2 - 8ft and 6ft wide). I have a couch that is a deep rust with a little beige colour and two arms in this room. I don't know what colour curtains to put up.

By Dole from south east Irl

Question: Choosing Curtains to Go with Mexican Tile Floor

I moved into a studio apartment with Mexican floor tiles. The tile pattern has some with a dark blue and sunny yellow design. I have a grey comforter (neutral). The studio is small and I need curtains, but I can not decide what to do for them. I can't decide between grey and yellow, solid blue, solid yellow, or orange for the Mexican tile. A few ideas will help, thank you.

By Colleen

Most Recent Answer

By Karen H. [10]08/14/2012

Go bold to complete your look. Bright golden yellow or orange. Or depending on the size of the windows you could put a sheer one in the middle-white or yellow & orange on each side & tie back with silk braided rope or fringed braided rope. This will brighten it up! Good luck & have fun.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

I just bought brown sofas, more like a chocolate color cushion and dark brown leather. I have a black entertainment center and coffee table. What color curtains will go besides blue, yellow, and orange?

By Meli Mel

Most Recent Answer

By Patti B.06/13/2012

With brown and black, I would use blue, not a bold blue, but just enough to where you can see the lighter blues. That would look lovely with browns and black. think red would be nice as well, just make sure you have lighter colors to compliment. Then again a lot of homeowners might walk in there and not like darker colors. That is why I would stay with neutrals, using the blue would be a safe bet. My bedroom is light blue and brown. I have pictures, candles, etc that compliment the room and I just love it.

Question: Choosing Curtain Color

I have multi-color '70s brown carpet with dark brown furniture in my living room and green furniture in my dinning room; both are connected. What color would be best for both rooms? I will keep an open mind on other options.

By bugz

Most Recent Answer

By Sheilah Link [5]05/01/2012

Green sheers with brown drapes would work, but you really need a touch of something else. It would be tricky, but certain oranges might work as would gold, yellow - something in that family. You don't give the wall color so I am presuming off-white.

Window coverings to match the walls would make the rooms appear more spacious and then use the same or near color for sofa pillows, chair cushions to tie it all together. A striped material of green, brown, and something would also do the trick. I have such of green, brown, ivory, and red in a room paneled in knotty pine.

Question: Curtain Color for Burgundy and Brown Room

I have a braided rug in my family room that I cannot afford to replace. The rug is burgundy in color. My sofa is brown. The walls are burgundy and cream. I want to put up curtains that will go with brown and burgundy. The curtains need to be just valances. I would like more color in this room, but I have no idea what color curtains would go with a brown couch and burgundy rug.

By Rocky

Most Recent Answer

By Sheilah Link [5]04/09/2012

Trim the cream curtains with gold braid. Add some gold colored items as lamps, trim on lamp shades (use some of the gold braid), vases, and such. The use of pillows could also add more color, but stay with lighter shades of the colors already there. This could be a very attractive room with the lighter accents.

Question: Curtain Color Advice

My husband and I just bought a house. I'm not much of a decorator and so something as simple as picking out curtains freaks me out. The living room walls are a pale yellow, we took up the carpet to show the hardwood flooring, and all the trim throughout the house is white. We have no furniture in there as of yet but my husband wants curtains for our bay window asap.

If anyone has any suggestions for curtain colors I would appreciate it. :) Also, our kitchen is very small and connected to the living room - it is a really pretty blue color, cabinets will be painted white very soon. We have three small kitchen windows and I want to get black and white window valances. Should the black and white valances tie in with my bay window curtains in the living room?

Melinda from Wenonah, NJ

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By Nan Corpe [6]03/04/2010

If you plan to use draperies, I would go with white draperies and yellow sheers. I'm not a decorator, so you will probably get better advice. Everybody likes my home decor which I always do myself. My floors are also wood (oak). My walls are very light beige, dark brown leather furniture. Throw pillows, etc. are turquoise, brown, green -- all tropical decor. I live in FL.

Question: Curtain Color For Burgundy Carpet

I have a burgundy carpet and light cream walls. I just don't know what colour curtains to buy that will go with the room. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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By tajent [1]09/30/2011

I am having burgundy carpet installed and sand walls. I'm swagging burgundy and dusty rose together on the windows with sand sheers. You can go to a fabric store, buy the fabric, hem it and save loads.

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