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How to Keep Dogs Out of Your Yard

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Keep Dogs Out of Your Yard

Dogs entering your yard can be a challenge to control. This guide is about how to keep dogs out of your yard.



Here are questions related to How to Keep Dogs Out of Your Yard.

Question: Keeping Dogs Out of My Yard

How do I keep the local dogs from relieving themselves on my property? I have tried black pepper, moth balls, Lysol, Pine Sol, and some of those sprays specifically designed to keep dogs away. What is a person to do, summer is just around the corner?


Best Answers

By bckap04/24/2001

I got this from one of the home shows on The Learning Channel and it works.
For Dog or Cat deterrent:

2 1/2 parts flour
1 part red pepper or cayenne pepper
1 1/2 parts dry mustard.

The reason for the flour is that is shows where you placed the deterrent. If the area gets wet, then it has to be done again.

Best Answers

By jude5004/24/2001

If your town has a leash law just keep calling the dog officer on the owners. They will get sick of paying the fines eventually.

Question: Neighbor's Dogs Digging Under Fence and Getting Into My Yard

How can I keep the neighbors 2 dogs out of my yard? They keep digging holes which gives them access to my yard. I have talked to them about it and they have done nothing to stop it. I was almost attacked along with my child and they don't seem to care. Is there anything I can do?

By Ericka from Antioch, TN


Best Answer

By Jill [4]01/26/2011

I would do several things. I would definitely call the police on the non-emergency line, and ask for their advice. If you have a lawyer, you might ask the lawyer to write them a letter asking them to keep their dogs better confined. Keep meticulous records of incidents and what actions you have taken. You should take photos, too.

I would also buy fire crackers and wait until the dogs are digging and throw them at the holes where they are digging. The point here is not to hurt the dogs, but to scare them. You could also get one of those noisy air horns and blow it as close as you can safely get when they are digging. If you or your husband are handy, you could run a strand of electric fencing along the bottom of the fence. Then, of course, you have to keep your own child away from it. You might fill balloons with a water/ammonia mixture, and put it in the holes, and when they dig, it will pop the balloons and they'll dislike the smell. If you know someone with a lot of rose bushes, put any clippings you can get in the holes they dig.

Big jars of red pepper flakes from the dollar store might deter them a bit; but you would have to replace them after every good rain.

If you know anyone who can give you large rocks, you could line your side of the fence with the large rocks, and push any into the holes they dig. If you make digging at your side of the fence "not worth it", maybe they will go to the other side.

You could turn a hose on them, as well, as they dig. This time of year, they may not like the cold, wet. I hope your neighbors take more responsibility for their pets. It's not the dogs' fault, but you need to feel safe in your own yard!

Question: Neighbor's Dogs Digging Into My Yard

The neighbors originally had two Chihuahua type dogs, now three puppies have been added to the mix. The dogs continually dig under the fence into my yard and bark at me through the sliding glass door. When I walk to the door to yell at them they run back to their side of the fence. I've asked the neighbors to deal with it, but nothing has changed. I'm tired of picking up poop in my backyard and being barked at during all hours of the day. What is the next step?

By Luke

Best Answer

By Free2B [216]04/07/2012

If you are handy with tools, or know someone who is, you could try fastening a piece of chicken wire to your side of the fence covering the hole and bury the wire so that when they dig, they just run into wire - they can't dig through that.

You could line your side of the fence with rocks. Plant a few rose bushes or even berry bushes with large thorns. If none of this is possible or desirable, then call your city hall and find out if you have any options. After you know your legal options, talk to your neighbor again, ask them to correct the problem, and tell them what you plan to do if they don't take action.

Question: Keeping Stray Dogs Out of Your Yard

There is a white dog in my neighborhood. We have done everything to keep it out of the yard. What can I do, I do not want to send it to the pound.

By Trystin from Sesser, IL

Best Answer


Do you know who the owners are? If not, find out who they are. Is there a leash law in your area? Nicely notifiy the owners that you will notify the proper authorities if they don't keep the dog restrained and that you will take the dog to the pound if you have to. With that being said, if they don't keep their dog restrained please do what Lizzyanny suggests and take the little fella to a no kill shelter.

Question: Neighbor Walks Dog and Allows It to Pee and Poop in My Yard

This young man who lives behind me on another street walks his dog (on leash) around the block which includes my street. I have nicely asked the owner not walk his dog in my yard and he called me all sorts of names and still intentionally walks into my yard to pee on my plants and trees. My husband sees him do this after I asked him not to, then when my husband tells him not to the young man didn't run his mouth, but intentionally lead the dog over and had him pee on my husband's work van on the side that we could not see. How can I stop the dog from walking into the yard?

By Michell

Most Recent Answer

By frankieross08/18/2014

There are other answers to this. It seems like you covered the basics for "normal" neighbors, but this one is a bad neighbor. Here's an article that details the steps you can take up to and including police and legal action: ... hbor-s-pet-keeps-coming-into-my-yard

As the article details, it's important to collect evidence that can't effectively be challenged.

Not having solid evidence gets into a "he said, she said" scenario that leads to bad feelings and no resolution.

Question: Best Fence for Keeping Neighbor's Dogs Out of Yard

New renters behind our house have 2 large Pit Bulls that are chewing through our redwood fence to come into our yard and now I don't feel safe going out there with my 3 year old and 8 month old children. The owners had the renters place cement blocks along the bottom of the fence only to cause the dogs to bust right through the fence 2 days later! My husband found multiple loose boards so they must have been working at it for awhile.

The landlords don't have control on how much the renters exercise their dogs and want us to go 50/50 on a new fence ASAP as they are obviously scared that the dogs will end up doing damage to our property or our kids and they would be liable. What kind of fence is best? They want PVC, but it is very expensive and I read that big determined dogs will destroy this type of fence as well. Help please!

By Lisa C.

Most Recent Answer

By frankieross08/18/2014

In addition to fences, there are other deterrents that can be used. There are liquid deterrents that can be applied to the bottom of the fence and some electronic deterrents that could be used. The key is to make your yard a place they don't actually want to be. It's possible that you will need to escalate to the police or animal control agencies; but, unless you actually feel you are in danger, you should try other things first. Here's a good article that details the steps and solutions you should consider: ... hbor-s-pet-keeps-coming-into-my-yard

Question: Keeping Neighbor's Dog Off Lawn

I share my yard and their dog thinks that my side of the yard is his personnel bathroom! How can I keep him off my new lawn?

By Michelle

Question: Keeping Neighbor's Dog Out of the Yard

How do I stop the neighbor's dog from coming into my yard and pooping and peeing? We have a leash law, but they let their dog run free. If I call the dog officer they will know it's me complaining.

    By betes51 [10]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Faye05/27/2015

    I have called animal control before, not going to the owner first. That way you don't have to confront them yourself. The results were they started keeping their dog under better control. I hope this helps.

    Question: Keeping Neighbor's Dog Off Lawn

    I live in a neighborhood without sidewalks. In March, my old dog was euthanized and the patches of yellow grass had been repaired. I sent away for a "Please Keep Your Dog Off of the Grass" sign. At the same time, knowing which dog it was, I wrote a letter to my neighbor asking him to keep an eye on my yard for any dogs using it as a bathroom. I thanked him and gave him my phone number.

    Today I cleared out two medium patches of yellow grass, again. He is disrespecting me and my request. Today I ordered a yard sprayer that has short bursts of water when the motion detector is activated. It can be set for a certain range. If it hits the dog owner, I guess that would be perfect, however it may further enrage him. There is no HOA here. What else can I do?

      By sunlova1 [1]

      Most Recent Answer

      By Robert D. H.06/01/2015

      Try using dried crushed red pepper sprinkled over the lawn area to keep dog from coming on lawn,it will not hurt the dog but will bother their sense of smell enough to keep them off of the lawn.

      Question: Keeping Dogs Off Lawn

      I would like to know how to keep stray dogs off of your lawn.

      Hardiness Zone: 9a

      By Terri from Ocean Springs, MS

      Most Recent Answer

      By LEONA LABINE [40]08/29/2010

      When you see them in your yard shoot them with a blast of water from a water gun. I will scare them, a couple of times and they won't be back

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