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Remedies for Worms in Cats

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Cat owners sometimes look for remedies for worms other than a trip to the vet. This is a guide about remedies for worms in cats.


Solutions: Remedies for Worms in Cats

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Tip: Deworm Your Kittens

If you decide to get a new kitten, either now or in the near future, please make sure you have the new baby dewormed.

I have just added another new one to the menagerie and was going a little crazy as she was determined that she had to be fed every time someone went near the refrigerator. When I phoned the vet, they suggested she be dewormed. The medicine is not expensive, it cost me $7.07 (cdn) and there is enough there to deworm 10 kittens! (an added bonus is that a free syringe is supplied and whatever is in this stuff the kitten seemed to think it tasted wonderful!)

By Cinnamon from Williams Lake, BC

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Here are questions related to Remedies for Worms in Cats.

Question: Does My Cat Have a Tapeworm?

Would a tape worm make a cat get fatter?

By Pauly from MI


Best Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]03/24/2015

Your cat can have any of a number of worm parasites, including tapeworm, and worms can make a cat's abdominal area larger or "pot bellied". Please take your cat to your vet to identify the problem and provide treatment. Note that there are "worm treatments" you can buy at pet stores, however, if you do not know the specific type of worm, you cannot provide the correct treatment. The site below from Cornell University provides more information. Please do not wait to take your cat to your vet to help him or her feel much better.

Question: Treating a Cat With Worms

How do I treat feline worms, round worms and string looking worms? I need a home remedy or good cheap med to fix this problem. It also has to be something that tastes good to the cat.

By Audrey


Best Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]02/19/2015

There are many different worms your cat can have. Some you can see, some you can't. If you buy the wormer at the pet store it gets certain types of worms. It is less effective than what you get from the Vet. It can have side effects for the cat. The stringy worms you are talking about are round worms. I really recommend you take your cat to the Vet and get the job done right.

Question: Home Remedies for Worming Cats

I bought an over the counter med for deworming my cats. I gave it to them four days ago and now they seem really sick and I haven't seen any results in their stool. How long does it take and can they live long happy lives with worms?

By Mon

Best Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]02/24/2014

Some over the counter wormers are rough on cats. Be especially careful with kittens. Find a Vet for a wormer that works and doesn't make your cat sick. Cats can tolerate some worms, but it depends on what kind they are and how old the cat is and how many they are. Check you local shelter for low cost Vet care. I am sure they will help you.

Question: Using Diatomaceous Earth for Tape Worms in Cats

My daughter has an 18 year old cat (Princess) that has been troubled with tape worms. She bought some of the diatomaceous earth and has been mixing this in her food for about 2 weeks. She says there are live worms in Princess's stool and I wondered if anyone can tell us how long it may take to rid her of these worms.

By cyber from Ocala, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Jessica P.07/07/2015

I gave my cats diatomaceous earth twice to help with worms and about a week later one of my cats was severely dehydrated and ended up passing away. Apparently she was diabetic and I did not know so the DE could have just exasperated the health situation but I think it's funny that a week after feeding th this stuff she was severely dehydrated and that is how DE kills parasites. You see a lot of pages saying how safe it is but I have found a few that say otherwise. On one a vet told a woman that this stuff is toxic to cats, on another it says that you should not continuously give it to your cats and on others in regards to human consumption it says that it can be very dehydrating. If you do decide to chance it and feed it to your cats please be very careful and keep a close eye on them so you don't end up in a situation like me. I have had the most awful week and it was heart breaking to not only lose my cat but to know may have been the one to cause her the problem and I don't want it to happen to anybody else or their pet. God Bless.

Question: Treating a Kitten for Round Worms

Closeup of kitten.I just found round worms on my kitten's butt. How do I get rid of them? I don't have the money to take her to the vet. It has to be able to be given to a 13 week old kitten.

By Liz B.

Most Recent Answer

By queenbeedat02/16/2014

I have been reading about apple cider vinegar an it's benefits to cats. A little, 1 tsp to large water bowl, will help get rid of parasites, worms, in cats and dogs and help repel fleas over time. If they don't like taste in water you can add to food. This will only help for roundworms not tapeworms. Tapeworms can only be rid of by medication which you can get on Amazon on Sterms and Foster- 2 good affordable sites.

Question: Remedy for Cat With Tapeworms

What is the medication that I can buy for cats that have tapeworms, if I can not afford a vet?

By Jackie

Most Recent Answer

By Jool [1]01/15/2015

Hi took in a litter of Kittens - 20.00 plus tax for deworming 6 this is for Round Worm 2nd dose is included, syringe fed.

Tapeworm - 20.00 plus tax per pill per tablet. You cannot buy anything over the counter from pet stores, grocery stores for tape worm. BUT Clays are used by many ferral rescues (online)also as preventative good for dogs humans as well. Clays are Natural, inexpensive. Vets will not recommend anything holistic for pets, unless holistic vet, plus you would need to cover vet exam per kitten. Prefer clay usage for non adult cats. *Only use food grade* Reminder if you have a regular feline vet you can purchase up to 4 to 6 deworming tablets per year.

Question: Treating a Mother Cat with Tapeworms

I have a female feral cat that has tapeworms. I was told that I can't give anything since she is feeding 6 kitties, 4 weeks old. Is there anything I can do to get rid of the worms? Can the cat transmit the worms to the kitties?

By Marcela from Queen NY

Most Recent Answer

By Julia [136]05/18/2010

Two words. Diatomaceous Earth (food-grade)

OK, four words.

This stuff will absolutely kill every (bad) worm in
your mama kitty and will "not" harm the little ones

Food-grade diatomaceous earth is one thing that
every SPCA, cat or dog rescue should be telling
everyone about. Just make sure it is "food grade"
and not the stuff used in swimming pools.

Sprinkle it all over the mother kitty, and rub it
in very well. (The little kitties will even get some
of this as they nurse). Sprinkle the DE over mother
kitty's food (about a half-teaspoonful every day).

Take care that you don't allow the dust to be
inhaled too much. Be sure to rub and brush it
into mother kitty's fur really well.

This DE will also take care of any fleas.

It is available online if you have trouble finding
it in your local pet stores. It should be way more
available than it is IMHO. It isn't all that expensive
either which probably explains the unavailability.

The best of luck to you with this problem.
Julia in Boca Raton, FL

Question: Home Remedy for a Cat With Tape Worms

My cat has tape worms. What home remedy can I use?

By Aaliyah

Most Recent Answer

By Sherri [6]03/29/2013

I am a retired Veterinary Manager and I would recommend you take a stool sample to your Vet's office and have them determine which worms your cat has.(there could be other types) The only medication you can get to rid her of the tapeworms is a prescription from your Vet. The name of the medication is Drontal. There is not a home remedy or over the counter medication you can buy. If your cat has tapeworms, she has fleas. Please use a topical flea product (like Advantage) on her every month.
Good luck with your fur baby.

Question: Homemade Remedy for Worms in Cats

Are there any home remedies for the worms that look like "rice"? My cat had babies and now she has these thingies.

By Lori from Chilliwack, BC

Most Recent Answer

By hogan_haley04/26/2015

It sounds like it may be pin worms, they can come out of the anus and lay eggs and you can some times see them when they come out, I would recommend apple cider vinegar. Put one tea spoon of it in their water or on there food everyday day that you change their food and water for up to 2 weeks at the max and see if that helps.

Question: Cat Has Worms That Won't Go Away

I treated my cats and kittens for fleas and worms. One of the kittens has worms again and now they all have fleas again. I have put Advantage on them for 2 months now. Please someone help!

By Melody from Wilson, NY

Most Recent Answer

By mellie07/30/2010

In addition to finding out from the vet what kind of worm it is, you'll not only have to treat the fleas on the cats with Dawn, but you also have to treat their environment. And it's best to do it all in one day. You need to treat the house and also the yard with something designed to kill fleas. Your local pet store can help you with that. In the house, you should treat their bedding, any furniture or beds or pillows they sleep on, and also the floors. And if you use a vacuum with a bag, throw it out and put in a new one. You'll want to do that every time you vacuum until you're flea free. It's not much fun, but if you don't attack this problem on all fronts at the same time, you'll never get rid of the fleas. Been there, done that. It works. Good luck! :-)

Question: Cat Throwing Up Worms

I am 12 weeks pregnant and just found my cat (I have 3 "indoor" cats) throwing up a pile of "life" roundworms. I also have a 6 year old child. What do I need to do? I will take that cat to the vet and get him and the other 2 treated. I have isolated all the cats in different rooms. Now do I have to "wash" all my carpets and upholstery? I have a large house! Do I have to take my child to the doctor? Can they even test if she is infected? How long should I isolate the cats?

Thank you for any answers!

Most Recent Answer

By april (Guest Post)07/25/2007

our baby kitten is 6 weeks old and she keeps throwing up stomach fluids but nothing else is in her vomit and theres nothing wrong with her stool..what do we do please write back asap

Question: Cat Constantly Crying

I have a male cat Max. He likes to go out and catch rodents. I do not let him out willingly. He has a brother and sister that live in the same house, and he is constantly crying at me for food. I don't know if he may have worms, but he has visited the vet before for this. I have researched that, and maybe he just wants attention. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? Thank you.

By Michelle

Most Recent Answer

By Kee C.06/06/2015

I have a 21 year old cat that was always crying for food, took her to the vet and it's an issue with her thyroid. Please see your vet for a complete check up and make sure they check your kitty's thyroid, it can be easily controlled with meds.

Question: Kitten With Tapeworms

I found my kitten vomiting, and there were tapeworms in it. He is just 3 months old. What medicine should give him? I would be very grateful if you have a suggestion.

By R. Zaman

Most Recent Answer

By Cisco's Mom [5]06/28/2014

Since you posted this question, I'm going to assume you can't afford to go to a vet. Call the closest SPCA and see if there are any free or low priced clinics in your area. Check with animal control in your area. Somewhere you will get free answers to your question. Make those calls today. This is serious.

Question: Getting Rid of Tape Worms in Cat

Can I use diatomaceous earth in my cat's wet food for fleas, she has tape worms.

By Dawn

Most Recent Answer

By dupperdog [2]08/22/2013

It won't work. Diatomaceous earth works on insects with a hard outer shell by scraping away the shell and causing the insect to dry out and die. This can't apply to a soft bodied tapeworm living in the fluid filled interior of the intestine. You need to get tapeworm medicine from a vet. It is a special formula and is not sold over the counter in pet stores. However, tapeworms generally will not harm the cat so if you can't afford the vet and can get over the "disgust" factor, you might just decide to let the cat live with the tapeworm.

Question: Treating a Cat with Tape Worms

Would D Wormer liquid wormer work on cats that have tapeworms? Can anther cat get sick from one who has the worms?

By Elaine from Providence, RI

Most Recent Answer

By Jazzmin Flower [7]12/09/2010

Sergeant's Vetscription Worm Away 7 for cats or dogs is an OTC product that really works! My cats tell me that the worm is extinguished in 3 hours flat. I break up the tablets (they resemble psyllium) into small pieces according to the size of the cat. Also D-Worm tablets for dogs from Petco really zero in on the tapeworm and zap it in 5 - 7 hours. I am happy with the results as there are no side effects. Even a critically ill animal can handle this medication.
Although they are labeled for dogs, the ingredients are purrfectly safe for use on cats and there is plenty of tablet left for the usual 9-10 day later second dose. Both products should be available at Petco.

RE: Treating a Cat with Tape Worms

Question: Can Dogs or Humans Catch Worms From Cats?

We have several barn cats who are friendly, but I noticed recently that they had worms coming out of their back side. Our dogs are up to date with shots and flea stuff. Can those worms affect humans/dogs? The cats are just barn cats that have shown up and decided we're suckers. We don't have that kinda money to treat them, too.

By Darcie from WI

Most Recent Answer

By vicki hood [4]06/01/2010

Easy, inexpensive, dogs, cats, even us humans. Safe, natural, for all intestinal worms (won't work on heart worms) Food grade (garden grade had poisons that can kill) diatomaceous earth sprinkled on their food. 75% of humans have worms. Not any animals fault. I ordered by the gallon of powder. It was enough for years of everything I could get my hands on. I paid about $9. Can be used safely in your garden for bugs. Use for pets, livestock and yourself. Many benefits other than worm removal. No, I don't sell it or am i any part of earth works. Took a while and found this as pure and safe with good directions and reasonable.

Question: Cats and Tapeworms

My cat goes outdoors daily, and usually returns with a crusty white thing attached to the fur in the thigh region. He is a bit thinner than any neutered cat I've seen before, thought maybe because he's so active. Today I pulled a live tapeworm off of him. It was moist and squirming, but again, not near the anus. He has no fleas or other visible parasites. He eats mice and only God knows what else outside. Could he just have come into contact with a live parasite and would it just be a wasted vet trip? Or should he get checked out? I'm just at a loss because they aren't in his stool, nor are they around the anus, just caught in the fur on his backside.

    By Shaylin Bailey [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Abigail A. [8]05/20/2015

    Yes, the worms are coming from your cat. They can move on their own. They are attempting to infect another host.

    Question: Worming a One Month Old Kitten

    I would like information on how to treat worms in 1 month old kitten?

    By rubylark from Hamilton, NJ

    Most Recent Answer

    By dru08/06/2009

    What a precious wee baby.

    Question: Cat Losing Hair and Scratching

    I have a 4 yr old Maine Coon Tabby mix, Jayden. I think he may have tapeworms, but I am not sure though. He's losing hair and has kinda bloody patches where he is itching like crazy. I have tried Lamisil and over the counter tape worm meds and nothing seems to work. It started to go away a little and he was starting to grow hair back, but that didn't last long. He's eating good, but not gaining too much weight. My dog Chyna is not having any type of problems. I am at my wits end and don't have the money for a vet. I give him baths every other day or try to with Dawn dish soap.

    By Leslie

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lizzyanny [9]01/26/2015

    You should stop washing your cat with Dawn. It is very drying. Used once it is not too bad, but used many times can cause problems. If fleas are really the problem you can use topical products from a pet store. They are the only way to stop the flea cycle.

    The products from the Vet are better. Be sure to never use a flea product meant for dogs on your cat. It can be fatal. When you use Lamisil on your cat, the cat can lick it off.

    Eating lamisil is not good for your cat. You may need to see a Vet to solve the skin problem. Don't bathe the cat too often, and when you do, get a good pet shampoo. The skin lesions may be a bacterial or fungal infection or both. It can be hard to get rid of, but Vets have the right products for it. Good luck.

    Question: Treating a Cat for Worms

    Black and white cat sleepin on couch.I need to give my cat a dewormer. It says in the directions to put the dewormer on moist cat food. The problem is my cat will not eat moist cat food, he will only eat Meow mix dry cat food. He also will not eat human food, no milk, cheese, meats, nothing. So I'm at my wits end. Someone please help me to get my weird cat worm free without another vet bill.

    By tlqcb6548

    Most Recent Answer

    By Joan [20]03/20/2014

    Try using "pill pockets". You will find them at the pet store or in the pet department of a grocery store. I don't know what they are made of, but cats seem to love them. You just tuck the pill into the pocket and offer it as a treat. Do check with your vet to make sure you are giving your cat the right kind of worm medicine.

    Question: Treating a Cat With Tapeworms

    I need to know about tapeworms in cats. How do I treat them?

    By Frankie

    Most Recent Answer

    By Sherri [6]11/23/2010

    Tapeworms are caused by fleas. Please take your fur baby to the vet and bring a fecal sample with you so he/she can identify the specific parasite. Your Vet will give you medication for this, there is not a home remedy. I have worked for a Veterinarian for over 27 years. Good luck.

    Question: Treating Cats with Worms

    What is truly the best effective treatment for cats with little mealy worms that is not too expensive and works really fast? I am unable to afford vet at this time and am on a set income. Thank you.

      By Vickie W. [1]

      Most Recent Answer

      By Dinah Ackerson [2]06/09/2015

      If you do not know exactly what type of worm your cat has, no one can suggest a reliable treatment. Please take your cat to your vet immediately for a diagnosis and treatment that will cure the problem and help your cat feel much better. You have chosen to provide responsible care for your cat and that includes any medical problems that occur. Please help your cat.

      Question: Using Diatomaceous Earth for Cats

      My husband and I just bought some diatomaceous earth (food grade). We have multiple cats that eat from the same dish. We are kind of iffy about how much to put in their food since they all eat from the same dish to make sure they all get the amount they need. The main reason we bought this was to handle a flea issue we are having. We don't want to over dose them. How much should we put in their food?

      By A. Callins

      Most Recent Answer

      By cybergrannie [30]10/07/2014

      I have used Diatomaceous Earth for many years with no ill effects on any of my animals (cats or dogs).

      I do not believe you "overdose" an animal on Diatomaceous Earth but it only takes a small amount if you give it on a regular basis.

      I usually just mix it with their dry food and have had no problems with them even noticing the difference as this has no taste and it will only leave a slight "powder" look on the food. Larger dogs will require more than cats and small dogs.

      Why not look on Google and read up on this product just to put your mind at ease?

      My family also takes some of this several times a week (in milk or?) and some have reported less "stomach" problems than before but I cannot attest to this.
      I do know that many medications have this in their base (from my pharmacist).

      My son sprinkles it on his dog's bed to help control fleas that seem to appear from "nowhere".

      I consider it a good, safe product due to many years of use.

      Question: Determining If a Cat Has Worms

      Cats eating inside.Recently I had two kittens adopt me. They were only 6 weeks at the time we started to feed the two of them. One of them has become very friendly with me and lets me pet him and comes when you call his name, but the other one still won't let me near it.

      I noticed the one that won't let us touch it started to get fatter and fatter so we thought she was pregnant. Everyone started to put in their names for kittens. But weeks turned to months and months turned to more months and no kittens. I recently caught her dragging her butt across the carpet at the front door. I have also seen the area around her butt has at times been really really red. And still she continues to get bigger and bigger.

      Someone suggested she may have worms. But she is an outdoor cat that I can't get close to so I can't check her poops either. Should I get a deworming thing from the pet store and give it a try. Cause I'd really hate for her to get sick. The other one would be so heart broken. But if she is sick I may have to trap her somehow and find the money to take her to the vet's. Please help, I'm beginning to worry.

      By Lisa F.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]03/10/2014

      My experience with over the counter wormers is that they dont work and can give an animal terrible cramps. Could you ask your Vet for some wormer you can use at home? They are usually pretty helpful with feral kitties. Or the Vet or the humane society would loan you a safe trap to catch her. Best of all you need to get her to the Vet because you cant be sure what you have is worms, and you may miss something. Good luck.

      Question: Treating a Cat With Tapeworms

      Will roundworm liquid dewormer treat tapeworm in cats?

      By Jennifer T.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Lizzyanny [9]11/26/2013

      No. Check Doctor Foster and Smith website for wormers.

      Question: Treating a Kitten for Worms

      I just got a new kitten. We saved it from outside a couple days ago and I found out it has worms and right now we can't afford to take it to the vet or buy anything. So does anyone know any home remedies? The kitten is 10 weeks old at least. I could really use some help.

      By Sarah G.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Dena Roberts [31]07/26/2013

      You can buy deworming medications from pet stores. You need to weight the kitten to know how much to use. An overdose will make the kitten really ill and may kill it. If possible, go to a pet store that allows you to take the kitten with you and have them weight a few in your area. We have several here that encourage taking your pet with you.

      Question: Turnip for Worms in Cats

      How do you get your cat to eat the food with the turnip in it? I tried and he just turns his nose up at me.

      By Jennifer

      Most Recent Answer

      By Joan [20]02/22/2013

      I don't know about turnip, but we do give our cat pumpkin (canned) with her food every day. She eats mostly dry food, but once a day she gets about a tablespoon of canned cat food mixed with the same amount of pumpkin and a little canned tuna. It's supposed to be good for their digestion. I think the secret is to start with a very small amount of turnip and gradually increase it. Also, mix it in really well with her other food. She knows what time of day she gets her "treat" and gets very vocal if we are a few minutes late. Hope this helps.