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Cat Has Worms That Won't Go Away

I treated my cats and kittens for fleas and worms. One of the kittens has worms again and now they all have fleas again. I have put Advantage on them for 2 months now. Please someone help!


By Melody from Wilson, NY

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July 29, 20100 found this helpful

The only thing that has worked at our house for fleas are the Comfortis tablets from the vets, which are $6-14 each per month. As for the worms, they may be immune to the type of dewormer you use, or they aren't they type of worms you think they are. Be to try to get a sample of the worm, and look online to see if you can find what it is, and that should help you find which wormer to use, and how often.
Otherwise, you may just have to bring the cat to the vets.
Best of luck to you.

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July 29, 20100 found this helpful

We rescued a stray kitten in our yard last year, and he had fleas and worms. Initially he was too small to treat with medications, so I had to wash him with dish washing liquid (the vet's recommendation) and use a flea comb on him. When put on a little weight, I started treating him (and my other two cats who caught his fleas and then the tapeworms!) with two topicals. One was Advantage Multi, that's for the fleas and worms (except tapeworms) and earmites. The other was a topical just for the tapeworms. We tried this combination for several months, along with treating my home for fleas. After a while, the two grown cats were fine, but I'd keep finding one or two fleas on the kitten (and then the little tapeworms coming out of his bum) even 4-5 days after the most recent treatment. So I took him back to the vet with evidence of the worms that I collected, and a list of the dates I had treated him. So they gave him two oral meds, one for the fleas, and one for the tapeworms. That's all it took! They said I might need to do one more treatment of each, but I never saw any more fleas or worms.


And just a note, I was chit-chatting with my daughter's pediatrician about our flea/worm problem, and she told me about Comfortis. She used it for her dogs, and it sounded wonderful, one pill for the whole month. So I made sure to ask about it at the vet's office. They don't make it for cats. So the pill they gave to my cat (Capstar) kills the fleas that are on the cat at that time, but the pill can be taken daily. If I remember correctly, the tapeworm treatment could be given in another 10 or 14 days (I don't remember which).

The only problem with cats is that they're hard to give pills to (at least mine are, I've got the scars to prove it!). But that's what we ended up doing to take care of the situation. It's important you also treat their living space, or they'll just keep getting the fleas. Best of luck. I hope you find something that works for you!

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July 30, 20100 found this helpful

Just ask a vet to do a fecal on a sample you bring in and then he will tell you what kind of worm it is, probably tapeworms from fleas. The meds you by at the store don't work, you have to get the pills from the vets. I would also visit and look up natural remedies for worms. I have been researching coconut oil for humans. I haven't got as far as using it on pets.



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July 30, 20100 found this helpful

We use nothing except food grade diatomaceous earth (must be food grade) and sprinkle a little
on their food every day. 1/2 tsp maybe.

Have been doing it for years. Even use it on all the outdoor pets and animals. Works better than anything else and will never make the animal sick.


You can bathe cats and dogs in the original blue Dawn dish washing liquid which will kill the fleas on contact and that'll bring instant relief. The DE will kill all the worms and any internal parasite. You can also sprinkle and rub in the DE on the animal's fur being careful not to breathe it in.

We had a lady vet who was more interested in the animals than she was making money and she steered us in the right direction about 5 years ago.

You will never need any of that Advantage stuff which really isn't all that good for any animal anyway according to her.

Hope this helps a lot of people out there who are having the same problem with their pets and animals. You'd think every pet store would be selling it, but I guess it just doesn't cost enough and they don't make as much money. What else can we think when DE works so great?



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July 30, 20100 found this helpful

In addition to finding out from the vet what kind of worm it is, you'll not only have to treat the fleas on the cats with Dawn, but you also have to treat their environment. And it's best to do it all in one day. You need to treat the house and also the yard with something designed to kill fleas. Your local pet store can help you with that. In the house, you should treat their bedding, any furniture or beds or pillows they sleep on, and also the floors. And if you use a vacuum with a bag, throw it out and put in a new one. You'll want to do that every time you vacuum until you're flea free. It's not much fun, but if you don't attack this problem on all fronts at the same time, you'll never get rid of the fleas. Been there, done that. It works. Good luck! :-)

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January 5, 20160 found this helpful

You need Frontline Plus & it lasts approx. 16 wks. I think. It kills eggs also. Advantage only kills mature fleas, leaving the eggs to quickly grow into Matures. Cat quickly has fleas again. But careful, you must get Plus as only Frontline (the original) is same restricted efficacy as Advantage. Profender on neck is good topical Wormer, it kills tapeworms also, an All Wormer, or can't go wrong with Drontal. Supermarkets sell Wormers. Ingredients should be same as Drontal: Praziquantel & Pyrantel Embonate. If giving worm tab in food, cats like every bit dissolved in food. Try and give little bit by little bit. Or Vets will administer for you.

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July 28, 20100 found this helpful

My cat has tapeworms and I have tried everything. I have used Advantage for the fleas while treating her for the worms and I am at my wits end. This has been going on for 8 months. I love my cat, but am so grossed out I'm thinking of taking her to the pound. I know it sounds bad, but I have tried everything. Any suggestions?

By candacen1111 from Sacramento


Cat Has Worms That Won't Go Away

Instead of taking your beloved pet to the pound, have you thought of taking it to a vet? (07/08/2009)

By SusLuvsVintage

Cat Has Worms That Won't Go Away

Take this cat to the vet and have it tested for worms to find out exactly which type of worms it has. You have to get a prescription wormer from the vet that is specific for tapeworm. Over the counter wormers don't work for tapeworm even if they say they do.

By Opal1013

Cat Has Worms That Won't Go Away

If you're sure it's tapeworms, (wiggly rice looking pieces coming out the back end) you need to get Tradewinds tapeworm pills either over the internet or from a pet store. They contain praziquantel, which is exactly the same thing as the prescription wormer you get from the vet. If that doesn't work, then it isn't tapeworm and you should get it diagnosed by the vet.
And also another poster suggested garlic, don't ever give your cat garlic or onions. They can cause anemia. (07/08/2009)

By suescats

Cat Has Worms That Won't Go Away

My cat had to be seen by a vet and one dose of whatever she gave him took care of the tapeworms that very day. After taking the meds, the worms dissolve in their gut and are broken down by their digestive juices.

If you can't afford a vet, please call around. Some charge less. Ask your local humane society if they know of a less expensive vet. In my area (near Seattle) we have a chain called "Vets for Less" and "Value Pet Clinic" which charge half the cost of other vets!

I've spent the time calling around and I've found that if you happen to live in a higher income part of town (but aren't high income) the vets charge more because it costs more to rent their office space (and they can get more). Sometimes you get what you pay for, but it does pay to get out the phone book and call around in your situation. OR you could just save time and take your little sweetie to the closest place. Because after all, time IS money (for some of us). Just do your little guy a favor and do take him or her in! (07/08/2009)

By Cyinda

Cat Has Worms That Won't Go Away

Our vet treated one cat and told us to go to a local feed store and buy meds from them. We did this and it worked for our other 2 cats. (07/10/2009)

By cybergrannie

Cat Has Worms That Won't Go Away

If whatever your vet is providing isn't working, I'd try another vet. Something just isn't right and you poor cat doesn't want to go to the pound anymore than she wants worms. It's not her fault, but she needs you to help her! (07/10/2009)

By Beth

Cat Has Worms That Won't Go Away

In the condition you note your cat seems to be in, taking her to the pound would likely mean almost immediate euthanasia. With the economy being what it is, the shelters are getting so many dogs and cats in that even the most healthy ones are getting put to sleep because there are more unwanted animals than adopters.

As another poster said: in nearly every area in the US, there are low-cost vets who can work with you. Google vets in your area and call around; also, the Humane Society near us also runs a very low cost clinic a couple of days a week. Could you find the same near you? (07/10/2009)

By PupperMom

Cat Has Worms That Won't Go Away

I had the same problem. Used slightly less of the canine tapeworm tablets. They were less expensive, for my cats, making certain they were crushed then mixed well into the tuna and fish oil from capsules, I made up, then it took three applications to work. That's over four months and no sign of any problems again. Don't give up, don't visit the pound yet, unless cat won't eat. Change cat food! I swear my pets get sick from canned food, so I give them only tuna, butter, raw beaten egg mixed into tuna, and dry better cat cereal. Keep plenty of clean water and bedding, tossing litter frequently. I use shredded newspaper. Cheap and smells better. One cat is twenty two years old, the other two are healthy and happy! God bless and help you. (07/10/2009)

By lyndagayle62

Cat Has Worms That Won't Go Away

That doesn't sound like tapeworms to me. when I find dried tapeworms on my outdoor cat, they look like miniature flattened bones, a light warm ivory in color with slightly tapered ends. Balls sound like something else. There are a lot of worms out there, though, tape, pin, and ring are the most common ones cats and dogs get. As for heart worms, cats rarely get those, though.

Tapeworms are effectively killed by Droncit, a prescription drug vets sell. It has to be given at least 2-4 times a year for the indoor/outdoor or completely outdoor cat. The pills cost about $6.00 for one dose, a pill and a half for cats 9lbs and over. They look basically like an aspirin in color, grain, and size.
However, if they are not tapeworms, it isn't Droncit you need. Have your cat checked to be certain.

By nekocat

Cat Has Worms That Won't Go Away

I would call the vet and ask if I can bring in a stool sample. They can tell exactly what kind of worm your dealing with and what kind of medicine you need to kill it. Make sure you don't stop the treatment until your sure it's dead. The vet will tell you how long it should take.

Again the vet should request another stool sample to make sure it's gone. Some worms lay eggs in the ground that can stay in there for years so if your cat is going in the same spot digging or running around in that area chances are it can keep contaminating itself. Ring worms aren't exactly a worm it's a fungus so you will need a cream for it. I've got to be honest if it were my baby I'd be afraid of getting anything that didn't come from a vet. I hope this helps. (07/12/2009)

By lindybell

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July 7, 20090 found this helpful

I have been treating a cat I've found for months with a liquid wormer that claims it's delicious, however this cat doesn't think so. At any rate, it doesn't seem to be working. I'm not sure what type of worms they are, but they are tiny worms that I see by his tail a few times a month. Once they are out they dry up into little hard balls. Any suggestions?

Angie from Cali


Cat with worms that won't go away.

I had a hard time getting rid of worms with my kittens. They had fleas that they were eating (was in the process of nursing them back to health), the fleas were causing the worms. Check to see if your cat has fleas. (07/19/2004)

By Tripper

Cat with worms that won't go away.

Have you seen the worms when they first come out? If they are small and white like a piece of rice, it's tapeworm. You'll need to go to the vet for a prescription to get rid of it. Good luck to you and kitty. (07/19/2004)

By Karen G

Cat with worms that won't go away.

I think that you should take your cat to the vet, because that would save alot of time and worry for everyone. They will be able to tell you exactly what is wrong with your cat and what needs to be done. When you find out what is wrong you can look online for remedies for the problem and if it needs medicine you can buy medicine online a lot cheaper than from the vet. (07/19/2004)

By Erricka

Cat with worms that won't go away.

An easy way to get your cat to take medicine is to smear it onto his paw. He will lick it right off. (07/19/2004)

By Linda

Cat with worms that won't go away.

Take some of his stool to the vet and he will give you the right kind of pill for his type of worms. Turn the plastic zip lock bag inside out, grab the stool close the bag and take to the Vet. He will also ask you how much the cat weighs. Don't mess with over the counter worm products it is just a waste of money, and won't get rid of the worms. (07/19/2004)

By Theola J.

Cat with worms that won't go away.

I also have a cat with persistent worm issues and the vet prescriptions only seemed to cause more problems such as a urinary tract infection. I feed my baby garlic for a while with really no change. He didn't have fleas. Then I read about a raw diet, so I fed him a turkey neck uncooked the next day he passed about a 3 inch long worm. Zeek is 2 years old and has had worms all his life this the best thing I have found to date. (02/23/2007)

By Melissa

Cat with worms that won't go away.

Please don't tell people to feed their cats garlic. It's a very dangerous wives tale, garlic contains allicin. Cats (and dogs) cannot process allicin. It breaks down their red blood cells and can cause liver damage to the point of anemia and even death. The only reason it appears to have an effect on things like diarrhea is that their body goes into shock and retains water to try and filter the allicin.

As with any animal ailment, consult a vet who has been trained in diagnosis and treatment of animals. Do not listen to anyone offering "home remedies". They have usually been taken from natural human remedies and our nervous systems and digestive processes are very different to our pet's. (11/01/2008)

By James

Natural Wormer Works for Cat with worms that won't go away.

Worms are developing immunity to traditional chemical wormers just the same as bacteria have developed immunity to traditional antibiotics. The safest and most effective natural wormer is food grade diatomaceous earth. Just put it in their daily food. People take it too. Worms can't develop immunity to it and it's organic.

If the cat has fleas, it will continue to have tapeworms. Food grade DE will dehydrate fleas. Provided it's not being reinfested with fleas, feeding food grade DE daily for 30 days will take care of all intestinal worms and parasites.


By Happy Pets

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