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Cleaning Black Marks on the Outside of a Refrigerator


Does any one have any suggestions on what to use to clean black marks off the refrigerator door? I am not sure what is the cause of the black marks. I believe it to be caused by build up of dirt or food stains maybe? The marks run along the side of the door and onto the refrigerator door handle. I tried bleach and nothing happened.

Thank you for any ideas.

By Rachelle



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By Jenny 2 27 10/03/2011

Usually bleach or a magic eraser will get rid of those stains. I find that usually the stains on fridge handles are because people do not wash their hand prior to handling food, or using anything in the kitchen.

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By jan 3 20 10/03/2011

I find the magic eraser magically makes all those marks go away. I had a spot on my fridge that would not come off. I actually thought it was a place the paint got rubbed off or something and I was cleaning using the magic eraser and to my surprise it wiped it away. I particularly find it helpful on the textured handles and the rest for the ice and water on my side by side. I hope they never discontinue them, they are so good at cleaning so many things and no harsh chemicals!

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By alibeth05 7 3 10/04/2011

Get one of those 'scrub it' from the dollar store or store ( I think by Clorox or Mr. Clean). Cheap and gets off all black marks and lots more stuff.

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By Sharon 27 126 10/04/2011

You can try scrubbing with Comet or Ajax. And I do find those Magic Erasers to truly be magic. They get rid of spots on my rugs, left from my cats throwing up, etc. They do crumble pretty quickly, though, so I'm going to buy a small piece of similar foam and see how that works. They also have an off-brand at Dollar General for about half the price.

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By Rachelle 20 77 10/05/2011

Thank you for all answers. I tried the Ajax method and it works.! Thanks again.

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By Marie 6 31 10/06/2011

I have used WD-40 on hard to clean spots and rubbed away the spot then take a sudsy dish cloth and wash away the WD-40, works great on stainless steel. and porcelain.
Then dry with a soft cloth.

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