Uses for Old Greeting Cards

Over the years we receive many greeting cards, but storing them all in a box can get out of hand. This is a guide about uses for old greeting cards.

Using Old Christmas Cards
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Sewing Cards for Youngsters

By Rachel's Mom 277 87

Greeting Card Sewing CardHere's a great, inexpensive gift idea to keep youngsters entertained. Create cute sewing cards that are super easy to make. You can use the fronts of old greeting cards or glue calendar pictures to cardboard. Kids can sew lengths of ribbon or yarn through holes punched in the cards.

Approximate Time: Less than 30 minutes to make several


  • greeting cards
  • calendar pictures
  • thin cardboard or poster board
  • glue
  • ribbon or yarn
  • clear tape


  1. If using calendar pictures, glue picture to thin cardboard or poster board.
  2. Cut out pictures into shapes, such as heart, star, etc.
  3. Punch pairs of holes about 1 1/2" apart along edges of shape. measure around edges of cutout; add 20".
  4. Cut a length of yarn or ribbon the determined measurement. Stiffen the ends of the yarn or ribbon by wrapping a piece of clear tape around each end.

Kids can "sew" ribbon through holes in card and then ties ends into a bow.

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Craft: Greeting Card Finger Puppets

By marie cecchini 204 2

Greeting Card Finger PuppetsThis is a no-cost project that will occupy your kids for a while.

Approximate Time: 5 - 10 minutes each


  • old greeting cards
  • scissors
  • cellophane tape
  • glue sick


  1. Let the kids cut characters from the fronts of old greeting cards. These may be animals, people, snowmen, etc.
  2. From the back of card, cut a strip measuring about 3/4x3 inches. Roll this strip into a cylinder and tape the ends together to secure.
  3. Glue a cylinder to the bottom of each character cut-out, on the back of the design.
  4. To use the puppets, slide a finger into the cylinder, then move your finger to make the puppet move.

By Marie from West Dundee, IL

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Making a Greeting Card Trivet

This is a guide about making a greeting card trivet. Old greeting cards can be used in many crafts. Use a favorite one to make a unique trivet.

Finished tile trivet project (square format).

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Tip: Saving Cards With Addresses

By lkaserman 4 16

My father passed away recently and we were getting cards from all over and from people that my brother and I weren't familar with. Instead of trying to keep envelope with the card, I just tore off the return address and taped it to the back of the card.

When I'm sending acknowledgements and thank you notes, I know exactly who and where to send it to. It gives me a bit of inspiration when writing the note because i have the card right with the address. Much later, when looking through the cards, I'll also have an idea of who the card came from instead of trying to figure out who 'Jean" is.

By lkaserman from Adelphi Maryland

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Tip: Reuse Greetings Cards as Postcards

By dorothy wedenoja 170 111

Keep birthday, Christmas and get well cards and use them as postcards. Just cut them apart and then draw a line to separate the message from the name and address. You save money not having to buy cards and the postage is cheaper on postcard. They can be quite pretty and its a good way to reuse the cards.

You can also cut last year's Christmas cards and put a hole in them and a ribbon and hang from your Christmas tree.

By Dwedenoja from New Creek, WV

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Tip: Extreme Recarding

By lnygaard 104

Example of recarded Christmas card.Recarding should be the wave of the future. I save all my old greeting cards and even ask others to donate to me. By cutting certain words, pictures, trim, and colored parts of the cards you are able to recard or recreate a new card.

I use paint card samples from the hardware store that are being thrown out. These bright colored card backgrounds support the scrapbooking design papers or scraps from magazines or the computer. They actually look professional and no one will even know that you recarded. I keep glitter, buttons, ribbons, and stickers handy to embellish the new cards.

Making envelopes is easy too. I measure the card and reuse the back pages from hardback books as the envelopes. Old wallpaper or scraps of cloth are sometimes used too.

By Louella from Billings, MT

Recycled cards and embellishments.

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Tip: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

By dorothy wedenoja 170 111

Don't throw away all the pretty Christmas cards you get away. There are so many things you can do with them. Everyone knows you can make postcards and name tags for gifts with them, but you can also cut out the design you might want to use when you scrapbook. Scrapbooking is a fun thing to do with them. You can also decoupage with them. You can use cards from birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter, etc. to do your crafts with and not have to buy the pretty designs. I also decoupage my soap with the designs I have cut from the cards. There are so many things you can do with the pretty cards you have received. Have fun!

By dwedenoja from New Creek, WV

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Tip: Craft: Bookmarks From Recycled Cards

By linn 56 50

Greeting Card BookmarksI grew up with my mother recycling things out of necessity. Now, many years later, it is not only out of necessity to save money, but also to help the environment. I collect up old greeting cards (birthday and Christmas) and make lovely bookmarks to give out to friends at Christmas time. They make a special extra touch when giving a book to someone as well. This craft is a great recycling project for children too, by teaching them not to throw their birthday cards away. No need to buy a bookmark anymore.


Collect old greeting cards, you only need the fronts. Be creative. Cut out bookmark size shapes without any words on it. Punch a small hole in the center top and thread a string or narrow ribbon through (see photo). Use fancy edged scissors for a unique look, or ordinary scissors will do the trick.

By linn.2009 from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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Question: Recycling Birthday and Greeting Cards

By Monica Adam 12 29

Any suggestions for recycling old birthday and greeting cards?

monnat96 from Pingree Grove, IL

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Most Recent Answer

By cherie 37 Flag

January 20, 2008

You could use them to decoupage a box and make a cute trinket box.

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Question: Using Saved Greeting Cards

By katgirl 7 2

Does anyone have any ideas about what to do with old birthday cards, mother's day cards, etc.? I get them every year and I hate to throw them out. I try to hold on to the more meaningful ones but I still hate to throw out the others. Thanks for your help.

Kathleen from West Hartford, CT

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Most Recent Answer

By guest (Guest Post) Flag

September 12, 2008

love the ideals so far

Take a card and matte it and frame it. this is nice way to save it and use it I did one up from a post card for parents anny. old post card with the year they were married on it and framed it. They loved it. When you frame your cards you can bring them out at the time of season, and then put them away later.This way you get to see them and you can smile and remember.

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Tip: Reusing Greeting Cards

By julrobs 11 2

Any card you receive, that has not been written on the back of the front side, can be reused. It can be turned into a postcard or or used as a note stuck on a gift or in a gift bag!

Here is another use for cards you especially like, and want to keep. Group similar ones together and make a picture!

By julrobs from North Augusta, SC

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Tip: Use Card Fronts as Recipe Cards

By Monica 296 58

Re-use Christmas and Hanukkah cards for recipe cards to include with a holiday food gift.

By duckie-do from Cortez, CO

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Tip: Recycling Wrapping Paper and Greeting Cards

If you're like me, you hate to throw out pretty wrapping paper. I use it as many times as I can to wrap gifts. I also save the fronts from old greeting cards. Here's a few ideas to re-use them:

Cover tissue boxes with old wrapping paper, and use the boxes as catch-alls. Cut out the pictures from the cards and hang with a ribbon as holiday decorations. Use the fronts of old cards as postcards. Cut out the flowers or objects from wrapping paper and cards to decorate a scrapbook with. Cover the outside of a sturdy cardboard box with wrapping paper, with the top flaps cut off. Use the box to fill as a "gift box" instead of a "gift basket". Send the card fronts to St.
Jude's Ranch for children, where they make the cards into new cards. Cut out the shapes and pictures from old greeting cards, and then cut-and-paste them onto sturdy paper with a child; make an entire scene. You are limited only by your imagination! Have fun!

By Ness - Lakeview, NY

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Tip: Recycle Greeting Cards

Ms. Syd Barr - Dunkirk, MD

Give the gift of love, "cards to recycle", to friends and they will definitely remember your card!

Cut two equal size horizontal slits about 1/8" apart in the card where you would normally sign your name. On a separate slip of paper sign your name and slip it in the horizontal slits.

Use your imagination for other messages on the card! I have been sending and receiving the same card back for years with new messages; it's something to look forward to!

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Tip: Decorate Gifts With Recycled Greeting Cards

By Christine Valdes 3 2

I am often without wrapping paper for a special occasion. I also keep a box full of cards that I have received, rather than pitch them. When a holiday comes around, it is fun to take a paper bag or white construction paper and use pictures from old cards.

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Question: Reusing Greeting Cards

How I can have them send to me, instead of recoiled or put in garbage?

By catcabcas from Duluth, MN

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Most Recent Answer

By Laura E. 3 Flag

January 14, 2015

Recycle them into Christmas card boxes that you can put cookies, candy or some other goody. You can give as Christmas gifts.

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Tip: Greeting Card CD Coasters

By wildflower16 1 1

I use old greeting cards and scratched cds to make beautiful coasters. You make a template from a piece of acetate and place this so the part of the card you want to use is central.

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Question: Recycled Greeting Card Projects

Does anyone have any ideas for using used greeting cards for craft projects?

By Susan

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Most Recent Answer

By Deanna A. 1 1 Flag

August 21, 2013

I took some vintage post cards and found scrapbooking paper that they looked good with. Then I put them in old picture frames that I bought from thrift stores, yard sales, etc. They are now hanging on the wall going up the stair case in my house. Makes for interesting wall art, and you can always change them out easily for different seasons or holidays.

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Tip: "In Memory Of" Cards for Cookbook Bookmarks

I never could figure out what to do with the "In Memory Of" cards I had collected from friends and relatives that have died.

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Tip: Use Greeting Card To Embellish Gift Bag

By Ron 181

If you end up with a card without an envelope for a birthday or anniversary, you can cut the card with scalloped craft scissors. Cut the front of the card out and the message from inside the card. Embellish a gift bag with the card and message.

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Tip: Using Greeting Cards for Scrapbooking

By Carol Young 89 39

I cut and save the fronts of all of my received greeting cards. These are great for scrapbooking. I use my scissors to cut flowers, words, scenes, tiny birds, holiday scenes, etc. It saves so much money.

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Question: Crafts Using Greeting Cards

By Monica Adam 12 29

Any suggestions for recycling old birthday and greeting cards?

monnat96 from Pingree Grove, IL

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Most Recent Answer

By guest (Guest Post) Flag

January 19, 2008

I have used old Christmas cards for years as gift tags. cut out picture on front of card, punch hole in corner, tie skinny ribbon thru hole about 2 inches long to tie to package. Write to and from on back. Everyone likes them because they are large enough to read easily.

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Tip: Make Postcards Out of Old Christmas Cards

By Rachel's Mom 277 87

It 's not too early to be thinking about Christmas. This year, send postcards or letters instead of Christmas cards. You can even cut your old Christmas cards, from last year, in half and send the pretty side as a postcard.

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Question: Making 3D Greeting Card Art

Does anyone one remember making pictures 3D, and framing them in shadow box frames?

By Lynn

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Tip: Save Your Christmas Cards for Gifts

By Diana Albers 12 33

Save your Christmas cards for gifts for next year. Use craft scissors for unique designs to cut out pictures on Christmas cards and glue thin magnets on the back.

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Tip: Photo Card Collages

By erin 3

I save photo Christmas cards and birth announcements through the year, then collage and frame them in one big poster frame. They decorate the kid's playroom.

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Question: Making a Waste Basket from Greeting Cards

By Elizabeth Carmona 3

How do you make waste baskets out of greeting cards?

Beth from Riverview, Michigan

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Archive: Crafts Using Greeting Cards

I am looking for something to do with the greeting cards I received when my mom died. Do any of you have any ideas? I would appreciate any help that you could give.

Thyme In Gods Garden from Perkins, OK


RE: Crafts Using Greeting Cards

Why don't you get some frames and matting and frame the cards. Or you could make a collage. Maybe frame one with another piece of something of your Mom's; a small piece of jewelry or piece of lace.
Val (03/27/2006)

By valery

RE: Crafts Using Greeting Cards

I used the cards from when I got married in my wedding photo album. I cut them up to use as frames, mats, borders, wordings, and some of the little pictures on them were real nice. (03/27/2006)

By farap

RE: Crafts Using Greeting Cards

How about making a collage and having it laminated and cut into placemats? (03/27/2006)

By Persnickety Paula

RE: Crafts Using Greeting Cards

Two ideas came to mind, first you could cut out the pictures and use them on a book cover and cover with heavy clear plastic. (use for photo album, bible, etc,)
second idea, you could glue it around a round mirror and get to enjoy it every day. (03/27/2006)

By rosi

RE: Crafts Using Greeting Cards

I use mine to make litle boxes. The front is the top and the back is the bottom. I am not good at drawing pictures on the computer ( I actually don't know how but perhaps it could be found on the internet). (03/27/2006)

By Gladys

RE: Crafts Using Greeting Cards

I knew an elderly woman who took a photo album(scrapbook would work great too) and she put a photo of her hubby in the front, along with several pics from throughout the years, then his obituary, and the condolences cards at the end. it was a nice tribute to his life, i thought.
brenda-ohio (03/27/2006)

By brenda thompson

RE: Crafts Using Greeting Cards

I've made christmas ornaments out of several greeting cards. To do this you cut the front of a card length wise into uniform strips and put a hole in the top and bottom of each strip. Stack your strips and put a brass fastener in the top and bottom stack. Fan your strips out until you have a Christmas ball ornament. If you put your strips in order you will end up with the picture of your card. On the top of the ball around the fastener I add thread or ribbon for hanging. (03/28/2006)

By Biffy

RE: Crafts Using Greeting Cards

I made this old window frame into a wall hanging. I used some cards I had gotten from my children. I hope this idea helps you a little bit.
mary (03/28/2006)

By gintoddy37

<img src="" hspace="10" vspace="10" alt="RE: Crafts Using Greeting Cards">

RE: Crafts Using Greeting Cards

Here are some of my ideas for reuses of pictured greeting cards.
1-carefully using small cookie cutters create jigsaw pieces leaving the rest of the card including the back intact and glues together for a frame.(or you could just cut the card into small say 2 inch bye 1 inch panels all the same size).

2-cut out some of your favorite card pictures and paste them onto just regular plain gift boses and also add your own personal greeting with magic markers,

3- Make an inside door christmas cover using just the pictures of the cards and completely cover a piece of thick plastic . Stapling the cards would be best and frame them out with somekind of colorful material, .( Saving this Door thing from year to year not likely but you can salvage the cards for other projects.

4-cut the characters out of the cards to use as and everchanging seasonal picture hung in your kitchen or close bye. I see a deer from a Christmas card walking by a pond with green trees around him and the sun a shining bright. Just use your immagination.You only have to please yourself.

5-I am looking at a card right now that aat the top is written especially for you. The otherside is blank so I just made a package tag attached to a ribbon fill out the recipents name and put from Mike.
Some of the bigger sayiings could padsted and hung on doors windows mirrors whatever during the holiday.

6-I see bookmarks coming from the longer cards with complete pictures intact

7-Most cards leave one area with little or nothing oon it, this area can be ussed to create youur own card Artwork sayings whatever and stick glue it to anther side that is clean and do the same thing.

8- I have a religious card here that I am going to buy a plane cheap clear plastic frame that will set on a nightstand . for my wife. Can get the frame at most dollar stores .

9-Oh here is a neat idea the bigger cards can be made into fans just use an old plastic flyswater handle complete with hole to hand fan on a nail. Hey the flies laugh at those plastic swaters anyway. Just attach about 3 bread wrapper ties to the back of the card then glue on another card scene to cover it, Stick glue the card and if you can hide them staple the card a few times.

10-Last I don't know if you are aware of this ,but the paper sturdiness of these cards make them capable of being used for making paper houses I made a flying airplane out of one . No it didn't break any records bout it did fly across the room. There are many oother craft possibilities in those in Greeting cards

Imagination is the key to unlocking them.

By Mr. Thrifty

Archive: Using Saved Greeting Cards

You know how you save your cards (Mother's day, Christmas, birthday, etc.) because you just love what they say. Well, over the years, I have managed to save and save and now I have an overflowing box that is just crazy, full of them. I hate to throw them out, but it is really bordering on hoarding.

Any suggestions on how I can use them in some type of craft? I normally make my own greetings cards on my computer. I have used a few sayings out of them to aid in my card making. Thanks for any suggestions you may have.



RE: Using Saved Greeting Cards

I actually stand my plants and ornaments on them. When they stand on wood or tiles, etc. it saves marking the surface. I use the greeting cards where I would use a doily, or where you would use a lace cloth. I suppose one could glue them to the inside top of a memory chest, or the back of a door on a wardrobe. Some of them are so nice. (06/22/2008)

By elizabeth.

RE: Using Saved Greeting Cards

I cut pieces out of them to use in scrap booking. If it has a really pretty picture, I have even put them in a picture frame for decoration. I have some that are like a border around words. I cut out words and use the border as a mat over a picture. I glue a plain piece of card stock over the inside so it covers up writing from someone else and reuse it for another, just writing on the new card stock. Try not to resend to the person who gave to you, lol. Any that I absolutely will not get rid of, such as the ones my hubby and I gave back and forth our first year together, I took a 12x12 pretty piece of scrapbook paper, folded into an envelope and put cards or notes into it, then added it to the scrapbook that I made just for he and I. I just slipped it down into a plastic sleeve. (06/23/2008)

By micksgirl

RE: Using Saved Greeting Cards

I like to make little boxes out of them as a special memory of the person(s) who gave the card to me and means so much to me. I use them to store little trinkets or other items of memory of them.

The first one I ever made was from a Christmas card from the couple who lived across the street from me when I was a very little girl.

When you open the box it has their hand written greeting and signature inside :-) I still have it and showed it to the surviving spouse this past year. She is now 85 years old and was quite touched that she and her husband meant so much to me.

Go to this link for a free template ... (06/23/2008)

By Deeli

RE: Using Saved Greeting Cards

I use them to make place mats. I've done it with groups of kids many times. It takes around 20-25 cards. Just cut out the center picture. I used the lid off a coffee can to trace around. Then I take a piece of contact paper, turn it upside down and take off the paper, revealing the sticky side of the contact paper. Then arrange the cards as you like, leaving a tiny, maybe 1/4 inch of the sticky edge uncovered. When done, I cover it with clear contact paper, then seal the 2 edges of contact paper together real well. There you have it! By the way, I always use patterned contact paper for the back side. (06/23/2008)

By dellajo

RE: Using Saved Greeting Cards

Childcare centers, summer programs for little ones, and lower-grades in schools or Sunday schools could use the donation.

We also have a local thrift store that helps many needy people, so at Christmas time, children could pick out the cards there for their gift-giving if you wanted to find a place for child shoppers. This place prepares stockings for about 200 children, and stuffs them with all kinds of gifts to give out to the needy of our little town. I am sure the children would enjoy your re-cycled cards too.

By jan.

RE: Using Saved Greeting Cards

On the same line as dellajo's idea, make coasters. You can also make gift cards out of the fronts. If they have handwriting on them, I just cover it with a large self-adhesive label before cutting out the gift card shape and folding it. You can also reinforce large card fronts with a heavier card (like cereal box cardboard) by gluing them together then lightly clamping or weighting them with books or something until the glue dries. When dry, punch holes with a paper punch and using yarn or colorful shoe laces from the dollar store, you can make lacing cards that help kids with dexterity skills and if you number the holes, counting and number sequences. You can glue cut out motifs to both sides of those scrap CD. Make a hanging loop through the hole first. Glue label side of CD to the back of a card front. Trim after drying. Use a small motif on the shiny side, just to cover the other side of the hanging string. Outline with dimensional paint if desired. (06/24/2008)

By thriftmeg

<img src="/images/feedback_image.lasso?id=75880917" width="120" height="160" alt="RE: Using Saved Greeting Cards">

RE: Using Saved Greeting Cards

We recycle last year's Christmas cards into holiday To-From cards. We just cut out a picture from the card or maybe the whole front of the card with pinking shears, punch a hole in the top and use it for next year's gifts. (06/24/2008)

By Celeste

RE: Using Saved Greeting Cards

Here is a craft that can be used for any occasion but they do make pretty Christmas pins. If you have any old pair of glasses laying around, take the lens out. Now pick out a pretty card that has a particular area you really like. Lay the lens over it until it is positioned just the way you want it. Trace it with a light pencil tracing. Cut this out. Get a piece of felt and cut it to the same size. Now using spray adhesive, spray the bottom of the lens, place the card piece over the adhesive spray or whatever you decide to use making sure the picture is positioned toward the lens. Then glue the felt onto the back of the card piece.. Lastly, glue one of those craft pins found in your local craft store onto the back of the felt, voila'! You have a nice little pin to wear for Christmas. Don't stop there, now that you know how to do it you can do it for all the holidays as there are cards out for everything now a days. You could start asking your friends for their old glasses and begin to make pins for Christmas to give as gifts. Recycle, re-purpose, re-use. What a wonderful concept! Hope this helps. (06/24/2008)

By writer_wannabe

RE: Using Saved Greeting Cards

What about making scrapbook pages?
Or sort them into a photo album along with any photos you took that day...
use them to enhance the computer-made cards along with some glitter glue pens.
Let little ones use safety scissors and make "cut and paste" pictures as an "I'm bored" rainy day craft. (06/25/2008)

By Shosha

RE: Using Saved Greeting Cards

I had the same problem. I finally broke down and used them in the way of book marks or postcards. I cut the front of the cards off and put a hole at the top of the picture side of the cards. After running an 8" long ribbon through the top, knot the ribbon and use as book marks. If you have a lot, take to your church or your local nursing home, etc. As for postcards, just cut the cards in half, they make beautiful postcards. Current postage stamps for postcards are adequate and they travel through the mail as well as any store bought postcard. (06/26/2008)


RE: Using Saved Greeting Cards

A couple of ideas. Cut out or tear out the sayings that are meaningful or have a beautiful quote then decoupage them on a wall in your bathroom.

Or, scan the sayings you like and print them on a piece or two of material that is about the size of a crib mattress. Then also get some padding for in between, sew, and you have a homemade small blanket that is nice to just throw on you when napping, watching TV, or when you are sick.

I did the same type of blanket (and I am not a big sewing person) for my granddaughter and made a memory blanket. I took pictures from birth and went up to her high school graduation. She loved it and will take it to college with her! If you decide on the blanket, sew the padding on while you are sewing on the sayings. That way it will anchor your padding to at least one side before you sew the 2 pieces of material together. You can also add ruffles or material around the edges to finish it off for pizazz! (06/26/2008)

By rainy21

RE: Using Saved Greeting Cards

This is a little hard to explain but maybe I will post a picture later! You can make really pretty ornaments!

Supplies: scissors, a pencil, ribbon, glue (I use a hot glue gun), and of course, old cards!

You can take a compass (like you used in school for math), make little circles (I think I usually do 12 or more), you can do from 4 and up, I think the more the better! Then in each circle, use your compass and make marks where you can draw a perfect triangle. In the middle of each circle fold back the flaps (where the right side of the flap will be touching the right side of the triangle). It's really not hard, I promise, I'm just not good at explaining. Start gluing the flaps together and it will start forming a circle. When you get to your desired shape, just add a ribbon and hang it on your Christmas tree or where ever! They are REALLY cute and you can even make them as gifts! (06/27/2008)

By Amber

RE: Using Saved Greeting Cards

Hi, Here is another way to make small boxes from old cards. (07/04/2008)

By Bette

Archive: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

Here are a couple of ideas for using old cards. Please add your ideas below (you'll need to log in) or send them in using the contribute form.

Uses for Christmas Cards

If nothing is written behind the front picture, I cut off the front, and use them as recipe cards. I have many holiday recipe cards in my file with family favorites handwritten on the back of them. Makes them easy to spot, and helps to recycle.



RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

What I do is use them for decorations. I take last year's cards and use them in a garland chain or as part of the ornaments on the tree. (10/21/2003)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

Craft stores sell inexpensive wooden tea trays and cardboard boxes in all sizes that can be covered or lined with cutouts from cards and a thin layer of matte varnish finish. I have seen a tray done up in only snowmen that was adorable. (04/27/2004)

By Petra

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

Ignoring the picture on the front of the card, cut a spiral, starting large and spiraling inward to the center of the card front. When finished, pull the spiral slightly so that it will hang three-dimensionally like a Christmas tree.

Use a pin to poke a hole in the top center of the spiral and loop some thread to it for hanging.(09/05/2004)

By lorac456

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

I've received gifts that the tags are made from recycled cards. Cut whatever shape you want out of them and punch a hole for the string. We made a table runner once of cards we sandwiched between clear contact paper. The ladies at church used to somehow crochet them together to make handbags.
I have cut off the back flap and used some of them for Christmas post cards instead of buying a box. (10/06/2004)

By melody_yesterday

Gift Tags

Don't throw away all those pretty Christmas cards you received.

Cut out the small pictures, be sure to check the back of the card, too and use them for gift tags, holiday decoupage projects, etc. for next year. (01/08/2005)

By Becki in Indiana

Reusing Christmas Cards

I use the cards for recipe cards. I trim them down, trying not to cut off any of the pictures. Then I type the recipe on the computer and I can run the card through my printer balancing the card so the recipe does not get cut off. What fun, seeing the nice cards and saving on recipe cards. (01/08/2005)

By Lois

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

I use them for scrapbooking. You can cut them apart and use the pictures or the words.(01/08/2005)

By Charlotte

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

I cut them down to post card size and send them next year. A post card stamp is much less expensive.

Make lines with a pencil and ruler on reverse side for addressing and separating message from address.(01/09/2005)

By ralphed

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

First of all, I save my Christmas cards I receive and then starting on Jan. 1st I randomly pull one of them out and sit it on my kitchen table. It is a reminder to pray a little prayer for that person through out the day. The next day I pull another one and then use the one from the day before and cut it into gift labels that I will use for the following Christmas.

Be creative, sometimes I get several tags from one card. Most cards have a little picture or phrase that can be cut into different shapes and used for tags or labels for gifts. I was in the hospital for a month and received lots of get well cards. I plan on doing the same with them. It's a nice way to remember the person who took the time to send you a card. It's a nice way to recycle and no one has gift tags like mine.

By Marcy

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

I just thought of a neat use for some of these cards. If there is a empty page on the card. Fill it with a picture of your family or some original artwork and write a few of your own words stating how much the original sender's friendship means to you. Remember they picked the card out in the first place,so they must have liked it. (02/11/2005)

By Mr. Thrifty

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

I think it would be cool to take few of the best Christmas cards and turn them into a collage and frame them to hang at the holidays. (02/11/2005)

By Vicki

Post Cards

I have been using old greeting cards, valentines, excess scrapbook paper, etc. to make postcards. I just use the scraps and a glue stick on 4X6 index cards. This is great for all the sweeps entries I mail out. Other people have used other creative materials to make post cards, cereal boxes, etc. (03/03/2005)

By Mary Beth

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

You probably won't believe this but we have great fun with old Christmas cards and any other holiday ones. My sisters and I send each other used greeting cards. We just cross out the names and insert ours. Right now my one sister's birthday is coming up and I saved a card that she sent me years ago and I am putting it back on her. The best fun we had was a card with a hugh family photo inside and we sent it to each other with the "It took a long time for us to all get together for this photo, so enjoy" which was great as we're so spread around the country. (03/07/2005)

By kstiles808

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

I have two ideas for uses for old christmas or greeting cards, both of which my grandmother has done with cards all of her life.

  1. Using a cheap photo album put the pretty cards in it and group by like pictures. My grandmother had 13 kids and now has tons of grandchildren. Growing up before we learned to read we enjoyed looking at this "picture book". As we got older it was neat to see the cards from different years (styles and pictures).

  2. My grandmother also cuts off the back part of the card and just keeps the picture front part and uses them as a postcard, sometimes she sends them in envelopes. (07/08/2005)

By catsnfrogs84

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

Apart from using cards for postcards etc. I save all the very special ones from my children and grandchildren and every year on the appropriate dates, i.e. Christmas, birthday, I make a special display of them. I usually put the grandchildren on one door and the children on another. I have some going back to when they were tiny and made their own and these are real treasures. I also display again any others that I think are too pretty to throw away, and the cards I have still got from my late parents and departed friends also have a special area. It takes a bit of time to do but it is fun to see again all the lovely cards, and know that they are never wasted after just one use. (08/30/2005)

By Fitz

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

Save the metal lids from frozen orange juice cans, cut pictures from cards and glue in center of lid, trim with gold cording. Glue two lids together with pictures on both sides, wrap and glue thin colored ribbon around outside of lids and make loop for hanging. Instant ornaments. We have also glued family pictures onto the juice lids. My kids loved making these ornaments. Enjoy. (12/21/2005)

By Patricia

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

St, Jude's is accepting recycled cards from Nov 28, 2008-February 28, 2009. (01/02/2009)

By Heather

Archive: Using Greeting Cards for Scrapbooking

Save old greeting cards to use in scrapbooking, either for the poem or for the heading of a page.

By Christi


RE: Using Greeting Cards for Scrapbooking

I have many times kept greeting cards that are just beautiful. As a scrapbook artist/store owner (Let's Scrap in Florida), I can tell you that you are able to use them in your scrapbooks. However, you have to spray them with "Make it Acid Free" spray. This helps neutralize the paper for better storage. It guarantees that the card and/or anything that comes in contact with it will be safe from yellowing or deteriorating. All you do is follow the directions on the bottle. Mist both front and back and allow to dry. Best of Luck!

By Vivian

Archive: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

What do I do with my recycled Christmas cards? I took the fronts off and in the past have made gift tags with them. Now I am thinking of making them into a post card for Christmas next year. What does everyone else do with them?

Amy from Long Branch, NJ


RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

I especially love the Christmas cards that have outdoor snowy scenes with cozy looking cottages or little churches. I put them in picture frames that I buy at the dollar store and hang them up on the walls in little collage groupings during the holiday season, in the bathroom even. Also, if some have an especially nice Christmas Prayer, I also put those in frames and set them around on end tables, etc. (01/25/2009)

By Arlinn

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

A member of our Thriftyfun Community posted this idea last year.

Craft Project: Crocheted Recycled Christmas Cards



RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

I used mine to make a very pretty fire screen, measure the fire place. Make a frame with 2x2's to fit it then wrap paper around the frame. I used brown wrapping paper for this. Use hot glue gum, then hot glue the cards to it, good luck. (01/27/2009)

By kw

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

You can make them into gift boxes.


By chriself

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

I keep the backs of the cards which are shiny and plain and use them for encaustic art. (01/28/2009)

By Isobel44art

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

You could also check with your local Special Needs foundation. They accept old Cards of any occasion use them in different craft projects and also recycle them to make new ones. (01/28/2009)

By Jodi

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

St. Jude's Ranch for Children (home for abused and neglected youths) has a card reuse program. The kids cut off the front covers and use them to make new cards that are sold to earn money. I told my son's teacher about it and their whole class is involved now! The kids are so proud of the fact that they are helping other kids this way! (01/28/2009)

By By Susan

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

I used them to make photo albums for gifts this year. I used the front of the card and glued it to card stock. I then had pictures printed from our Christmas celebration from the previous year and glued them to card stock. I punched two holes in the top of all the cards and put ribbon through the holes and tied it so the pictures could be turned. I gave them for Christmas gifts to my family and every one loved them. (01/28/2009)

By Terri

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

Here's a site that has directions to make a Christmas tree, A bowl/basket, and an ornament from recycled cards. I thought they were great--hope you like them too! (01/28/2009)

By susanmajp

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

I use the card front to make new cards. I mount on scrapbook paper, sometimes I add embellishments (words, sequins, ribbons, sparkles, etc) They are beautiful. I have fun making and am recycling to boot!

By Diana

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

Donate them to your local elementary school for art projects. (01/28/2009)

By louel53

Archive: Turn Greeting Cards into Postcards

To recycle cards and save trees, I turn cards I receive into postcards and re use them. Usually people only write on the inside page so I cut off the front page with the picture on it and then write my own message or greeting on the blank back page along with the address and it is now a postcard. I always get asked where I find such fun postcards and with the price of cards being $2-4 and postage being cheaper for a postcard I save quite a bit each time I send a postcard greeting!

By Kate from Chicago, Illinois


RE: Turn Greeting Cards into Postcards

Make sure to trim the cards to standard postcard size of 4x6 inches or they will be returned to you unless you pay the extra postage. (11/07/2008)

By Toleda

RE: Turn Greeting Cards into Postcards

I do this with Christmas cards, and send them to shut-ins in my state.

Also, the sizes can be as small as 3 1/2x 5 1/2 or so - check with the Post Office. And they shouldn't be highly embossed or raised, nor should they have any glitter or flocking. (11/08/2008)

By Nance

RE: Turn Greeting Cards into Postcards

Wow, what a good idea. I never thought of that and I should have. I love artwork. Thanks. (11/07/2009)

By PamelaW

RE: Turn Greeting Cards into Postcards

I have been doing this for some time but did not know about trimming them to the postcard size. They ones I sent have not been returned but don't believe I put a return address.

Thanks so much for this information. You learn a lot on ThriftyFun. (11/08/2009)

By mary1922

Archive: Reuse Greetings Cards As Postcards

I save pretty used greeting cards; Christmas, birthday, everyday cards. I cut off the back page so you have the front of the card. I use the pretty card as a post card to send to friends and relatives. I run a black line down the center on the back side. It is cheaper than a letter and makes somebody's day a brighter one. Plus, you are recycling.

By Diane from Pembroke Pines, FL


RE: Reuse Greetings Cards As Postcards

That's the smartest idea I've heard in a long time - I'll have to remember that. Thanks for sharing! (04/19/2007)

By tedsmom

Archive: Using Greeting Cards for Scrapbooking

This is what we do with old greeting cards. We want to keep the memories so when we do scrapbook pages, we cut pictures from some of our old greeting cards people have sent us. For example an old Easter card from my sister became the pictures of bunnies for kids memory page.

By Beth L. from Ft. Blackmore, VA


RE: Using Greeting Cards for Scrapbooking

I'm wondering if these greeting cards are acid free? (05/20/2009)

By redhatterb

RE: Using Greeting Cards for Scrapbooking

I do this too, the cards are too great not to reuse. I had a great tweetie one that my sis in law sent me on year. Then I found that I had two pics of her daughters when they were babies wearing tweetie clothing so I made a scrapbook page of them and used the card. I also take cards that have like a really pretty border and then words in the middle, cut out the words and put a picture behind the card and then into a frame and it becomes a great mat for the picture. (05/20/2009)

By micksgirl

Archive: Make your own bookmarks from recycled cards

You can make some really cute bookmarks to give as gifts or to use to help adorn your gifts. Attach them to the gift wrapping or to the bows.

I have some really cute ones cut out from old greeting cards. Just find an image on the card that you like, such as a flower or a house or some animals, and cut it out. You can glue felt on the back of the bookmark if you want, or even hotglue on a homemade ribbon or tassel.

I was going through a book last night and found one I made, and that reminded me about these.

Ness - Lakeview, NY

About The Author: Ness is co-list mom of Waste Nothing


Uses for Old Cards

Ness: I'll probably try the bookmark idea for old cards. I also use them for name tags for gifts. However, I copied the following idea from a newspaper which I cut out last year. We get quite a few cards where I work and I sent cards to the second organization since it is only about 45 minutes from where I live. My aunt lives there and says it appears to be a reputable organization. I am sure there are other organizations which accept cards and there may be one in your area if you are interested.

With every good wish for the holidays! (12/05/2000)


RE: Make your own bookmarks from recycled cards

For mother's day (04/30/2004)

By Tina.

RE: Make your own bookmarks from recycled cards

I cut up packaging of fancy toilet soaps, herbal tea. That way you can get 4 or 5 bookmarks out of one package. Then you can punch a hole in the top and thread through embroidery thread(s) to make a tassel. Often price tags from newly bought clothes especially " brands" can be used the same way. (09/13/2004)

By kiwi eema

Archive: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

I save my Christmas cards each year and recycle them by cutting gift cards from the front of the cards. It's amazing what unique and beautiful gift cards you can make. Just be sure there is nothing written on the inside of the card on the left side. You can use a hole punch to attach ribbon to the gift card or you can tape it to your wrapped gift.

These are also beautiful to use as gift cards for homemade goodies. It's so much after the rush of the holidays to sit down and look at the cards again and then see creative I can be in cutting my gift cards for next year's presents. No one else will have gift cards like these either!

By GG from Greenville, NC


RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

Cut the cards apart and keep the picture side. Put two that kind of go together and get a solid color contact paper and place them onto the paper (picture side up) then put clear contact paper on top of the cards and either cut all around with different sissors then you can decorate them of use as is for placemats on the table or under a potted plant.

From t4family5 , Cromwell, Indiana (11/14/2009)

By t4family5

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

I also make gift tags from cards but go a step further and add glitter around the edges. I also use old CD's and trace around the CD on pretty cards, cut them out and glue one to the back and one to the front of the CD. Add soft metal tape in silver gold or copper around the edge. (Can be purchased from framing stores.) Then I add a small bow at the top of the CD so they can be hung up or used for an ornament.. They are very pretty and make quick gifts to keep on hand for any occasion. (11/16/2009)

By pinkrose345

<img src="" width="400" height="476" alt="RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards" />

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

The first year I was married we had no money and every ornament on our tree was homemade. My husbands mother had a box full of rusty canning jar lids and my husband spray painted them for me,drilled a small hole on the "top" (really it was on one side of the lid ring) and I traced out a part of the picture on the card and glued them into the jar lid. I then decorated them with ribbon, lace, etc. and put an ornament hook through the drilled hole. I have also seen this done with photos and given as gifts. (11/16/2009)

By Tatorbug

RE: Uses for Old Christmas or Greeting Cards

I have cut the fronts off the cards and am using them as Christmas postcards this year. I may turns some into greeting cards also (by attaching them to cards stock), but many cards are the right size for a postcard. I don't know how well they will be received (do I look like a cheapskate), but I am trying to be green and recycle. Thoughts? (11/26/2009)

By shupfer

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