Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Mom

June 30, 2005

A daughter hugging her mother on her birthday.My mom's B-day is very soon and I have no idea what to get her. Also, I don't really have any money. I already have a card, but I really want to get something more. I wish I could make something that's doesn't take much time, money and is easy to make.


My mom's Birthday is on 9th of July, so please help.



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If she likes to garden, make her a gardening gift basket.
All mothers love pictures of their family. Try giving her a new family portrait.
If she enjoys reading, get her a new book.
For more ideas:

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I know this is a little out of reach for someone who isn't artistic, but I used old metal hangars and bent them all together in the shape of a tree and put green paperclips to the edge of 6 different branches (6 members of the family) and put pictures of the family on it. She loved it! It's sitting on her desk at school and she is always saying its great because it reminds her of her family that she loves so much.

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Make her breakfast in bed like when she goes to the grocery store tell her we need this we need that and then make the breakfast for her and unplug her alarm clock or set your alarm clock.

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Well on her birthday you can do stuff from our mind and help her. Do not make her mad or you do not get mad at her. Make that everyday edit the house when she is at work with string, paper, scissors, and tape than start editing bye from: Mohammad

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July 19, 2012

My mom's bday is in 2 days, she is 44. I don't know what to get her. I'm 17. Dad walked out on us. My brothers go to visit him. I get her pjs every year and slippers, but I want to get her something different this year. I don't have much money either. Any suggestions?

By Jessica


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Whatever you get her will be loved, but to make it really memorable, why not also write her a letter telling her how loved and appreciated she is, and be specific about little things she does that you really notice and appreciate. At this point in her life, she needs to know she's cared for, not just in an everyday, "I love you" but in some concrete way that she can read and re-read, and save for later when she needs it again.


I'm a little older than your mom, but trust me, I still feel wonderful when reading a note like that, and treasure it like it's gold. Add a card and something small that she'd consider too frivolous to buy for herself, like some crazy-scented hand lotion or a selection of eye-shadows or something, doesn't matter.... just whatever it is that you've seen her pick up smiling, but sigh, and put back on the shelf.


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A great suggestion. Here's another. Print out, or do by hand on card stock, some coupons you can put in a book.

"Good for one car wash"


"Good for one back rub"
"Good for one day off to do anything or nothing" get the picture.

Read to her, wash the windows, clean something she can't...all good ways of telling her that you are there for her and will help whenever you can. And yes, fill a jar with little things she can take out when she is low that tell her how much she means to you.

She will cherish them for a lifetime. Guaranteed.

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A homemade card, a picture of you and your brothers, hugs, kisses and lots of love!

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There are a lot of wonderful body or hand scrubs recipes on the internet that are easy and cheap to make. Can you make your mom a cake, too?

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Definitely a Birthday card with your deepest thoughts. Give her a home spa (ck youtube) n a day off from cooking n cleaning. Good luck n have fun.happy BDay to mom!

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October 9, 2010

My mom's birthday is coming up and I don't know what to give her, but the good thing is I saved up my money. I have 412$; anyone want to give some suggestions?

By Hailey from Spring, TX


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Does she have a computer? You can get a nice one for $400 if you shop around. That's in a large town.


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You know better than the rest of us what your Mother likes, needs, or wants.

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Find out what her hobbies are? And or where her favorite place is to shop is? Sometimes a gift card where she shops is best. :)


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Give her a hug and tell her you love her. That is priceless. And f you feel like you need to do more take her to a dinner and a movie.


My mom love it when she doesn't have to cook and gets to see a movie that interests her.

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Another idea to give your mom for her birthday is make her a birthday cake and supper. Buy her some flowers. And give her coupons for doing jobs around the house for her like washing the fridge n stove around Christmas. I also remember writing a letter to my mom once on Mother's Day, about how she was so special, letting her know about the times I knew she sacrificed in many ways, and went through a lot when we were kids. I do a lot of little things for my Mom too, like printing of the Net topics she talks to me about, since she has no internet. The other day I printed out the TOU table, this is the Time Of Use Table for hydro costs through out the day, and on different months. I sometime take her dog for walks too. This are just a few ideas for you.

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By now your mother probably has more "stuff" than places to put it. You can buy her a cheap $300 - $400 laptop online, and set up Skype for her. Nowadays almost all laptops have web cams built in, and with Skype she can video chat with family and friends for free. Skype is free.


The ability to do that will mean a lot more to her than any material goods. Setting it up is easy, and you can rig it so that it automatically starts, and all she has to do is select the person she wants to chat with.

This year you can set her up with a $10 head set, next year give her a desk microphone and a set of speakers (or connect a speaker cable to her home stereo), so that she can continue chatting while working in the kitchen. When I see how my father lights up, when I skype him at his breakfast table 8 time zones away from here, I know that there is no better gift than giving the ability to communicate.

Have FUN!


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October 12, 20100 found this helpful

You've had some pretty good ideas, overall. Here's my two cents:

I don't know what your mom's income bracket is, so I hope I don't offend. The amount you named would pay one major bill (like mortgage or rent), or most of it. For me personally, that amount would also pay several smaller bills. (I'm thinking phone, electric and gas; we're on the percentage plan.) Of course, you'd need the information like to whom to write the check, payment address, etc, so it would be difficult to do it secretly.


On a smaller scale, my younger daughter and her hubby took us grocery shopping for Christmas a couple of years ago. We chose the food within the dollar amount they could spend, and they paid. Given your budget, you could stock Mom up on her favorite "luxury" foods, all the non-food items, etc, for some time. If you want time together, a day spa or mini-vacation together would be great.

What I asked for and got last year was the gift of time. My two daughters and one daughter-in-law and I all went to an inexpensive restaurant for lunch and enjoyed each other's company. Then we went back to my daughter-in-law's and put on a video. Of course, we spent more time playing with my grandson than watching the movie, but that's beside the point.

Last but not least, I love to window-shop at, which has adaptive tools for blind, deaf and mobility-impaired folks. I'd shop rather than window-shop if I could. I'm waiting for my next generous friend or family member to send me a gift certificate so I can get some things I need without paying out-of-pocket when I can't spare the cash.

Hope I've been of some help. Happy birthday to your mom!


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What I want from my sons for my birthday or Christmas is a Roomba. I detest vacuuming, and we have 2 cats, so there is lots to clean. I do also have a lovely Dyson vacuum, but it doesn't push itself! Another gift I love is perfume. You wouldn't spend $400 on that, but it is a delightful gift.

If you are prepared to spend all that amount, what about a mother/daughter outing, take in a concert & supper at a fancy restaurant, a mom/daughter day at a spa getting massages and manicures, or go shopping for clothes with mom to her favorite store, you can buy an outfit and then do lunch. If I had a daughter, I'd love to do those things.

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Does she have a ceiling fan? They can be bought reasonably cheap. Take her to dinner at her favorite restaurant and give her gift certificates to that restaurant or to stores she likes to shop at. Or, certificates to local movie theaters, or a dinner and a play, some form of entertainment. Certificates are my favorite gifts, helps me go places or eat out, that my limited income won't allow me to do otherwise. I am still trying to convince my kids of this for Christmas.

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July 2, 2015

My mom is turning 46 tomorrow and I'm broke with ten bucks to spare. My mom, probably along with other moms, as well, says that she either doesn't want anything, or that she doesn't know what she wants.

I need help.

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April 6, 2011

My mother's birthday is next month. I have about 5 thousand Indian rupees. (My grandmother has a lot of money she can give, how much ever I want.) Money is not a problem.

A little about my mother: she is not interested to go to the spa, she hates jewelery like anything. She is on a diet so she doesn't like chocolates, is totally not interested in flowers and pictures.
I am buying her a cake. I thought of buying her a new pair of shoes and a set of chudies (an Indian dress). Does anyone have any ideas? (Her birthday is on May 4th 2011) and date of submission is 6th April 2011.

By Riya from Karanataka, India


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Has she ever expressed interest in learning something like a hobby, etc? Since she is on a diet, she will need something to distract her in a happy way, from the habit of eating. Then, wearing her new shoes, and outfit, she could go and use a gift certificate for a class, or supplies for a new activity in her life.


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Is she depressed? She seems to have cut the things most people like out of her life. How about a dinner where all the family gets to gether to honor her birthday. If she isn't pleased with that I think she might need to talk to someone.

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Does she have any old friends that she has not seen in a while that may not be in the area that she lives? If so, maybe you could either arrange a trip for her to visit with them or pay to have them come to visit with her!


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The best and most important gift you can give your mom is you! Spend as much of your time with her as possible on her birthday and simply thank her for being your mom and tell her that you love her!

Perhaps you both could make your shared favorite meal together (even if she is on a diet she would most likely have fun doing it even if she only eats a nibble of it), go for a walk, watch the sunrise or sunset together and talk, laugh, sing, smile and hug! Material gifts no matter how expensive are really, after all is said and done, absolutely nothing compared to sharing the gift of your heart and soul for the one you love who brought you into life!

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It is difficult without knowing your mother's age. Does she have any hobbies that you could contribute to? Other possibilities are tickets to a play or movie, a DVD of her favorite movie, or a CD of her favorite group. Books are good as are puzzles. Does she like make-up? An out-of-season favorite fruit would be nice. Perfume, lotions, scarves, and as Deeli said, your self and time, spending the day with her.

I'm not familiar with Indian customs or what may or may not be available, so I hope I've mentioned some things that are available.

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I always think just plain old time between a mother and daughter is vital, no matter what the age, religion or culture. Think of what just the two of you can do together and since money is not an object, I'd think of tickets somewhere for the two of you. You can both get all dressed up and look terrific. Is there a play or music you both can enjoy? Is getting your hair done acceptable to you both? Can it be done together if you make the appointment somewhere?


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You sure know what your mom doesn't like-what does she like? Everyone likes something! How about a set of homemade coupons, 1 per month with things like a movie or play or concert, a trip to a botanical garden or zoo, a favorite dish she likes home-cooked by you, a lunch out, car wash or detail (if she drives), etc. a new book.

May 5, 20140 found this helpful

You should buy her some bangles and you can give her some homemade cards. Or you can take her out and have a mother/daughter kind of day and let her buy what she wants and then pay for it.

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March 18, 2015

I have no idea what I should get my mom.

By Chris W.

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April 27, 2014

My mother is coming 42 on May 5, 2014. Actually we're just poor. She doesn't like any spa, make-ups, and any fashionistic things.

We're just living in a very simple life. She is a farmer honestly. And I don't know what to give to her. I really don't have an idea. Can you guys help me?

By gracelpucot


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Think of the things she does like but can't afford, then make her some "coupons" that you and her friends/family can provide. If she loves to plant flowers but can't, offer a coupon for one whole day of planting flowers...or if she wants a nice afghan for the cold weather coming, have someone or someones make a square a week then put them together.

Can she still clean the windows? If not, someone can make a coupon for that. Does she love Italian food but can't afford it? Do any of her friends want to make her a dish a month for a year? How about a hug a day? A nice massage? Does the car need to be washed? Offer to photo graph the belongings in the house in case of a disaster?

There are always things we can do that can be made into coupons that she can "redeem" when needed. I hope that helped.

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As a poor mom myself (my income not my parenting) I would suggest something simple. Make her her favorite dinner or dessert. Get a movie from the library that she loves or has wanted to see and watch it with her. Clean up the dishes,bathroom,laundry etc as a surprise for her. Write her a heartfelt letter. Make a collage of old pictures of you and her. It is really the simple thins that mean the most.

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Write her a love letter!

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November 5, 2011

My mom's birthday is this month, so I'm planning to get some clothes for her, she likes classic clothes. Any suggestions? Please help.

By Max


November 5, 20110 found this helpful

I would go to somewhere like Sears, or JC Penny. Ask a sales clerk for help or assistance picking out an outfit. I know lots of people in retail and they honestly like being asked to do so. They say it's a lot of fun picking out clothes for others, rather than standing behind the register or folding clothes in the back. So don't hesitate to ask! That's what they are there for.


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November 8, 20110 found this helpful

As a mom, I would be thrilled to have my son take me shopping for clothes. That would solve the problem of size and color choices. It is hard to buy clothes without first trying them on, unless you stick to pretty simple items like sweaters . Even then, it can be tricky. This year there are a lot of shawls and ponchos and such things. Those would be good items to get, as there is no size/fit issue with those. But, personally, I'd like to be taken on a shopping outing by my son.


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November 9, 20110 found this helpful

I know a lot of people don't like gift certificates and cards, but I love getting the things! I think your mum would love to have a gift card for one or two of her favourite shops-that way she can go in and try on anything she likes at a time of convenience to her.

Put the gift card inside a special greeting to her, and she'll be over the moon at your thoughtfulness.


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November 13, 20110 found this helpful

I'm with Louell53. I've never had a son who was willing to take me clothes shopping, although a daughter has at least once. You and he can make the day completely special without spending a fortune by stopping in to a local coffee house or tea room, either before or after your shopping trip. And please, turn off your cell phone and show your mother some attention! My younger son took me for pizza a couple of years ago for my birthdday and spent most of the time texting the gal who later became his wife. Grr!

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December 22, 2014

My mom's 39th birthday is in the 2nd week of January and I don't know what to get her! I have about 400 RMB (Chinese money) (I know it's not much because I just moved to China).

By Hiba A.


December 23, 20140 found this helpful

Most Moms are more about knowing that you are happy and love them than things. She knows you just moved and that money is tight. A gift that would mean a lot would be a simple but nice journal that you fill with memories of fun times and all the times she "got it right". It's very hard to be a mom, and we mess it up often.

We don't hear about the good stuff often enough. I know I would love to receive this. Give each page a small sentence or paragraph. It will make you both cry - but those are the good tears and I guarantee she will keep it forever. You can make it as simple or as artistic as you like.

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July 11, 2014

My mum's birthday is very close by and I don't know what to get her! My money limit is $10 - 20.

By Shruti

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December 24, 2014

My mom's birthday is tomorrow, and I couldn't sneak a present for her from the mall because my brothers made her angry and we had to leave right that second. I have no other way to get her a gift now! Not even a simple birthday card. What should I do?

By Dalia S.

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May 8, 2015

My mum's birthday is tomorrow. My dad has travelled this Thursday and I don't know what to do. I don't have a gift and I can't get out of the house to get one. What shall I do instead?

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April 13, 2015

My mom's birthday is around the corner and I still don't have somthing fo her! Please help me.

By Lena D

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January 16, 2011

My mom's B-day is very soon and I have no idea what to get her. Also, I don't really have any money. I already have a card, but I really want to get something more. I wish I could make something that's doesn't take much time, money and is easy to make.

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