Finding Assistance After a House Fire?

How do I get grants after a fire at my house?


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Need any kind of help or info on what to do me my wife and 4year old son are victims of a house fire and lost everything trying to find a home

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Where do I start . Need help for me and my fiance . Home fire . No I.surance

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Your question was awhile ago ,but ours happened Christmas night..
We're still suffering,hotel..friends(were separated) ect... The town say we are top on list cuz fire victim. It's been almost two months we have called n called .


Anything else I can do instead of waiting more longer on the time they're doing nothing.

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I just got burned out on last thirsty which was the 28th an we need help American red cross did what they can do but we need more help they only help use out for a few days an we have a three month old an we have to get out in the morning can you please help us

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Please help. My experience offered several people to burn down my home and someone did. I am staying with a friend for now. Can you please help

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Myself and girlfriend went through a fire on saturday night we cam not certify that we were syayi g at that address bevause we dont get are mail there i spent my zocialsecurity check on renting the room we dont know what to do

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Need help my daughter her husband and 5 children lost everything an apartment fire going to be homeless tomorrow ran out of Motel money

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I need help with everything I have I'm my stuff in my daughter's it caught on fires

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Well red Cross helped with $400.00 and that's all.but there was another family had a fire .just like my family.but the other family got money ,a FEMA trailer ,clothes ect.. y did that family get all that and me and my family are homeless we staying in my truck cause the tent miss up and can't live in y r done family better than a nother family.can someone please answer me and make me understand y we r so cold.


While the other family r so warm in there home y'all got them

July 3, 20190 found this helpful

Why can't people to help us my mom has cancer and is76 old and im60 and have cancer and part of our house burnt down they could rebuild it and we be fine

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i got burnout i need a place to stay me in my kibs

September 15, 20190 found this helpful

Can you tell me if you received any help. My mother is in the same situation and Im looking for assistance for her.

December 2, 20190 found this helpful

I know how you feel I was living with my son and I also did not get my mail at the address of the house that burned down to nothing and I got no help from red cross and I am on my last few dollars of my S.S ck and no where to go .

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I just lost everything due to a house fire. Can anyone help me?

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Me and my girl friends rented house burn we need everything we are on the street any where we can stay my girlfriend are disabled how can we get help of any kind

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Me and my girl friends rented house burn we need everything we are on the street any where we can stay my girlfriend are disabled how can we get help of any kind


Lost everything house burn

Everything place to live

April 12, 20211 found this helpful

My house burnt and took everything I own and I have no money to get into a place I just stay every we're cause I can't find any help

June 24, 20210 found this helpful

My family just lost our home everything we own were homeless for first time life's tried everyone we've got no family no help at all please my family don't deserve to being living in tiny tent no water or air we don't know what do were so scared to get split up if cty finds us living in tent takes our babies I'd give up ! PLEASE ANY TYPE HELP WE HAVE ZERO I HAVE FIRE REPORT AND POLICE REPORT THANK U HAVE BLESSED EVENING

October 9, 20210 found this helpful

I lost my 1/2 year old dog and me and my son rescued one and we have no insurance and one of the word which way to go

December 26, 20210 found this helpful

I am writing this for my cousin, She and her daughter and son, lost everything in a house fire on Wednesday December 22nd. Her name is Dawn Lee. I thank God the she and her children got out safe, please how can she be helped.

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The Red Cross is always there for situations like yours. Give them a call.


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United Way, Salvation Army ... ask the firemen, too. And then there's Google:

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No they not

January 16, 20184 found this helpful

No, they aren't. My house was in a bad fire on 12/9. they came to where we were at- gave us a card for $250 and a few resources that weren't helpful as my job pays too much to qualify for them.


When I am settled and back in my own, I fully intend to make it known that they do not provide nearly as much support as they claim to, which, to me, is false advertising.

February 19, 20180 found this helpful

They only give you 3 days . Family of four. We are still, since Christmas night. Have no where to go. Red Cross says nothing more they can do. DO YOU KNOW DO YOU KNOW ANYWHERE ELSE??

March 15, 20180 found this helpful

They certainly are not. I lost my home to fire in January, and they didn't do Jack.

March 18, 20180 found this helpful

They gave my mom, dad, son and grandson $600 card to be used on necessities such as shoes and clothes. That sure helped, but they have no where to go and between 4 people maybe an outfit and a pair of shoes

June 30, 20180 found this helpful

The red cross is worthless. They gave me enough money to buy half of a TV after I lost 100 grand worth of stuff . Anyone who donates to red cross is a fool.

July 10, 20180 found this helpful

I agree we had a tragic house fire n lost both our dogs who were our kids! It was horrible the red Cross gave us a card with $500 but that paid for 1wk@ motel & 2 dinners at McDonald's they gave us numbers but all the places just didn't want to help. Salvation army gave us $100 voucher for cloths & $100 for food at said grocery store but we had to use the hundred all at once which was crazy as we were in motel with tiny fridge.


We we're extremely thankful but every other place did nothing I felt like I was pulling teeth trying to get help it was so overwhelming calling so many places n no one would help! All these places take all these donations from people who think they r helping families in need but really they don't help n buy beautiful homes n nice cars , etc it's so wrong!!!

July 11, 20180 found this helpful

We had a house fire January 2015 and still live in a gutted out house. I have searched for help everywhere. The Red Cross and Salvation Army wouldn't help us because at 3 a.m. in the morning, instead of looking for a phone to call 911, we fought the fire to save our home. I guess if you don't call 911, you don't get help from all the Charitable Organization you supported your whole life!

I am allergic to the product in Fire Extinguishers so we had to completely gut out the whole house in order to have a place to survive. We lived in the garage for almost a year after the home was gutted out. We paid Travelers Ins. for a $230,000.00 Coverage Policy but barely was given enough to gut and remove the mess, and build a small living space for the 5 of us to survive. What's the point of paying for insurance if it isn't going to rebuild your home back the way it was before the fire?

They didn't care that my allergy to the smoke and fire extinguisher contents caused pulmonary problems for me to the point that I could not breathe, coughed constantly, and broke out in red hives and whelps when I entered only the garage area. The central heat didn't even circulate the contamination in the garage area. You can imagine what I went through if I entered the house area!

I ended up in surgery by December of that year from smoke inhalation and contamination damage to my esophagus from the fire. My stomach had to be pulled up to support my esophagus to give it strength due to the damage, so I would stop aspirating.

I was forced to give up my job because I needed a year to recover from the surgery, which actually took me 2 1/2 years because I was so weak and unhealthy from trying to survive after the fire, vomiting from coughing so much, and just the total exhaustion from stress. I now suffer from PTSD due to all of the trauma I experienced during the fire and the past 3 years trying to recover physically and financially. At the age of 65, my husband has lost everything he ever worked for and he is completely disabled due to spinal cord damage.

On the positive side, my son was burnt badly but is doing fine now, and no one died. I have no idea how we will ever recover, and how we will rebuild our home. But at least we are alive. That is one thing people need to be thankful for. Try checking with your Electric Co-ops. Many of them have a Charitable Fund that helps with Fire Victims. I'm not sure how much they can help, but I am apply for help right now. Hopefully we will have some success!

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Red cross corrupt to the top

November 20, 20180 found this helpful

They barely helped me either

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We are a family of 6 and we had 8 animals. they gave us $1300 and that was for housing and immediate needs. I couldn't find anywhere for that many of us for $1300 for more than 1 night. Our fire was in feb and we are still homeless.


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I would also contact churches in the area and Habitat for Humanity.


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Usually police departments will help or at least put you in touch with others who can. You can also contact your local health department for assistance with temporary housing and any outreach centers for clothing and food. If you are not sure what is in your area, dial 2-1-1 for a list of what is available.

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I need help please .

April 29, 20170 found this helpful

What do u need help with

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We lost everything. All furniture is gone. Just got out with the cloths we had on. 2 kids, my elderly mom and me

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Need help cleaning the property or we will. Be fined by DNR and we have no money

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Iam a single mom with a handicap son. Who is truly a joy. We have been threw a really rough year. So I thought! I have a nine and a twenty five year old going on eight year old. We recently experienced a apartment fire. Was left with little to nothing. Can anybody tell me where I may get help??? I'm all these boys have.


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I would look for help in your local area. The American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, United Way or the Salvation Army may be able to provide assistance. You can also contact local churches, although most assistance will have already been given out for Christmas. And your state or county offices may also have resources to help you.

Good luck. I'm sorry that you are having a difficult time. I grew up with a single mother and not much money. We had some truly dismal holidays but we always had each other and that was somehow enough. Hoping for a very Merry Christmas for you and your family.

December 27, 20170 found this helpful

Iam a single mom with a handicap son. Who is truly a joy. We have been threw a really rough year. So I thought! I have a nine and a twenty five year old going on eight year old. We recently experienced a apartment fire. Was left with little to nothing. Can anybody tell me where I may get help??? I'm all these boys have.

December 28, 20171 found this helpful

I need finacial help after a house fire

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The Red Criss is next to useless, and habitat for inhumanity has means testing guidelines that disqualify poorer people.

In general most are agencies that live to take money, but really hate to disburse it. Same for state programs, which us why they wanted to take all control from HUD. Just local rackateers, loooking for free handouts.

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I just lost everything Red Cross didnt do nothing for me and my 4 kids


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I, personally, have never heard of someone getting a grant for redoing/rebuilding after a house fire.
Their are agencies in almost every city that will help if the need is there and the "family" cannot do for themselves. Generally the local Family Services can provide a list of organizations that provide help in situations like this.

You do not provide very much information:
1. size of family
2. children?
3. age of adults
4. financial situation
5. adults working?
6. where are you living at present?
7. if this is your home, did you have insurance?

If you are receiving government assistance - food stamps/Medicaid - visit their office and see if they can give you the names of places that might help you.

It will take a lot of "leg work" and you will have to provide a lot of information but you may be able to find someone to help you with your home.

Please remember, there are a lot of families that are in need of help and generally the assistance is set up to provide for the most needy.

December 28, 20162 found this helpful

Thanks for all the advise. I do not need with clothing or a place to stay I already received help with all of that. The damage was greater than I thought and my house is under insured. I am not receiving enough money to do all the repairs necessary therefore the need to help with building material and someone to do the work who would be prepared to do the repairs at a much lower cost. I am a South African but hoping to find someone who can make it possible to help me find someone whom they know of.

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The government has a lot of crisis payments for people that are in distress like this go online and see what you are entitled to for health

July 24, 20171 found this helpful

Where did you get help with getting y oh ur house built

March 26, 20180 found this helpful

Who? What? Where?

I find none of this. Just commercial ads that want to poach your money, to search through.

December 19, 20161 found this helpful

We just had a house fire and lost most everything,looking for assistance to find a place to live and help pay rent

December 27, 20164 found this helpful

Is there any grants u can get after a house fire

December 30, 20161 found this helpful

My home burnt getting a hotel for 3 days now I have to leave the hotel and I have no funds what can I do

March 30, 20170 found this helpful

We lost everything. Looking for help clothes,food,and most of all a place to live. We were renting this house in ada,ok

January 27, 20170 found this helpful

my neighbors house blew up and burnt to ground. he has no insurance and is disabled. i need to find local resources for him 70733 zip code

February 13, 20170 found this helpful

Facebook groups

February 24, 20170 found this helpful

the red cross my place just burnt to the ground along with my car my kids stuff

April 25, 20170 found this helpful

Just lost everything in apartment fire. Only have clothes that were on our backs. Need emergency help with a lot of things

May 15, 20170 found this helpful

Will 211 help my relative she has been in a house fire

May 21, 20170 found this helpful

My house burn down iam in need of help .

May 23, 20170 found this helpful

how do I get help with fixing house from a fire with no house insurance

May 23, 20170 found this helpful

Go to gov't agency and look fpr grant assistance

November 24, 20170 found this helpful

I am a disabled veteran I had a house fire in September last year I've been waiting on government assistant ever since can somebody please help me I need about 15 to $20,000 on rebuild of my house somebody please help me because I need to get back to my home as quick as possible thank you and may God bless each and everyone of you all

May 23, 20170 found this helpful

Call Sisters of Charity. I don't have the number at hand. God bless!

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We lost entire home in house fire four months ago we are in tep housing but only have 20 days left im a single mom of three children trying to come up with new furnishings and a deposit on a new rental.

June 2, 20170 found this helpful

Hello my name is Argailous Wren I'm a father of two sons we lost everything in a electrical fire that wasn't our fault it started down stairs and came up and took everything for God sake please help us with some furniture we just got an apartment but we have no beds or living furniture please help

June 4, 20170 found this helpful

We had an electrical fire as well on June 2 and lost everything. I hope everyone was OK. The american red met up with me, did they help you. I used the money for a sec deposit. I'm also trying g to find help with furniture and beds for my 3 kids.

May 30, 20170 found this helpful

I Lost ny home and everything ....I lost everything. .. I was wondering if I could get help ??

June 16, 20170 found this helpful

Mi house wass in fire last monday,i need help please

June 18, 20170 found this helpful

Im a widow with two children my house recently burned. It was a total loss. I didnt have any insurance. Is there any organizations that would help.

June 21, 20170 found this helpful

How did u receive help finnaical help I had fire in kitchen now need finnaical help paying for damages

June 26, 20171 found this helpful

How do I replace my furniture that was destroyed in fire?

July 13, 20170 found this helpful

My name is Kitty and I lost everything in the house fire June 13th I went to jail I got out here I am with nothing me and my fiance is still struggling she works at Waffle House in Searcy Arkansas I'm currently looking for a job I have no identification cuz it burned up in the house by needing help bad what day I am going and don't know what to do

August 10, 20170 found this helpful

Me and my wife need somewhere to stay.We are on a fixed income and we already spent our money on bills and previsions for the month ,what do I do?

August 24, 20171 found this helpful

I had a house fire. The place belonged to my brother I was going to buy it but credit needed some worked. He was covered by insurance but the things inside were all mine new furniture and all the amenities. I had no insurance on my stuff. Is there a veteran aide to help me get out of debt from this devastating occurrence?

September 10, 20170 found this helpful

Where can I get help with financial problems after house fire?

Contractors took extra time fighting with insurance, then started fleecing us. Now have a lawyer. It's been over a year ran out of housing allowance, lost job, now out of unemployment. Still using portapotty with 2 teens in a shed ehimd house. Have money to fix house held by mortgage lender. No way to wash clothes, difficult to shower and cook. Contractors botched asbestos abatement no fight over who pays that and lost nearly all new items replaced from fire. Circling the drain falling into every crack . Need help for a month or two to survive!!!

October 30, 20170 found this helpful

I called red cross n 211 they lead me to further resorces

January 18, 20180 found this helpful

My family lost their house, everything is gone. It happened on New Years. How can we rebuild their home again? I'm trying to help my family. My daughter who stayed there and my grandbaby lost everything.

January 31, 20180 found this helpful

Houze fire i need help

January 31, 20180 found this helpful

Need assistance, homeless lost every thing GONE in a fire

February 5, 20180 found this helpful

My family and I just suffered a house fire and we lost everything please let me know about any help.

February 5, 20180 found this helpful

My family and I just suffered a house fire and we lost everything please let me know about any help.

April 5, 20180 found this helpful

My house burnt down I'm disabled and elderly how do I get another home or trailer

April 13, 20180 found this helpful

Me my son and fiance lost everything in a fire have nothing no family need help

June 30, 20180 found this helpful


October 12, 20180 found this helpful

Hi, my mother in law just lost everything in a house fire, will you please assist them please

December 2, 20180 found this helpful

I am a victim(I hate that word because I am not a Victim), of a house fire too. I HAVE insurance, really great insurance, they put us up in a motel, then a rental home, while our house is being rebuilt, they fully furnished it and everything, i am sitting in the living room of rental right now actually.Anyway, I am writing this because I get that what everyone here is going through is horrid, but I am reading alot of CRAP, about how the Red Cross helped but just not enough so they are Bad, one guy even said they were false advertising, by taking donations and not giving him everything he needs, here it is folks, Thats NOT there job, that IS YOUR insurances job. THE REDCROSS CAN NOT PUT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY UP AND FEED YOU CLOTHE YOU INDEFINITELY, they just can't the money and resources are not there for that, they can help everyone that needs it alittle, or one or two people alot. I am not a rich man at all, I am disabled, and have not worked for years, but my insureanxe company when all is said and done will have payed out close to a Million dollars, just for my one claim, for my house, loss of use, and contents. The redcross works on donations they CAN NOT DO THAT. So stop blaming others(because really they didnt have to helpat All) and look around at what you still have and count your blessings, your family, your health, you yourself is alive, some people DIE in house fires! Nothing is guarrenteed in life. Now instead of comiyouto this website and bad mouthing the people who helped you, go to google and type in home owners insureance or renters insureance and find a good one, for next time!!! You not having insureance or the proper insurance is YOUR fault, and ia the exact same as letting your love ones, drive drunk with your children in the car blindfolded on the freeway backwards,....on a motorcycle. Ita your job as a man, or woman, head of family to protect whats yours and that means, making sure you are insured. May i suggest TRAVELERS INSURANCE, they have been beyond amazing to us. Now that being said remember I am going thru the same thing as you, i am not unsympathetic, quite the opposite, but we need to start taking responsibility for our selves as a society. We are capitalists, not communist, not socialist. Your not owed. I will be praying for all of us. I apoligize if this is hard to hear but I truely feel it needs to be said. God bless you all! And DONT GIVE UP LIFE WILL GET BETTER AGAIN IT WILL BE HARD AND LONG PROCESS BUT I CAN GUARRENTEE YOU THIS THAT YOU WILL SMILE AGAIN!

March 2, 20190 found this helpful

i also had my trailer burned and everything i owned gone, yea, i got a little help from fema but i didnt cut it. Im still homeless (im living with my elder mother) but she has been wanting me out of her house and i understand she wants her space back. I have worked a little last month actually from jan 3rd to feb 4th for a construction co, here in redding and i was fired becuase i had my bosses generator in my truck and it was stolen. I went to harbor freight and bought a new one exactly the same for $400 and gave it to him or dropped it off at his house and the very next day i was fired. And he shorted my check. I went to the labor comissioner and it will take 60 to 90 days to get results? i hope anyway. I tried to get help from hud and they made me jump through so many hoops that they finally got rid of me becuase i took too long returning some form of paperwork . they didnt really want to help me. I can go into detail but its not gonna help me get into a decient place to live. I am willing to work and want to work but grtting z decient job that pays enough to help me to go rent a house by myself is impossible almost. I have overstayed my welcome at my moms and all the funds i recieved from fema salvation army bethel red cross are gone and i appreciate that help but if i could have gotten it all at one time i could have done somthing. i am at a loss as what to do. depression is setting in and i need help. i pray for gods help and im not getting heard or i dont know I am asking for help. i need a decient job. i need a place to live i need help financially to register my ttruck its `1300 becuase the person i bought it from lied said it was non oped and it has back fees i cant pay. its gonna get impounded if i dont get it legal . my phone number is 530 782 8514 and open to ideas help a job. anything please before im unhelpable please. R. Hood

May 1, 20190 found this helpful

How do i get help from after my sisters house burned down to nothing i also have pictures of the house

May 9, 20190 found this helpful

Love. Stick together. Keep going. Trust in God.

July 8, 20190 found this helpful

if anyone needs advice or temporary accommodation after a fire, we can help -

September 13, 20190 found this helpful

You can call the American Red Cross within 7 days of your fire and they can provide immediate assistance to help with lodging, food, clothing and other immediate needs. They can also help you with medical needs such as replacing lost medications and durable medical equipment.

October 15, 20190 found this helpful

NO really they no longer do this.. they will give $400 to $600 Master Card and a slip to the food and clothing bank!! They have not helped beyond this in 10 years!! Just went through it!!

October 15, 20190 found this helpful

Sadly our home burn down and we lost everything we own on Mother's day this year!! We are still homeless, Insurance we found out doesn't automatically update and for everything our home, contents, cleaning up debris etc.. we got $10,000 from Insurance and $545 from Red Cross :'( We have spent the past 5 months working 7 days a week 15 to 18 hours EVERYDAY!! Cleaning up, working any odd job we can find and trying desperately to pick up the pieces of our lives. We purchased an Old Used 5th wheeler we are currently living in our driveway in tornado alley!! I have contacted EVERY SINGLE Non Profit Organization, Church and lead given to get help.. It costed over $7,000 just to get a camper set up in our driveway to live in Temporarily, this included permits to get power on the purchase of the camper etc... The roof leaked in 5 places :'( It costed over $8,000 just to clean up and haul off debris!! And I can't even tell you how much it costed to bring in dirt level the lot and add a retaining wall so we can get a Used Mobile home on our property!! We have had to take out loans, Borrow money and even beg for money for help!! :'( Hardest thing I have ever done in my life is ASK PEOPLE FOR HELP~~ We did manage to purchase a fixer upper Mobile Home it costed us more to move it than buy it .. all this as we are still trying to keep our other bills paid.. bills don't vanish with a house fire!! Everywhere we turn we are either no in the right area, miss the criteria over little things like maybe there was no "Natural Disaster" in this area that allowed us to be included .. or we have no small children.. its okay that I am disabled and we are getting old I guess.. because we work and are legal citizens we have been turned down .. or yes even because we are not "Drug Addicts" Still here we are with a Mobile Home that needs Insulation (most of it fell out during the move like I said its old and a fixer upper but we had no money for something better!~! It needs a Kitchen and several walls replaced!! The topper the Movers we hired and PAID FOR haven't finished their job its not tied down and they never bolted it together :'( What we have found is truly there is NO HELP for Victims of House Fires!!! Use to be in a crisis like this the community would pull together!! Those days are past!! Its a cold sad world when I go to my community they all say the same.. we donate to Charities you need to contact them!! OH But we have ALL OF THEM!! FEMA has a place on their website to send donations to help HOUSE FIRE VICTIMS tooooo bad they dont HONOR IT!!! I pray to God that FEMA and RED CROSS will UPDATE their way to use funds and Put HOUSE FIRES back I don't wish this on my worst enemy.. its been hell and we are still even close to getting back on our feet,.... at this point I just keep praying a tornado will not blow us away while we are stuck in a camper in our driveway :'( All we can do is keep working and saving every penny we can so we can buy a piece of sheet rock or a few more pieces of wood and fix our home enough to live in... maybe someday we will be able to buy a fridge and stove!! <shrug> one day at a time all we can do!! We are all we have!!

December 15, 20190 found this helpful

I have had a house fire and I am now homeless how can I get a grant

February 4, 20200 found this helpful

My house burnt down in Carlsbad Texas January 10th 2020 and me and my family we lost everything I was wondering what kind of assistance can I get

November 29, 20200 found this helpful

How do I get help with funds for remodeling my home after a house fire? I had no insurance on my home. I own my home.

May 17, 20210 found this helpful

Two days ago the place i was staying at was set a blaze and my two dogs were stolen. I was currently looking for work as I recently lost my job due to the loss of my business vehicle I was in the midst of making payments to through a private sale was repo'd and seized without warning leading to my loss of income. after which I have been trying to look for work in the same field I was in but with no vehicle for the trade that I know I have had no luck I am a flooring installer so i need a larger vehicle for transporting materials and hauling tools. Even though I have a small car to move around Its not enough. I am trying to apply for any and all assistance. So until I find my two dogs and find work let alone somewhere to live what else can I do before i just give up

August 7, 20210 found this helpful

My children and my home has been absolutely destroyed lost our 8 week old puppie need financial assistance mainly to get my boys some things they need

February 17, 20220 found this helpful

What help in tx after fire in down payment for another house in motel homeless and can't find help

April 29, 20220 found this helpful

My home was completely destroyed by fire a month ago and my home insurance says there was a gap in my coverage and is not going to pay anything on it. I need financial assistance. What can I do?

March 29, 20230 found this helpful

Any kind of help will do our place burn down and we left with nothing not evens a roof over our head we must sleep in the yard with plastic over us

April 26, 20230 found this helpful

I need help we lost everything in a house fire and are homes I need to feed my kids I don't work my body hurts from working I can't work anymore we need to live I don't know what to do there's no help here


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