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Two wood dressers.

Organizations That Help Low Income Families Get Free Furniture?Buying furniture is an expensive undertaking. Families struggling on low incomes often are unable to buy or replace their furniture without some type of assistance. This is a page about organizations that assist low income families get free furniture.


House Fire

Finding Agencies to Help After a House FireA house or apartment fire is devastating. Coping with the aftermath can be easier if you have assistance. This is a page about finding agencies to help after a house fire.


Soldier smiles while typing on a computer.

What Agencies Give Laptops to Veterans?This is a page about finding agencies that give laptops to veterans. There are numerous services that Veterans can utilize after they are out of the military. The best way to find out more information is to contact the Veterans Administration.


Laptop Computer

Finding Free Laptops for StudentsAlthough there are definitely active scams regarding free laptops, there are some legitimate programs through which students and others may qualify for a free laptop. This is a page about finding free laptops for students.


A backpack full of school supplies.

Finding Help Getting School Clothing and...This is a guide about finding help getting school clothing and supplies. Getting your kids the clothing and supplies they need each year before school starts can be expensive. For the family on a very tight budget it can be overwhelming.



Donating Fabric to CharityWhen cleaning out your fabric stash, consider donating the fabric you can't use to charity. This is a page about donating fabric to charity.


Greeting Cards

Donating Old Greeting CardsThis is a page about donating old greeting cards. Certain charities, schools, and other organizations collect used greeting cards for fundraising activities and crafts.


Stack of Shoe Boxes

Getting Free Shoe Boxes?From storage to crafts, shoeboxes can used for all sorts of things. If you can get them for free, even better! This is a page about getting free shoe boxes.


A bowl of soup being handed to a hungry person.

Recipes for Feeding People at a Homeless ShelterHomeless shelters generously feed many people a day. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to cook for a large crowd. Check out these tips and recipes for feeding people at a soup kitchen.


Photo of a home that is in the process of being built.

Home Completion Help for Disabled Homeowner?Construction of a new home can be stalled or interrupted for a myriad of reasons. This page has advice for disabled homeowners who are in need of help completing construction on their home.


Crochet santas at sale at a craft bazaar.

Simple Crafts for a Church Bazaar?This page is about simple crafts for a church bazaar. Making items that sell will benefit your organization's charity.


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Finding a Charity to Help Purchase Tires?I am a young, single parent, widower and I drive 90 miles a day for my job. I need 2 tires so badly. I am very concerned that I may be involved in a highway crash, mine have absolutely no tread. Do charities help with tires?



A man in a wheelchair being pushed by his sun.

Organizations That Help Disabled People Get Furniture?A disability can leave you financially unable to meet the cost of new furniture. There are organizations that can assist disabled citizens get new and used furniture.


Donating Used Stuffed Animals

Donating Used Stuffed AnimalsThis page is about donating used stuffed animals. It's good to give those extra stuffed friends a new purpose for someone who may need a buddy to hold.


pink tennis shoe

Donating Single Shoes?This page is about donating single shoes. Some companies make sample shoes for just one foot. They may be of use to some amputees.


house fire

Charities To Help Someone Whose House Burned Down?After the stress and lost resulting from a house fire can come the need for temporary assistance with clothing, housing, and more. This is a page about charities to help someone whose house burned down.


Colorful yarn on a shelf.

Finding Free Craft Supplies for Charity...This page is about finding free craft supplies for charity projects. Formal and informal groups that make projects such as knit hats to donate to charities or for fundraisers often do not have the funds to purchase supplies.


Cat in Animal Shelter

Things to Donate to Animal SheltersThis is a page about things to donate to animal shelters. Besides donating money to your local animal shelter, there may be other things you can help them with.


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Home Repair Assistance for Senior Citizens?Where do I go for help in getting home repairs done for a senior citizen living in Alabama? She is 84 years old and disabled. The home is in very poor condition and about to fall in. Please let me know if there is help for her out there.


Shape of a house from construction tools.

Organizations that Help Vets With Home Repairs?This is a page about organizations that help vets with home repairs. It can be expensive to fix a home that is falling into disrepair, especially if you are on a limited income. There are numerous organizations that can help vets repair their homes at a low cost or even for free.


Home Demolition

Agencies That Help Senior Citizens Demolish Home After a Fire?Low income seniors may find it financially impossible to pay the costs of demolishing a home after a fire, particularly a mobile or modular one. This is a page about locating agencies that help senior citizens demolish a home after a fire.


stacks of fabric

Getting Fabric Donations for Charity Projects?This is a page about getting fabric donations for charity projects. Whether you are working on making quilts for sick children or teaching poor members of the community to sew, donated fabric will help move your project along.


Stack of Pancakes for Breakfast

Planning a Pancake Breakfast FundraiserThis is a page about planning a pancake breakfast fundraiser. A popular fundraiser for churches and other organizations, is the pancake breakfast.


Rolls of colorful wrapping paper on a white background.

Donating Christmas Gift Wrapping to Charity?While there may be a few organizations that would appreciate a donation of wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, etc. one that rises to the top as a first choice is Toys for Tots. This is a page about donating Christmas wrapping to charity.


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Requesting Holiday Gift Wrapping Donations?I work for a non-profit, Youth Villages in North Carolina. For the past 12 years, we have supplied many children with Holiday gifts with our program, Holiday Heroes. With the help of donors, and program staff. We have fulfilled hundreds of children with holiday gifts. This year we are hoping to have a Holiday wrapping party with volunteers! Where should I look to have wrapping paper, boxes, tape, gift bags donated for the families?


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Giving Away Gift Ribbons?I was recently at a baby shower and the mom-to-be received close to 60 gifts. Saw so many beautiful ribbons and bows in pristine condition discarded. What charity might be able to use NON-Christmas ribbon if someone knows.


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Donating Gift WrappingI would like to donate new all occasion gift bags, tissue, and ribbon to an organization. I live in Massachusetts.



A homeless person holding up a sign

My Frugal Life: Street Theatre"Here I am, over here!" signaled the young man in a holey, paint spattered T-shirt and cutoffs. His arms waved a mile a minute, as he attempted to catch the attention of someone just pulling into Publix's parking lot.


Handing over the keys for a car.

Help Getting a Car for Low Income Families?Being without a car often exacerbates the problems already resulting from living on a low income. There are legitimate agencies that might be able to help, but be wary of dealers that cater to customers with bad credit. This page contains several suggestions for agencies to research.


Finding an Agency to Help with Free School Desks in Uganda - children at a long crowded desk

Finding an Agency to Help with Free School Desks in Uganda?We have a charity school in Uganda where we are providing students with free educational services, but we are having a problem with a lack of desks. They have to squeeze themselves like five people on one desk. I would like someone to help us with free desks so that we can create a conducive learning environment for them. Any suggestions?


Finding Donated Fabric for Youth Training Program - teens using treadle sewing machines

Finding Donated Fabric for Youth Training Program?We are training youths who are school dropouts but we are limited with the fabric. Can someone help with suggestions on how to find some free fabric to equip the youths with tailoring skills.


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Agencies That Help the Elderly Get Household Items?I am in search of household items for an elderly patient who is leaving the hospital today. I found out she has nothing. She needs clothes or bedding, sheets, towels, plants, dishes, and household items lightly used. I am wanting to help out, but cannot afford to personally.


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Getting Canvas Donations for a Girl Scout Project?My daughter is good at art. For her Girl Scout project, she was thinking of creating oil paintings and donating her paintings to a non-profit organization. She and her group of friends are aiming to make 60 paintings on 24"x30" or bigger canvas. Where can she go and ask for canvas donations?


A can of Campbell's soup on a red background.

Donating Campbell's Soup LabelsThe "Labels for Education" program through Campbells has ended.


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Donating a Pair of Shoes in Two Sizes?I have 2 different sized feet, so I have opposite shoes with no home. Is there a place I can send them?


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Financial Help for Moving Expenses for the Disabled?I am disabled and 56 years old and I have been living with my parents for the past 7 years. They don't want me here anymore because I get hurt so easily in doing all they require of me to do. I need to move anyway because their basement is cold and has bugs and is not fit for me to try to survive in any longer. Is there a place that would be willing to help me move from Springfield to Joplin?


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Finding Fabric Donations for Charity?We are a small group of volunteers working for Carers of Africa. We need 100 percent cotton material/cut pieces, satin ribbons 3/8 inches, and hotel soap to make sanitary items for young girls. Can someone please help with suggestions for finding donations?


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Agencies That Help Rebuild After a House Fire?I had a house fire two days before Christmas. I lost everything. How do I get help fixing a place to live. I have got a building with two 16 by 16 rooms. I have got no where else to go.


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Septic Tank Servicing Assistance for a Disabled Couple?Who can assist in pumping a septic tank for a minimal amount in Chatsworth Georgia?


Donating Table Linens - hanging bags of linens

Donating Table Linens?Our Miami, FL based event company is updating our linen inventory and is seeking donation and give-away opportunities for over 500 linens in all different styles, colors, and sizes. Any suggestions for finding interested parties?


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Help With Getting Furniture While Unemployed?How can I get help with getting a three piece suite as I don't have one and I'm on one benefit JSA (unemployment) paid once every two weeks?


Group of volunteers in blue shirts with boxes of donations.

Finding Places to VolunteerThere are endless opportunities to volunteer in your community. You can volunteer through your church, the local school system, homeless shelters, or even stores where you live.



Variety of fabric hanging.

Donating Scrap Fabric in California?Many quilters and other crafters find that they have quite a stash of scrap fabric that they are unable to use. Finding and organization or charity to donate these supplies to gives them a second chance to be useful. This is a page about donating scrap fabric in California.


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Finding Fabric Donations?I am looking for a donation of white muslin fabric for a summer youth program, community wide, movie in the park event. In total I will be enough to make a screen that will host 200 people. Any thoughts where I can find a donation?


Older home in Florida being repaired

Applying for a Home Repair Grant in Florida?This is a page about applying for a home repair grant in Florida. In many areas, HUD offers a program to help repair your home, with an agreement that you live there a set amount of time afterwards. Here is some information to help you find out if this program is available where you live.


Donation box of clothing being held by a  man

Finding Free Clothing After a House Fire?This is a page about finding free clothing after a house fire. The first organization to contact, after a house fire, is the Red Cross. Other options for finding free clothing are craigslist, freecycle, and Your local church might also be helpful.


A disabled man moving from his car into a wheelchair.

Agencies That Provide Cars to Disabled People?There are a number of ways that a disabled person may be able to find a free vehicle or programs that provide allowances that can be applied to buying or leasing a car. This is a page about agencies that provide cars to disabled people.


Woman Donating Food at Food Pantry

Donating to Food PantriesDonating to food pantries is a great way to help others in need. It is a good idea to check with the organization to find out just what they need most. Food pantries also accept toiletries and other household items. This is a page about donating to food pantries.


Free Couch

Finding Free Furniture After a Fire?When a fire destroys your belongings, the cost of replacement can be overwelming. It can be a big help to find free furniture. This is a page about finding free furniture after a fire.


Army Soldier With Cash

Sending Coupons to Military FamiliesThis is a page about sending coupons to military families. Passing along unwanted coupons to military families, is a great way to help them stretch their income. Here is some information about where you can send your coupons so that they can be distributed to military families overseas.


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Donating Slightly Defective Sportsbags in NYC?I have a sports bag business, and I have a large amount of bags (LOTS!) that are either defective or not to standard. They are pretty large bags, and could either be cannibalized for parts and fabric (zippers, shoulder straps, buckles, and Cordura-like polyester fabric), or repaired and redesigned into other sports gear.


bolts of fabric

Finding Fabric Donations for Missions?If you are in need of a lot of fabric from your mission, getting the fabric donated will save you a lot of money. Asking around your local area is a good way of finding fabric donations for missions.


A group of friends knitting projects for charity.

Finding Free Yarn for Charity ProjectsIn order to make scarves, hats, mittens, blankets, and other items for a variety of charities, donations of supplies are a necessity. This is a page about finding free yarn for charity projects.


A mom and daughter with vegetables.

Angel Food MinistriesAngel Food Ministries is no longer in operation, as of September 2011. The now defunct nondenominational organization sold family sized food boxes assembled from supplies bought in bulk. The ministry operated in 43 states and the District of Columbia.


A girl being handed a gift on Christmas.

Charities to Help With ChristmasChristmas can be a hard time for low income families with children. This is a page about charities to help with Christmas.


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Donating Beautiful Old Greeting Cards?I have many beautiful greeting cards that I was too sentimental to dispose of. I just wondered where to donate them. There are lovely messages on them that would not bother me if read. Some are quite old and may become antiques some day.


The front of a suburban home.

Low Income Housing Grants or Loans?There are government and private organizations that might be able to help in your search for housing assistance. This is a page about low income housing grants or loans.


Greeting Card

Donating Greeting Cards to St. Jude's Recycled Card ProgramUpdate: St. Jude's has discontinued this program due to a lack of demand and the difficulties in running the program. This page is about donating greeting cards to St. Jude's recycled card program.


A man in a wheelchair getting into a car.

Agencies That Help Disabled People Get a Car?This is a page about agencies that help disabled people get a car. Advice to help people with disabilities find assistance.


School Uniform Skirt

Donating School UniformsThis is a page about donating school uniforms. School uniforms can be costly to buy. Students from lower income families can benefit from being able to get donated uniforms.


Small house resting on stacks of coins surrounded by hands holding tools used for home repairs.

Free Home Renovation AdviceUnfortunately there are many families and individuals who can not afford to make necessary renovations to their homes. This is a page with free home renovation advice.


Woman with a box labeled Donation Clothes

Determining Fair Market Value of DonationsThis is a page about determining fair market value for donations. When making donations to charitable organizations of clothing, furniture, and more you need to determine their value for tax purposes.


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Financial Assistance for Low Income Family to Move a Mobile Home?I live in West Virginia and I am currently sharing a home with three other families. I just got a 14x70 mobile home given to my family and I, but only have two weeks to move it or it will be tore down. Does anyone know if there is a organization or business that can help us move this home?


Chocolate fountain with people dipping marshmallows and fruit

Planning a Chocolate Heaven FundraiserA successful fundraiser depends on the popularity of the activity or theme. Try a food event where all things are chocolate. This is a page about planning a chocolate heaven fundraiser.


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Finding Fabric for Charity Project?I live in Louisville, Kentucky and am getting ready to start a project with my church to make pillowcase dresses for the little girls in Haiti. If anyone knows where I can get fabric donated for my project - it would be very much appreciated.


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Getting Help After a House Fire?Who can offer some more assistance to my family after a house fire?


Christmas Help for Low Income Families

Christmas Help for Low Income FamiliesThis is a page about Christmas help for low income families. Christmas can be a stressful time for low income families having trouble celebrating the holiday.


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Finding Free Furniture?I'm on SSDI and I just got my apartment. It is completely empty. I'm in need of all furniture: bedroom, kitchen, living room, and bathroom. So if you know any organization that can help me it would be great. I have nothing. Bless you for even reading this. I live in Kinston North Carolina.


Arched window on a building with the words "Community Center"

Community Center Fundraising IdeasThis is a page about community center fundraising ideas. Community centers frequently need to raise funds for additional operating and event costs.


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Home Repair Help for Low Income Families?I live with my husband and 3 kids. My husband has been sick for about 7years. For about 3 years I have to be his caregiver. It is very very cold. We need help. Where can I look?


Four small bottles like those you would get of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion at a hotel, lined up on the edge of a tub.

Donating Hotel ToiletriesThis is a page about donating hotel toiletries. After a trip, many of us find that we have a small collection of hotel toiletries.


The word Fundraiser printed in red inside a red square outline against a white background.  A human hand is pointing at the word

Church Fundraiser Ideas?This is a page about church fundraiser ideas. It can be a challenge to come up with fundraising ideas for your church group or project.


donate sign

Donating Household Items to CharityThis is a page about donating household items to charity. Donating household items that you no longer need is a wonderful way to help others.


blessing bags for the homeless

Making Blessing Bags for the HomelessThis is a page about making blessing bags for the homeless. One way you personally can help a homeless person is by making up bags of snacks and personal items to hand out as needed.


woman wearing a fleece chemo turban

Making and Donating Chemo Caps?This is a page about making and donating chemo caps. Many cancer patients prefer to wear a scarf, hat, or cap while receiving chemotherapy treatments. Put your crafting skills to work for friends and community members.


Planting A Row For The Hungry

Plant A Row For The HungryThis is a page about plant a row for the hungry. When planning your garden, there are ways to grow extra food for others who are less fortunate.


Kitten in Animal Rescue

Donations to Animal RescueThis is a page about donations to animal rescue. Helping support organizations that help unwanted pets find new homes, can be done in a variety of ways.


Natural Disaster Aid

Donating to Natural Disaster AidThis is a page about donating to natural disaster aid. When a catastrophe strikes anywhere in the world, people want to help, and be sure their donations are going to organizations that make a difference for those affected.


Ebola Virus Test

Ebola Virus CharitiesThis is a page about Ebola virus charities. The Ebola virus outbreak has overwhelmed the Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberian medical infrastructures. You can help contain the spread of the Ebola virus and provide vital relief for the infected areas by donating to charities that will be sure to get the money and supplies to Western Africa.


High School Fundraiser Carwash

Fundraising Ideas for a School Trip?This is a page about fundraising ideas for a school trip. School trip expenses are often offset by scheduling fundraisers.


Nursing Home

Finding Nursing Home DonationsThis is a page about finding nursing home donations. At yard sales and second hand stores you may find inexpensive things to share with folks in assisted living facilities.


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Ideas for Chips for a Quarter Auction?We are having a quarter auction and need suggestions on what to use as numbered chips to draw the winning number. I know you can use ping pong balls, but looking for something a little less expensive.


Baby Items for Charity

Collecting Baby Items for Charity?This is a page about collecting baby items for charity. Helping to gather items whether homemade or gently used for orphanages can make a difference.


Food Charity Organization

New Jersey Charity OrganizationsThis is a page about New Jersey charity organizations. In time of need it can be stressful trying to find the local and state agencies that can provide assistance.


Clipping Coupons for Troops

Coupons for Troops?This is a page about coupons for troops. There are a number of organizations that help collect consumer coupons and ship them to the families of service personnel stationed overseas.



Donating Items to NICU BabiesThis is a page about donating items to NICU babies. Special newborn babies may benefit from donations of warm knitted and crocheted clothing or blankets.


Oso Land Slide Rescue Operations

Donate to Victims of the Washington LandslideOur hearts go out to all the families suffering in the tragic landslide in Washington.


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Finding Free Laptops for Students?l am a student in a teacher's training college and am in need of a laptop for my research and group work but cannot afford one.


Young Homeless Girl

Helping the HomelessThis is a page about helping the homeless. Finding the most effective ways to help people who do not have homes, isn't always as easy as it sounds.


Couple Trying to Find Utility Bill Assistance

Where to Find Utility Bill AssistanceThis is a page about where to find utility bill assistance. Financial circumstances can result in your inability to keep up with your utility bills.


Dessert Ideas for Bake Sale

Dessert Ideas to Sell at Charity Function?This page is about dessert ideas to sell at charity function. Making appealing treats to raise money for your nonprofit organization is the goal.


Unused Medication

Donating Unused Medication?This page is about donating unused medication. When you have drugs that you have not needed to finish, there may be a nonprofit organization that can help someone else benefit from them.


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Family of 5 Needs Help After House Fire?How can we get help after a house fire that took our place to live, clothes, and a lot of personal items? My main problem is housing and my childrens' items. If you know of someone that can help please let me know. I have contacted our local Red Cross and Salvation Army and they were not much help.


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Alternatives to Fundraising Thermometer?I am in my last year of chairing the high school band's annual citrus sale (oranges, grapefruit, juice oranges, and tangelos) and we have set a lofty goal this year. I want to make a visual to put in the band room to show our progress to the goal, but don't want to use a thermometer.


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Finding Free Yarn for Nursing Home Projects?I am asking for free yarn to make lap blankets to nursing homes, in the Columbus Ohio area. If you have any or know where I can find some please contact me through this site.


student car wash

Fundraising Ideas for a Student Run Charity?This page contains fundraising ideas for a student run charity. Find a way to raise money that uses young people's enthusiasm and energy.


Group of people having a fundraising carwash.

Fundraiser IdeasThis page contains fundraiser ideas. Finding a lucrative, thrifty ways to raise money for nonprofit organizations can be a challenge.


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Collecting Other Income and Benefits While On Social Security?I'm a single mom who is disabled. I have a 11 year old boy. I'm on disability Social Security. My whole check goes to bills. If anyone can help please let me know.


Volunteers accepting food donations.

Charitable Giving Ideas for the HolidaysThis is a page about charitable giving ideas for the holidays. During the holidays, giving gifts of food and presents to families in need is very much in keeping with the spirit of the season.


A stack of old cellphones.

Donating Old CellphonesThis is a page about donating old cellphones. There are a number of charitable organizations that accept donated cell phones to redistribute to persons in need.


A donation can with cash in it.

Avoiding Charity FraudThis page is about avoiding charity fraud. When giving a donation to a cause, you want to make sure it is a legitimate organization.


African children holding a sign that says hope.

Donating Books to African Children?This is a page about donating books to African children. There are several organizations you can contact in order to donate books to be shipped to children in Africa.


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Giving bread to the needy.

My Frugal Life: Hungry ChildrenRecently, I read A.E. Hotchner's King of the Hill. In this tender, touching memoir, Aaron recalls hunger back in the 30's when he was twelve and left to fend for himself:


A homeless person holding up a sign

My Frugal Life: Street Theatre"Here I am, over here!" signaled the young man in a holey, paint spattered T-shirt and cutoffs. His arms waved a mile a minute, as he attempted to catch the attention of someone just pulling into Publix's parking lot.


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Care Packages for Troops?My husband and a friend recently was deployed to Iraq as civillians attached to military units. My friends and family are wanting to put together simple little care packages for their units and want to try to send one in time for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas. I am wondering if anyone out there has had someone there and had any new creative ideas of things to send over.


ThriftyFun Links Image

Tips for Avoiding Disaster Relief FraudPhony charitable organizations started being reported after 9-11 and then again after the Tsunami. CNN reported this morning that there are 2,000 or so websites that have sprung up that are phony Katrina disaster relief organizations.


A man with no money in his wallet.

Avoiding Charitable BankruptcyIt feels good to donate to a charitable cause. I write the check that I know will buy the last ingredient needed to find the cure for cancer, and it feels good. Then, I write the check to help pay for books at a school ravaged by floods, and it feels good, too.


A mother and child choosing gifts from a donation site.

Holiday Assistance for Struggling FamiliesA lot of people look for assistance at the holidays. Traditional holiday meals can be expensive and you may be hosting friends or family. Children's gifts can seriously stretch the budget as well.


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A house on fire while the firefighters are there.

Help After a House Fire?So yesterday on Thanksgiving, the house I was living in with a friends caught fire and is a complete total loss. Everything I had was there. I didn't own the house, my friend did. What do I do from here to get help with basic necessities and such? My friend has a lot going on I don't want to ask him. He just lost his home. He was letting me stay there to get out of an DV situation.


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Giving Away Gift Ribbons?I was recently at a baby shower and the mom-to-be received close to 60 gifts. Saw so many beautiful ribbons and bows in pristine condition discarded. What charity might be able to use NON-Christmas ribbon if someone knows.


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Help with Complete Replumbing of House?I need my whole house replumbed. I was given a $3000.00 estimate. I can not afford that. Is there any free help out there? Or maybe a class that needs the experience?


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Finding Help After a Fire?I need help my house burned down and everything I own need help getting into a place can I get help


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Finding Help After a House Fire?My house burnt to the ground two weeks ago. Devastating to know I lost everything I owned. Left with sandals and clothes on my back. Have no proof of identity, homeless, carless and jobless. Any one know of any help to rebuild


Requesting Holiday Gift Wrapping Donations?

Requesting Holiday Gift Wrapping Donations?I work for a non-profit, Youth Villages in North Carolina. For the past 12 years, we have supplied many children with Holiday gifts with our program, Holiday Heroes. With the help of donors, and program staff. We have fulfilled hundreds of children with holiday gifts. This year we are hoping to have a Holiday wrapping party with volunteers! Where should I look to have wrapping paper, boxes, tape, gift bags donated for the families?


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