Value of Dynasty Porcelain Dolls?

March 3, 2021

An Emmett Kelly doll still in the packaging.It has never been out of the box. It is decades old and in perfect condition. Value?


A collectible doll box.
The marking on the back of a collectible doll box.


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I have seen him called Emmett Kelly--but I am not sure if he was officially licensed that way or if these are homage pieces to him. I am trying to research that.

It seems to me they had a tag calling them being sold with the name Hobo Clyde--which I am thinking is the homage to Emmett Kelly being in the Clyde Beatty Cole Circus. Here is an example of one that was listed on eBay:

Does the tag confirm this?

I see some of them also listed as Weary Willie which was Kelly's character--but I can't see the tags to confirm that is how they were branded.


I don't want your online sale (if you go that way) to be removed for spamming terms--if these are just homage pieces to Kelly and branded as "Clyde" or his character Weary Willie. This is me being very cautious because eBay especially has become very strict on spamming words and other infringement listings.

There were several versions of hobo type dolls and many from Dynasty--and they came with different things (I want to say a chair or bench, a tramp bag, and maybe a broom).

They also were different heights--which I think ranged from 15 to 20 inches. Some had stands, some not.

You would need to match your exact height and accompanying items to the sold ones on eBay to get an idea of current market value.

They sometimes sell--although infrequently--and I have seen sold prices (based on all varieties) range from $10 to $55.

You may fetch on the high side of that range for yours since it is still in the original box. If you sell online be sure to 1, to double box him since he is very fragile. His box in a box and that box in another box so none of the boxes touch the sides and 2. be very clear who you have--by naming him as is on his tag, and specify his height and what all he comes with. Because there is a variety, you want to make it as easy for buyers to locate YOURS as the one they want, not get it and find out it was not who they hoped for.


Post back how your sale goes!

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October 1, 2020

I need to know the value of this Dynasty doll. Does anybody know?

Value of a Dynasty Porcelain Doll? - doll wearing a long ivory trimmed dress perhaps Victorian style


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Dolls of all brands/sizes/style/condition have reached an all time low and market research states this is not a temporary trend but value may even fall lower in the future.


Reasons: Dolls are on very few people's wanted lists as the biggest market for dolls - young girls ages 2-12 rarely show interest in dolls and especially a doll that is not to be handled. Electronics has become their world of interest.
Collectors are only interested in very rare (usually antique) dolls and even these do not have the same value as in the past.

Your doll is lovely but the only way to find her is a visual search and that could take many hours with no guarantee of finding her. I did not see her in the sold listings on eBay and only a sold exactly the same doll would be used as 'Value' as a sold item shows what someone was will to pay for that item.
You can check out the 800 Dynasty dolls presently listed on eBay to see if you can find your doll. The list can be narrowed by checking the boxes on eBay as to size/style/etc. Names are only shown on a COA and do not mean very much as most sellers are like yourself and do not have the name of their dolls.


The marks on the back of the neck only show company name but no information on doll. Information seems to be only on the COA that comes with a new doll.
eBay dolls for sale:

You can also look on eBay's sold listings to see that most dolls are selling for under $25 (even $.99) and no way to tell how long the doll was listed for sale before it sold. Dolls are very sold sellers.

Bottom line: value of your doll would probably be less than $25 and may take months/years to sell - if it sells.

An example: The seller was determined to sell this doll no matter the profit:
Doll was originally listed at $39.99; then reduced to $36.99; $27.99; $20.99; $18.99; $15.99.


Doll was listed for 2 1.2 months but finally sold for $15.99 plus shipping.

You can find further information on past questions/answers:

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The other posters are being generous in their values. Dynasty was not a high end doll when new and sadly most are sitting unsold on eBay as low as $8.00.

She is very pretty and would be best sold a little closer to the holidays at an in person setting like a flea market or consignment store. Your town may have a higher demand for dolls than other places so you may fetch more for her. You could always ask them to start her high and take best offer, knowing it may be quite low.

Thanks for posting!

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October 6, 2020

Hello all, first time posting on this site. Can anyone tell me anything about this doll? Is it rare? Collectible? Value?

Thank you

A porcelain doll in a box.
A porcelain doll box.
A name tag on a porcelain doll.
The marking on the back of a doll's neck.


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Dynasty Dolls are very common. The nose in the air collectors call them mass produced. They made many, that is a fact. They also recycled names and dresses and hair colors so you will se multiple Amanda's out there, none of which look the same.

The 13-14 inch dolls, average about $12 online (sold prices--if they sell), the 24-30 inch dolls average about $19 if they sell.

Sadly there are dolls of this brand in all sizes sitting unsold for months as low as 2.99 plus shipping.

In June or July there was a brief uptick in doll sales as COVID took over the country. I think people were looking for comfort in beautiful things. The trend has turned downward again.

If she was mine, I would find a local venue to sell her, closer to Christmas. This way you avoid trying to ship her and the holidays always see a slight uptick in sales!

Thanks for sharing her!

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I am so sorry but the Dynasty doll company mass produces dolls and sells them worldwide. Normally they will make lots of 500, 1000, or 1500 dolls at one time. They will be distributed worldwide to all markets and sold for a price of around $50 or so each. A while back people did collect these dolls because they were under the impression that they would be a great investment and they could later sell them for quite a bit of money. A few years back this all ended and the doll market took a nosedive and the price people were able to get for the dolls drastically dropped to almost nothing at all. Today people are lucky to get $5-15 for one of these dolls because of the market and also the market is currently flooded with dolls. If you check the selling price on eBay you will see the mass majority of the dolls sold falls within the price range I have stated. If you want to sell this doll and try to earn a little extra it would be a good idea to sell it locally at a swap meet or even a garage sale.

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February 26, 2019

I can not find a similar doll from the Dynasty Collection. Its name is Chelsea.

Value of a Dynasty Collection Doll - doll wearing a dark blue satin like dress with lace trim


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To find her exactly to get her true value, you may need to search eBay and Etsy for examples of a sold version using the terms victorian or dark blue dress and hat + dynasty collection.

I did a quick search and found many that were almosts...people don't often list the dolly name, just the brand and the dress color or hair color.

Sadly this brand, in general did not hold its value in today's market. They made WAY to many similars.

You can get an idea of the value in general by doing eBay completed and looking at the count and then clicking on the sold and it goes down by 2/3 to 3/4. And the ones that sold are selling usually under $10.

She may have more value if you can find an exact match to her, but that may take weeks for her to come up using the more generic search method.

If you are going to sell her, you can always start high and take best offer.

OR, give her to a child who will love her!! That is the best way to spread kindness and joy!!

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June 5, 2019

What is the value of my porcelain doll? She is from the Dynasty Collection and her name is Kimiko. She was purchased in 1990 for $150.00. I have seen one on an auction site for $2,500.00.

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December 28, 2018

My dad found a Dynasty doll and he wanted me to find out it's value. Her name is Sweetie.


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If I remember right, there were multiple versions of Dynasty dolls named Sweetie or Sweety and they were released over a few years in the mid to late 1980s.

When I go to eBay, they are showing 3 versions...which are different from my memory. My memory said there was one doll in a white dress with a blonde, brown, and red haired version.

So this could be my bad memory or sellers that are confused or both.

One of the challenges in researching and valuing the more modern dolls TODAY is the companies often recycled names and had dolls that looked alike but maybe with a different feature like hair color or eye color or a slightly different dress.

So if these sellers are correct, they say there is a 12 inch brown hair version in a white dress, a 14 inch blonde in a pink dress, and a baby version. That does not jive with my memory. Additionally, not seeing yours it is hard to say exactly who you have an her value.

Another challenge now in valuing dolls is coming to fruition from what we used to see at the Hallmark store was where people switched boxes on dolls putting more expensive dolls in cheaper doll boxes thinking we clerk's wouldn't notice trying to get a high price doll for a low price. If a clerk missed it, a doll got sold that way. Now, people are trying to value dolls that aren't even who the box says they are because years ago, someone did a switcheroo.

The flip side of what we saw was sometimes these same crooks would put cheaper dolls in more expensive doll boxes, trying to pass them off as the expensive doll to fetch more money. used to get bad!

Then and now, a true collector would know the difference, but back when dolls were hot, people were hoarding them like they were gold and would some day increase in value, which did not happen some people took the seller's word and didn't realize the difference because they were only buying for investment, not for love.

My suggestion is to look at this eBay link and see if any match your version of Sweetie and when/if one sells, that will give you today's current market value:

None of the other sites I frequent can either confirm or deny what I am seeing on eBay, which is surprising. It could be user error (me).

To sum it all up, sadly, generally, most of the Dynasty dolls did not hold their value over the years, so you may be able to fetch a few dollars for one in resale, but it will not be a windfall.

Please post back a photo if you have one so we can be sure which lovely you have! Thanks!

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December 15, 2017

I have a limited edition Dynasty doll from 1991, not out of box. It is a JCPenney annual doll of the year. Her name is Ashley.


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There worth about 30 dollars.Check E-Bay.

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November 25, 20180 found this helpful

wow you are so negative I make over 350 grand a year on amazon ebay and etsy if everyone listened to you well never mind you a sourpuss.

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June 19, 2019

I am trying to find any info on this Dynasty doll. It is 16" with a tag that says "Terry" on it.

Value of this Dynasty Doll - doll in a glass case
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May 21, 2019

I have a boy/girl Dynasty pair named Kevin and Anna. Their Dynasty tags are different (though both are from Cardinal, Inc., Kevin's label says "Anna Collection"). The boxes are the same, but they can't have come out together because their outfit color differs: her is black and his navy blue. But the styles are a very good match; his bowtie and her hair bow are the same.

He wears a white shirt and a navy blue vested suit and cap. Her black dress has a pleated skirt edged with white lace. I don't know what country they represent; the style is not familiar to me. They have never been unwrapped (protective plastic around limbs), but the boxes are damaged. Do you know what I should ask as a selling price?Value of a Pair of Dynasty Porcelain Dolls - dolls in boxed wearing navy and black clothing over white shirt or blouse

Value of a Pair of Dynasty Porcelain Dolls
Value of a Pair of Dynasty Porcelain Dolls
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July 12, 2018

I have a Dynasty Collection boy doll. Where can I find a date of manufacture and a price? He is wearing a USA outfit!


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If my memory services me, these Dynasty Brand dolls were made by (or maybe just originally distributed by) Cardinal Inc. which appears to still be in business.

Maybe you could call them to ask the year the doll was made:
Address: 400 Markley St, Port Reading, NJ 07064
Phone: 800-888-0936 or (732) 636-6160

Let us know what you find!! We doll fans love to learn!

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August 23, 20180 found this helpful

I'm not seeing a boy in USA outfit doll but this site is selling a bunch of 'Dynasty' dolls and they are ranging from $30 to $50 (all at "90% discount")

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