Finding the Value of a Geppeddo Doll?

August 24, 2021

A young girl porcelain doll with light brown hair.Does anybody know the name of this doll? I just bought it yesterday from a second hand store. The back of her neck says: Geppeddo 949/1,050-00.


A close up of a doll's face.
Information About Geppeddo Doll?


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Well, she sure is a cutie.
I hope you bought her because you wish to keep her or gift her to someone special as buying dolls to 'flip/sell' is not a very good idea right now.
The doll market is flooded and dolls are very slow sellers, even at very low (under$20) prices.

Not all companies actually name their dolls but even the ones that do, the name is usually on the box or on a tag and that is easily lost/separated from the doll.


There are thousands of Geppeddo dolls listed for sale so all anyone can do is look for your doll and that is very time consuming.
Someone may be familiar with your doll or the series and be able to help you more.
You can always check online for your doll as you have her size which is important when researching.
Check eBay for sale and sold and you can check the left side for narrowing the search - especially the size: eBay sold will also provide the prices people are paying for the doll.

You can also check Google and Etsy as they show a lot of dolls.

You may also want to check past questions for more information.

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On the back of your doll's neck is her #949, the number of dolls in this limited edition is 1050.
I found two dolls from the same limited edition:


All these dolls have the name Allie. This limited edition appears to have been made in 2001.
Your doll is porcelain on her head, arms and at the knee legs. The rest is a stuffed cloth.
Your doll had two bows in her hair and a stuffed bunny.

The name of your Geppeddo porcelain doll is Allie.

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June 17, 2020

I inherited a few porcelain dolls from my mom. I took a pic of 4 of them and was hoping someone could tell me what I don't know about them. The 2 on the left are Geppedo series dolls and are in perfect shape with every accessory still with them. But I've not been able to find the exact dolls. Like the one on far left is supposed to be a Geppedo doll, Cinderella. But I can't find one with her head tilted like this and this dress on.

The second from left, I know is Geppedo from the maker's stamp, but don't know anything else.A collection of Geppeddo dolls.

The little doll, 3rd from right, I know nothing at all about and the last on right has no mark on her. Can anyone fill me in and tell me more about these please? Are they worth hanging on to?

The marking on the back of a doll's neck.
A fancy porcelain doll in a gold and white dress.


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The market has hundreds of these dolls online right now. They are asking $10 to $50 . A lot of them have bid pricing and most have no takers even starting at $10.


You may do better at a yard sale with no shipping cost, and staged very well.

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The doll maker mass produces dolls in a lot or a series of dolls. Normally they make around 1000-5000 dolls at a time to sell worldwide. This greatly decreases the value of the dolls and in today's market these dolls have a very low value. In some cases people say to hang onto the dolls in hopes the market will change but I am not sure this one will happen anytime soon. People are not buying dolls these days and spend their money on electronics. You can see this by the number of dolls listed online for sale. They are sitting there for months on end and the majority of the dolls that are sold today sell for less than $15 each.


If you are wanting to sell the dolls it is best to try to do this in your own area and hope for a better price. Swapmeets and flea markets are one of the best places to try and sell these off. A small child can see the doll and ask their parent's for the doll. When my daughter decided to sell off all the dolls she never once played with she sold them at a garage sale and made more money than trying to sell them online.

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When dolls were purchased in the 80-90's they were being taunted as 'collectible' and the hype was they would be very valuable in a few years and sadly many people believed this to be true.


Of course, just the opposite has happened and most of the dolls are no longer even worth the original amount people paid.

You can do a search for each individual doll but only a sold price of the exact doll will give you any idea of the 'current value'.
This will take a lot of time and most of it will be a waste because dolls are just not high value anymore. There are extreme cases but this is usually for antique dolls.

One or more of your dolls may sell for $40-50 but it may take many months or even years for this to happen as there are thousands of each brand of dolls listed for sale and more every day as people are downsizing and getting rid of things they no longer need. Most people are just accepting the loss and even asking for $5-10. A lot of work for only clearing $4-6 not even getting anything for the original cost of the dolls.

You can check eBay's sold listings to see if one of your dolls has sold over the past several months but most likely you will only find similar dolls.

Sad to say this but the unmarked dolls may be worth even less and if one is unmarked it would be unusual for it to be very valuable.
You can always check out doll forums and place pictures for identification but please, only show one doll in each picture/question because it becomes too confusing and less people will try to help.

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January 28, 2020

Which doll is this?

Identifying a Geppeddo Doll - baby doll in a basket
Identifying a Geppeddo Doll
Identifying a Geppeddo Doll


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This company makes millions of these dolls each year because they actually mass-produce the dolls. It is so hard to find the exact doll your are looking for and let alone the name of the doll. I know many people try to contact the company for more information but the company never seems to answer them back. Your only hope to find out the name of your doll is to watch the eBay auctions or dolls for sale and look for your doll online. I am so sorry but this is almost impossible to tell you the name of this doll. Maybe another person here might know the name and can help you out but I searched for a long time and never ran across this doll at all.

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You do not state the size of your doll so doing research is really a 'guessing game' as all dolls come in different sizes and each company may make dolls in every size - 5" to 32" or more.

If she is approximately 8-9" then it's possible she belongs to the Geppeddo 'Playtime Series'.
Some of this series did have a basket/bassinet but there were numerous dolls and even different baskets. I did not see an exact match to your doll but finding her would require extensive research on the internet.
If your doll is this size you can check out some of the dolls in this series to see if they are similar to your doll.
Check eyes, eye lashes, eye brows, hands.
The dolls that I found look very similar to yours in respect to the eyes, eye brows, and closed hands (no open fingers).
I will list a few links if you wish to review them for yourself.
Most of these dolls are listed for sale at less then $25.
If your doll is from this series she may have been given a name but without the tag you may never find out for sure.

Sorry but this is all that I can offer with the information supplied.

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She has me very puzzled.

The face does not match the Bassinet Baby Makayla Playtime Series (sometimes spelled MACAYIA). Is she 8 inches? I suppose it is possible she is an early version of this series and I am just not familiar with this face. The mouth is not quite right for the Makayla's...which is why I am puzzled.

If she is 9 inches she may be Playtime Series Debbie who is in the wrong situation--Debbie came with toys, not a bassinet, but it is possible she was switched.

There is another doll, Baby Mindy, not sure what series she was from, but she looks the most like your doll in the face....but she definitely did not come with a bassinet. I want to say she was 9 or 10 inches and came with a pillow or a stuffed animal. Not sure which.

Maybe with more info (like the size) I can help you figure it out.

Thanks for sharing!

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So recently my grandma bought me a new doll for my birthday. It just so happened to be a Geppeddo doll that I know started manufacturing in the 80s. I want to know the value, name, and year of manufacturing of this doll.

So it would be really helpful if anybody could give me any information about this doll.

A porcelain doll on a stand.
The back of a porcelain doll's neck.
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May 14, 2020

How much is this worth?

Value of a Geppeddo Doll - doll in a box


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Dolls have not been on very many 'wanted' lists for several years and most people are trying to sell rather than buy as so many of these dolls were purchased due the hype the companies presented about how 'collectible' dolls were going to increase in value and so many people bought into this trite that companies sold thousands of each style doll and now most are deemed almost valueless.

As a general rule there are thousands of almost every different brand of doll listed online (mostly eBay) on any given day and maybe 10% of those will sell and the majority of sales will be less than $25. A sale of even $25 plus shipping will only net a seller at the most about $18 and that does not include whatever was paid for the doll. Shipping is always a nightmare as these dolls are very fragile and many arrive broken and then all money has to be refunded to the buyer - big loss for the seller.

I always recommend listing these dolls on local venues so they can be listed as 'local pick up only' so there is no shipping cost to the buyer and maybe more money to the seller.
There are lots of sites available; you see them advertised everyday - Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, letgo, Offerup and plenty more.
Most of the time, only listings with several good pictures and a good description (especially size) will sell.
On these sites you can start your price high and lower it if necessary. You can also list your doll on several sites.
You can check out the listings on eBay to see if you see your doll as most of these dolls did not have names so 'sight' is the only way to research. You can narrow the search by checking the boxes (left side of screen) that may pertain to your doll.

You can do the same thing with sold listings. If you find the exact same doll in the sold listings you can take this price as 'current value' but that does not tell you how long that doll was listed before it sold.

This question comes up a lot on ThriftyFun so you also read the answers given to other members.

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May 13, 2012

I've had this porcelain doll for about 15-20 years. Its a Geppeddo, her name is Grace. She is porcelain all over and it still has the price tag on it. The price tag says $30.95, with blanket included. Grace is praying with her eyes closed. She has never been out of the box. Can you tell me how much it is possibly worth? Thank you!

By Brandy C. from Spartanburg, SC


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Best Answer (a web site for vintage items) has the Geppeddo dolls listed at $35.00.

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July 14, 2014

What is the value of a Geppeddo male baseball player?

By Constance


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Someone may have one of these dolls but you can find answers over the internet through Google, eBay and many other sites.

However, the true worth of any item is how much someone is willing to pay.

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July 8, 2014

I have two Geppeddo dolls. One is Kelsey Koala, cuddle kids and the other one is Toby Tiger. Are they collectibles? Are they worth anything or can my daughter play with them? Thanks.

By Kathi


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July 10, 20140 found this helpful
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Most dolls are very plentiful over the Internet so values are not very high. Check your doll on eBay, Google and other sites for their value.
Also, remember that dolls are not a "hot" item and may take months or years to sell on one of these sites.

Selling anything is a lot of work so you may wish to check out Craig's list also. Personally, I would opt to give them to my children or grandchildren.

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December 5, 2019

How do I tell what Geppeddo doll I have?

Identifying a Geppeddo Doll - dark haired doll wearing a white lace trimmed dress
Identifying a Geppeddo Doll

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August 6, 2019

I found a Geppeddo Hannah doll at a flea market. There was paperwork and a photo still in her box that revealed she used to belong to my grandmother.

I'd like to know what year she was made, so I'll have a better idea of when my grandmother bought her.

Value of a Geppeddo Doll - red head doll in white lace and satin dress holding a flower
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February 19, 2019

How much is The Enchanted Queen Doll?


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The most expensive doll from this brand is asking $50 on eBay.

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