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Getting Rid of Invisible Biting Bugs

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August 22, 2019

Every single time I come to my boyfriend's house I get bitten by something and I can't figure out what it is. He never gets bites, but I always do. These bites are extremely itchy, but some aren't itchy at all. I have gotten about 20 bites in less than a month. He has no pets and has never had pets before, we haven't seen any sign of anything, but every single night I get bit over and over again. Whenever I'm in bed I feel like something is crawling on me, but when I turn on my phone flashlight it turns out to be nothing there. I feel like I'm going crazy every night and morning.


Please help me.


August 22, 20190 found this helpful

This could be bed bugs in the bed and around the home. But if he is not getting bitten this one might not be possible at all. You may need to get a spary for bugs to keep them off of you. Other than this you can try and contact a pest control to check out the house and see if he does have bed bugs or not. You can noramlly find them along the wall or even on the bed. Check around and see if you see any of them around.

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August 2, 2018

Okay, in a nutshell. I am getting bitten at least 3 to 5 times a night by something. We have searched for bed bugs and mosquitoes and no luck. We have found a few big gnats and caught them in the vinegar, but I'm getting bitten by ones I can't see. It's mainly at night and it's mainly me. My husband gets a couple here and there.


If I sleep with long sleeves and pants I don't get as many, but it's 98 degrees here in Texas at night. We poured bleach down the drains, vacuumed, and dusted. They seem to be mainly in our bedroom. Please tell me what these bites could be from and what to do about them.


August 2, 20180 found this helpful

We are having that issue and we've found out they are spiders. Clean all the corners of your rooms and give it a good spray early in the morning, then let it air out.

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August 2, 20180 found this helpful

They could also be bird mites. In that case you will probably need an exterminator.

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August 2, 20180 found this helpful

there are f course the infamous 'no see ums' and other midges and awful stuff they have down in TX and hotter weather


the one reason i don't believe they are bird mites - i've actually done some research on them due to helping a friend with chickens once - is that they are, in your telling, impeded by your wearing long sleeves, whereas these sorts of measures don't seem to attenuate bird mite attacks which tend to congretate in the eyes, nose, and mucuous areas regardless

for some reason these bugs will target one person over another, or one erson will be more allergic than others.

you can protect yourself by eating more raw garlic (believe it or not) and by using "Avons Skin So Soft, which is an excellent repellent for no-see-ums. YOu an also use insect repellants containing DEET, or more natural alternatives like Citronella.

In general try to cut down long grassy overgrown areas in your yard, especially if by your bedroom window, and any source of moisture such as drains, gutters, random puddles, etc which harbour larvae for all sorts of undesirable stuff

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February 18, 2019

I keep getting bit by something I can't see, it feels like fiberglass. I have washed my clothes in hot water, but when I put them on I feel bugs crawling on me. I feel them on my couch, bed, and on the floor.


I've gone to a dermatologist, but he just gave me cream. I called pest exterminators, but they want a sample. Is there anyone out there is experiencing the same at how did you get rid of them?

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February 4, 2019

My husband and I live in his company's semi because we lost our home through no fault of our own. So, this being the only place we have to go I'm desperate. We, mostly me, have been getting bitten, day and night, for nearly 6 months now. We have never seen anything.

We have checked for bedbugs and everything we can check for. We have fumigated numerous times, gone through sprays, powders (including diatomaceous earth), and traps. When it's cold in here they don't bite. But when we start to shiver we turn on the heat and start getting bit. We thought they were chiggers from the field we used to park next to and often walk across to get to our son's house. I read online that chiggers die at temps colder than 42, so we thought they would die when the truck was in the shop for a week and we were in a loaner. But we have it back and are getting bit again. We have put nearly everything we had in the truck in our car to kill them. We will see if it works, but then we will bring them back to the truck. I often just sit in back of the truck, while he's driving, and just cry while getting bit.

I need help from someone, somewhere. We have tried everything. I told our daughter. I spray and pray. That seems to be what I'm constantly doing. She's worried about all the chemicals I've been breathing for 6 months. I am too, but I don't know what else to do.

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For a few months now I've been getting bites all over me at my boyfriend's house. They look like welts and one bite on my eye lid swelled up. They're extremely itchy and recently it feels like bugs are crawling and biting all over me, but I can't see any. I have been itchy head to toe all day for the past couple of days now.


He had bed bugs, but we got rid of them with DE and cleaning also getting rid of objects that were infested. So we're ruling out BB. I now think maybe he has a mite infestation. He cleaned a birds nest out of a bathroom vent. Could they be bird mites? I don't see any bugs crawling on me or around the bed. But do have bites on me every time I stay there and it's only at night. I eventually slept on the couch because being in his room was torture, but it seems like they followed me. Neither his children nor him are getting bites at all.

What do I do? If they are mites can I infest my home by carrying them on me?


March 21, 20171 found this helpful

You could infest your home if you bring them into your house via your clothing.


Try to spray yourself with bug repellent when you go over.

If you could wrap the bedsheets in plastic, you might be able to take them to a place that sells pesticides, and they could tell you if any bugs are in the sheets.

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March 21, 20171 found this helpful

Bed bug infestations are notoriously difficult!!! From your explanation of the itching etc.,you most likely have a continuing bed bug problem. A very simple online search for "how to stop bed bugs" produces many ways to solve your problem using home products. However, you may need to have a professional pest company help you, no matter how you have tried to resolve the problem. Check this site:

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March 23, 20170 found this helpful

Thank you :)

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March 23, 20170 found this helpful

That's what I kept thinking that maybe they're not gone! Any time I talk about it he gets mad and doesn't really do much about it. I ended up deep cleaning his home while he went in vacation I didn't see any signs of B.B. But I know they're extremely tricky to rid of. He's moving soon and it's making me nervous that whatever it is is going to go with him! Thank you for the reply! :)

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February 8, 2015

I keep getting bites on my arms, some are small red bites others initially look like mosquito bites. I've had 2 professional pest control inspectors to search for what I thought might be bed bugs, but I've never seen one and they both said they didn't see any signs of bed bugs either. So what can it be biting me?

By Nikki


February 8, 20150 found this helpful

Could be many types of bugs! Need much more information than you provided:

Your city & state
Apartment or house
When most of the bites occur-AM or PM?
Do you have a pet?

If you will provide more info, I may be able to help; the culprits may be tropical rat lice.

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June 27, 20150 found this helpful

How can you get rid of them, in your apartment and on your body since they are obviously parasites? My cousin who brought them into my home has left her home,clothes etc. went to Alaska and gave them to her sister.

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January 24, 20170 found this helpful

I too am being bitten and when I go away from home continue to be bitten. Sometimes it's even worse than at home unbelievably. I feel like I'm crawling all the time even though I frequently shower or bathe and change my sheets regularly. We have 2 cats at home but they have regular flea treatments. I don't think I would be carrying fleas around from place to place anyway. I can't find anything but I woke up this morning and it felt like quite a few grains of salt in the bed which I lint rollered but they're colourless.
I am literally covered in little red bites and they've even scarred my face where I've scratched. I'm the only one affected out of 2 people in the house. PLEASE HELP!

I live in Epsom, Surrey, UK.
They bite all day but it's worse at night.

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May 5, 20180 found this helpful

House. Yes to pet..east Texas..ive delt with these bug that you cant see jumping an biting. Posion does nothing but piss them off. There on anything fabric an ive washed an windexed .. I need a full proff plain to rid these monsters...if u could help be wonderful..why cant they be killed..

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March 28, 2019

I'm desperate for help because I don't know how much longer I can do this. When I moved into my current house in November of 2017 within 2 weeks I started feeling itchy and noticed small insects that nearly no one else has seen. I am so confused whether it's one bug in various cycles or several bugs.

The quick version is I got it treated for fleas and moths, but the guy who came first I believe had it spot on with his comment of, "lady you can try fumigation as the only option after pest control, but I don't think even that will work, the only thing that is going to fix this is a match lit" his words not mine. He came 3 times plus the house's owner got it treated, in total 5 times.

Since moving in till now, it's gotten extremely bad, but everyone thinks I'm crazy and even though no one knows me, I've had mental health on my doorstep because I'm imagining it all. I can only explain it to you in the way I understand. I have a mild brain injury and struggle with comprehending some things and am not able to find the words I need. So bare with me people.

I absolutely believe I've got moths, as I can smell dust, and everything is yellow in colour including my skin, my dogs and everything you see. I have had weird flies appear when the doors are locked, plus you can actually pick them up as they are very still. No flies I know that you can just pick up. I have tiny dots and things that people think are just bits of fluff, dirt, etc. They are in/on absolutely everything, no surface is safe, they are in the fridge, freezer, bed, shower, cups, and microwave.

They have a gritty feeling, like sand. They started on my head, face, and chest, and would be in those areas a few weeks then they would be in another area, but leave me terribly scarred. The pattern I've worked out will trigger something in you guys. I don't itch until I use any kind of product, ie. powder, cream, moisturizer, or makeup, absolutely anything. Then I get itchy and I get really hot.

They secrete a substance that makes me itchy only then. The substance is sort of oily, I don't bleed even though I've really scratched. I refer to some of them as"burrowers or anchors" because these ones are painful, can't be removed, and if you can get the sore off, it's back exactly the same. I have horrific scars, I've recognised pictures from the cans of bug sprays that look like moths, silverfish, bedbugs, millipedes, carpet beetles, but because every company has their own picture, I can't tell if they match.

They are also on my little dogs; they are all sick. I am extremely tired, nauseated, and off balance. They are definitely active at night. One weird symptom is my nose gets really cold and painful, my dogs also are affected at night. I feel them bite, and sting. They are without a doubt using my body along with my dogs and I'm so alone.

I trust no one now because I'm terrified of answering the door thinking it's mental health again. I can't find a doctor to listen to me, except one doctor sent the samples I took in to see if I am right about them looking like innocent items like fluff and the tests showed they were insects, but if I want to know what ones, it's going to cost me $150 OMG. So I finally had proof so I thought, that I am not crazy, plus a fumigation guy spent 2&1/2hours just looking at what I was talking about, expecting to be dismissed again as crazy, but he said everything I told him was spot on. He even had a look at the dog. He had this feature on his phone that worked as a magnifying glass and even though the friend who was here that day believed me, he said he didn't think it was as bad as I said. But once he was shown the spot on the wall was in fact a insect, so vivid, you could see the wings, veins, eyes, I just cried, finally had proof, but months later I'm sitting here hoping you guys can help me with anything, the infestation is going to kill me, I truly believe that.

I'll try to put some pictures up to help, but please bare with me as my phone is shit. I am happy to answer any questions, I've got a lot more I can tell you, but I'll not have enough space. If anyone is able to help in any way I would appreciate it. I know there is heaps more I've left out, so please anyone. It's nothing to do with being clean or dirty.

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August 3, 2018

I've recently been getting small bites on my arms and my ankles. I checked my bed for bed bugs and found none, and I Hoovered out the mattress and sheets to make sure, but the bites are still coming. We don't have any pets and I only just recently dusted my room, it is the middle of summer, but only one window is open.

The bites look like little white dots and they're incredibly itchy, they turn red when itched. What insect is biting me and what can I do to help the itching? They're not loads of bites, only one on my ankle and about six on one arm and two on the other, so anyone got any answers?

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October 23, 2016

Well a friend of mine is complaining about getting bitten and she doesn't see anything after she's bitten. There's always a mark left, but no bug. At first she thought it was bed bugs, then she did the proper steps of getting it inspected. They ruled out bed bugs, there's no signs. So she's wondering could it be fleas? She has a neighbor with a dog and that may be the problem. We researched fleas and she thinks that's the problem. She has encountered the small white bug before, but only once. I think it may be fleas. Any suggestions on how to get rid of them before it gets worse?


October 24, 20160 found this helpful

If the problem is fleas, they will die off in a few weeks as long as your friend has no contact with any pet or flea infected area. If there are inside pets, avoiding fleas is more difficult:

Unfortunately, the only effective way to avoid fleas in the home is to either not have pets or have only inside pets; humans can bring fleas inside also. Cats and dogs carry fleas from the outside-other animals, yards, etc., and then bring fleas and flea eggs into the house. You can kill the existing live fleas but the eggs survive easily and a female flea can lay 50-60 eggs per day!
If you find live fleas in your house, you will also find flea eggs in the thousands in your house, as well. Flea eggs are very hard to kill as they are tiny and do not stick to anything; even an insect bomb is useless against the eggs.
So, essentially, you are always fighting an uphill battle against fleas. You can spray a chair or sofa and kill some fleas, however, in minutes or hours, new flea babies are born on a sofa or your pet climbs on the chair and leaves new live fleas and flea eggs.
The best flea guard you can achieve with pets is to maintain them inside only, keep up with prescription flea medication, if needed, and spray the furniture, etc., when you see fleas. The only way you can win (mostly) a flea battle is: no pets.

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November 9, 20160 found this helpful

Diatomaceous earth you can get it at any feed store it's a white powder spread it all over your home on your mattresses in your counters on your counters it kills any type of bug

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September 16, 20170 found this helpful

Dawn dish soap blue concentrate kills fleas on contact. Fleas can't reproduce unless they have a blood dinner. The eggs hatch from vibrations. Like walking or vacuuming. If you have non carpet floors mop with 1/4 cup of dawn in a couple of gallons of water. Bathe your dog's with it also. If you have carpet you can pit table salt on it for a few days and this drys out the eggs. SWEEP. SWEEP. SWEEP.

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October 18, 2019

I have been struggling with what's seems to be a hopeless situation. They are black and other colored specks. Sores appear from nowhere. I feel things moving all over me, but have never actually seen any movement, until now. This is my hair magnified with a $20 Amazon microscope. At the very beginning you can see some string playing on my hair like the monkey bars.

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June 30, 2019

We have some invisible biting bugs in our home and pickup truck. I don't know what they are because I can't see them. They tend to feel heavy and get on my arms near my wrist. Hot showers give relief from them. We have sprayed all kinds of stuff and vacuumed and blown compressed air, but they're still here. We have been fighting it for months. I just thought I'd ask someone if they knew what to do?

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June 5, 2019

It all started when I worked at a hotel and my boyfriend and I would stay there sometimes. We never had any problems. Well one night we stayed there and in the morning woke up and had these itchy bites all over us. It looked just like bed bugs. So we checked the room we were in, but there was nothing; no bed bugs.

So we were living at my mom's house and moved out, but we still stay there about once a week. Well then for about two months straight my boyfriend kept waking up there with those same itchy bites all over his body. I would never have them though. And my mom has never had any problem with any of it. So after about the two months I started getting the bites all over too. Now every time we stay there we both wake up with bites all over. I don't see how it could be bed bugs because I haven't found them, my mom doesn't have bites or find bugs, and we sleep in the living room so if that was the case the whole house should be infested.

I have searched everything and just don't know what it could be. But these bites are so itchy and so random. I would think it was some sort of reaction, but you can see a little puncture mark where we were bit or stung or whatever. How could he only be getting them then randomly I start too?Please help! Also we live in Colorado.

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August 13, 2016

I have been been getting bit by bugs for about two weeks now. They leave bite marks and itch like crazy, but I haven't seen any bugs. No one else in my house has been bitten. Any information or advice would be helpful. I live in western New York, if that helps with anything.


February 27, 20170 found this helpful

You may want to ascertain that you dn't have bedbugs, by checking your pillows and under your mattress to see if you see wastes or eggs.

If you're pretty sure you don't then you could simply be around fleas, or sometimes bird mites can afflict humans

Either way, there are a couple of treatments that deal with such pests

A friend who had 2 huge dogs swears by nematodes. These insects actually crawl inside fleas and consume them from the inside, killing them.

She said she never needed to spray after that.

Some people also use Diatomaceous Earth, though be careful to not breathe it in when you put it. This product actually cuts open the exoskeleton of the bugs. Not just fleas but many other bugs die in the presence of this ancient calcified life form:

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February 28, 20170 found this helpful

Avon Skin So Soft repels bugs.

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March 12, 2019

We live in an older town home with what is probably the original carpeting. Our 5 year old keeps getting bit at night by a mystery bug. They look like mosquito bites (round, raised areas that itch, but have no distinguishable bite mark), but they're not mosquito bites. So far, we've ruled out bed bugs, but at this point, I'll try anything.

So far, we've treated the baseboards for bedbugs and carpet beetles, treated his entire carpet with diatomaceous earth, put citronella around the window and under his bed, started using a mattress cover, and still he is getting bitten. These bites are a problem. Some nights, it's all over his back, other nights he'll get them on his forehead.

We're not wealthy people and because this isn't our house, we can't rip up or replace the carpeting. What else can I try? We don't have the spare funds to fumigate our entire upstairs and I feel like a failure for letting something so small bite my kid. Help!

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April 17, 2018

I think I'm becoming paranoid. We moved to our previous house and I had been there two years before I started having itchy problems. At first I thought the usual, fleas, spiders, or mosquitos. But as months went by my kids started to show bites as well. We didn't have bed bugs. We had the house looked at and at the time all of our pets were on flea treatment and had been washed. So why the bites? I did the usual clean and bag everything. Super heated the clothes in the dryer multiple times. Bleach everything. Wash, wash wash. Eventually I started salting my carpets and bleach spraying them and my couch and beds. It went away.

We just moved to a new house where I'm now being bitten again. Again, no fleas, wood floors this time and no carpet at all. We did buy new rugs from the store. The house was treated for bed bugs. No one lived in the house and all carpets had been pulled up and gotten rid of before treatment. Treatment was 4 weeks, but like I said there were no couches or carpets, rugs or anything, but curtains which we threw out, but were sprayed on anyway. So what the heck is it? I don't see an actual bite mark other than a big red spot. My skin is raw from itching and it's clearly puffy and hot under the skin and around the bite. I just don't know what I'm look for anymore or what to do. Any ideas?


April 17, 20180 found this helpful

It could be bird mites. Call an exterminator.

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I am having the same exact problem as one of the other people on here the only thing is there are no pets at all. I go spend time with my boyfriend on a regular basis and in the beginning it was all good, up until maybe like June, maybe before. Then I started getting bitten up by something in his bed and he was not touched.

Well he moved from the place he was and I thought that would help, but no this weekend it happened again and it seems worse now. He still is not getting bitten at all. I can't sleep because I'm up scratching and rubbing myself down with alcohol to ease the itching. We searched everywhere even with a flashlight and don't see anything, but we see the bumps on me from whatever is biting me. He wants to stop this, but does not know what to do. I can't keep going over there and getting bitten up. Please help us.


January 31, 20170 found this helpful

You should really make sure that your boyfriend does not have bed bugs!!!! These are difficult to see during the day, but the way you can tell if you have them is to look on the underside of the mattress or the stitching of your pillows. If you see a lot of sediment, dirt, and stuff that looks like bug excrement or eggs, chances are, you have bedbugs. It is strange that it would only bite you and not him, but before looking at any other solution, make sure you do not have a terrible bed bug infestation.

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January 11, 2011

Help, my 3 year old daughter keeps getting bitten, in the house, sometimes at night, sometimes during the day, by unseen, unknown bugs! They are very red, and incredibly itchy.

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