October 11, 2011

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Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making a Prince Charming CostumeThis is a page about making a prince charming costume. Prince charming is a classic character that is fun to portray for adults or children. This dashing costume can worn for Halloween, costume parties or cosplay.


Various keys hanging from hooks.

Organizing KeysThis is a page about organizing keys. Lost and unidentifiable keys can be very frustrating. We can all use some sort of organizational solution for the various keys we have about the house.


Mixed veggie and flower garden with gravel paths.

Organizing Your Vegetable GardenThis is a page about organizing your vegetable garden. A successful vegetable garden is often the result of careful planning and organization. This does not necessarily mean straight orderly rows, but does involve envisioning the garden in its various stages of development.


An up close photo of a moth.

Getting Rid of MothsThis page is about getting rid of moths. Having moths inside your home can be a real nuisance. They can destroy clothing and other fabric items.


Fall decoration with pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn.

Decorating with PumpkinsThis is a page about decorating with pumpkins. With their many different colors and shapes pumpkins make an excellent addition to your fall decorating projects.


Photo of pink rose pedals.

Making Rose WaterThis is a page about making rose water. Rose water has some mild astringent qualities that can be used when making homemade beauty products, like skin toner. It also has a wonderful scent.


A pile of birth certificates and marriage licenses.

Organizing Genealogy InformationThis is a page about organizing genealogy information. Researching your genealogy can be a fun and rewarding experience. Organizing the information you collect is important to preserve your hard work.


Girls roasting marshmallows over a campfire while camping.

More Frugal Camping TipsCamping can be an inexpensive and fun way to travel and spend time with family and friends. Check out all the money saving tips and tricks that have been sent in by our active members.


A laptop computer with file folders on the keyboard.

Organizing Computer FilesThis is a page about organizing computer files. Keeping your files organized can be really helpful. You will be able to find things more quickly and it will help keep your computer's desktop less cluttered.


Zombie Boy Climbing Stairs

Making a Plants vs. Zombies CostumeThis is a page about making a Plants Vs. Zombies Costume. With the popularity of the game Plants Vs. Zombies, these costumes are popping up everywhere. Whether you want to be a plant or a zombie there are many characters to choose from on each side.


Picture of someone writing in a day planner.

Organizing Your DayThis is a page about organizing your day. It can be difficult to get everything accomplished each day. Starting your day with a plan allows you to make the of your time.


Groundhog in the grass.

Getting Rid of GroundhogsThis is a page about getting rid of groundhogs. Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, can be a real nuisance in your yard. That can destroy your garden and their holes can ruin your lawn.


Photo of a toe with toenail fungus.

Getting Rid of Toenail FungusThis is a page about getting rid of toenail fungus. Toenail fungus can be frustrating for those who have it. It's unsightly and very difficult to get rid of.


Photo of termites and termite damage.

Getting Rid of TermitesThis is a page about getting rid of termites. It's important to identify and deal with termite problems quickly. Termites can do significant damage to any wooden structure.


Photo of the wires behind a computer desk.

Organizing Computer WiresThis is a page about organizing computer wires. Computer cords, cables or wires can become an unsightly mess behind you computer desk. Organizing the wires and keeping them from getting tangled can make it easy to swap in new components.


Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making a Princess Amidala (Star Wars) CostumeThis is a page about making a Princess Amidala costume. Princess Amidala's elegant look and variety of costume options makes this a great choice for this Halloween.


Poison Oak leaves.

Getting Rid of Poison OakThis is a page about getting rid of poison oak. Coming in contact with poison oak can cause painful skin irritation. If you find it in your yard, getting rid of it is a good idea.


Photo of kids clothing in a closet.

Organizing Kids ClothesThis is a page about organizing kids clothes. Keeping clothing organized is a real chore especially if you have kids in the house. Making it so that your child's clothing is clean and easy for them to locate can make mornings in your household a lot less stressful.


Photo of mounds from moles.

Getting Rid of GrubsThis is a page about getting rid of grubs. Grubs can leave unsightly dead patches in your lawn. Grubs are also attract moles which can leave your lawn spotted with mounds of dirt from mole holes.


Snake coiled in an evergreen tree.

Getting Rid of SnakesThis is a page about getting rid of snakes. Snakes are a cause for alarm for many of us, particularly when startled by one. There are a variety of effective methods to repel snakes.


Young boy in a pirate costume.

Making a Pirate CostumeThis is a page about making a pirate costume. If your child wants to be a pirate this Halloween, you don't need to spend a lot of money buying one at the store. Use items that you already have at home or that can be found cheaply at the thrifty store.


Photo of elastic hair ties.

Organizing Hair AccessoriesThis is a page about organizing hair accessories. Organizing your hair accessories like hair ties, head bands, barrettes and scrunchies will keep them from cluttering up your bathroom. Finding the hair accessory you are looking for quickly will save you time in the morning.


Picture of a digital camera.

Organizing Digital PhotosThis is a page about organizing digital photos. Digital cameras are a great and inexpensive way to take pictures. It's important to store and organize your digital files in a away that makes them easy to locate in the future.


A cutting board with whole and sliced zucchini.

Freezing ZucchiniThis is a page about freezing zucchini. Storing a bumper crop of garden zucchini in the freezer is a great way to preserve it for cooking in the cold winter months.


Photo of a woman making jewelry using silver wire.

Making Silver Jewelry?This is a page about making silver jewelry. Silver is wonderful metal for making beautiful and durable jewelry. While silver is not cheap, it's much less expensive than gold, making it a nice metal to use when you are starting to make jewelry.


A plate of fried green tomatoes with feta cheese garnish.

Recipes Using Green TomatoesAt the end of the growing season, many gardeners are left with hard green fruit on their withering tomato vines. Here are some delicious ways to use those tomatoes even if they are not red and ripe. This page contains recipes using green tomatoes.


Lavender flower in clear liquid filled jar.

Making Lavender Water Recipes?This page contains recipes for making lavender water. Lavender water has a variety of uses. This lovely smelling water can be used as a light body scent, to freshen your linens, or to release a floral fragrance in your home. Rather than buying lavender water, try making your own.



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Green Tomato ChiliThis isn't just a good way to use up green tomatoes at the end of the season, it's so good, you'll wish you had green tomatoes all winter. Luckily, they freeze really well. You can freeze green tomatoes easily.


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Pork, Apples and Sweet PotatoesThis is from an old cook book to help people on very small budgets make better, more nutritious, tastier meals. That describes most of us nowadays.


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Chuck Wagon SpecialWe used to have this at a Family Camp that my family and I went to in the summer. Very tasty!


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Balsamic Vinegar and Roasted Garlic VinaigretteUsing roasted garlic tempers the raw garlic flavor because of its sweetness.


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Oatmeal CookiesA good old-fashioned cookie recipe. Very, very moist and good!


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Golden Eggplant CasseroleI learned to like eggplant a few years ago and this recipe is definitely a good one and easy to make.


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Easy Skillet SupperBrown meat and onion together, drain grease if necessary. Add carrots, tomatoes, and Rotel. Simmer until carrots are tender.


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PancakesThese are yummy and good. You can also add blueberries to this recipe or chocolate chips. SO good!



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My Frugal Life: Financial DietingI have found that frugal living requires many of the same tactics and disciplines as dieting to lose weight or dieting to improve your health. I found it very helpful to pull ideas from standard dieting plans to assist me with my financial diet.


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Homemade Diaper Rash OintmentTo treat diaper rash without having to pay a lot for ointments that can be expensive, it's easy and inexpensive to make your own. Mix 1/2 cup petroleum jelly with 2 tablespoons cornstarch.


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Remove Adhesive Tape Residue with Baby OilI had some surgery on a toe and had to use a latex free bandage to wrap it. When I removed the band-aid, I got some of the residue on my thumbnail. I decided to try a drop of baby oil and it came right off.


Pumpkin Planter 1

Pumpkin PlantersTry carving a pumpkin to create a planter.


Photo of Quilt made from fabric sample

Fabric Sample QuiltWhen I worked at a wallpaper store, periodically they would toss out outdated books and I would save the fabric samples. Eventually, I had enough to make a quilt and then bought enough of the navy fabric to finish it.


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Take a Solar Yard Light CampingIf you are a camper, you have probably at one time or another experienced having a very dark campsite. I have a simple and inexpensive solution for you. Pack one of the solar yard lights to take with you camping.


Little Boy in Prince Charming Costume

Making a Homemade Prince Charming CostumeHere is an adorable homemade prince charming costume. This site has excellent step-by-step instructions for the entire costume.


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Use A Spoon To De-seed PeppersWhen using hot or sweet peppers, it's important to remove the seeds and pith. I was preparing some very small red peppers from my garden, and dreading cutting the pith and seeds out, when I came up with the right solution for me.


Bean dip lid on cat food can

Save Plastic Lids for Canned Pet FoodMost national and store brand bean dip lids have the same diameter. So if your family eats this treat on a Friday night, or your neighbor has it at a block party, be sure to save those lids.


Pumpkin planters and other Fall decorations.

Autumn Gardening Ideas for Filling in...If your autumn beds and borders are starting to show a few bare spots due to dormant plants, don't worry. Here some quick and easy fixes for filling in the gaps.


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Frugal Dishwashing TipsWhen I have a saucepan that needs soaking, after scooping out the contents I fill with water, heat til hot, take off heat, squirt in a little dish detergent, and set in sink. Using a long handled dish brush, I wash each dish, rinse, and drain.


Baby Squirrel Being Held in Hand

Peanut (Squirrel)Peanut is a 3 week old squirrel. I have rescued three squirrels this summer, two at one time and one alone. This is Peanut, his eyes were closed and he was near death. He became my child and slept with me.


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Shop Around For HDMI CablesMeritline.com has loads of goodies at really great prices. They have a daily sale. You might like LocoBuy.com too. In addition, Google or Bing the cable you want and see what comes up.


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Hanging Net for Stuffed AnimalsWhen my daughter was young and had many stuffed animals. I did several things with them. My solution was to use a "fish" net hung from the ceiling, that I kept all her stuffed animals in.


Fishing at Barkley Lodge Cadiz, KY

Scenery: Sunset (Barkley Lodge, Cadiz, KY)My daughter fishing with beautiful sunset. We love to fish. This is our favorite place to spend a weekend.


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Low Fat Mashed PotatoesMy elderly aunt taught me a lesson on making low fat mashed potatoes. After draining them, using just a tiny dab of lowfat margarine, I start whipping them and adding, just a little at a time, fat free non dairy creamer.


Front of completed pillow.

Pillow from a Decorative T-shirtI somehow got a hole in a decorative t-shirt I only wore once, right in the front. There was no way of fixing it so that I could wear it again so I decided to cut just above the hole and make a pillow out of it.


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Store and Go Cleaning BasketYou only need a few basic cleaning supplies to perform all of your household cleaning tasks. All purpose cleaners save money and eliminate clutter caused by an over abundance of specialized products.


Callie the Calico Cat

Callie (Calico)Callie is a calico rescue that is about 5 years old. My elderly mother lived with us and was lonely for a pet. We searched online for a rescue cat. When we got her, she was special from the start!


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Fixing a Too Tight VisorA couple of my favorite visors pinched behind my ears and, after a while, gave me a headache. Rather than throw them away, I decided to try a last effort. I heated my oven to 300 degrees F and put the visors one at a time on a pan.


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Winterizing Garden ToolsWhen putting garden tools away for the winter, I was told to put either baby oil or Vaseline on the metal parts to prevent rusting.


Woman in Princess Amidala Costume

Making a Homemade Princess Amidala...This site as a number of different versions of the homemade Princess Amidala costume. There are detailed instructions for most of them and sample images of these homemade versions.


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Add Frozen Peas To Cool SoupEveryone loves hot soup, but sometimes soup can be too hot to enjoy. To cool soup that is too hot, add a spoonful of frozen peas to each bowlful.


Boy in a homemade pirate costume with a parrot.

Making a Pirate CostumeWith some inexpensive pirate props and a few simple pieces of clothing your child can become a pirate. Making a homemade pirate costume is easy and inexpensive.


Mirrored Tree at Dry Falls

Scenery: Tree (Dry Falls State Park, WA)Hiking in Eastern Washington at Dry Falls State Park, we saw this amazing tree. It stood like a spirit, a sentinel, over all we enjoyed. A reminder to me of the invisible presence, watching.


Young Boy Holding up Baby Sandhill Crane

Wildlife: Baby Sandhill Crane (Gray's Lake Bird...My grandson's daddy was raised near the Gray's Lake Bird Refuge in Idaho. They pass by it each time they visit their other grandparents.


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Store And File Useful Magazines PagesSave only the pages that you find relevant and store in a notebook. After using a system to identify those pages, donate those that may be of interest to libraries, senior centers, etc.


Windchime hanging from a shelf by a binder clip.

Hanging Things From an Upper ShelfYou can do this with pretties, or in a craft closet/shelf unit for keeping cords out of the way, for yarn or thread, or just about anything that hangs, with or without an "S" hook.


A large banana spider.

Banana SpiderThis banana spider has been on our back deck for about two weeks now. He is absolutely beautiful with his brilliant colors. I have been photographing him at different times during the day since we found him.


closeup of flower

Night Blooming CactusThis is a night blooming cactus. The hummingbirds and bees love it and they were on it last night.


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Tips For Organizing LegosIf they are Lego sets, then the zipper Ziploc bags really work for this. Keep each Lego model in different Ziploc bags and put them all in one shoebox or big box.


Closeup of Bee in Sunflower

Scenery: Bumblebee and Sunflower (Hamilton, TX)While fishing one summer, I decided to take photos near our pond. The butterflies and bees had been drawn to the sunflowers. With a little patience, I managed to take this photo.


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Plastic Tubs Stacked on Edge For Storing FabricIn our church workshop, we use plastic tubs or totes with the lids removed. Set the tubs on the narrow end and stack the fabric inside. The entire lid area is now fully open and facing you. The colors and patterns can be seen very easily.


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Phone Number Cheat SheetsI made what I refer to as "phone number cheat sheets." I happened to have several white cards that were in clear plastic envelopes, but any cardboard would work.


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Family Fun Without Spending Much MoneySpending less on entertainment had become a way of life. Being a single mom, working with "hungry" football players, homeschooling; and all of that before the economy went crazy.


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Poor Man's Alfredo SauceThis is my "poor man's" version of Alfredo sauce when I don't have heavy cream.


Bathtup basket attached to back of stainless steel kitchen sink

Bathtub Organizer for Kitchen SinkIn my sink, it is for one sponge, one that has scrubbers, dish soap, and the drain stoppers. My sink look as sparkling clean as the rest of my house.



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Shaping Eyebrows?How can you make your eyebrows go upward and have more of an arch shaped?


Ideas for Opening a Small Home Based Sewing Business?What's the best and cheapest way to start my own small home based sewing business?


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Upholstering Dining Chairs With Cane Seats?I have dining room chairs that have a woven cane material on them. They need to be repaired. I would like to find an alternative to repairing them, perhaps a fabric. However, the seats don't come off and are part of the chair.


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Creating an Auto Fill File for Your Name and Address?Does any one know of a free site that will store your name and address and then automatically put it in wherever you are asked to enter your name and address?


Shopping for Oxydol Detergent?I have recently discovered Oxydol in stores again. I would like the Oxydol powder though. Can you tell me where to buy it in the Las Vegas, Nevada area?


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Keeping Spiders Out of the House?I have noticed an over abundance of spiders in the laundry room in the basement. Is there anything I can do to prevent all of these spiders from getting into the house? Thank you.


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Leather Clogs Squeak?I have a vintage pair of leather clogs, but they squeak when I walk. Is there any way to stop this noise?


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Name Ideas for a Repurposed Interior Design Business?I am starting a repurposed interior design business and want a catchy name. I am looking for something that reflects the type of work I will do, but that will not be cheesy.


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Looking for Homemade Wine Recipes?I would like to hear from folks that make wine and would not mind sharing their recipes on how to make different types of wine such as: apple, blackberry, strawberry, and others they would be willing to share.


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Including Eggs in a Healthy Diet?How many hard-boiled eggs are good to eat in a day?


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Free or Low-Cost Veterinary Services in Sacramento California?I desperately need to find a free or very low-cost veterinary clinic to take my 5 month old female cat to. She's suffering from ear mites, needs all of her vaccinations, and needs to be spayed! Any suggestions where I can take her in the Sacramento, California 95821 area?


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Putting Rhubarb to Bed for Winter?What do I do about putting my rhubarb to bed for the winter? Do I cut it down or just leave it? Seems to me that in previous years I just left it, but I'm now being told that I should always cut it down.


Black and tan mini Dachshund.

House Training a 9 Month Old Puppy?I have a 9 month old mini Dachshund, my mom gave him to me as a birthday gift. I named him Tawny. I love him so much but I always have a problem with him with the house training. He poops and pees everywhere, especially in my bed.


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