February 15, 2012

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Upclose photo of beige carpet.

Cleaning Carpets Without a VacuumThis is a page about cleaning carpets without a vacuum. The lack of a vacuum doesn't mean that you can't clean your carpets.


Gluten free carrot cake.

Lowfat Cake Recipes?This page contains lowfat cake recipes. Making a lowfat cake allows you to enjoy dessert with less guilt.


Old wheelbarrow full of red geraniums.

Uses for an Old WheelbarrowThis is a page about uses for an old wheelbarrow. Your tired older wheelbarrow may still have a lot of life left in it when repurposed.


New halogen automobile bulb.

Replacing Your Car's HeadlightsThis is a page about replacing your car's headlights. Headlights eventually burn out, but they are usually easy to replace yourself.


Online Sales Tax

Saving Money on TaxesThis is a page about saving money on taxes. It isn't always necessary to spend a lot of money to have your taxes prepared and filed.


Photo of a stick of Sure deodorant.

Saving Money on DeodorantThis is a page about saving money on deodorant. Everyone needs deodorant, so it is helpful to find good deals.


Two heads of broccoli.

Saving Money on BroccoliThis is a page about saving money on broccoli. Serve nutritious versatile broccoli more often.


red chilli peppers

Freezing ChilesWhether you like to eat them fresh or like to use them in your cooking chili peppers freeze wonderfully. This is a page about freezing chiles.


A glass of orange juice.

Saving Money on JuiceThis is a page about saving money on juice. If you have children you probably go through a lot of juice.


Dishwasher full of dishes.

Saving Money on Rinse AgentThis is a page about saving money on rinse agents. Many dishwashers require the use of rinse agents.


Photo of tools hung a peg board.

Saving Money On ToolsThis is a page about saving money on tools. Having the tool for the job and save time and money.


Fresh Fennel

Freezing FennelThis is a page about freezing fennel. If you find yourself with an abundance of fennel, freeze it for later use.


Grilled Boneless Chicken Breast

Saving Money On ChickenThis is a page about saving money on chicken. Many families use chicken in their cooking on a regular basis.


razor blade

Storing Razor BladesThis is a page about storing razor blades. Many times razor blades are sold in bulk packs, so they require storage until they are needed.


Asparagus with Parmesan and Balsamic Vinaigrette

Recipes Using AsparagusThis page contains recipes using asparagus. Asparagus can be prepared in many ways.


How to Organize and Fold Towels

Folding TowelsThis is a page about folding towels. Whether you are organizing your cupboards, trying to impress your guests with fancy shapes, or just having a little fun with towels there are several methods to consider.


Saving Money on Celery

Saving Money on CeleryThis is a page about saving money on celery. In addition to being a great snack with peanut butter celery is used in many recipes.


French toast.

French Toast RecipesThis page contains French toast recipes. French toast is a delicious breakfast option that is easy to make.


Plumber fixing a leaky faucet.

Fixing Leaky FaucetsThis is a page about fixing leaky faucets. Leaky faucets are a common problem that you can sometimes fix yourself.


Pregnant woman with morning sickness near bathroom sink

Morning Sickness Remedies?This page contains morning sickness remedies. Morning sickness often occurs at all parts of the day and can often last all day long. Finding ways to relieve the nausea can help make the days more bearable.


Man installing a toilet.

Installing a ToiletThis is a page about installing a toilet. We often have to install a new toilet, maybe the old one can't be repaired, or you want to upgrade to a more water efficient model.


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Uses for Plastic Dog Food ContainersThis is a page about uses for plastic dog food containers. Once you have empty the food from them, these containers can be cleaned and reused to store other items.


Dishwasher full of dishes.

Homemade Rinse Agent RecipesThis page contains homemade rinse agent recipes. You can save money on rinse agents by making them yourself.


Atlanta sky line during the day.

Atlanta Vacation TipsThis page contains Atlanta vacation tips. Make the most of your trip to Atlanta.


African Violets

Growing African VioletsThis is a page about growing African violets. By following a few general tips and you can have lovely, colorful African violets thriving in your home.


Baby nursery with a white crib.

Decorating a Baby Nursery?This is a page about decorating a baby nursery. Choosing colors and a theme for the nursery is an exciting step in getting ready for your little one.


keychain utility knife

Keeping Handy Items on Your KeychainThis is a page about keeping handy items on your keychain. Your keychain is a great place to keep useful items, such as nail clippers and utility knifes.


Father and daughter holding a kite.

Finding Low Cost Family ActivitiesThis is a page about finding low cost family activities. Many families are struggling to find inexpensive ways to keep busy and have fun.


cabbage soup in a cup

Cabbage Soup RecipesCabbage soup is a healthy and filling soup. This page contains cabbage soup recipes.


A woman under stress.

Tips for Reducing StressThis is a page about reducing stress. Many of life's daily activities can be the cause of stress, affecting our health and quality of life.


Apple slices.

Keeping Cut Fruit from BrowningThis is a page about keeping cut fruit from browning. Cutting fruit in advance saves time but also can result in unattractive, oxidized brown fruit.


Mosquito on someone's hand.

Mosquito Repellent RecipesMosquitoes are a problem in many regions. This page contains mosquito repellent recipes.


A snack bucket with chips on the outside.

Saving Money on SnacksThis is a page about saving money on snacks. Snacks are a great item to have around to tide you over between meals, especially for children.


Woman with an upset stomach.

Remedies for an Upset StomachThis is a page about remedies for an upset stomach. Upset stomachs are common, but there are easy remedies that can work to soothe the discomfort.


Trail Mix

Trail Mix RecipesTrail mix is not just for hiking. This tasty treat makes a good anytime snack and a nice addition to a packed lunch. This page contains trail mix recipes.


St. Patrick's day cupcakes.

St. Patrick's Day Cupcake IdeasSt. Patrick's day cupcakes are the perfect treat to send to a school party. This is page contains St. Patrick's day cupcake ideas.


Paint laden art brushes in a jar.

Organizing Paint BrushesThis is a page about organizing paint brushes.It is important to organize paint brushes properly so that you can find the one you need and so they do not get damaged.


Before photo of painted laminate countertop.

Polishing Counter TopsOver time your counter top may lose it's shine. This is a page about polishing counter tops.


disposable razor

Uses for Disposable RazorsThis is a page about uses for disposable razors. Stop throwing away those disposable razors and creatively reuse them.


Apple strudel with ice cream.

Strudel RecipesThis page contains strudel recipes. The aroma of homemade strudel baking in the oven is intoxicating.



Cleaning Luggage?Luggage needs to be cleaned periodically and generally can't go into the washer. This is a page about cleaning luggage.


How to Shovel Snow, Man Shoveling Snow

Shoveling SnowThis is a page about shoveling snow. Shoveling snow may never be fun, but it can be done without risking your health and safety.


Homemade Dish Soap Recipes, Man Washing Dishes

Saving Money on Dishwashing LiquidThere are numerous brands of dishwashing liquids at the store. This is a page about saving money on dishwashing liquid.



Murphy (dog) sitting on the back of Miss, a donkey in a barn behind chickenwire

Murphy (Donkey) and Miss (Dog)This dog, Miss (aka Sissy), will jump up onto the donkeys' backs and ride around on them. If one of the other donkeys walks near enough, she will hop on over to that one. In this picture, she is riding on Murphy.


Cups of pudding and yogurt.

Freeze Yogurt and Pudding For PopsiclesI never could leave well enough alone. I took an easy pudding pop recipe (ala Toys in the Dryer blog) and gave it a little twist. I added some guilt-reducing health benefits by mixing in cherry yogurt, the Jamie Lee Curtis kind.


Reuse Your Old Glass Candle Jars

Reuse Your Old Glass Candle JarsThis video shows you how to clean out your old candle jars so they can be repurposed for storage of things around the home.


Use Rubber Glove Finger To Protect Bandages - before tape

Use Rubber Glove Finger To Protect BandagesI cut my finger at work the other day and when we finally got it bandaged I wanted it protected from germs. I am in Nursing so we come in contact with lots of germs every day and I wash my hands multiple times.


Painted Rocks - the heart shaped front of the rock, painted with puffy paints.

Painted RocksMy daughter wanted to show her rock craft to the ThriftyFun family. It is one of my favorite things that she did with puffy paint.


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Freeze Homegrown CherriesPit them as you begin to harvest them, put in a freezer bag and freeze. Tastes great months later!


Storing Winter Scarves on a chair.

Storing Winter ScarvesI make lots of scarves each year, really wide ones, out of fleece from Walmart. We really enjoy them a lot. I have found that they decorate the chair really beautifully.


Recycled Paper Envelope Top Fold

Easy Recycled Paper EnvelopesHere are a series of pictures that show you how to turn a regular piece of paper into a usable envelope. You will need to have some kind of glue or tape to put it together. I like to use glue sticks.


A white camellia planted to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Camellia (Bailey, NC)This is a photo of a camelia bush I bought in memory of our 25th wedding anniversary (this year it will be 40).


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Pay Bills Online ImmediatelyWhen I get the mail each day, I immediately sort it and discard what I can. I do not hold bills to be paid later. I immediately "pay" them using the internet. I go to the website of the company and choose the option to pay my bill.


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Transplanting Lucky BambooI have bamboo curly stalks growing in a vase of water with glass stones. Can it be transplanted outdoors in the Ohio area?


Travel: The Cairngorms, Scotland

Travel: The Cairngorms, ScotlandMy niece is working in the Cairngorms, herding reindeer. This is one of the many spectacular views she encounters on a daily basis.



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Getting Rid of Cobwebs?What can be done about those cobwebs and where do they come from?


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Cleaning Venetian Blinds?How do I clean timber venetian blinds of grease spots?


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Scalloped Onions?Is there any special way to prepare the onions? Are they chopped, whole, cored, peeled, etc?


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Inexpensive Backing for a Latch Look Rug?I just received materials for a latch hook rug, so I am basically starting from scratch. What is a simple, budget-wise, non-stick backing for it?


Baby Powder Scented Air Freshener Recipe?I am trying to find an air freshener recipe to make that smells like baby powder. Does anyone know of one?


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Dyeing Suede Boots?My navy blue suede boots are losing their color. Can they be dyed?


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Value of Ashton Drake Doll?I bought a Mother's Day doll about 15 years ago. It is still in all its original packaging in mint condition. Any ideas of the value today, please?


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Preventing Ear Wax Buildup?How do I prevent wax buildup in my ears? I know we all get wax in our ears. I clean it out every day, but what tips do you have for keeping most of the wax out?


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Growing Clematis in Hanging Baskets?How do they do in hanging baskets?


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Curtains to Complement Red Carpet?I have red carpet in my bedroom with rose white walls; what color of curtains goes with it?


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Value of a 1877 Condensed American Encyclopedia Set?I have volume 1-4 of the set in decent condition and was wondering how much they are worth.


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Shopping for a Dogtronics Rooster?Where can I find a Dogtronics rooster?


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Whitening a Wedding Dress?How do I whiten a wedding dress that is 30 years old and made of a light weight voile?


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Adding Eggs to Homemade Dog Food?I am making dog food with chicken, organic brown rice, and veggies from the garden. Is it OK to put beaten eggs in while I am cooking the rice, like "egg drop soup"? I freeze the food in canning jars. My dogs are large breed, 6 years and 3 years old. Thanks.


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Homemade Febreze?How do you make homemade Febreze?


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Welbilt Bread Machine ABM 150R Manual?How may I access a free copy of the Welbilt bread machine manual model ABM 150R? Also, how old is this machine?


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Soda Flavored Cake?Does anyone have a recipe for a cake using flavored soda?


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Guinea Pigs Having Babies?I have a mom and son guinea pig who had babies, both babies died. We didn't separate mom and dad (I thought we had a few weeks before mom could get pregnant again and they seemed so sad after loosing the babies.)


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