February 22, 2012

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Freezing HerbsThis is a page about freezing herbs. Although not suitable for garnishes, frozen herbs are excellent for cooking.


Keeping Drinks Cold at a Wedding, Punch in a punch bowl.

Keeping Drinks Cold at a WeddingThis is a page about keeping drinks cold at a wedding. At a wedding reception it can be challenge keeping the beverages cold.


Steak Sauce

Homemade Steak Sauce RecipesThis page contains homemade steak sauce recipes. Making your own steak sauce allows you to blend the ingredients just the way you like best.


Bunny envelope

Homemade Easter DecorationsEaster is an ideal holiday for decorating your home. This is a page about homemade Easter decorations.


Pink wedding shoes.

Dyeing Wedding Shoes?This is a page about dyeing wedding shoes. It is easy to dye your shoes to match your wedding colors.


A woman putting a balloon on a garage sale sign.

Garage Sale Tips and TricksThis is a page about garage sale tips and tricks. Knowing a few tips and tricks can help make your garage sale successful.


toys organized in plastic bins

Keeping Kids Toys OrganizedThis is a page about keeping kids toys organized. Keeping your kids toys organized sometimes seems like a never ending battle, here are some strategies for keeping them at bay.


ground coffee

Using Coffee Grounds in the GardenThis page is about using coffee grounds in the garden. Coffee grounds are a great addition to the compost bin and can added directly on the soil for many acid loving plants.


Pistachio Pudding

Pistachio Pudding Dessert RecipesThis page contains pistachio pudding dessert recipes. Pistachio pudding is a delicious base for other dessert recipes.


House Surround by Plants

Adding Privacy With PlantsThis page is about adding privacy with plants. Plants, trees and shrubs can create privacy barriers around your home and garden.


Finished Wind Chimes

Silverware Wind ChimesThis is a page about silverware wind chimes. Recycling your own or vintage silverware by making a unique wind chime.


Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter Crafts for KidsKids love to make bunnies, chicks, and other Easter craft projects. This is a page about Easter crafts for kids.


carry out container

Reusing Takeout ContainersThis is a page about reusing takeout containers. Augment your food storage containers and other storage needs by reusing takeout containers.


Frames on a wall.

Saving Money on Wall ArtThis is a page about saving money on wall art. Whether you create your own or find good deal, there are numerous ways to have inexpensive wall art.


Bag with flashlight and other accessories.

Planning a Road TripThis is a page about planning a road trip. Taking a road trip is a great way to see the scenery and make unplanned site seeing stops along the way.


Crustless Quiche Recipe

Crustless Quiche RecipesThis page contains crustless quiche recipes. You can save on calories and not diminish flavor by making a crustless quiche.


ground coffee

Uses for Coffee GroundsThis page contains recycling used coffee grounds. Used coffee grounds have a number of uses around the house.


Saving Money on Vacation Rentals

Saving Money on Vacation RentalsThis is a page about saving money on vacation rentals. There are a number of ways you can save money on your next vacation rental.


selecting a wedding dress

Selecting a Wedding Dress?This is a page about selecting a wedding dress. Choosing the dress for one of the most important days in you life can be fun and frustrating.


Organizing Your Time

Tips for Organizing Your TimeThis page contains tips for organizing your time. Most of us, with our busy schedules, have difficulties organizing our time.


Old Dresser

Recycling an Old DresserThis is a page about recycling an old dresser. Discarded or unused furniture can be refurbished or repurposed into something completely different.


old silverware

Uses for Old SilverwareThis is a page about uses for old silverware. Many of us have a drawer of older mismatched silverware that can be recycled into something fun and useful.


Stack of Colored Towels

Saving Money on TowelsThis is a page about saving money on towels. We all appreciate a bargain, and shopping of towels is no exception.


Shrimp Salad

Shrimp Salad RecipesShrimp is a great addition to many kinds of salads. This page contains shrimp salad recipes.


Green Fabric Flower

Making Fabric FlowersThis is a page about making fabric flowers. Creating your own beautiful fabric flowers is not as difficult as you may think.


IRS Audit

Dealing With an IRS AuditThis is a page about dealing with an IRS audit. The IRS routinely audits a percentage of taxpayers.


Saving Money on Textbooks

Saving Money on TextbooksThis page is about saving money on textbooks. A major cost of attending college is purchasing the textbooks needed for your courses.


Bagged ground beef ready for the freezer.

Freezing Ground BeefThis is a page about freezing ground beef. When ground beef goes on sale it is a great time to buy extra and freeze some for later use.


old silverware

Crafts Using Old SilverwareThis is a page about crafts using old silverware. In addition to the silverware wind chime, there are endless crafting possibilities for using old silverware.


Pruning a Hedge

Pruning a HedgeThis is a page about pruning a hedge. Properly pruning your hedge will ensure a pleasing shape and allow for blooming on flowering shrubs.


Recycled Metal Garden Decorations

Homemade Garden DecorationsThis is a page about homemade garden decorations. Dress up your garden with elegant or whimsical homemade garden decorations.


Storing Honey

Storing HoneyThis is a page about storing honey. Stored properly, honey will keep almost indefinitely.


Blue crocheted clothes hanger.

Crochet Coat HangersThis is a page about crochet coat hangers. Decorative crochet coat hangers are fun to make, use, and give as gifts.


Homemade Pedialyte

Homemade PedialyteThis is a page about homemade Pedialyte. If your child is ill and needs to replenish their electrolytes and fluids, Pedialyte is a great option. Save time and money by making your own Pedialyte.


Saving Money on Dog Beds

Saving Money on Dog BedsThis is a page about saving money on dog beds. Dogs love a nice cushy bed to hang out, on near their people.


Gold Fish Tank

Saving Money on Aquarium SuppliesThis page is about saving money on aquarium supplies. A home aquarium can be a rewarding hobby, but expensive to maintain.


Blueberry Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake RecipesEven a non coffee drinker can enjoy these delicious cakes. This page contains coffee cake recipes.


Gluten Free Banana Bread

Gluten Free Bread RecipesThis page contains gluten free bread recipes. If you are on a gluten free diet most bread items are off limits.



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Sloppy JoesBeing single and needing to watch what I make and save money, I make my own sloppy joes (slushburgers).


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Raw Spinach SaladThis is a spinach lover's treat! Very nice salad. I like the bacon and the boiled eggs in it.


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Eggs a la GoldenrodAttractive and easy to fix for a quick snack or breakfast.



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Seven Creative Uses For Chip ClipsUse a chip clip as a page holder in a cookbook when you're preparing something from the book.


A Stormy Day in Outer Banks North Carolina

A Stormy Day at Nags Head Fishing Pier (Outer...It seems a million years ago, but, it was only 5 years ago, that my hubby and I had a pre-wedding vacation! A pre-honeymoon if you will, and we chose to go to OBX! The Outer Banks in North Carolina.


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Use Your Dog Crate as a ShelfA large dog, a large dog crate, and a small house can be a challenging combination. That was the dilemma I faced a few years ago. The solution I came up with turned out to be quite beneficial.


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Buy Brand Name Shoes OnlineAs I have back problems, there is only one shoe that I can wear comfortably. It is the Easy Spirit Traveltime clog. It doesn't matter where I buy them, they fit comfortably. They are usually about $70.


Pencil bag holding picture of puzzle (cut out from box) and pieces

Zip Pencil Bags for Storing PuzzlesI like to keep certain jigsaw puzzles in a way where they will stay together. I use a pencil storage bag that you would put in a notebook binder.


St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Wall Hanging

St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Wall HangingThis video teaches you how to make a cute leprechaun wall hanging that you and your kids will a fun making for St. Patrick's Day.


Bald Eagle on a Snowy Day (Gillette, Wyoming)

Bald Eagle on a Snowy Day (Gillette, Wyoming)This bald eagle was perched on a barb wire fence right down the road from our house. I have seen lots of them here in Wyoming, but it is the first one I was able to photograph. My daughter was with me and was so excited to see it in person so close up!


Walmart Paint-a-Mug Kit after it has been decorated.

Walmart Paint-a-Mug KitMy daughter received a kit from Walmart where you paint a mug. Here is a picture of what she painted. It is so cute. I see that it is a great craft kit.


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Recyclebank Curbside Recycling ProgramI recently signed up for the curbside recycling program here. It's through Waste Management Systems. They pick up garbage nationwide. The recycle program is called Recyclebank. There are rewards for recycling.


Use "Stone" Spray Paint To Refurbish Furniture

Use "Stone" Spray Paint To Refurbish FurnitureTake all mismatched furniture and create a entertainment center. You can purchase spray cans of Stone at Wal-Mart, Home Depot or any place they sell spray paint. It gives a ceramic looking finish.


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Removing Stains in SuedeI have a lovely dark brown leather wallet with suede sides. Somehow it got light make up stains on it! I have taken spots out with white powder before, the powder absorbs grease.


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Clean Lampshades with Lint RollerI use a lint roller to clean my lampshades. The roller is also great for cleaning carpeted stairs in between regular vaccuming.



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Freezing Mashed Potatoes?Can I freeze mashed potato?


Clean-up After a House Fire?How do you get the soot and odor off of clothes, dishes, cookware?


Two different cacti in a pot.

What is This Plant?I was given this plant, and I don't know the name?


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Garnishing Student Loans for Back Child Support?I was incarcerated a few years ago and my mother had applied for welfare for my children when I was locked up. I just started going to school and applied for some extra money through my student loans.


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Getting Rid of Mothball Odor in Cedar Chest?I have a cedar chest that had mothballs in it for about a year and I am trying to get rid of the smell. Can anyone help me?


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Teddy Bear Pram Blanket Pattern?I am looking for a small pram blanket pattern; it has 2 small knitted teddy bears at the top that look as if they are tucked into bed. Anyone help please?


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Asking a Guy to Morp?I don't know any cute, fun ways to ask a guy to morp. It's girl's choice and it'll be my 1st high school dance. I am a junior and want to make this a fun memorable time


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Removing Grease from a Fabric Purse?I got grease on light brown sateen Coach purse. I used Coach cleaner and it still will not come out. What should I use? The purse is only a month old.


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Duct Tape Wallet?So how do you make a wallet with a coin purse?


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Ideas for Using a Dremel Tool?If you have a dremel what hints and tips can you offer? What kind of things do you do make with it?My husband bought me one for Christmas, a Dremel 300.


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Removing Rust from a Teapot?My teapot boiled dry, the bottom was red when I remembered it, and now it's rusted on the inside. Is it ruined? If not, what can I use to get the rust out? Bon Ami isn't working too well.


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Determining the Value of a Encyclopedia Set?How much is the value of 1965 copyright World Book encyclopedia set, in good condition?


17th Birthday Party Ideas?I need ideas for my 17th birthday party. Everything seems too childish, or something my parents wouldn't agree too. Please help.


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Determining if a Silver Ingot is Real?A friend bought a silver ingot. I asked him how could he tell if it was real silver? If the bar has no markings how could one tell? Is there a simple test that I could perform?


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Getting a Free Online GED?Is there a way to get my GED for free, online?


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