March 28, 2012

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Easter Chicken Craft

Easter Craft IdeasMaking Easter crafts is often a family tradition, whether for the kids or as home or dinner table decorations. This is a page about Easter craft ideas.


Photo of a large weeping willow tree.

Growing a Weeping Willow TreeThis is a page about growing a weeping willow tree. If you have the space to accommodate one, a weeping willow makes a beautiful addition to your property.


Cake Mix in Bowl With Wisk

Recipes Using Cake MixesThis page contains recipes using cake mixes. Cake mixes can be used for other baking recipes, such as cookies.


American Eskimo Dog

American Eskimo Dog Breed Information and...This page contains American Eskimo dog breed information and photos. These beautiful dogs, originally known as the American Spitz, make wonderful companions.


Yellow Post-it note on red background.

Saving Money on Post-it NotesThis is a page about saving money on Post-it Notes. These amazing little stick on notes are very useful, but a bit pricey.


Rabbit in Grass With Dandelions

Animal Safe Weed Killer RecipesThis page contains animal safe weed killer recipes. If you have pets who go into your garden areas or you want to protect the wildlife, you will want to take precautions when using weed killers.


Breakfast Burrito on a White Plate

Breakfast Burrito RecipesBurritos are a good breakfast option. This page contains breakfast burrito recipes.


Bowl of Soup With Bread

Improving Canned SoupsThis is a page about improving canned soups. Start with a favorite can of soup and then improve it by tasty additions.


Photo of a parrot.

Caring for a ParrotThis is a page about caring for a parrot. If well cared for your parrot can be a very long term pet and companion.


Savory Beef Pie

Savory Pie RecipesThis page contains savory pie recipes. In addition to the sweet dessert pies there are a variety of savory pies to serve as the main course.


Stuffed Easter Bunny

Refurbishing Stuffed AnimalsStuffed animals can be cleaned up and refurbished for a new life with a loving child. This is a page about refurbishing stuffed animals.


Black cat with a toy mouse.

Organizing Cat ToysThis is a page about organizing cat toys. After you have made the circuit checking under and behind the furniture for the cat's toys, now to organize them.


Ten Dollar Bargain Clothes Bin

Saving Money On ClothingThis is a page about saving money on clothing. Clothing costs are a significant portion of many family budgets.


Cooking Soup in Dutch Oven

Cooking Soups And StewsThis is a page about cooking soups and stews. Hearty soups and stews are a family favorite and can also be a good way to use up leftovers.


Parrot With Toy in it's Mouth

Parrot Toy IdeasThis is a page about parrot toy ideas. There are a lot of bird toys on the market, some quite expensive.


Easter Cupcakes

Easter Treat RecipesEaster is a holiday with many traditions, one of those is making treats. This page contains Easter treat recipes.


Cleaning Carpet

Cleaning Vomit Odors from CarpetEven once vomit it cleaned up it can leave behind a terrible odor. This is a page about cleaning vomit odors from carpet.


Hot Cross Buns on Wood Board

Hot Cross Buns RecipesTry making this traditional Easter treat. "Hot cross buns, one ha' penny, two ha' penny, hot cross buns." This page contains hot cross buns recipes.


Used Paint Brushes on White Background

Uses For PaintbrushesThis is a page about uses for paintbrushes. Paintbrushes are not just for painting.


Sun Tea on Deck

Making Sun TeaThis is a page about making sun tea. Let the sun provide the heat needed to steep a jug of tea.


Pillows and Sheets on Bed

Saving Money On Bedding This is a page about saving money on bedding. If you have gone shopping for bedding lately, you may still be recovering from sticker shock.


Coffee Can as Pencil Holder

Recycled Coffee Can CraftsThis is a page about recycled coffee can crafts. Coffee cans are a common crafting supply.


Pound Cake on Wooden Table

Pound Cake RecipesThis page contains pound cake recipes. Pound cake is a rich, buttery delight; you can make it simple or elegant.


Styrofoam on White Background

Reusing StyrofoamThis is a page about reusing Styrofoam. Styrofoam is one of those manmade products that lasts forever in the landfill or ocean, so think about reusing it.


Stack of Old Phone Books

Uses for Old Phone BooksThis is a page about uses for old phone books. Don't just throw away your old phone books, reuse all of that paper.


Vanilla Ice Cream With Mint on Top

Recipes Using MintThis page contains recipes using mint. Mint adds a fresh, crisp flavor and aroma to many beverages and recipes.


Bulletin board made from egg cartons

Creative Home Bulletin Board IdeasThis page contains creative home bulletin board ideas. Bulletin boards are a great way to help keep us organized.


Colorful Adhesive Bookmarks

Bookmark IdeasThis is a page containing bookmark ideas. What do you grab to use as a bookmark?


Iced Tea With Lemon Wedge

Iced Tea RecipesWith the addition of a variety of herbs, spices, and other flavorings you can create many ice tea beverages. This page contains iced tea recipes.


Stack of colorful measuring cups

Organizing Measuring CupsThis page is about organizing measuring cups. A clutter of measuring cups in your cupboard or drawer can make it hard to find the one you really need.


Eggs and Ham Set Out for Breakfast

Easter Breakfast RecipesOn Easter morning breakfast can be a festive and fun. This page contains Easter breakfast recipes.


Strawberry Shortcake on White Plate

Strawberry Shortcake RecipesThis page contains strawberry shortcake recipes. Strawberries are a favorite fresh fruit for use in desserts.


Canape with Egg and Vegetables

Easter Brunch IdeasPlanning an Easter brunch sometimes means looking for new ideas. This page contains Easter brunch ideas.


Small Walled Garden

Gardening in Small SpacesThis is a page about gardening in small spaces. Even a small space can offer excellent gardening opportunities, you just need to be creative.


Young Man Shaving

Saving Money on ShavingBuying razors and shaving creams can get to be expensive. This is a page about saving money on shaving.


Large Kitchen Fire

Preventing Kitchen Fires This is a page about preventing kitchen fires. Practicing a few kitchen safety rules can help prevent kitchen fires.


Photo of a pit bull.

Indestructible Dog Toy Ideas?This is a page about indestructible dog toy ideas. Some dogs seem to destroy their new toys before you even get the packaging thrown away.


Yellow Forsythia Blooms

Forcing Branches To BloomThis is a page about forcing branches to bloom. In early spring many flowering shrubs provide us with budding branches which can be taken inside for floral arrangements.


Photo of a large weeping willow tree.

Starting a Weeping Willow Tree from a CuttingThis is a page about starting a weeping willow tree from a cutting. Many trees and shrubs are easy to start from a cutting.


Eggs in Circle on White Background

Keeping Eggs FreshThis is a page about keeping eggs fresh. There is some confusing information available regarding the best way to keep eggs fresh.



Peanut, an orange tabby, asleep with his face and one paw resting on a parakeet cage

Catnap by the Bird CagePeanut the cat knows not to touch the bird cage or he gets a quick spray of water. He just happened to fall asleep touching the cage.


Lighthouse at night

St. Mary's Lighthouse (Whitley Bay, UK)Looks nice at night as well as day. I used a very long exposure.


Lid from large plastic tub filled with planting soil and vegetable starts. Seed starts are labelled. Several yogurt containers used with vegetable starts are also shown.

Starting SeedsMarch is a great time to start your vegetable and flower seeds indoors. You can use any container. Here is how I am doing mine.


Dove on Fence (Tri-Cities, TN)

Dove on Fence (Tri-Cities, TN)I found this beautiful dove sitting on the fence next door to our house. It was the first one I have ever seen with a pink chest. So beautiful, and he trilled for me.


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The State of Your FridgeI've heard that the "state of your fridge, is the state of your body" from dietitians on television and I've always tried to keep my fridge neat and free of junk food. Whenever I straightened things out, I noticed I was throwing out a lot of fruits and vegetables.


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Easy Homemade Stain RemoverIf you mix 1 part Dawn dish washing liquid with 2 parts hydrogen peroxide you have the best spot remover! This is probably the only cleaner you will ever need. Either spray or pour on the spot and watch it disappear.


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Fixing Watery Scrambled EggsTo fix watery eggs, add one of the following:


Reindeer Herd in snow

Reindeer Herd (Cairngorm Mountains)My niece has been working with the reindeer in Scotland's Cairngorm Mountains. They are very tame and a popular tourist attraction all year round.



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Shopping for Small Bottles or Jars for Handcream?I am making homemade handcream. I need to find 1-2oz bottles or jars to be used as a Mother's Day gift for my students. I would appreciate someone helping me to solve my dilemma. I went to Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Michael's already with no success. I do have 22 students, please give me ideas at an economical price.


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Value of Brass Key Victorian Doll?I have a Brass Key Victorian doll with a lamb. How much is this doll worth? I have had it since I was 5 or 6 years old. I am now 19 years old and wish to sell it. She also has the original brass key on her arm as well as the lamb.


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Storing Vacuum Sealed Vegetables?After you vacuum seal your vegetables, do you have to freeze them?


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Getting Rid of a Headache?How do you get ride of headache if nothing helps? I have had a headache for several months that won't go a way. Any natural things I can use? I'm already taking meds for seizures.


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Shopping for Orange Glo Laundry Detergent?Where can I find Orange Glo laundry detergent?


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Making Flowers from Dyed Nylons?Any of you remember how to make flowers and leaves out of dyed nylon hose? We used to make them in the 1940s and 50s. I would like to make some. Thank you!


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1928 Set of Times Encyclopedia and Gazetteer?I have a full set of 1928 Times Encyclopedia and Gazetteer. They are leather bound and in mint condition. How much do you think they are worth? Thanks.


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Remedy for Thin Hair?What can I use for my hair to make it thicker. I have tried everything I see that's a hair thickening product, but no results. I'm feeling so hopeless when it comes to my hair. Everything I try seems to me that I'm only wasting my money on hopeless capsules and treatments.


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Free Kraft Foods Recipes?How can I get those books that are sent to your house from Kraft Foods? They are call Food and Family Kraft foods.


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Looking for a 1960s Era Illustrated World Encyclopedia Set?I am looking for a particular encyclopedia, circa 1960. I believe it was called the Illustrated World Encyclopedia or something like that.


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Cleaning Kitchen Grout?What is the easiest way to clean kitchen grout without scrubbing?


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Value of 15th Edition Encyclopedia Britannica?I would like to know the value of an old Encyclopedia Britannica 15th edition 1987. It is in mint condition. There are 55 volumes. The books are black leather, hardback, with cushion covering. The set includes:


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