April 4, 2012

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BRead Ties With Faces Painted on Them

Uses for Bread TiesThis is a page about uses for bread ties. Even those small bread clips can be reused or made into a unique craft project.


Sharpening Garden Tools

Sharpening Garden ToolsThis is a page about sharpening garden tools. Keeping your garden tools sharp will made the job easier and faster.


Candy eggs for Easter

Homemade Candy Easter EggsTry something different this Easter and make some of your own candy Easter eggs. This is a page about homemade candy Easter eggs.


Eggs in Colored Dye

Other Uses for Easter Egg DyeThis page contains other uses for Easter egg dye. After dying your Easter eggs you may have left over dye.


Storing Craft Projects While In Process

Storing Craft Projects While In ProcessThis is a page about storing craft projects while in process. If you are like many crafters, your projects are worked on in your spare time.


Pepper Lemon Chicken

Lemon Chicken RecipesLemon flavor is very complementary in chicken dishes. This page contains lemon chicken recipes.


Green Rain Barrel

Make Your Own Rain BarrelCollecting and using rain water for your garden is good for the environment and can save you money. This is a page about harvesting rain.


Uses for Dryer Lint

Uses for Dryer LintThis is a page about uses for dryer lint. Lint from the dryer can be used for a few things around the house and for fire starter.


Bowl of seafood gumbo.

Seafood Gumbo RecipesThis page contains seafood gumbo recipes. A popular Cajun soup or stew is seafood gumbo.


Using Crocheted Chains in Craft Project

Using Crocheted Chains In Craft ProjectsThe first stitch you learn in crochet is the simple chain. This is a page about using crocheted chains in craft projects.


Traditional Easter Cake

Easter Cake RecipesMaking an Easter cake is a fun family tradition. This page contains Easter cake recipes.


A collection of puzzle pieces.

Crafts Using Jigsaw PuzzlesThis is a page about crafts using jigsaw puzzles. You can reuse puzzle pieces to create many fun crafts.


Zucchini Lasagna

Low Carb Lasagna RecipesThis page contains low carb lasagna recipes. You can reduce your carbs and have your lasagna too.


Flourless Chocolate Cake

Flourless Chocolate CakeThis page contains recipes for flourless chocolate cake. Many of us have food allergies, often to wheat, making desserts hard to enjoy.


Easter Gift Box With Chocolate Eggs Inside

Easter Gift IdeasSometimes choosing just the right gift for someone at Easter can be difficult. This is a page about Easter gift ideas.


Discouraging Dogs from Marking Territory on Plants

Discouraging Dogs from Marking Territory on Plants?This page is about discouraging dogs from marking territory on plants. A dog marking their territory can affect the health of plants in your yard.


American Flag on White Taekwondo Uniform

Sewing Patches on ClothingThis is a page about sewing patches on clothing. Scouts, military service members, and others often have to sew on badges and patches.


Padded Envelope on White Background

Reusing Mailing SuppliesThis is a page about reusing mailing supplies. Many of the boxes, tubes, and envelopes that we receive in the mail can be reused.


Cleaning Smoke Stains from Walls

Cleaning Smoke Off WallsKitchen fires, candles and other occurrences can leave smoke residue on your walls. This is a page about cleaning smoke off walls.


Chopping Onion

Recipes Using OnionsThis page contains recipes using onions. Onions are an important addition to many recipes and the main ingredient in others.



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1-2-3-4 Cranberry SaladQuick, easy, and delicious!


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Cocktail WeinersThis is also a great snack for the kids as well as a good appetizer!


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Pretzel TorteGreat dessert with what I think is a 'summer' flavor.


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Tasty Egg Brunch DishThe sausage and cheese combined with the egg make this casserole extremely good! I recommend using mild sausage.


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Strawberry Shortcut CakeSo easy and good! Great for holiday gatherings.


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Miracle RollsSoft, great-tasting rolls!


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Wonderful WafflesGreat homemade breakfast waffles. Very, very yummy!


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Taco Burger BakeSuper easy to make and inexpensive, too. Kids love this!


Quinoa Burgers - Quinoa Burgers on a plate.

Quinoa BurgersQuinoa is a great source of protein and fiber. These quinoa burgers are a great alternative to meat. They taste great and are healthy for you.


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Fruit PunchGreat for Easter dinner!


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Scalloped CornMy husband's grandma used to make this for all family get-togethers. Very tasty and not expensive to make.


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Scalloped CornMy husband's grandma used to make this for all family get-togethers. Very tasty and not expensive to make.


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Lemon CakeSo yummy and easy to make. Great dessert if you need something quick!


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Cheese PotatoesThe perfect blend: potatoes and cheese. Very yummy!


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Mushroom Chicken and RiceThere is not much prep work and it tastes great.


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Hamburger PieThis is a great tasting, hearty, kid-friendly recipe that the whole family will enjoy!


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Spaghetti Sauce MixThis is a dry mix that you put in an airtight container and store in a cool dry place. It might be a nice gift too, if you know someone who enjoys making spaghetti sauce from scratch.



Recycled Wind Chimes from old garden tools.

Recycled Garden Wind ChimesLeft over garden tools hanging from a garden decor candle holder. It probably didn't take me an hour to make this but searching for the pieces and figuring out how to place them did.


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Stop Static Cling With Hand LotionRub a small amount of lotion onto your hands then rub your palms over your pantyhose or slip. This works, I do it all the time. There is nothing more aggravating than static cling. Lotion is usually something you have in your purse so if you forget before you leave the house you can do it at work.


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Attach Patches With Staples FirstIf you have badges, patches, or other insignia to sew onto your child's uniform (ie. Scout), use your household stapler first to staple them in place, Then sew by machine with zipper foot, or by hand, whichever works for you.


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Organize Tax Information in EnvelopesTax time is on us so this is for the next year, but can be very useful all year. Get separate envelopes for every month to put ALL your paid bills and receipts in and mark with month and year.


Colored Vase Water

Make Your Flower Vases ColourfulAdd a drop of different colours of food colouring to your vases to make them look nice. I saw this idea at a friend's house who was having a party. She had pink, blue, and yellow. It looked really nice.


Melted Chocolate Bunny

Melt Down Big Chocolate Bunnies Into Smaller...I can't tell you how many times people have bought my children those big solid bunnies. I always find them wasted. This year I decided to melt them down in a make shift broiler.


Seeds in Pages

Seed Packet StorageI hate having all those seed packets that are always falling over, spilling the seeds, getting yucky and hard-to-read. So to fix that dilemma I searched my house for ways to store them.


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Classic Baked HamI wanted to share my mom's classic baked ham recipe. We used to have this every Easter when I was growing up. I have never tasted better!


Midnight Snow in Hillsboro, OR

Midnight Snow (Hillsboro, OR)I thought the snow looked beautiful falling in the street light but it was too wet to take my camera out in. So I set up my tripod with the front door open and got this image, which I am really fond of.


Fork Holder With Photo

Fork Photo HolderEvery time I am at Goodwill I am always enticed by the big tubs of old utensils. So many of them have decorative handles and scream to be put to use again. I have no need for more silverware but I wanted to use them for crafts.


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Important Information If You Receive Federal Benefit Paper ChecksAs of March 1, 2013, these payments will all be electronic because of changes made by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. They are doing this in order to save money on paper, printing and postage. In other words, the check will no longer be in the mail.


St. Laurence River (Block House Island, Brockville, Ontario)

St. Laurence River (Block House Island, Brockville,...This was taken at Block House Island, the United States is right across the St Lawrence River. If you ever come to Brockville it's a great spot for tourists to visit.


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Citronella BraceletsI noticed awhile back they are selling citronella bracelets. I made my own last summer with those rubber bracelets my kids wear. I melted a citronella candle and rubbed the wax all over the bracelets.


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Eyeglasses Pouch For Kitchen Knife HolderI needed a safe and readily available storage spot for a kitchen knife with a 6 1/2-inch blade. All the slots on my wood knife block were full. I used a padded eyeglass pouch-type case/holder and glued it to the side of the knife block.


Securing Pot Lid

Preventing a Lidded Pot From SpillingTo stop spills when moving a casserole dish, stretch a rubber band from each handle to the knob on the pot lid.The lid will stay secure and it will be easier to carry.


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Ham CasseroleGreat recipe to use up some of the leftover Easter ham!


Petunias in Basket

Flower Baskets For the BirdsWe enjoy watching birds build their nests and raise their little ones in the nest boxes, trees, and shrubs in our yard. My fondness for growing plants and flowers has turned out to be quite beneficial to the birds searching for nesting material.


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More Efficient Wash DayMost people use too much soap thinking that more must be better. Read the instructions on the bottle and carefully measure so you don't use more than you need to.


Radish seedlings coming up in peat pots indoors.

12 Steps To Sowing Seeds IndoorsSowing seeds indoors is a great way to get a jump on the growing season - especially for vegetables and flowers that take a long time to reach maturity.



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Planting Forage Kochia?I have all the info on the plant, soil, and climate I need, I just need to know how to plant it. Like the basics on this, do you have to turn the soil over, do you cover the seeds, how deep do you plant, etc.


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Getting Rid of Cigarette Odors Inside?I use to smoke in my house and company did as well. I have cleaned all my walls, curtains, and carpets, and I still smell cigarette smoke. I use wall deodorant plugs, and wall sprays and candles.


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World Book Encyclopedia 1990?I have a brand new set, still in the wrappers, of World Book encyclopedias from 1990 with the gold trim pages. I was wondering if they are worth anything? If anyone can help that would be great! Ive been trying to research on the internet, but its very confusing


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Value of 1933 World Book Children's Encyclopedia?I have a complete set of 1933 World Book Children's Encyclopedia in very good condition. Any idea of value?


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Bedroom Paint Color Advice?Is it a good idea to paint my wall gray and the trim maroon; it's my master bedroom and it has off white tile?


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Finding Value of World Illustrated Encyclopedia?How much would a complete set of World Illustrated encyclopedia 1954-1966 be worth?


Bamboo door curtain.

Making a Beaded Doorway Curtain?I'd like to make a beaded door curtain like they have in shops in Europe. It could be made from plastic or bamboo. Does anyone have a pattern, instruction, tips?


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Remedies for Heel Pain?Do copper pennies in shoes help heel pain?


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