May 22, 2012

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Photo of foodready to compost.

Mother Nature's Best Fertilizers and Bug...This page is about mother nature's best fertilizers and bug repellents. Gardening naturally with the best repellents and fertilizers helps keep your yard and garden safe for everyone.


Thomas the Tank Cake

Making Character CakesThis is a page about making character cakes. Delight your children, or even adults, with character cakes for birthdays and other special occasions.


Candy arranged into shape of birthday cake.

Birthday Candy CakeThis is a page about making a birthday candy cake. Making a "cake" from packaged candy is a unique variation on the traditional birthday cake.


Belt on White Background

Reusing BeltsThis is a page about reusing belts. Belts, your own, or ones picked up at yard sales and the thrift store can be given a second life.


Dill Pickle on White Background

Dill Pickle RecipesThis page contains dill pickle recipes. When the huge harvest of cucumbers comes in, make your own dill pickles.


Bleach Bottle on White Background

Crafts Using Bleach BottlesThis is a page about crafts using bleach bottles. There are a surprising number of crafts made using bleach bottles.


Bean Soup

Bean Soup RecipesCraving bean soup? There are so many different bean soup recipes to choose from. This page contains bean soup recipes.


Cooked Vegetables in White Bowl

Cooking VegetablesThis is a page about cooking vegetables. Cooking vegetables seems quite straightforward, but there are some tips that make them even better.


A bag of travel basics

Organizing for TravelThis page is about organizing for travel. Getting ready for a trip can be a hassle without planning for what you may need.


Chocolate Cheesecake on Glass Plate

Chocolate Cheesecake RecipesThis page contains chocolate cheesecake recipes. Chocolate cheesecake is a favorite for many rich dessert lovers.


Old Record Player

Uses for Old Record PlayersThis page contains uses for old record players. There are many old phonographs to be found at yard sales and second hand stores.


Altering Clothing on Sewing Machine

Altering Old Clothing Into New OutfitsThis is a page about altering old clothing into new clothes. You can reuse many of those clothes you were thinking of getting rid of, with some do-it-yourself alterations.


Girl Playing with Homemade Playdough

Saving Money On Crafts This is a page about saving money on crafts. Crafting does not have to be an expensive hobby, if you get creative when getting your supplies.


Roast Beef About to be Sliced

Recipes Using Roast BeefHash is not the only meal that can be made using leftover roast beef. This page contains recipes using roast beef.


Recycled Bird Feeder

Recycled Bird Feeder IdeasThis page contains recycled bird feeder ideas. There are many frugal ways to set up a feeding station for the flying visitors to your yard.


Lunar Phases

Lunar GardeningThis page is about lunar gardening. The gravity of the moon affects everything on earth and planting by moon phases has been practiced since ancient times.


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Coping With LupusThis page is about coping with lupus. Living with this chronic inflammatory disease presents many challenges.


Sewing Machine Sewing Blue Fabric

Repairing a Sewing MachineUnfortunately sometimes your sewing machine requires troubleshooting and repair for a variety of problems, such as jamming. This is a page about repairing a sewing machine.


Sticky Notes With Chores on Board

Organizing ChoresThis page is about organizing chores. To complete all the chores in a timely manner it helps to have planning and coordination.


Pineapple Upside Down Cake on Glass Plate

Pineapple Upside Down Cake RecipesThis page contains pineapple upside down cake recipes. Who can resist the delicious sweet taste of pineapple upside down cake.


Wind chimes that are made from a clay pot.

Clay Pot Wind ChimesThis page is about clay pot wind chimes. Making your own wind crimes can add thrifty, beautiful sounds to your yard and garden.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich on Plate

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich TipsThis page contains peanut butter and jelly sandwich tips. A quick favorite sandwich in many American homes.


Colorful Wire Hangers

Uses for Wire HangersThis page features great ideas for using your wire clothes hangers for something other than hanging your clothes. Don't throw those wire coat hangers in the trash!


Swiss Steak

Swiss Steak RecipesThis page contains Swiss steak recipes. Swiss steak is an easy and inexpensive family favorite.


Relish in Red Dish

Relish RecipesThis page contains relish recipes. No matter which type you make, fruit or vegetable, you can easily make your own delicious relish for home use or gift giving.


Hush Puppie on a Fork

Hush Puppies RecipesThis page contains hush puppies recipes. Whether making traditional fried southern hush puppies or creating your own recipe with your favorite additions, your family will love this cornmeal bread side dish.


Self-Closing Gate With Springs

Installing a Self-Closing GateThis page is about installing a self-closing gate. Knowing that your gate is closed securely every time it's opened, can help keep children and pets safe.


Birdhouse made from gourds.

Making a Gourd BirdhouseThis page is about making a gourd birdhouse. You can grow your own gourds and make some comfortable bird houses for many common cavity nesting birds.


Strawberry Lemonade Beverage

Strawberry Beverage RecipesAdding fresh or frozen strawberries to your beverage creates a delicious fruity drink. This page contains strawberry beverage recipes.


Homemade Bird Feeders

Homemade Bird FeedersThis is a page about homemade bird feeders. You can easily and relatively inexpensively attract birds to your garden by making your own bird feeders.


Fresh Peach Pie

Peach Pie RecipesThis page contains peach pie recipes. Peaches can be used to make delicious baked or cream pies.


Two baby cradle church purses with Kewpie dolls inside.

Crocheted Baby Cradle PurseUse a recycled bleach bottle and your crochet skills to make this adorable project. What little girl wouldn't love to carry a purse that opens up into a baby doll cradle?


A purple foam mouse shaped mouse pad.

Homemade MousepadsThis is a page about homemade mousepads. Make your own mousepad for yourself or as a gift, from inexpensive supplies or materials you have around your house.


Red Toiletries Bag

Packing a Travel Toiletries BagThis page is about packing a travel toiletries bag. An important part of getting ready for any trip is bringing the personal toiletries you may need.



Recipes Using LentilsThis nutritious legume is delicious in many kinds of dishes. This page contains recipes using lentils.


Closed Mini Blinds

Reusing Mini BlindsThis is a page about reusing mini blinds. When replacing your mini blinds, stop before you throw them in the trash, you might be able to reuse them in creative ways.


Metal Shower Curtain Rings

Uses for Shower Curtain RingsThis is a page about uses for shower curtain rings. Don't throw away your old or extra shower curtain rings.


Bedspring Santa

Making a Bed Spring SantaThis page is about making a bed spring Santa. Finding uses for old bed springs can be fun.


Belt on White Background

Craft Uses For Belts This is a page about craft uses for belts. Belts can be used in crafting rather than being discarded or donated.



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Butterscotch YamsThese are great for a holiday get together or any time. I prefer to use the dark Karo syrup over the light, but either one can be used. Very sweet and good!


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Zucchini Rice CasseroleThis is an excellent summer dish! The tomatoes, zucchini, cheese and bacon combined together make for great flavor!


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No Peek RoastThis makes a wonderful, tender, tasty roast!


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Cheater's ChickenI like this simply because it's so easy to make. Not a fan of sauerkraut, usually, but this recipe is actually very good!


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Fresh Peach PiePeach pie is a favorite of our family. This recipe is extra good!


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Chocolate Caramel Pecan CheesecakeThe name is long and sounds complicated, but it's really not. This cheesecake is one of the best, most decadent I have ever tried!


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Fruit RelishThis is a great combination of fruit and veggies!


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Spring Gelatin SaladI love the lemon pie filling in this recipe! And it really does make you think spring.


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Oriental Cabbage SaladI begged for this recipe from a friend at a recent confirmation. Everyone there loved it and went back for seconds.


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Hush PuppiesThese are great with fish or chicken!


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Crunch Top Ham and Potato CasseroleThis is a very tasty casserole that is also very versatile. Though the recipe calls for corn flakes, I like to use potato chips as well and it's also nice to make it a one-dish meal by adding veggies of your choice.



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Solar Lights for CampingI discovered this by chance last year while packing for camping. I took my 2 outdoor solar lights to use in my tent. These have a flat bottom because they hang from small shepard hooks. I put them outside the tent door in sunlight to recharge during the day and brought them inside at night. Worked great and were fireproof.


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Cleaning EyeglassesIf they are glass and do not have a no-glare coating they can be cleaned with just about anything that you would use on a water glass. If they are plastic, it is best to just clean them with water and polish dry with a very soft cloth.


Nickels the Hound

Nickels (Hound)Nickels is an 8 month old hound. We picked Nickles from a farm where the man breeds hunting dogs. We recently lost our other dog, Trump, to cancer so we decided to get another one right away. I know you can't replace an animal, but it has helped the kid's cope with the loss.


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Washcloth for TeethingTake a clean wash cloth wet it in the middle and put a dab of apple sauce on top of wet part. Then roll your cloth up and put it in the freezer.


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Low Fat Grilled Cheese SandwichesInstead of using fat, such as butter or margarine, I use non stick cooking spray. Take 2 pieces of wheat bread and spray both sides with a non stick cooking spray. Place them in a skillet.



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Determining the Value of the Do It Yourself Encyclopedia of Popular Science?How do I find the value on the Illustrated Do it Yourself Encyclopedia of Popular Science? I have volumes 1 through 12, in mint condition. It is the 1958 edition.


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Home Remedies to Keep Bats Out of my House?I have lived in my rental house since September of 2007, and have had a total of 8 bats throughout the years come out in my house. I know at least 1 of their roosting areas, in attic cubby hole. Around the chimney there are lot of bat droppings.


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Setting Permanent Marker on Clothes?This is the last week of school for me and I'm gonna have people sign my jeans, but if I wash them the Sharpie will come out. I need to know to get the ink to set so that it will be there for a while and not wash out after the 1st or 6th wash.


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Estimating the Cost of a Cleaning Job?I am new in the cleaning business. I got a job for a 5 bedroom duplex, each room has 1 toilet and bath. Please help me, I don't know how to prepare the quotes for this job.


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Hair Damaged by Rebonding Process?I have done rebonding on my hair. Now after 1 year my hair is very damaged, with a lot of split ends, hair loss, and dandruff. I am very upset, please tell me the solution as soon as possible.Thank you so much.


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Reviews of the Health Sciences Institute?Is this organization legitimate?


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Getting Rid of Quack Grass Naturally?We have an unusually huge amount of quack grass in our garden. What's the best eco friendly way to get rid of it?


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Recycled Craft Ideas for Children?I am working with students ages 3-8 this summer. I would like some ideas on crafts using items that are recycled. Thank you!


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Making Texas Bluebonnet Flowers from Plastic Can Rings?I am looking for the instructions for making Texas bluebonnet flowers from plastic can rings. Can someone help?


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Converting a Camisole into a Mastectomy Camisole?How do I convert a tank top/cami into a mastectomy tank top/cami?


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Growing Cucumber Plants?Can cucumber vines lie on the ground and produce or do they need to be staked?


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Gifts and Prizes for 40th High School Reunion?I want to come up with great ideas for gifts and prizes to give away. I need some good categories and then prizes to go with them! Please help.


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Storing Fresh Ginger?How do I store fresh ginger and for how long?


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Homemade Bisquick Recipe?Does anyone have the recipe for mixing the flour and shortening in large batches to have to make different items such as: biscuits, pancakes, pies, cinnamon rolls, etc., like Bisquick?


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Removing Pam from a T-shirt?I pressed the bottom of a container of Pam on my t-shirt to try and get a better grip on the nozzle, resulting in a stain in the form of a ring on my t-shirt. I tried using Dawn on it without success.


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Buying Land to Homestead?If I wanted to buy land what government office do I go to? Is there an 800# I can call for information? I'm thinking of homesteading and need to know what steps I need to take for buying land. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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Getting Candle Wax Out of Carpet?How do I get wax out of carpet?


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Freezing Avocados?Can you freeze avocados, and if so how?


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3-2-1 Single Serving Cake Mix Recipe?I would like to know the recipe along with directions for the 3-2-1 cake mixture. I know it calls for an angel food cake mix and a regular cake mix and that all you add is water.


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Storing Fresh Ginger?How do I store fresh ginger and for how long?


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Ground Spices Versus Fresh?Are ground spices as good as the fresh ones?


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